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Post To Be A Dazzling Dame

To Be A Dazzling Dame
Action-Adventure PG-13 for Mild Language and Violence

Note: This story will be told in third person and comments are allowed. Just be sure to address what chpt. you're refferring to.

Table of Contents...
Chpt. 1|Chpt. 2

After 7 years of dance class, Dinah III had reached 10 years of age enabling her to begin her journey in the Pokemon world away from her home in Little Root Town with her mom. When she heard of this she had no interest whatsoever and really didn't care. But after her mother had escorted her to Birch's lab she found herself gazing upon 2 cuties on a table. Her gawking was interrupted by realizing there were supposed to be 3 and asked out of curiosity where it was. Professor Birch sadly told her that the third Pokemon was of no use to her because he had a defect that put a strain on his body and fighting capabilities. Reluctant to rest this case, Dinah III fled outside to find this Pokemon and her gaze fell upon a green lizard with oddly colored eyelids.
She asked Birch about the defect and regretfully found out that it was contagious like pink eye. Her eyelids were to turn a dark shade of red over time and were to turn raw and moist. He told her she'd have no future just like this Treecko who sobbed. Dinah III let out a sigh and told him she didn't care what the consequences were and accepted Treecko as her partner. Eager to find a way to keep each attack from draining his energy for every form of attack use, Dinah III decided to take Treecko out of town to learn how to dance. It would build his physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and speed. Unfortunately, by the time they had reached Oldale Town's Dance Studio, her eyelids were already swollen pink. Her teacher denied both her and her Pokemon of attending her school due to her condition and replaced her with some one else. Dinah III shook off tears that marked her cheeks and triumphantly stated that she alone would teach her Treecko and herself new styles of dance as well as use her Pokemon's dancing in what she heard was called a Pokemon contest. Now she is heading through Petalburg Woods with her trusty Treecko to be the world's greatest dancer and coordinator...

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Default Re: To Be A Dazzling Dame

Chapter 1

The forest was quiet and dark. The breeze made the trees leaves rustle and the branches sway as well as the red-purple locks of hair tied back on Dinah III's head. The little sunlight that peeked through the slim gaps between masses of leaves allowed her yellow eyes to sparkle whenever she looked up to see where her Treecko had wandered off.

She shivered, overwhelmed by this creepy place while Treecko on the other hand was climbing trees and picking berries. He grabbed one that was very soft and sweet with a shade of soft pink. He shoveled it down his throat hungrily and climbed down the tree with one more for Dinah III. She smiled down at him and pulled him up onto her shoulder and rubbed the Pecha Berry against her black belly hoody before eating it. She strode through the forest. The tall blades of grass brushing against her tube socks that were white with green stripes at the top. She had decided to wear her favorite white spandex for her adventure since she wanted to be both warm and cool.

"Tree-Treecko!" Treecko pointed to something that rustled the bushes just a few feet away.

Dinah III crouched down behind the trunk of a thick tree and peered over one side of the tree while Treecko peered on the other. A Zigzagoon of a rare copper color dashed past them and into a nearby bush full of Rawst berries.

Dinah III grinned excitedly and whispered more to Treecko then to herself, "This'll be the next one..." She tugged on his little arm and told him to wait on the other side of the bush while she scared him out.

"On the count of 3. 1...2...3!!!" She sprang in the bush and the wild Zigzagoon sprang out. Treecko eagerly smacked the Zigzagoon to the ground with a Pound and called to his trainer.

"Alright! A Pokeball..."

She rummaged through her waist bag for one while Treecko smacked himself with his palm irritated. She yanked one out excitedly and flashed it before the Zigzagoon's eyes before doing a little twirl and saying with much enthusiasm, "And now for my first catch...GO POKE-eh?"

The Zigzagoon had fled. Treecko crossed his arms angry with himself for letting it get away while Dinah III dropped to her knees helplessly.

