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Old 03-02-2008, 02:43 AM
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Cool Surfing Pikachu (Please Read/Help)

Hi! I'm gonna cut to the chase I know HOW to get Surfing Pika but I'm unable to GET it.
I was wondering if anybody knew of a strategy or recommended team to use.

Y'know like a guide for getting through Prime Cup Master Ball R-2 with Pikachu.
surely somebody got to have figured something out I've played Prime Cup Master Ball R-1 27 times to get my Pokemon into the Hall of Fame quickly (three more times and all of them will be in there) and I've figured out virtually everything that they'll do.
(the math for that not sure if it's correct Mewtwo ALWAYS stays in the team)
my fav. Mewtwo move set: Psychic Ice Beam Swift and Recover = Indestructibility

5(played five times)x5(no. of pkmn added per win)=25 if 5 times equals 25 then 10 times equals 50 plus 50 equals 100 plus 50 more equals 150 each 50 means you played 10 times so you would have to play 30 times

I asked my mom if I needed to get 250 (Stadium 2) then how many times would it take she came with a weird answer. by my logic It would be 50 times because 60 would equal 300 (150 is 30 so 60 is 300) and that is 50 too many.

(some pkmn were already in HoF) sorry for the rant.
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