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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-17-2008, 05:24 AM
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Default Dealers

Chapter 1: Take Off
Captain had countless Galatic Grunts loading up the ship, though he knew the ship wouldn't get the dealers far. It would get them to Hoenn, and the dealers on the the mission would have to hoof it from there. Ivry stepped up to the dock at the edge of Sunyshore City. Her waving white hair suited her name, but not her profession. Nor did her outfit. From her black t-shirt with a polkadot tank top, to her red skirt with black leggings on it. It was impossible to look at this girl and think, drug dealer. Captain did though, which was the main reason for why she was already chosen to go on this delivery.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Ivry asked. Captain removed his cigarette from his unvisible mouth. His bushy gray moustache swaying in the directions of his breath. He removed his blue pilot cap and handed Ivry a piece of a ripped napkin.

“You do understand that there is a possibility that you will die in this mission, especially with you as the leader right?” Captain asked. Ivry only nodded, waiting for captain to continue. “I must say, I'm very impressed with your skill, and I do believe you are worthy of a personal weapon.” He continued. Captain placed his cap back on his balding head, and took a drag from his cigarette, then fumbled it through his fingers on his left hand. He motioned to a grunt with his free hand. The grunt hastily ran over to his master, offering a sledge hammer to him. Captain looked at it, as if he had never seen it in his life.

“You do know that I killed at least ten drug lords with this hammer, just to get to this position?” he asked. Captain was one to brag, but this story seemed different. It had a purpose of some sort. “I did not know, sir.” Ivry replied. Captain handed the hammer to Ivry. A tear fell from his left eye as he passed it on. The tear, landed on the cigarette. He took one more drag before it was put out and tossed it gently into the water. “Take it. In high hopes that you'll take my spot in the future, with out hitting me in the head with it.” Captain said, half joking. He handed the hammer over to her. Ivry said nothing. “If you finish this mission and come back alive, I want you to be my apprentice, Ivry. That way, you can run this business like never before.” He said his words and walked off without a good-bye or a see you later. His heavy feet left tracks in the sand as he hiked far away from Ivry.

“Come on, we need to hightail it out of here now. Police are on the way here!” a voice yelled. The voice came from the boat, causing Ivry to turn towards it. Ivry's ex-boyfriend called to her, standing on the deck of the boat they'd use to transport their merchandise. Brandon dressed casually, wearing just a white t-shirt and jean shorts. His hair still needed cutting, just like it always did. “Brandon, a razor or scissors don't cost much. Why don't you just use them to cut that damn hair?” Ivry teased. Brandon flipped his stringy black hair. It looked like he always just washed his hair. “Don't make fun of the hair. You know you used to love it.” Brandon replied. Ivry loudly scoffed as she boarded the ship, walking with the sledge hammer as if it was a cane.

“Captain told us we'd meet our other three members in Hoenn, considering we even get there.” Brandon warned. Ivry didn't reply. She just stared off into space. She was convinced she was going to die in the next few days. If she didn't die, she'd probably be in custody. She knew that she had to be merciless and violent. If she wasn't, she'd be killed when she gets to Hoenn. Brandon pried open a wooden crate and pulled out a few weapons. Team Galactic was now known for making their own weapons, and those were probably of their doing. So they probably had some special side effect to the guns. Brandon handed her a two handguns. Both had a small capsule on the right side. One had a blue capsule, while the other had a red one. “What do they do?” Ivry asked. Brandon pulled out a piece of paper. It must've explained what they did considering he spoke about the weapons after he finished reading. “The red capsules induce burns, while the blue one freezes, and the yellow ones paralyze.” Brandon said. Ivry was unimpressed. They needed guns to kill people and if no one on this delivery couldn't kill someone with a regular bullet, they shouldn't be on delivery any ways.

Ivry leaned against the railing that prevented people from falling the water. A grunt untied the boat from the dock and the two began sail. A group of grunts stood on the shore, as well as the captain. They saluted to Ivry and Brandon as if they were doing something honorable. In reality, they weren't. They were delivering a Baby Lugia, a Charizard that was born with gold scales, and twenty pounds of Dragonite Scales. Though none of this seemed bad, it turned out to be very illegal. The Dragonite Scales could be mashed and made into a form of cocaine. The Charizard and Lugia would probably breed more Pokemon then be sold in underground markets. This always concerned Ivry, but she was in this for the money. The only Pokemon she cared about were her own, and the few she was transporting.

“Shit, Ivry, we got a problem.” Brandon warned. His voice was serious. This couldn't be a joke. “What is it?” Ivry asked. Bradon directed Ivry towards the radar. Three different crafts were approaching their boat. If it was an enemy or the police, they'd probably swarm around them. With no big guns to take those crafts down, Ivry and Brandon could be in real danger. The ships moved in and the two had yet to make a move. “Rocket launcher, check for a rocket launcher of something.” Brandon suggested. Both Brandon and Ivry scrambled towards the door, bumping in to each other. Ivry was first to get up, and quickly latched on the the weapons crate. She rummaged through it with no luck. There wasn't even a grenade. “There isn't one!” Ivry announced. “I suggest we grab a gun and start shooting.” Ivry continued. Brandon traveled over to Ivry and picked up a handgun. This one had a red capsule, like the one she had earlier. Brandon ran back to the radar. The crafts were only inches away from them, but they were not in sight. “Fuck! They got submarines already!” Brandon yelled.

Ivry caught word and quickly began loading everything into a backpack. The two Pokemon were in Pokeballs and the scales were in bags. That meant it wouldn't be hard to fit in the bag, but if they were sunk, it would be a little hard to swim with. Ivry stopped. A loud whirring could be heard. The water moved rapidly. Something was approaching them. “Missile.” Ivry thought. Ivry remove a Pokeball from the pockets on her skirt, and released the Pokemon imprisoned inside. The scarlet light formed to the shape of a Charizard. Ivry hastily hopped upon his back. Brandon chased after her and hopped on seconds after. Charizard let out a ear shattering roar and took off with a powerful flap of his wings. Seconds after taking off, their boat was destroyed in a viscous, sending shrapnel everywhere.

“You got the stuff ri...” Brandon stopped mid-sentence, and never began speaking again. “What's wrong with you? Dumbfounded by the pretty explosion.” Ivry teased. She received no verbal answer. She felt a sharp piece of metal, leaning against her skin as well as something tickling her back. She turned her head, finding Brandon's bleeding body leaning against her. In panic, she threw her arms frantically, knocking the dead body into the water. She watched as Brandon plummeted to the water. She'd have to fly for hours until she would reach Hoenn. Now she'd have to make the trip alone. She was beginning to wonder whether or not these missions were worth every thing she lost. “Alright Charizard, speed up.” Ivry ordered. Her Pokemon gladly listened and let out another roar, this time speeding off into the sky.
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I know my descriptions suck and I need to work on that, but overall, how is it?

Click it if you want to read
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