"This is way harder than it looks on TV." She tilted her head to the side and blew her long bangs off of her face.

Treecko, now determined to satisfy his owner, grabbed hold of her hand and yanked hoping to get her up off of the ground. The slippery grass beneath his feet made him slip but Dinah III who he assumed had convinced caught him.

"Since it's our first one-we have to make this one count! Let's go find it Treecko!" She beamed down at him.

He grinned back up at her and followed her out of Petalburg woods. They found themselves in a much lighter scenario. There was a plant shop just a mile down and a path that led to Rustboro. Dinah III pondered the question of where to go up until Treecko dragged his green hand across the dirt road. She crouched beside him and saw that he had found tracks. She held her green Pokedex to the ground where the tracks were and it matched the tracks with those of a Zigzagoon.

"Ah! This could be it Treecko! Now where do they lead to...” She hummed while surveying the area.

She stood up and followed them to the path where the plant shop was. The duo looked at each other and gave a nod of agreement on where to go. They started off stealthily after the Zigzagoon until they were crouching on the side of the shop. The shop owner who was watering her flowers on display outside of her shop saw Dinah III's ponytail sticking out from the side of her shop and peered over the side at her curiously.

"E-excuse me? Are you looking for something?" The shop owner sounded a bit nervous.

"Heh? Oh-uh-no! Just trying to catch a Pokemon. So uh-Shhhh!" She said in a loud whisper.

The shop owner nodded and smiled amused by this odd girl. She held out a handful of Pokéblocks. "Try luring it close to you and then give it a good beating before catching it. One simple Pound won't get you anywhere."

Dinah III nodded gratefully and caught the food in two hands. She piled it away from the nearby thicket and had Treecko wait in a hanging flowerpot that dangled over the pile of food. Pretty soon they heard rustling and the copper brown figure emerged from under a Wailmer Pail. It scurried over to the pile and sat down to eat. But instead of a vocal cue, they were to move once the wild Zigzagoon started chowing down.

The Zigzagoon nibbled on a Pokéblock when suddenly it was whapped in the head and onto it's fuzzy back by a large green tail. It yelped and got onto its feet before lunging at Treecko for a Tackle.

"Treecko-twirl and use Leer!" Dinah III cried.

The Treecko obediently did a ballerina twirl and the Zigzagoon skidded after narrowly missing and was struck with Leer lowering its defense. It shook its head and tried another Tackle.

"Toe touch and Pound!"

Treecko sprang up, grabbing hold of his toes before spinning down with a mighty tail to crash down upon the Zigzagoon. He swayed and fell on his face. Treecko nodded for Dinah III to use her Pokeball.

"Eeyuh-Pokeball go!" She twirled and gracefully tossed her Pokeball at the Zigzagoon who was sucked up by a gleaming red light. Dinah III watched anxiously as the ball wriggled. It made whooping sounds till finally...Boop! It was caught!

Dinah III held it up feeling triumphant and hugged her Treecko. They were very happy and the training got their adrenaline pumping. They wanted more training so they thanked the shop owner and headed towards Rustboro. Dinah III got even more excited to see a gym so started running. She wanted to let her Treecko and Zigzagoon loose so they could fight and dance.

When she finally reached Rustboro, she was sweating. Perspiration made its way down her legs and into her crappy old sneakers with faded designs. The town was hushed by the moonlit sky and there wasn't a sign of anyone being conscience. It wasn't until Dinah III checked the time in a store that she realized it was 11 at night.

She sighed but decided to take her Pokemon to Route 116 for some late training before they rested. She set them free from their Pokeballs and had them train together. Treecko's dancing had undoubtedly increased his flexibility and Zigzagoon was getting better at sharp turns. They beat each other till they realized their owner wasn't beside them cheering them on.

Treecko turned to Zigzagoon, "Tree-Treecko Tree...Treecko?"
(Did you see where she went?)

