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Old 01-15-2008, 05:28 PM
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Default Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

The clear blue skies over Jinto seemed to herald the joy of the soon-to-arrive competitors in the Shinto cup. For over 50 years, Jinto had been host to a tournament filled with tiers of trainers of various levels of experience, with each tier holding a new, unique form of competition or battle. This year, however, the excitement was palpable. Not only was the tournament said to have been entirely re-designed, but the prize was also quite new. Rather than money, unusual items, or bragging rights, the top three competitors in each tier would be allowed to explore a new, unmapped region.

Yellow and orange flags flew from the tall poles near the gorgeous office building at the forefront of Jinto. Though there were trees and meadows a plenty on the island, the center of the island was entirely settled. Sky scrapers and glass buildings made up much of the city- Jinto's security was excellent, and there were few who would seek to damage the region, anyway.

One such building, flanked by welcome banners and eager assistants, seemed to be drawing the largest crowd. This was unlikely to be a surprise to any familiar with the area, however. Each year, Zaiol Corporation lent their building out to those who ran the tournament, allowing it to be used for registration and press interviews. Many a news article was written alongside a picture of the clean, tall building, framed against the other wonders of architecture in the city.

For those who weren't ready to brave the press and the crowd to sign in, however, there were also other places to go. Several of the large hotels that would house competitors and spectators alike lined the same road, while only a few streets away, many welcome parties were in full swing.

"I'm sorry, but we can't give away the set ups of the various competitions this year," Yakasa Nishol said loudly, trying to be heard over the noise. Ships were already docking at the ends of Jinto, dropping off many people, and even if they had not all arrived yet, the noise level was already rising. Running a hand through his short locks of navy-blue hair, the unusual man tried to calm the reporters he was talking to. Beside him, the other main organizer in charge of the tournament, Annabel Linor, fidgeted, looking flustered. She was not unused to crowds, even crowds of unruly journalists, but it was quite early in the morning and the weather was rather nippy.

As the reporters finally began to spread out, settling for photo ops of the various arriving competitors since it was clear that they'd get no clearer answer from Yakasa or Annabel, the doors of the Zaiol building flew open again.

"Someone's been trying to break into the safe room," a breathless young man gasped out, panting for breath. He had had to run down thirteen flights of stairs to alert his boss, after all.

"Someone's always trying to break in," Yakasa reminded him, patting him on the back as the younger man coughed. Bemused, he asked, "How far did they get this time?"

"The guards are gone," the man managed to choke out, "I think they'll get in."

"Well, I'll be-" Annabel began. Before she could finish her sentence, however, Yakasa had dashed into the building, motioning wildly behind himself for her to follow.

"Make sure the welcome committee are done setting up and the press don't have any more questions!" she ordered the messenger, then headed into the building after Yakasa.


The delightful breeze blowing in from the sea tossed Lior's hair in all directions. Giving up on taming her mane of ruffled blond hair, she slipped the strands back into a ponytail, securing them as best she could.

Practically dancing down the street, the young woman glanced around at all the people. Crowds didn't phase her, she'd been born in a city. One far less clean and pretty than Jinto, at that.

"Good morning!" she greeted a young man, who appeared to be trying to burn a hole in a map with his eyes. "D'you need a hand?"

"I'm rather lost," the boy admitted, turning the map again. He had it sideways now, though she supposed that was better than upside down.

"Which building are you looking for?" Lior asked, taking the map from him and neatly folding it before giving it back. "I can take you there."

"I was hoping you could help me find the Seaside Hotel."

Turning to the crowd of people around them, Lior raised her voice. "Is anyone else looking for the Seaside Hotel?" Better to only make one trip, after all. As one of the many who'd been hired to make sure all went smoothly, helping the lost was one of her duties. It wasn't a bad job, as far as work went, but if she tried to take everyone to their destinations one at a time, she'd be at it all night and then some.

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

The scent of burning hair continued to tickle Cyrus’ nose; perhaps letting Snare burn those guards was not the best idea he had. However, it had gotten the job done and he had hauled their unconscious bodies to a small broom closet, and like all troublemakers had manipulated them into a position that they’d regret when they woke up. He smirked. Wasn’t this thing supposed to be guarded by big, tough, UNDEAFEATABLE people?

