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Old 02-09-2008, 07:18 PM
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Talking Boss Rocket GIOVANNI in the manly tournament, SaiGAR!

Hey, PokeElite! I've been a huge fan of Pokemon for many years, and I've got say it's surprising that such a large community appeared under my nose.

I'm here to say though that the Team Rocket Boss from the Pokemon anime and video games, Giovanni, was selected from a pool of literally thousands of applicants to participate in the Tournament of Man among Men, SaiGAR. "Gar" is a word referring to incredible manliness and badass of a male anime character, and Giovanni fits this description.

His round is up now. I'm looking around for fellow fans to come in and support him! I've got a lot of fan-art of Giovanni and shops to show just how awesome he is.

The voting website is at Click on the large link, wait an hour for the code, type it out then select GIOVANNI!!

Team Rocket's Rockin'!

Awesome, I also just finished uploading a lot of the fanart for Giovanni! I hope you all enjoy it and vote GIOVANNI manliest man SaiGar 2008!

The original - Giovanni v. Chansey.
The rematch - Giovanni v. Chansey II.
The final battle - Giovanni v. Chansey III.
"Rakki, omae wa mo shinderu."
Kenshiro/Nagasumi & Giovanni - SaiGar 2008.
Motivator - A buffet of manliness.
Gaijin 4koma - Giovanni v. Cirno.
Card Crusher - Giovanni & Cirno.
What I watched/expected/got - Giovanni.
A man of many talents.
The guitar duel - Giovanni v. Lord Genome.
"The sands of hell are a magic sand."
A concerned citizen does his part to enforce population control.
Gaijin 4koma - Giovanni v. Edward Elric.
Mingling with Pokemon at a company picnic - a softer side.
A golden radiance.
Failure will not be tolerated.
One day, off while bird watching, Tomitake runs across...
The morning after.
Even the guitar has a chair!
The space race.
Gununu - There's a gununu for everything!
Ruler of an empire.
Explosive fury!
A concern for QUALITY.
Unlimited Blade Works.
Your lack of everything is disturbing.
Hail to the king.
Even a king bows before his people.
Burning passion.
Manly tears.
Armed and dangerous.
Blast off again, Mewtwo.
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Old 02-09-2008, 09:06 PM
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Default Re: Boss Rocket GIOVANNI in the manly tournament, SaiGAR!

cool ill be voting

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