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Old 03-05-2008, 10:51 PM
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Default My Idea On a FanFic

I had this Idea about a Riolu named Ethan Wonder that dreams of the History of how the Pokemon World was created and meets almost every single legendary pokemon in his Journey on a Team. I also need a title to my story, and feel free to make suggestions to my story, thank you.


In the beginning, there was nothing, then a egg appeared, it hatched into the powerful Arceus, which created Dialga and Palkia, which created time and Space, and finally the three Legendaries, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were created, creating Emotion, Willpower, and Wisdom, but Giratina created his own dimension, which is the Opposite Dimension.

Soon all Pokémon were scattered across the world, Groudon made the lands, Kyogre created the Seas, and Rayquaza created the skies, and helped with the war against Kyogre and Groudon, Regigigas pulled the continents together, and Arceus went into a deep slumber. One Day A Mew was playing in Shaymin’s garden and accidently went beyond Shaymin’s garden into the Forest Of Darkness. Mew couldn’t find the way back to Shaymin’s garden and was exhausted from playing. Mew took an apple from an apple tree and took a little bite in it. Mew then heard something, it was going fast. Mew tried to figure out which pokemon it was, but it wouldn't match up to any pokemon he knew.

Mew jumped up and tried to fly but was still tired. The Unknown Pokémon came out of the bushes. It had fire blazing on its black, red eyes and the humanoid body was so dark Mew couldn’t see the face. Mew tried to run on foot, but the Unknown Pokémon was fast and caught Mew in a blink of an eye. Many Pokémon searched for Mew but couldn’t find her, so they gave up, then that’s when Mewtwo appeared out of no where, no one knew or what created it, but it was strong and was good.

To this day Pokémon over the world hear this story. People think The Unknown Pokémon took Mew and turned it into Mewtwo, Other’s say Mew was taken to another planet while the Unknown Pokémon presented himself as Mewtwo.

“Ethan!” Ethan’s mom called.
Ethan woke up. “Wow, that was an odd dream…”

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