The Zigzagoon shook no and they padded over to where they heard a rustling sound. Dinah III was gracefully dancing. Her silhouette under the moonlight inspired Treecko and amazed Zigzagoon. Each step was taken with a purpose and caution. They began yipping and jumping to applaud her. She blushed sheepishly and allowed them to join in on the fun. She showed Treecko high kicks and Zigzagoon quick rolls after falls.

They were just about ready to head to the Pokemon Center to rest up for tomorrow when they heard a shriek in the opposite direction. Dinah III led Treecko and Zigzagoon over to where the commotion was and they saw a baby blue Skitty being hit repeatedly by a Houndour's Flamethrower. Dinah III quickly, without thinking, jumped in front of the Skitty to protect it.

The burst of flames stopped short due to yet another human shield. Dinah III hesitantly looked up at her rescuer who had on a gray cape. His giant hat managed to cover up most of his face allowing her to only see a grin. A man's grin.

He pulled her up, off of the ground and cuffed her chin. Her body was pressed against his. His tuxedo beneath revealed his wealth and his slim, black eyes revealed his dark heart. She pulled away and Treecko went for a Pound on the mystery man. He didn't move a muscle. Treecko was stopped by a fierce Houndour's Bite attack to the tail and he tried to get him off but found himself incapable of doing so.

"Now, don't be shy. Such a beautiful girl out here should know when her prince has seen her by fate." The boy spoke smoothly without taking his eyes off of her.

"Eh-don't flirt with me! I've got to get this Skitty to the Pokemon Center. Come on Treecko! Zigzagoon, you too." She held the frightened Skitty close to her chest.

"Now where do you think you're going with my Pokemon?" The boy raised an eyebrow. The look he saw on Dinah III's face made him smirk. "That my dear was training. Skitty here just hasn't been cooperating. He's too solemn. I've been trying to unleash his moon abilities."

"Moon...abilities? I thought Skitty were Normal type Pokemon." Dinah III looked down at the baby blue Skitty.

"Well, some say he was born with blessings from the moon. In mythology however it clearly states that only one Moonlit Skitty can be conceived every thousand years or so by a random Delcatty who laid her egg under the night sky and hatched her egg under pure moonlight. This moon light affects the color of the Pokemon and some how the shaping of it's body." He pointed to the Skitty's tail.

When Dinah III looked it was as round as a full moon. "Wow...Does this mean she has special powers?"

The boy looked at her and pushed her bangs off of her face, "Yes. Of course. He can't now but he'll be able to use Moonlight. How to evolve him is something I am unaware of."

"But-that doesn't mean you can slave him away just for your discovery! You don't deserve to handle such a rarity." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh I know that now...because you do. And I'll be glad to hand him over so that you can wow me with your training."

She blushed, "Wh-what training and wowing?"

"That dance of yours. You'll probably reveal the secrets through your purity and innocence. But of course I will receive something for my generosity I'm sure." He eyed the copper Zigzagoon.

The Zigzagoon looked up into his black, marble like eyes. He advanced towards the boy who held out a gray-gloved hand and stroked between his ears. Dinah III's Zigzagoon let out low growls of interest and pawed his hand. The boy smiled and looked up at Dinah III.

"How's about a trade dame? My rare possession for yours." He sounded decided.

Dinah III looked down at her newly caught Zigzagoon and bit her lip while looking at the Skitty who lay in her arms wearily. She sighed and nodded.

"It looks more determined and stronger beside you. To the Pokemon Center." She walked with him back to Rustboro and to the Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy yawned and waved. "You two are up early. Is everything alright?"

"Oh-um. We were just about to make a trade." Dinah III made gestures towards the Skitty and Zigzagoon.

"Oh dear!" Nurse Joy clasped her hands over her mouth. "That Skitty needs help. Here, hand him over."

Dinah III withdrew him into the boy's Pokeball and gave it to her. The boy suggested she did the same with her exhausted Treecko and she obeyed.

