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Old 10-03-2008, 04:55 PM
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Default Re: Most Overrated Games

Originally Posted by ReclusiveDemon View Post
02. Guitar Hero

**** GUITAR HERO. JESUS CHRIST I HATE GUITAR HERO. I would have listed this at #1, but Halo has garnered even more attention than this hellish piece of crap. I have only played this game twice. Twice. One time at a co-workers house, the other time in Wal-Mart at the demo case. I haven't bought this. Why? Because I can actually play guitar and have no need for a retarded Fisher Price piece of plastic with shiny buttons. This game, easily, is the most ridiculous thing in the history of ridiculous. Kids spend dozens of hours trying to get a PERFECT on the hardest mode for songs, when they could have put all that time and effort into a REAL GUITAR.

I know there are actual guitarists who play it, but good god, I don't even see the point then. For fun? I don't see it. I don't see how you can have fun playing a babies Fisher Price guitar with shiny buttons for a fake crowd and have fun. Way too overrated. Sucks. Hate it.
Guitar Hero isn't a substitute for playing Guitar, its just a party game, or just a game. You don't tell people who play DDR to go break dance, you don't tell people who play FPS to go join the Millitary, and you don't tell people who play Pokemon to go toss balls at animals so you can make your animals fight other animals(I think Micheal Vick got in trouble for doing part of that anyways). I haven't bought a GH game in ages, and I doubt I will, but its still fun to play around with at a party.

And those of us who play instruments play them from time to time(I'm far from good, but I still DO), because its a lot easier to be bored and say, hey, I'll go play a video game that has music I like, instead of, hey, I'm bored, I feel like practicing a song for awhile, then trying to get friends to practice it on other instruments, agree on someone to sing it, and all play it together without having anyone make any major screw-ups.

The ONLY real thing I have against the game, are the people who MENTION the game, if you mention a band or something that is in it. Some of us have known who Heart, Boston, Lynard Skynard, ect were for years, since, that's the music we listen to. I don't care if you know it from there, but it just annoys me for some reason to hear about it. Stupid reason, I know, but I'm not going to justify it, and have no problem admitting its a stupid reason lol.


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