Cyrus pressed his ear to the cold metal door, fingers moving swiftly to crack the code. Combination locks weren’t that hard, he had trained his ears to pick up the slight click that the lock made when he entered a correct number. Snare stood nearby, nose and ears alert. Oh, how Cyrus liked to challenge himself.

Click- There was one. Cyrus smiled and turned the knob the other way, going slower in case he missed the next telltale sound. He heard Snare whiffle slightly, but that was not an alert. Click. Two down, two to go. He was starting to get suspicious- Surely, the owners of the Zaiol building would be a lot more cautious than this! Maybe they expected that the guards would take him down. Click. Cyrus became a little excited. What riches would lie beyond this door? Would it be gold? Perhaps a legendary Pokémon that would help him sweep the tournament!


His head snapped back from the door as if he had been electrocuted. He grinned, showing the room his pearly whites, and tugged on the handle. It didn’t work. Cyrus’ grin slipped off his face, being replaced by a frown. He tugged harder. What was happening? He glanced over at the combination lock and received his answer. He groaned loudly. A small portion of the door had popped open, and inside was what looked like a calculator attached. Something electronic. Great.

After resorting to randomly poking the buttons, Cyrus heard Snare growl. He looked over, and seeing no one there he continued his little task. Another warning growl was let loose by the Fire type. This time Cyrus ignored it. Snare began to bark madly, and by the skittering of his paws he was probably leaping off the walls, too. Again, Cyrus turned to see what his partner in crime had spotted. He wasn’t really expecting anything…

…Which shocked him all the more when he saw two exhausted looking people standing in the doorway, the woman of the pair trying to get Snare to shoo. The navy-haired man had a look of unimaginable rage plastered on his face, a few beads of sweat tumbling down his cheeks making him look like he was crying. There was nothing to do. Cyrus was busted. He didn't understand how- he was super careful! He scanned the room for any clues to his demise. A tiny red light near the door blinked teasingly. A laser! How stupid was he to forget lasers? He should've been suspicious at the fact the room was reflective. He put a sweet façade on and waved gently at the pair. “Hi, are you here to help? This password thingy’s really annoying…”

Short, hm? Hope this suffices.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

I stepped outside, feeling the calm breeze that blew over the fields. I had been training for awhile since I got my Pokemon, now that I had finished my work at the Day Care, it was time for me to move on and become a trainer that I had heard so much about. A blue lizard hoped on my shoulder with a teal bandana tied around her neck. I pet her head as she eagerly wanted to get on the road. There was another crawling creature that scurried up her back and onto her other shoulder. A shiny Spinarak, but in a slightly different colouration than a normal one. She also wanted to get moving.

"Alright you two, I still need to walk around first." I claimed, pushing the Charmanders energetic face away from mine.

The Spinarak crawled down my arm and into my bag and poked her head out to watch the back. The Charmander sat comfortably on my shoulder and watched the rolling hills ahead of us. soon, the energy that she had been holding back burst out and the little Pokemon bounded forward and bounced around like a happy Buneary. I smiled at her excitement.

"So, you're that excited Ashe?" I asked, trying not to giggle. "You weren't so eager when I found you at the Professors lab."

Ashe stopped and gave me such a ridiculoud frown I couldn't help laughing. It was the truth though. I hatched her as an egg, she ran off, then a few days later, I founder her as a starter in the lab. Of course her odd colouring might put off a normal trainer, but it didn't for me. I took in all the odd ones from the daycare. Well, all except Tsunai who was really the only Pokemon I had actually captured.

Walking along the dirt path, a flock of Starly passed by the clouds in the sky. Traveling might be fun after all. Alot of walking, being outside and in the nature of things and no one telling you what to do. It sounded like the perfect thing for a person like me, especially when no one could judge you like in school. Everyone thought I was crazy, and so forth called me 'Luna', in definition that I was loopy and literally crazy. Of course it didn't get to me, nothing really did. Being judgemental like those people were was a bit of a downer on their part. You'd think people would think better, but, people are human and no one is perfect.