"This is the place you rely on to heal and trade your Pokemon. Don't forget that." The boy looked at her wondering whether he made a mistake with this trade.

"Oh...right. Thank you." Dinah III bowed her head in thanks and accepted the Pokeballs from Nurse Joy who directed them to the trading machines.

They dropped their Pokeballs in and watched as Zigzagoon went into the boy's ball and the Skitty went to hers. After a low bell, they took their new Pokemon and let them out. The Skitty looked around and was happy to see 2 new and happy spirits. Zigzagoon growled and pawed Houndour. Before they were withdrawn, Treecko and Zigzagoon shared a long look of regret wanting the other to tag along with the trainer they prefer while Skitty and Houndour shared a glare of hate hoping to bring the other to the depths of hell during their reunion.

Nurse Joy led them to beds and Dinah III took off her hoody so that she was left in her spandex and a white, skintight tank top. The boy watched her and received a backhand slap to the face.

"Pervert!" She growled and lay down.

"Am I not polite in your eyes?"

"Polite? Sheesh. You didn't even tell me your name! Well I'm Dinah. The third! Good night!" She lay down and buried herself beneath the sheets.

Once her eyes had sealed and her body was calm and peaceful, she felt a body brush against her and when she sat up to look, she saw his black eyes look into hers. Before he left she heard him say, "I am Itsuf. The Magician."

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Default Re: To Be A Dazzling Dame

Chapter 2

The sun shined brightly through the windows on Dinah III's face. She had been up ever since "Itsuf" woke her. He was strange and yet cooler than cool. His sleek black hair and his mysterious eyes were so admirable it made her shiver. Treecko had awakened sometime after he realized she couldn't sleep and was lying across her lap.

"Treecko? How's Skitty?" Dinah III looked down at the strange Skitty that was curled up in sheets on the floor.

Treecko gave a weak smile and she knew then that he'd be okay. She pulled on clothes and brushed her teeth before picking the small cat up off the floor. It yawned making her yawn back and wiggled its oddly shaped tail. Dinah III grinned and kissed his head.

"Time to see what moves you are capable of. Now we should-," she stopped when she saw the Skitty shiver at the thought of "training."

"Oh-no. I don't mean like how that jerk was doing it. This one is well...a lot more enjoyable. Right Treecko?" She turned to her friend who was sitting Indian style on the floor beside them.

Treecko stood up, "Tree-Treecko!"
(Of course!)

The Skitty thought for a while whether or not he should trust this girl but saw in her eyes her innocence and found her trustworthy. He gave a small yip and licked her cheek.
Dinah III happily carried them out back to Route 116 for some training before they were to battle the Rustboro Gym Leader.

"Alright. I guess the 2 of you can be training buddies but for now let's see what moves you can successfully execute." Dinah III whipped out her Pokedex and pointed it at Treecko.

In a static voice it said, "Treecko, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. It's capable of executing the following moves; Pound, Leer, and Absorb."

"Absorb? Gotta try that one. Now let's see for Skitty." Dinah III directed the Pokedex at the blue kitten.

"Skitty, the Kitten Pokemon. It’s capable of executing the following moves; Growl, Tackle, and Tail Whip."

Dinah III looked down at the two and propped her hands on her hips. "Well well. Looks like we've got some serious training to do if we wanna beat that Gym Leader. Okay, Treecko. Show me an Absorb."

Treecko thrust out his palms and had small orbs of yellow collect the health from a flower, which soon wilted and return to Treecko swelled with life. Treecko tossed his head back excitedly to see what Dinah III thought of his awesome power. She was cuffing her chin in thought.

"Okay, now Skitty. Show me Tail Whip. I've already seen your Growl and a Tackle."

Skitty gave a sharp nod and lowered his tail and began waving over the ground like a snake jerking left and right. He then gave a meow and also awaited Dinah III's reaction.

