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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-20-2008, 05:01 AM
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Default [WAR VII] Struggle

Cheesy, I know, but whatever.

-Year 0-

He stepped over her lifeless corpse.

The majestic Pokémon lay fallen on the ground, blood staining the white of her large, beautiful wings, turning the yellow on her hands and feet to an evil crimson, darkening the blazing red of her entire body, and spreading around her, marking the spot where she had fallen for years to come, since it would take really long to clean the mess on the floor up.

“Go,” she said to her murderer with her last breath, and her head hit the ground with a resounding thud as her mouth broke into a weak smile.

He looked back at the bloody mess on the floor, which had been an ally and a good friend about ten minutes ago.

“I’ll avenge you.” He gritted his teeth, and started up the steps to the final door.

Standing in front of it, he knew it wasn’t going to open for him. Like all the others, he was going to force it open.

The door suddenly shot out of its housing and flew straight into the room, where four gigantic claws ripped it apart like a hot knife through butter.

He stepped into the room and glared at the owner of the claws, who was seated on a throne, looking confident from a distance. But close up, he was trembling, his teeth chattering, and his knees knocking. Well, if he had any knees, they would be knocking.

“Good day,” The intruder said with a voice full of pure hatred and malice.

The green serpentine creature rose from his throne and towered over his miniature intruder (well, in comparison). His voice trembled slightly as he roared, “You’re too late to stop me!”

“Really?” The intruder was unperturbed by everything the creature did.

“Yes! I have the power! I have more power than you could possible imagine! I can destroy you! No, I WILL destroy you!” It was obvious that the creature was possessed with mania by the sound of his voice alone. Mania and desperation.

“Within this five seconds? I think not.” The intruder prepared himself, charging the particles in the air for a powerful attack.


Bleary eyes watched the events unfold before it, and those tired eyes noted everything. The owner of the eyes sat up and stretched.

“Finally.” The gargantuan entity yawned. “It is finally time. I must prepare…”


The green serpentine creature gaped at the power his subordinate was gathering, in desperation, he charged forth, striking out.

“Too late.” The intruder smiled, and released the energy in one great blast.

Instantly he knew something was wrong.

True, he had wanted to kill off his superior with one, single, powerful blow, but this was far too much. In fact, he hadn’t been aware that he could charge so much energy in such a short time.

Was it his hatred? His lust for revenge?

He never knew.

Light blinded his eyes, and he could feel the powerful force disintegrating his body…


“For dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return,” The creature quoted. “Hmm, maybe I got it wrong. I sure hope the superior doesn’t find out.” He gave a great terrible shudder. “Ah well, I must carry out my orders.”

And he began to piece it together, particle by particle. Much easier than it sounded. He was done in mere hours.


It was a rainy, stormy night.

To my advantage.

I sniffed.

My opponent growled.

Something I had never seen before. But nothing my claws and my elemental powers could not handle. He didn’t look tough, and in fact he might be a little afraid.

“Ember!” A woman’s voice said.

The hound-like creature stiffened then opened his mouth to unleash a burst of flames.

The minute the attack left his mouth, it was extinguished.

So much for human intelligence.

“Whoops,” The woman said.

I threw back my head and laughed.

A harsh, evil laugh.

Both trainer and Pokémon staggered back.

“I think I should take over now.” Another voice, a male, drawled.

“Well, yes…” The woman stepped back, and withdrew her Pokémon into the capture device and clipped in onto her belt. I noted her dark blue uniform, soaked with the rain.

To think I actually wanted that to happen to me months ago. Now I detested that action.

Fury rose within me, and I roared.

“Think you can take me?” The male voice drew my attention back to the battle.

I looked at the male.

He wore a long-sleeved blue shirt and purple pants. And he held that device in his hand.

I looked down at my bloodsoaked paws, and looked straight at him.

At his face.

Into those hard brown eyes.

And flashed a toothy grin.

I suddenly realized I was up against a worthy opponent.

He flicked the cover and tapped the button.

A loud roar, and out came a giant, red lizard. Possible related to those Charmanders.

It roared again, and the sky cleared.

Off with my battle advantage. I could not draw power from the clouds above now.

No matter.

“Now, shall we?” The male said.

I began my assault. Charging forward, I unleashed a fury of slashes. Quite easy to move away from for the standard opponent, but he was large. And bulky. He would never muster the agility.

I was right.

But he evaded it anyway.

With one flap of those mighty wings, I could feel myself slowing.

A few more, and he was in the air.

And I was now neatly in his shadow.

He spread out, and fell.

If it weren’t for my superior agility, I’d have been squashed flat.

But he was ready.

Effortlessly, it seemed, he flapped, righted himself in midair and landed with a crash.

I was shaken badly, and I could feel my innate element take a severe pounding from this.

Truly a worthy opponent.

I staggered to balance, but another attack was flying my way.


I felt the sun’s rays, and knew that this fire attack would not be flubbed.

I was right. Too right.

A giant blast of flame shot towards me, and I kicked myself aside in time.

Curling into a ball, I hit the ground and started rolling.

“What the…Isn’t that Rollout?” The woman’s voice again.

The male remained silent.

Spinning wildly, I spun and charged for the fire lizard.

He opened his mouth to unleash another blast of flames, but I spun faster than that.

I smashed into him full force.

He howled, and I twirled in midair, uncurled, and shot most of what I had in my system at him.

He screamed in agony as the electricity seared him and he collapsed, and struggled to get up.

I wasn’t going to give him a chance.

Like he did me.

Reverting into a ball, I hit the ground again, rolling backwards.

I pushed forwards and revved, then shot forward, a yellow ball of fury.

My opponent was thrown back, actually flying into the air from the impact, but before he could hit the ground, he disappeared in a flash of red.

“Good work, Charizard.” The male said, clipping the red and white orb back into his belt.

Hatred screamed in me. I felt a burning passion to defeat him here and now, no matter what.

“Here’s my trump card!” He threw the Pokeball.

I was now stationary, and as the giant emerged from captivity, I found myself craning upwards to see it.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was right at its feet. Maybe if I moved further away, it was as large as the fire lizard.

“Rhydon, Earthquake.”

He was going to create an earthquake. That was bad for me.

I spotted something protruding from the creature high above, and leapt for it.

The ground quaked beneath me as I grasped the giant protrusion.


I had no idea what that meant, but from his tone, he seemed triumphant.

I knew why instantly.

The appendage I was holding on to began to spin, and my grip could not contend with the strong force attempting to throw me off, and I was flung into the air.

Into a rockhard object.

It flipped and with a great smack, coincidentally on my rear end, I was sent plummeting to Mother Earth.

I crashed with a loud crack, and felt much of my strength leave me.

“Pokeball!” The male said.

My heart stopped.

The button smashed into me, and I felt myself entering jail…

I tried to fight against my confines, but I could not. Pain was shooting through me. Something in my chest seemed to have broken in the fall, and I could not move for fear that I would aggravate the injury.

I gave a loud scream, I howled, I roared, I tried to make myself be heard…

But I was totally powerless to change my state.

And so I lay there, defeated at last.


Mons are here though

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