Ashe started to call for my attention. Looking up, she was pointing to a small beach. It looks like we were closer to the ocean that I thought, and gone in the wrong direction. Well, that was another fun thing of traveling; getting lost.

"Alright Ashes," I sighed, motioning my hand for her to come. "Lets try going down this road. It might be toward town."

She rushed over to my side and walked at my pace on my right. hopefully, this was the way to go. We had to find the way into town ti sign up for the Jinto tournament before the sign ups were closed.

OOC: I hope thats okay, I wasn't sure how to start.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Whisking through the crowd, a mass of green hundled it's way through. Body parts knocking into each other was hard enough for the teen but to be his head let loose a mouthful of curses. His eyes glaring at the person, tapping a cylinder on a white and red round item, causing light to shine. A poisonious horned monster stod where the light had been.

A hole ripped in the person pants, the purple monster stood there. Grinning, its Trainer moved on, hearing mumbled and groans the teenager moved on. As a backpack smack him, snapping his fingers then pointing at the person. Cunningly making it able for no one to see him, the purple beast attacked the stranger. Quickly tapping the circle on the item, returning the monster.

Tsk. Tsk. You'll be out soon enough, right now we got to get to this hotel.

[[Okay I'm switching to First person. :}]

Did these people have ANY respect! Pushing and shoving isn't the wayto go, but niether is attacking them. They all deserved it though, act like I care about their fates. I can't wait for this tournament to start, maybe I'll get pasted the first round. Hopefully these guys have enough strength in them to help me proveil through this. Maybe I won't be such a bad Trainer and actually be able to win, or I'll go and be a breeder again, or try to be one. NO! I can't doubt myself that isn't right. Believing is the key, speaking of keys I need my hotel one. Did I sign up, or did I not, darn me and my forgetting.

Hearing a female's voice, she said firm and tough and knew her way around. Fighting through the bundle of Trainers. Looking at the lady with a smile, his hood still covering half his oval face. Staring at the ground for a moment before he began to spit and sputter words out.

" D-D-Do w-we have to s-s-sign up first, or can w-w-w go straight t-t-totheho-ho-tel?"

Maybe talking isn't one of my strong points. Thinking is, stopping for a moment wondering if the lady had heard my question. Most people ask for a repeat, yes I blended my words together, and nothing makes since. Good thing three friends will always understand me, and they're always close to me.
Would this lady answer already, geeze I could have sat and taken a nap, maybe I'm just being harsh.


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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

The town's square seemed to be a never-ending hassle. The crowd which had gathered would excitedly chatter, the noise building up to an incredible extreme, bottled up inside the high-rise buildings before escaping gratefully into the heavens. The vast amount was obviously jawdropping, yet, sadly the crowd below didn't contain one remotely unique person. Looking below, all one would see is a sea of common, characterless and mediocre faces. Latest trends and repetitive colours just blended together and created an inevitable blur.

Keely bit the inside of her lip, comparing the multi-coloured blur beneath her to the salmon coloured sky above. After shortly contemplating, she eventually concluded that the sky's light blend of colours was much easier to the eye. The salmons, yellows and blues mixed into a perfect sight at sunrise, reflecting all it's glory on the entire world, blessing the oceans, rivers and lakes with the wonderful sight. Keely sat up before lying on the grass, her dark eyes sweeping the crowd below. The disgusting colours consisted of dull greens and dark purples, with glittery and shiny fashions.

"The fads in this shameful town are fully fashion-blank," Keely thought, rolling her eyes and thinking of Foren. Her Azurill, laying on the grass next to her, sat up and sat on her flexible tail as Keely pondered her next move. The brightly coloured tween with the thin, petite frame sat on top of a grassy hill, overlooking the main city of Jinto. She had travelled all the way from Foren, the throughly modernised region of the world, to compete in the annual Jinto tournament, and could not help but bring some of the superficial attitude that was accepted there. She had already stared, judgemental and knowing, at the entire city on her safe, cozy hill. Keely began to stand up, brushing the last remains of grass off her fluoro-pink dress, examining her navy jeans underneith. Azumarill squealed playfully and bounced on her shoulder, becoming comfortable on the bareness of it, contrary to it's left counterpart which bore a thick, frizzy strap.