She bit her lip and turned to Treecko. "Instead of just holding out your hands, wave them like...WAX ON WAX OFF!" She showed him but in a more graceful fashion where her arms came high over her head and back in front of her chest.

"Tree-cko?" He copied and did it with as much grace as he could.
(Like this?)

Dinah III clapped and then said, "But now try it while using Absorb. Maybe it'll be perfected with the attack applied to it."

Treecko took a deep breath and obeyed. The orbs spiraled at multiple targets sloppily. Treecko pouted and tried again this time, getting it to hit a single bush and came back with plentiful health. Skitty meowed in a way to congratulate his fellow teammate. Treecko gave a gentlemanly bow and looked at Dinah III's approval. She scooped him up and kissed his head excitedly. It was Skitty's turn to impress his trainer.

"That was great, okay. Skitty, for Tail Whip I want you to move your body in the opposite direction of each Tail Whip so that your whole body is in motion."

Skitty thought a while to try and create a visual in his head of what she meant and started. His tail swept over the ground and his body gently swayed. He looked up at his trainer liking this training.

"Bravo! Time to battle! Look for a Pokemon and holler when you find one. GO!" Dinah III waved her hand and they dispatched.

Treecko scaled up a tree and Skitty waited at the bottom. Treecko could see a feathered figure perched on a far branch and gave thumbs up to Skitty. Skitty quickly bounded back to Dinah III and led her to the tree. It was a Tailow.

(I challenge you!)

The Tailow puffed up her chest in warning and clicked her beak. Treecko wouldn't give up and used Pound repeatedly, shaking the tree and angering the wild Tailow. She fluttered off of her branch to the one above and Treecko persistently followed. This routine continued until the two reached the very last branch that Tailow could perch on and was very thin. Dinah III called to him with worry but when he turned to look down, the branch cracked.

"TREECKO! TREECKO!" He wailed in fear of falling.

The Tailow smirked and rose off of the tree to Peck the branch so that it cracked even more. Treecko swatted it away repeatedly with Pound up until the branch finally gave out. Treecko tried to climb back down before it happened but he lost balance and grabbed the Tailow's feet instead. The bird squawked and tried to gain elevation but couldn't with Treecko's additional weight. The two came tumbling down and Skitty waited for the right moment to use Tackle.

Dinah III told Treecko to use Pound to force Tailow underneath. Treecko hesitantly did so and found himself on the back of this dreadful creature. Once they were of Skitty's jumping height, Skitty used a jumping Tackle that allowed Treecko to board his back and knocked the Tailow to the side. Treecko clung to his hero gratefully and glared over at the shaken up Tailow that was getting to her feet.

"Ah-now's your chance Treecko! Go for a Pound!"

Treecko got off and sprang up into the air performing a summersault with his tail at the ready. His tail came crashing down on the Tailow's skull that countered with a Peck on his chest. Treecko looked to Dinah III for guidance as this angry bird marked him up.

"Back up! At the ready! Absorb position!" She bit her lip hoping it'd work.

Treecko did a series of back flips away from the Tailow until he was at a good distance and held his 3-fingered hands in front of his red chest. Tailow flew over to him at great speed with her beak shining brightly.

Drops of sweat made their way down the side of Treecko's head knowing if this hit he'd lose. Just as the Tailow approached him he waved his arms and the orbs rushed at the Tailow retrieving her health and drawing it into Treecko. The Tailow tiredly collided head first into the ground while Treecko fell onto his butt wearily.

"Treecko Tree?" He panted and looked at Skitty.
(Is it-over?)

"Nya!" Skitty smiled and licked his cheek.

Dinah III sighed in relief and sat beside them. "I did nothing but I'm sweating more than Treecko."

They all laughed and after about half an hour, got back to training. They stayed on Route 116 for 3 days just for training before they finally went to Rustboro to collect their first badge. Skitty and Treecko were both very confident, especially with the new moves they developed in training.

Dinah III knocked on the door and stumbled back when a little head popped out. She looked very young and somewhat spoiled but disregarded her traits and got down to business.

