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Default THe shining bird.

Chapter one: Sunny day.

Ok, here I, ball trainer from new bark town am. I donít have friends who travel with me. Well I have a few in my hometown, but they donít even have Pokemon. Well, I have another friend, his name is Bob, and I met him at goldenrod game corner. I helped him to defeat the game corner guys, who capture Pokemon, treat them bad, and sell them. Well, I am 13, I wear a green cape, and a black t-shirt, and black pants with many pockets. I have five Pokemon. The silent Grovyle. The nice Poliwhirl. So as my shocking Manetric, Flygon, the flying dragon. And my loyal starter Houndoom. Now I am near the Ecruteak town. It is a small, haunted (old ladies say this), and nice place. This is a nice day, and a of sunlight.

Hey, I said in a straight medium loud voice, the entrance to town. I was glad that I finally reached a place, where I could eat, sleep, or at least talk to someone. But mostly I was glad, that I finally will have the chance to challenge a gym leader. Hey, I said in a bit nervous voice, whatís that? A bright light flashed in my eyes, so I could nearly see, but still, I saw a big, bright bird. The bird majestically flied, at high speed. The bird looked like a Fearow, Fearow? No it cant be a Fearow, Fearows are scary, and ugly, but this one is beautiful. The bird slowly flied away. I went inside a town.

It looked old. The roofs was made from straws. The straws looked old, like they would have been got through a century. There was two towers. One, which looked burned was in the left side. But there was another tower, it was farer from the town, in a forest. The paths were made from rocks, and they looked even older than the roofs. There was a little mart, few trainers were trading Pokemon next to the mart. The trainers looked poor, their closes wasnít new, or even weary clean. There was a lot of mends on their closes. In front of the mart was a Pokemon center, it didnít looked as awful as the other houses, or the mart, but still it wasnít as good as even the Azaleza one.

I started walking to the Pokemon center. I was weary tired, so walking wasnít easy for me. The bright sun made it worse. Thoughts to go to the mart, and to get a cold drink was fighting in my head, I couldnít buy anything, I needed the money, for the bet with the gym leader. Its impossible to fight in gym, if you doesnít have the money to bet on.
I was getting closer to the Pokemon center, but each step was like a kilometer long run for me. I finally reached the Pokemon center. Good thing, they give cold water to trainers, I though before entering the house. But maybe not, yes, they give water, and even something to eat in Pokemon centers, but in this small town, I hope they do, I though, while opening the door.

Yes, I said in a silenced, but happy voice, immediately after opening the door.

There was a writing free food, and drinks to Pokemon trainers, wrote on a door next to the nurses table, filled with medicine, and the Pokemon healing machine.

Hello, I said to the nurse Joy.

The nurse was in a white coat, her face was smiley, and her hair was brown, and long. The hair was strongly shiny.

How can I help you, she replied in a nice, and light toned voice.

I come from goldenrod through the woods, and I would like, that you restore, and heal my Pokemon, and please give me something to eat, I said, while looking at the old medicine, laying on the table.

Shore, follow the Chansey to the eating room, and eat, while I heal your Pokemon, the nurse said, and smiled.

Ok, here is my Pokemon, I said, and handed the nurse five little balls, which I took of my belt.

The balls were red and white, divided in half by a black line. There was a button, in the middle of the line.

Ok, thank you, said Joy, Chansey, give him something to eat.

A pink egg shaped Pokemon come out of the door with the food poster.

Chance, said the Pokemon in a mild voice, and come next to me.

The Chansey started walking to the room, I followed her. I looked back, and saw the nurse Joy taking my Pokeballs, and putting them on some kind of antiquary skaner, on which screen started appearing the shapes of my Pokemon. I turned back, so I could see, where am I going, and walked inside the room.

Its walls were green, with tiny Pokeballs drove on them. The roof was grey, I think it was supposed to be white at the beginning, but maybe even not, because the roof was so dirty, it even shined a bit, in a dirty grey color. There were tables with chairs next to them on the closest side of the rooms, and two floored beds on the other side. There was a cooker at the closest left side of the room.

I was walking, and suspiciously looking at the roof, when I heard a voice.

Donít worry, it is from the smoke. The smoke from the cooker, said the voice.

I looked around and saw another trainer sitting next to a table, and eating. The trainer seemed to be the same age as me. He wasnít from this town, I could tell it, because his closes looked pretty new, and he wasnít like some of the people living in the town. He was wearing a blue jumper, and red shorts.

While I was staring at him, Chansey gave me a plate with potatoes, sauce, and a glass of water.

Come, sit here, said the trainer, I nearly understood what he is saying, because his mouth was full with the potatoes.

I carefully walked, because I to spill the water, which was in the glass, completely filing it.

I sited down opposite the trainer.

Hwohul yklouing livkucbvioe txvmhiams tbnclow n, said the trainer with its mouth even fuller with the potatoes.

What did you said, I said in a little sullen voice, I couldnít understand you.

He swallowed the potatoes, drunk a little water, and repeated, How do you like this town.

Well, its nice, even though it is, well, how do I say it, well, old, I said, quietly, because I didnít wanted to wound the Chansey, or the nurse.

Well, I would say, antiquate, or even ruin, said the trainer, and continued to eat at huge speed.

I was really hungry, but I still didnít loose my manners, and ate slowly. Meanwhile, the trainer ate at huge speed, and after a few minutes he had ate all the food.

Bye, said the trainer, and walked out of the room.

I slowly continued eating, and though about the strategy to use in the gym. I know, I said to myself in my minds, Il start with Manetric to see, what he got, and use Houndoom, my best Pokemon against him last. Soon I finished eating, and slowly got up. I wanted to go out, but the Chansey pointed to a writing: wash your dishes yourself. I then saw a sink, I went to it, and washed the dishes. The water was cold, there was no hot watter option, bit since the day was really hot, that didnít bothered me. I walked out of the room, and saw nurse still examine my Pokemon.

Better stay here by the night, you will get your Pokemon in the morning, said the nurse, didnít even looking at me.

Ok, I said, and walked in the eating room again, Chansey was there no more. I felt really tired, so I dressed down, and got in the bed, I knew, that this is only early evening, but I was so tired, I fell asleep emediantly.
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