Keely grinned at her lively Pokemon, running a hand sub-consciously along her shoulder-strap, which bore several red-and-white balls, 2 of which contained her Pokemon. Glancing at her gleaming, white sneakers, she felt a tinge of regret the cleanliness of them was about to get ruined by the hill. However, this sensible thought soon passed as her reckless nature overcame her and she ran, screaming, eyes wild and hair flying, down the hill.

She felt Azurill's surprise at her detour, her tail wrapped around Keely's shoulder for dear life. She spared one look at her, watching her face filled with fear and adrenaline, rubbery skin blown back almost comically. Keely turned around, the wind wooshing in her face and pulling her flailing limbs back. She ran forwards with full speed nonetheless, closing her eyes and enjoying the ride. She was flying; the wind carrying her down, she couldn't feel her feet running. The world slowed down and vanished past her speeding eyes, unable to see anything at the speed she was running at.

As Keely finally reached the bottom of the hill, and smiled and took in the city's atmosphere. She was used to this; she had grown up in the city, it was her soul and happiness. The feeling of the anxious and busy bodies rubbing up against her was almost soothing. Knowing that there were people around her with their own purposes, knowing nothing of her but glancing at her uniqueness made her feel at home. She breathed in the familier city air and made her way through, marching confidently through the crowd and smirking at their fashions. Keely knew she needed to find some place named "Seaside Hotel", but she was having more fun patroling the city with confidence.

Before long, Keely realised that this state of euphoria was only temporary; she really was in a different place, and she would inevitably become lost. Her face full of life faded to a frown, her feeling of not knowing where she was an unfamiliar one, and it unnerved her. She knew she had somehow come to the town square, as she cringed at the dull colours and sparkles around her, reminding how fashion-blank everyone was. Keely was just about to start paniking when she heard a reassuring voice from afar; like a golden song brought down by the heavens.

"Is anyone else looking for the Seaside Hotel?"

She looked around, but couldn't spot the person who had said it. Her face's lines etched with worry, she stood on tip-toe to see beyond the tall, excited people. But it was no use; Keely was far too short to see anything in this square. Instead, she cleared her throat and prepared to put her supposed Foren accent to use.

"Uhh.. who said that? I'm fully over here, but this city is such a lost-maker!"
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Mitchell Weth
Trikoni Mt. Range.

Mitchell trekked along the side of the mountains. Volcanic dust and ash whirled around the area. Mitchell put his cloaked arm in front of his head. His eyes squinted as he ascended to the top of the mountains. The bottom of his cloak was dirtied and slightly torn. As he continued to climb his left foot stumbled and he stumbled down the hill. HE stretched out his arms and grabbed a rock with his right hand. His left knee hit the rock and his jeans ripped. Blood trickled from his knee. He coughed and stood up and started to truck back up the mountain.

"This tournament better be worth it."

He reached the top of the mountain to see a volcanoe. Not far from here. He could see the sun slowly beggining to set. At the bottom of the Mt range was the Dosani Desert and to the South the Reki Forest.

"I'm going to have to hurry up and get moving. Sleeping next to a volcanoe is not in my agenda."

He began to walk down the mountains towards the forest. He watched his feet, by every step. making sure he wouldn't step on a loose rock. The volcanic ash began to disperse as he made his way down the impressive mountains.

A few hours later

It was almost midnight and the moon was out. The stars shone brightly throughout the night. Mitchell looked up at the sky, and closed his eyes. He took a long breath and continued making his way down the mountain. Only the light of the moon showed the way. He wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

My eyes slowly passed over the rocky mountains before me, the only thing stopping me getting to my final destination. The gentle breeze ruffled the foliage around me, and I began to trek up the mountainside. Taking one step at a time slowly, it didn't seem too hard. Sure, the top was prtty far, but then I was tough.

"This'll be easy," I muttered to myself.

Five minutes later...

"Eurgh..." I huffed, heaving my body up the energy-draining mountain. The sheer size of this beastly mound cast a shadow upon me from the sun, dampening my spirit, but cooling all the same. "So much for easy," I sighed, continuing my scale upon the terrifying pile of dirt.


