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Old 06-06-2008, 11:58 AM
smcybercool Offline
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Cool Pokémon Civilization Online Beta Release~*

This is a Pokémon massive multiplayer online game for all Pokémon fans all around the world.It is a game for all those who always wanted to train thier Pokémon,evolve them...make them stronger and fight with other pokemons played by real players and prove themselves as the strongest.

In Pokémon Civilization Online you can interact with other players,chat with them,make friends,make party and level up together,organize a Clan of 90 members and fight against other Clans unitededly and conquer Gyms,,you can even trade items with others and moreover you can PvP(Player vs Player) and make others fear and respect you.So what are you waiting for? Get, Set, Go!...

151 of the original Pokémon.

No more trainers or Poké Balls all you do is play your role as a Pokémon.

Battle system that is completely Real-Time.

Equipment system that provides you with extra defense or attack power.

Player Trade System that allows you to exchange items with other players.

Wireless Storage system that allows you to access your storage at any Pokémon Center.

Special Attack Cards which will help you to learn a Special Attack.

Quest System is very interactive and interesting.

Evolution System is completely different which requires quest to be done to collect evolution items to evolve through Evolution Machine.

New towns never before seen in the original Pokémon game.

Chat system and Buddy list, also private messaging.

Emoticons to express yourself.

Real-Time Ship to sail the seven seas to different cities or towns.

PDA is very unique system which allows you to maintain your buddy list.

With PDA you can send SMS to any of your friends at a certain fee and he can receive your message when he/she logs in.

Clan War is a very exciting system where you have to fight against other Clans to own a Gym and play a role as Clan Leader/Member.

Wild Pokémons in Gym Dungeons provides a very unique and high Experience points and rare items.

Legendary Pokémons which you have to fight among parties to get rare items and gain experience.

Wireless PvP Arena Links at every Pokémon Center which will warp you to the battle Arena.

Many More.....




Register at forums now


Vote us at :

Download the game and join the civilization NOW !!!

Pokčmon Civilization © 2008~2009

I am not advertising my site/game here...i just want true players who will really want to try out this game and help this project grow even more better pokemon fans always have been playing turn based games i want them to try something new.... towards a pokemon dungeon apporach.!!

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