"My name is Dinah the third from Little Root Town and I was hoping I could battle you for my first Gym Badge." She bowed her head politely.

Roxanne giggled. "I don't see why not and...You’re an awfully nice lady so I guess I could give you a battle. Come on in, Die-nuh!" She continued to giggle to herself amused by such an odd name.

Dinah III scratched the back of her head and shrugged before following her in. It was cold and there was dirt and rocks all over the ground. The fighting arena was full of rock pillars and pebbles and Roxanne led Dinah III to the place she was to stand. They looked at each other from across the arena. The reff raised flags.

"This'll be a single battle with only 2 Pokemon per person. The challenger is the only one allowed to use shift Pokemon through out the battle. With out further ado, let the battle begin!" He lowered the flags and the two trainers reached for their Pokeballs.

Roxanne tossed out a Geodude and Dinah, her Treecko. The two grunted and eyed each other competitively.

Dinah III gawked at the hovering rock and aimed her Pokedex at it. In a static voice it said, "Geodude, the Rock Pokemon. When Geodude sleeps deeply, it buries itself halfway into the ground. It will not awaken even if hikers step on it unwittingly. In the morning, this Pokémon rolls downhill in search of food."

"Alright! I call dibs on first attack so here we go! Geodude-Rock Throw!" Roxanne said cheerfully.

The Geodude reached down for a pebble and skillfully tossed it at the Treecko on the other end. Treecko hid behind a pillar instinctively and peeked over to see the Geodude fuming at his failure.

Dinah III then said, "Now-Quick Attack and grab onto that Geodude!"

Treecko obediently skid behind his opponent and pounced onto him. The Geodude shook and grabbed at his back while Roxanne squealed impatiently.

"That's no fair! Geodude, back up into a pillar!"

Geodude rammed Treecko against one of the pillars and Treecko slid off of his back in pain.

"Ha! I think you should've done some more training before coming here!" Roxanne smirked.

"Oh yeah? Well think again! Treecko, Pound!" Dinah III said while glancing around at the pillars.

Treecko triumphantly slammed his heavy green tail onto the Geodude and jumped onto the nearest pillar.

"Gah! Cheating again! Geodude, Tackle him!" Roxanne whined.

Geodude knocked him off of the pillar. Treecko fell onto his back and Dinah III stomped her foot losing patience. She took a deep breath and thought as quick as she could before getting an idea.

"Treecko! Just stay where you are, you hear?"

Treecko nodded, trying to figure out what she was thinking while Roxanne called another Rock Throw. Geodude hovered down closer to the ground to retrieve a rock when
Dinah III took action.

"Absorb while he's close to you!"

Treecko grinned thinking how brilliant she was and waved his arms while withdrawing the Geodude's health. The Geodude had taken a major blow due to how effective it was and retreated away from Treecko.

Roxanne stared in amazement and horror. "Hey Geodude! Quit messing around and go use Rock Throw!" She stomped angrily.

Geodude once again reached for a pebble and Treecko advanced on him with a Quick Attack pushing him away from the pebble and hard against a pillar. It grabbed at its stone head in pain while Treecko once again used Absorb to finish him off. He was extremely tired and his eyes were leaking as proof so she reluctantly withdrew him for the next match.

"Geodude is unable to battle, Treecko wins the first match! Precede Roxanne." The reff had raised the green flag showing Treecko had been successful.

"Time for Nosepass! She'll definitely kick your butt!" She tossed another Pokeball and out came a rock with a big orange nose.

Dinah III stared and again, aimed her Pokedex at the strange Pokemon. "Nosepass, the Compass Pokemon. Its body emits a powerful magnetism. It feeds on prey that is pulled in by the force. Its magnetism is stronger in cold seasons."

"Creepy," she shivered. "Okay, Skitty-go!" She thrust out her second Pokeball and out emerged a blue Skitty.