I'd finally arrived in whatever the bleak city was called. I didn't think I could manage another moment on that mountain, certainly not. I had no clue where to go, nor whom to speak to. I wandered around aimlessly, smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread and the florists shop. When I couldn't stand the sweet sickly smell of tulips any longer, I could just make out a faint conversation past the crowds.

"Is anyone else looking for the Seaside Hotel?"

"Erm, excuse me please," I said quietly, managing to force my way through the endless sea of bobbing heads. "I'm looking for that hotel also. I'm Jackson - I'm entering the tournament."

((Ehh, really poopy post >_<))
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

OOC: Whew, it is somewhat difficult to juggle two huge RPs (this and the Team RP), but I feel that I can do it sufficiently. ^_^

If one had happened, for whatever reason, to glance at the towering oak, whose branches fabricated a makeshift canopy of intertwining emerald and jade, they wouldn’t have noticed that particular figure, shrouded in the crawling shade. It lounged, back tickling the fingers of rugged bark, surveying the mad scramble of competitors and spectators alike, finding it all a bit amusing. The obnoxious lime greens and blaring magentas that comprised the lavish banners that some clutched glinted in the light, forcing Ethan to look away. He forced himself back into the book, whose rippled pages lay open in his lap, seemingly commanding that he delve into their words.

The rudimentary particles comprising the standard foliage-classified Pokémon are extraordinarily dissimilar than those of its brethren types. Though their genetic structure entitles it to such an alienated status, one doesn’t truly notice the difference when contemplating the metaphysical concept of Pokémon altogether.

Such a paragraph, originating from the environmental field guide that Ethan grasped in peevish hands, was virtually impossible to understand, and the teen had grown used to idiocy when faced with such extensive vocabulary. Had he been granted the right to elect which books he was to take to this tournament, they surely would’ve been of a more elementary status….perhaps a comic book or two even (he could just imagine his professor’s slanted sneer at this contemplation, for such pieces of literature were extremely looked down upon at the Aubeilu Institute.)

A headache pounding against his tender temples, Ethan tossed the book aside, instead indulging in the half-eaten granola bar that lay safely atop his rucksack. While he feverishly downed the diminutive chunk of grains, he commended himself on securing such a wonderful resting place…..of all the trees surrounding the Seaside Hotel, this seemed to be the lone one that didn’t house a nest of Spinarak or a vicious Beedrill hive.

Ethan turned his attention back to observing the stampede of citizens swerving and dipping among each other, slightly impressed by their acrobatic skills. The pristine, glittering hotel that emerged amid the sea of people was impressive, and Ethan couldn’t help but gaze in awe upon it. However, it was a bit difficult to concentrate upon its beauty when an irksome pain thumped in a continuum against his skull, and therefore he decided that it would be best to find his room and perhaps a medical station that supplied, in adequate doses, some sort of aspirin.

Hitching his chestnut-toned bag onto his broad shoulder with one arm and cradling his head in the other, Ethan made off for the building.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

“Three Pokemon that are able to fly and we got here late how?”

My aggravated tone was not missed upon the my trio of targets: the three elemental beings that however around me. Clarisse the Natu rolled her eyes even though she was partly to blame, being the leader of our small team, and came to rest on my shoulder with a flutter of topaz-colored wings. Vee the Dirftloon made a sound between a whistle and sigh that echoed around us before lowering his altitude so that he was beside my left arm. The most hyperactive, Fantasia the Froslass, gave our a giggle. Covering he smile with her small, white paws, she purred her ominous melody and took off in a glide.

Clearly, they did not take me, Kassandra Knight, seriously.

Rolling my own hazel eyes, I followed the Ice/Ghost type into the crowd of people hat shuffled this way and that. The long braid behind me swayed form side as I walked into the place where all of the Jinto citizens probably were. Trainers with Pokemon either in the Poke Balls on their belts or alongside them were among the ordinary citizens who were just here to watch some good, competitive battling.

