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Old 06-03-2008, 09:53 PM
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Default Building first pokemon game, need help

Okay, I am building the game all by my self, I just need some sprites for it. All people who help will have there usernames, or there names, or whatever they like, put into the credits. I have made one game before, it sucked XD but I'm a lot better, I've learned a lot. By the way, I'm useing yoyo's game maker. Anyways, I need PMD Sprites for the following pokemon, I cant find them on spriters resource... Eevee and all its evolved forms. Thats it XD I don't need leafeon and glaceon as bad. I don't really need leafeon at all... I will have this game up in a day or two maybe...Thanks for the help in advance people, and sorry about vanishing from PE2K I've been spending a lot of time on Gaia Online.
I no longer frequent this site. If you wish to contact me still, go to gaia-online. Here is my account there. I will help you get into gaia as best I can.

I am sorry about my dissapearnce from this site, but to be honest I grew out of pokemon a bit xP I still play the games, but my pokemon sprite work, and comics I did here, just bore me now... I miss some of my friends I had here though.
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