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Old 05-08-2008, 09:28 PM
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Default Diglett!


An epic novel by Jesus of Magikarps.

Once upon a time, there lived a lonely gardener man named Douglass. Why was Douglass so lonely, you might ask? Douglass is not your average fellow. He had a bunch of strange theories that were not often accepted by the other people of his town. They laughed at him and called him cruel names such as "that weird guy who has a bunch of crazy ideas". Nobody respected him for his ideas and lifestyle so it was very hard for him to find work. The only way he could make a living is by supporting himself off of the food he grows in his garden and occasionally selling them to some of the towns people. Luckily, he had a Pokémon friend that didn't think he was crazy. Actually, he and his Mr. Mime were the best of friends. They both had their quirks, but they still enjoyed each others company.

"Time to inspect the house for any alien Pokémon that might have came to steal our organs, Mr. Mime," said Douglass as he lifted the sheets off himself and scrambled out of bed.

After a thorough inspection, Douglass and Mr. Mime confirmed that there were unfortunately no aliens waiting for them today. Douglass then walked over to his mirror and began to check his nostrils for any tumors. All was fine, so he proceeded with his routine to get ready for the day. Next on the list was management of hair follicles! Douglass grabbed a brush and began to comb through his long, shiny purple hair. Then he put a large rainbow colored trench coat on that looked three sizes too big for his scrawny little body.

"Morning sequence completed," said Douglass with a strange looking smile.

"Mr. Mime, Mr. Mime! Children!" shouted the oddly colored Pokémon that looked almost like a misshapen human.

"Well, now that the house is all clear, it appears it is time we move on to the world of the outside!"

The strange duo walked out of their humble abode and proceeded onwards towards their garden. Today did not look like a normal day to Douglass. The sun seemed to cast a strange glow upon the grass, almost as if the sky gods were trying to tell him something. After a nice little walk, they reached the garden. They both looked at all of the colorful fruits and vegetables that were lined up in rows in amazement, even though this was not the first time they had seen them.

"What would you like to do today, Mr. Mime? Shall I pick all of the berries off the plants, or would you prefer that I look for any malfunctions with our perfectly flat dirt sediments?" asked Douglass as he put his hands over his eyes to shield himself from the sunlight.

"Mime, mime, strawberries, mime, Michael Jackson, mime," screamed Mr. Mime as he picked up the large fruit picking bucket.

"Very well then, Mr. Mime. Onwards I go with my dirt inspecting, then," said Douglass with a sigh.

The strange man galloped across the garden like a horse with very good vision, ready to scout out any rebellious pieces of dirt. Everything went as usual for quite a while. Mr. Mime picked strawberries, and Douglass didn't find any problems with the dirt. But then, suddenly...

"Mr. Mime, come look! Look what I found! Oh, this is just horrible," shouted Douglass in disgust at the deep hole in his lawn that lay before him.

Mr. Mime walked over and began to scream in shock, almost exactly as Douglass did. After they had both calmed down, they decided it would be best to investigate. Douglass bent over and stuck his potato shaped head in the hole. He looked around for a minute, but could not find anything that might have caused it.

"I can't find anything, Mr. Mime. Maybe that means it is a black hole that could lead to the galaxy of the Rickrollers," muttered Douglass with a confused expression on his face.

Suddenly, all of his questions were answered when a small, brown little Pokémon popped out of the hole. This Pokémon was unlike any Douglass had ever seen. It was only the size of a large potato, yet it could pop out of the ground with great speed and intensity. It had small, black eyes that looked like finely polished rocks from the ground. In the center of it's body was a cherry red nose which quite resembled the strawberries that Mr. Mime had been picking.

"Mime, mime! Diglett, Dig!" said Mr. Mime as he pointed at the little Pokémon that had just popped out of the ground.

"Oh, I see what you're saying, Mr. Mime! That little Pokémon is a Diglett. Well, Diglett, you seem like a fine Pokémon to have to help out with my garden and other various tasks. I'm going to capture you!" said Douglass excitedly as he hiked up his baggy trousers, ready to battle.

"Alright, let's start this battle off with a Double Slap, Mr. Mime!", shouted Douglass excitedly.

Mr. Mime sprang forward across the luscious grass of the garden. He extended his long, tiny arm and twisted his wrist back and forth, back and forth in a Double Slap attack. Mime's hand barely touched Diglett before it dug underground and was gone.

"Mime? Mime!?" said Mr. Mime as he looked around in panic, in fear that the little Diglett might have escaped.

Suddenly, Diglett popped out of the ground right under Mr. Mime's feet! Mr. Mime was caught off guard and was sent plummeting to the ground. Before Mr. Mime could get back on it's feet, Diglett tunneled over to the Mime and started slashing away at it with super effective Night Slash attacks! With ever blow, Mr. Mime cringed in pain.

"Mr. Mime, hang in there! Use Psychic!" commanded Douglass.

Mr. Mime managed to focus it's mind away from the pain of the attacks and towards it's psychic energy.


Mr. Mime pushed it's hands forward and created an invisible orb that sent Diglett crashing into a pile of rotten strawberries. Then, Mr. Mime's invisible orb turned into a translucent purple color. It pulled it's scrawny arms towards it's chest, then pushed forward with all of it's force. The purple orb of Psychic energy flew forward and hit Diglett directly on the nose.

"Achy! Diglett, diggg!" cried Diglett as it was launched into the air, then landed painfully on it's side.

"Great job Mr. Mime, I think that one really hurt!"

It was too early to congratulate; Diglett got back up and began tunneling under the ground then popping up with an enraged expression on it's face.

"Mr. Mime, look out!" cried Douglass in fear.

Before Mr. Mime could react, Diglett had popped out of the ground at extreme speeds and punched Mr. Mime directly in the face with one of it's stubby arms in a Sucker Punch attack. Mr. Mime fell to the ground in pain. The force of the blow, and the sheer speed of the attack had left Mr. Mime out of energy.

"Get up Mr. Mime! Don't let that evil mole lord of planet Afghanistan get to you!" shouted Douglass in encouragement, wishing Mr. Mime would hear his call.


Mr. Mime slowly got off the ground, shaking to even try to stand. After a few seconds he was able to redeem himself and stood bruised and beaten. Something about Mr. Mime had changed, though. It was not just the scars of battle... something deep down inside of him had changed. It was as if all that he cared about was taking out that little mole Pocket Monster, and nothing else mattered to him.

"Mime! Death! Your blood will be mine, you foolish little Diglett!" screamed Mr. Mime with a devilish expression on his face and glowing red eyes.

Douglass just stood in fear of his new talking, blood thirsty Mr. Mime. Even such a bizarre man like himself could not comprehend what just happened. Douglass was snapped back out of the land of confusion when he realized that the battle had started again. Mr. Mime had waved it's hands about magically and a cluster of magical glowing leafs appeared out of nowhere. The leafs flew towards Diglett swiftly... a direct hit! The little Diglett had finally taken too much damage and was left laying there motionless, unable to battle. Douglass knew what to do now. He reached into his backpack and grabbed a shiny red Pokéball. He threw it at the Diglett and it hit him square in the forehead. The Pokéball popped open and absorbed the little mole Pokémon inside. The ball wiggled once, twice...


No longer using this account! Now known as Trainer Zak!

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Default Re: Diglett!

Don't grade yet! Making some changes...

Desired Pokémon: Diglett
Characters Needed: 5,000
Character Count: 8,000 +

No longer using this account! Now known as Trainer Zak!

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