The map that given to me the minute I stepped off the dock was being turned this way and that by my pale hands. This was no region map, that was for sure and the lines etched into the laminated paper was more than enough to confuse me. Once to twice, I revealed my freckled face to ask a passing person directions to the building I was looking, the Seaside Hotel, but every time, I was ignored as they rushed past without a passing glace. Growling in frustration, still keeping an eye on the female phantom that was inspecting every building in sight for anything interesting, I craned my head to look at the Psychic bird on my shoulder.

“Hey, Clarisse, you’re psychic, where’s the hotel?”

My partner gave a small scowl with a raised eyebrow and I huffed in response.

“Well it would be a lot more useful if you would actually help me look good for the hotel, if we have to sleep on the street, you’re coming along with me. Vee was the only one who actually used his flying skills to find us the center of town.”

The maroon balloon gave a whistle of agreement which made Clarisse’s look darken. She never liked to be proven wrong and right now, she was at Check on a chessboard. With a resolute sigh as they I was making her fly from Sazekaura to Quilsoni with me on her back, she flapped her wings and was up in the air. Vee and I halted and looked above us as Clarisse turned her head this way and that, surveying the area that was dappled with way too many bright colors. The Natu flapped back and I held out the map to her. She nodded once and went back to her post in the air but after a few minutes, she retuned back to my side with a solemn shake of her head.

Plopping myself on a bench that was shaded by the leafy limbs of a tree, I smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, this town is like trying to differentiate one Ditto among a hundred.”

As Vee settled himself under the shade, Driftloon loving anything that was dark and damp, I turned to my right where Fantasia was smelling hordes of roses that were for sale, the female owner staring at her with an expression of puzzlement.

"Is anyone else looking for the Seaside Hotel?"

The words made me perk up and I turned to my left, the direction the female voice came from. Through the throng of chatting citizens, she could make out a bobbing, blonde head, a ponytail swishing whenever she jumped. Concluding that she was the one who had spoken, I rose and signaled to Clarisse and Vee to get up as well.

“Come on, I think I see someone that might help us.”

The two Pokemon obeyed and followed me from the bench. Whistling for my other friend, I jogged over to the girl that was offering the help. Fantasia willingly followed, carrying a scarlet rose that she was now trying to situate among her diamond-like head jewels. A shrill and vexed voice was heard, shouting something that roses did not grow on trees.

- Kat

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Keely stood on her tip-toes, surveying the blond-haired guide who was less than a few feet away. She hadn't seemed to have noticed her and Keely lowered herself abruptly, cursing. Part of her (most of her) wanted to slam through the crowd obnoxiously, but she pondered the effects of the rude behaviour. As the possibility of being disliked by all the possible competitors around her crossed, hopelessly, over her eyes, Keely's straightforward nature overpowered her. She began to rear up to intrude on the people standing infront of her.

Almost as soon as her body was pumped, her eyes glinting with anticipation, two figures appeared infront of her, gathering around the guard. She thought nothing of it, and prepared to charge, but it was before she noticed the large, mysterious figure of a boy turning his bulky shoulders as he asked the guide something. She stared fearfully at him from her measely height of 1.5 metres, contemplating her reckless decision.

But it was too late; her body's anticipation had overcome her sudden, rational thoughts and there was a slight conflict. Her body swayed to-and-fro, trying to stop herself, halfway through her decision. Of course, after roughly a second of this civil war, her body overpowered her and she felt herself running. Pulling back, she was nudged somewhere in the middle of the scene and felt herself falling; tripping over and hurling straight towards the ground.

"Oh!" she screamed, as her backside slipped and fell. She knew that almost everyone around her had heard her over-the-top drama, and she felt a flush creeping up her neck.

"People looking at me because I want them to is one thing, but staring because of something fully embarrassing is.. a flush-maker!" she thought bitterly, as her face turned red.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Ooc: Sorry it took me a while to post. ^^ I just read the past few posts and I think I have a good idea what's going on. If I mess up horribly...please don't hesitate to tell me.


Jainan, Jinto Region.
Going to Jinto Cup.

