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Old 05-31-2005, 06:41 AM
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Post Re: is there a "H8 on !CeMAn" thread?

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu
Youíre just out of control, Ice. I took a look at the New Members thread, and to say the least, youíve only been getting worse. If you think saying stuff like that is going to help the defense of yourself, youíre definitely wrong. For a long time after we had our first quarrel,Every time we "quarrel", do i not ask questions? Does it not seem like i'm trying to understand what the conflict is so that maybe i can correct my behavior? I thought things were going okay again, but no, then they just flared up again even worse than last time.

Did you happen to catch the REASON they flared up? Doesn't it look an awful lot like the first time?

ďand what annoys you doesn't matter 2 me.Ē

Way 2 bring up something i said in my first 10 posts.

Nice attitude. To me, that sounds like ďI donít care how you feelĒ which definitely does not fit the criteria of being a ďnice guy.Ē Here, you get exactly what you give. i don't think so... If you come to PE2K and contribute a lot, then youíll be given a lot in return. But if all youíre going to do is just throw a bad attitude around, I can guarantee that you wonít get respect in return. Then why, despite my friendliness, do people insist on calling me a n00b? i try to be nice, i've told peoplen not to spam or say cuss words, not to post size 7 crap in the OD but if somebody picks a fight with me, i react. Sorry... Showing someone respect and trying to help out around the forum is not being a ďsuck up.Ē I appreciate everyone who tries to help me spot threads that need locking as well as other problems. Lately youíve been quite a hot topic, and not just by the same people either.

Recently, weíve been having many problems with noobs. Noobs that post nonsense randomly. Noobs that keep asking stupid questions until the end of time. Noobs that canít use proper grammar, spelling, and correct capitalization. And a whole slew of others that just plain insult members with nasty usernames and a barrage of spam. Sorry, but everyone has the right to be a little paranoid given these circumstances. There is a difference between paranoia towards potential n00bs and PREJUDiCE toward new members People come here for enjoyment, not to be harassed. Thing is, at PE2K, almost everyone is closely connected. You insult one member, and it will spread like wildfire. People here respect each other for the friendships theyíve had over the years, as well as everything weíve shared time and time again. If thatís not important enough to you and you feel something like that is expendable for your own benefit, then you really should leave, because no one wants or deserves that kind of harassment.

Yeah, honestly, I donít like any of your behavior either. You act like no one else here. Sorry for being different You complain when you donít get your way 100% of the time, that's really weak. and when you start lashing out at people, yeah, people get annoyed by it. And please, type and post with a little maturity. Come on, even a Kindergartener knows nOt To WRiTe LIkE thIS. i haven't typed like that in so long! Gimme a break. It looks awful, and almost burns our eyes. Plus Ryan even mentions in the rules than he doesnít want people typing like that. I donít care how you type on AIM or whatever, and least try to type with some decency here where everyone can look at it. And Iím sorry, but you only have one chance to make a first impression. Itís not hard to see yours wasnít a very good one.

i'd say neither was this FORUM'S, given the way people treat new members.

And seriously, stop insulting everyone. Seriously, i don't insult people who don't insult me first. I donít want this to turn into a flamewar. I donít see why we canít handle this in a civil manner without tormenting each other.

What do you think i was trying to accomplish before Danny boy came along?
Lock the thread.
Old 05-31-2005, 06:47 AM
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Default Re: is there a "H8 on !CeMAn" thread?

Honestly, in my opinion, Matthew is right. He already said he really didnít have severe biased toward any side, so thereís really no reason to get angry at him for trying to help, Dan. Sorry, but I appreciate Matthewís help too. Honestly, though it seems to be a little against your belief, Iím trying to avoid banning Ice, and hopefully get some understanding through without having to resort to such a rash way to end things. I honestly donít like banning people but sometimes it needs to be done. And no, Matthew has nothing against you, Dan, he only wants people to get their hands off each otherís necks. Heís not putting you down in any way whatsoever, so just donít assume that. And geez, this is no reason to leave the entire forum. Take a minute to cool down before you make that kind of decision.

As far as the PMs go, just stop sending them to each other. From what I can see, theyíve been going nowhere, so just drop them and say the hell with them. Ice isnít happy with me either, and thatís fine, heís entitled to his own opinion whether he likes me or not. I just want this pointless fighting to stop, thereís no reason to keep it going.

And manectrics_shockwave, I just want people to at least try having good grammar, not post with nonsense out of laziness or self-amusement. Itís not much to ask for, thatís all. And trust me, we try to minimize favoritism, but it isnít always possible. Respect is earned in all cases, I first came here knowing no one and no one knew me until I made the honest effort to get to know them better. Itís only human nature to go with the person who you know better than go with the person who youíve only know about for a few minutes. And trust me, youíll find the same thing at Serebii too, Iíve been there and almost not a soul knows me there. It all depends on how involved you are with everything.

And yes, at Ice's request, I'm locking this hideous thread.


Last edited by Neo Emolga; 05-31-2005 at 06:49 AM.
Old 05-31-2005, 06:47 AM
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Default Re: is there a "H8 on !CeMAn" thread?

Hence why I said what I said to you and Dan...:P

It doesn't help to continue being hostile, !ce... try to right your wrongs... I'm not saying conform to what we expect you to be, but change so we don't run into issues like this in the future.
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