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Old 04-23-2008, 10:27 AM
flossie Offline
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Default need help please

hi there guys,

really need some help.

basically i need to learn how to surf.

where can i find it?
apparently safari zone?

i cannot see that on my gameboy red.

is it within a city?

please help, its driving me mad
Old 04-23-2008, 11:22 PM
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Crystal king Offline
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Default Re: need help please

this used to stump me when I was younger :/ but it's quite easy to reach.

Location- Safari Zone Secret house

How to get there- Either: Surf from the first area(the one that you start out in) over to the top part, or take the long way and walk from the first area(Don't go waste time, it'll take a bit to get there on the time limit) and keep going up pretty much, until you reach a line of lakes, go to the top of the last one and go on the opposite side that you came from, and go down. you'll also see two items along the way, one is a key item to getting HM strength, the other is TM thirty something with(I belive to be) Double team, collect the teeth(The key item i mentioned before, as you'll need it) and head left. You'll come across a house, talk to the guy in the house to recieve HM 3 Surf if you have room for it.

Wow, A long explanation I know, but it'll likely work. If you need more help, just ask. =)

And give the Teeth to the safari warden in the house next to where you get the good rod, he'll reward you with HM 4 Strength.(That's to the right of the pokemon center btw).
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Old 04-28-2008, 01:30 AM
flossie Offline
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Default Re: need help please

thanks! i worked it out. now stuck on seafoam.

its silly to think i hae become obsessed with this.
i thought i was normal! ha!
Old 05-08-2008, 10:20 PM
xXPrimalDialgaXx Offline
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Default Re: need help please

You need to go to the deepest part of the Safari Zone and talk to someone in a house and he will give you Surf.
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