Roxanne gasped and beamed at him, "Oh-how cute! It's too bad I'm gonna have to destroy you."

Skitty's ears went back fiercely and awaited Dinah III's orders. The Nosepass looked down at her opponent.

The reff raised both flags, "Roxanne's Nosepass versus the challenger's Skitty. May round 2 begin!' He lowered both flags.

"Uh-okay! Skitty, let's start with Tackle!" Dinah III commanded the blue kitten.

Skitty charged in zigzags, avoiding the pillars and jumped to turn it into a spiral Tackle while Nosepass awaited orders of her own.

"Okay! Harden Nosepass!" Roxanne smiled coyly.

Skitty's body collided with Nosepass's. Skitty however, had failed to make a serious blow and did more damage to himself than to Nosepass. Both Roxanne and Nosepass laughed at Skitty.

Dinah III saw Skitty's ears go down in shame and felt bad for him but knew she had to motivate him to show him he could do it. She also had the sneaking suspicion that it was time to use their new move.

"Alright Skitty. Time to show them our new move! Attract!" Dinah III pointed a long and graceful finger at the Nosepass as if directing Skitty to his target.

Nosepass raised an invisible eyebrow while Skitty made his way up to her. He blushed admiringly and turned the charm on. Roxanne watched unsure of what was going on up until her Nosepass was blushing and going nuts over Skitty.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing over there?!" Roxanne scolded her Nosepass.

Dinah III giggled and filled Roxanne on the current situation. "You see Attract causes the opponent, as long as it's the opposite gender to fall for the user of the attack. Once successfully executed, there is less a chance your commands will be obeyed due to major infatuation. Now Skitty, give her a taste of that Tackle of yours with her guard down."

Skitty used Tackle and managed to push her about an inch away from where she once stood. The kitten looked over at Dinah III for guidance. Dinah III scratched her head in thought while her Skitty repeatedly charged at the gah-gah Nosepass.

Tackle is the only attack based move Skitty has and it is barely doing much damage each hit...We've got no choice. Treecko is worn out and failing with Skitty could mean forfeiting.

Dinah III looked at the Nosepass who was losing patience with her lover. She had lifted a rock and threw it at Skitty.

"Skitty, Tail Whip! And don't you stop till I say so!" Dinah III hollered.

Skitty took the hit and winced while Nosepass gasped at the harm she had done to her beloved. Skitty shook himself off and repeatedly wagged his tail at the infatuated Pokemon. Nosepass only watched.

"Nosepass, I said Tackle!" Roxanne threw a tantrum.

Nosepass desperately wanted to disobey as well as shut her up but decided that one shove would keep her trap shut. Skitty looked up to see the Nosepass charging at him and ran towards a pillar. To escape, he made a sharp turn while the Nosepass slammed smack into the pillar.

"Now's our chance! With Nosepass's defense down to zip, a few more ought a end this! Skitty-5 more Tackles!" Dinah III watched as the Nosepass struggled to remove her Nose.

Skitty charged-1-2-3-4-5 times at her back and the pillar broke. Nosepass fell with a heavy thud, the reff declared Dinah III as the winner, Roxanne cried and threw herself on the floor and Dinah III scooped up Skitty this time into a big hug. Skitty meowed happily and Dinah III kissed his head.

"We did it! We did it!" Dinah III teared and out of her other Pokeball came Treecko. He climbed up her arm and kissed her cheek before wiping her tears.

"You guys are amazing! Roxanne thanks for the battle." Dinah III held out her hand to shake on a worthy battle.

Roxanne wiped her face on her sleeve and smiled up at her, " was nothing. But's your badge Dinah." Roxanne handed her the first badge of the Hoenn region. It was pretty.

"Thank you...Ready guys?"

Dinah III smiled down at her fantastic Pokemon and off they went to the Pokemon Center to prepare for their next battle that lay ahead and little did she know but those tears were the last worth shedding.

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