I should've known something was bad was going to happen. There were all the obvious clues. Okay, fine. it was one clue, but it was enough to signal what was going to happen. I don't know if I simply hadn't noticed, or I was too tired to care if I had. Still, I should've realized something was going on when I shall that smirk on the Nuzleaf's face that practically sung 'I did something bad, I did something bad! You haven't found out yet!". That, and the pleasant bobbing motion of the leaf on Nurock's head, which spoke something more along the lines of "Just a little more, and I'll be rid of that pest." It was when I finally saw those signs that I realized something was gone. A check of my backpack later, and the truth was set in stone as I couldn't find the one item in my bag: Locar's pokeball.

Now, I know some people may wonder why I bother to remember the little tidbits of body language found in your pokemon, but trust me, if you've ever trained a conniving little trouble maker like Nurock, you'll understand perfectly.

So here I was, being forced to enter the glanderifficalorouiswhatever tournament by my dad, stuffed in the middle of the crowd like a packaged sardine, calling out for my idiot Lotad. What? You see something wrong in this sentence? What, you mean it's weird that I didn't want to go to the tournament in the first place?

Let's talk about another thing you probably don't understand: My dad. He's competitive as can be. I still love him and all, and he loves me, but he's also hoping for a future bragging item at the same time. He wants to be able to be able to tell people all about how his daughter became the Pokemon Master (not that that's going to happen with the team I have.) Well...I'm not going to ramble too much. Here's the simplified version: I come out of forest looking like sick mud monster. I go to hotel to clean up. I clean up. Now it's time for the twist: Dad goes to the hotel too. Dad tells me about new tournament. Dad drives me there and is expecting me to sign up.

Still, back to the point. Locar was missing, and I'd be lucky if he hadn't been squashed by one of the thousands of pairs of feet here. Still, at least it served as excuse about why I couldn't sign up. I could just imagine it now: 'Dearest Dad, I'm so sorry I missed signing up for the tournament at the hotel, but you don't understand. My precious Locar escaped, and I had to save him before he got stolen by some bad person, if I hadn't-'

"Is anyone else looking for the Seaside Hotel?" My brown eyes darted towards the voice, my head quickly maneuvaring to match the eyes, causing mud colored hair to swish sloppily, landing on the shoulders of my light blue shirt, slightly covering up the picture of the mudkip. In my view I shall a blonde ponytail. That was about it, as some guy had just taken the liberty of blocking my angle of sight. Well, that's expected in a crowd, right?

I quickly titled my head towards the ground. Time to look for Locar the loco Lotad. Joy. Suddenly, I spotted something: a flash of Lavender blue. There he was! Locar! Finally, soon all her pokemon would be safe in their Pokeballs! I dug my hand into my pocket, clenching the pokeball, pressing the button. A flash of light appeared and-

"Shwoom!" A person whisked through the air, crashing towards the ground. The Lotad gave a little squeak, and hopped out of the way to parts of the crowd unknown, dashing between the legs set upon the concrete ground. The red light hit the ground, and seemed to grasp for something not there for a moment, tendrils of heat spreading throughout the concrete. It soon seemed to decide there wasn't anything worth it's time, and retreated back into the sphere.

"Great. Just great! It's times like these when it feels the whole world is agaisnt me," I muttered. If I weren't in the middle of a crowd, I may have screamed my lungs out like a two year old in a middle of a temper tantrum, but I was too old. Instead, I took to sending a simple glare towards the victim who fell and looked for the lavendar Lotad.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

OOC: I wun the longest post award for now. Yay.


A harsh gust of wind rushed by me, blowing my hair into different directions and sending a far-too-salty smell and taste into my nose and mouth. Some people liked the sea. I wasn't one of them. In fact, I had never been a fan of water in general. One of my other not-so-preferred places were big cities and large crowds.

So perhaps it was understandable that I was in a foul mood on the giant, crowded, seaside city of Jinto. I felt vulnerable to the large crowds around me, and to make matters worse, my Pokemon were packed into their Pokeballs. No moral reassurance for now.

As my eyes flickered around the crowd nervously, I saw a camera. It was a big camera at that, one that newscasters use. Then my eyes locked with the eyes of a clean-shaven man who had a painfully obvious black wig on. Unfortunately, he seemed to realize I was a competitor, and darted forward eagerly. I groaned inwardly, a bit tense but not petrified.

"Oh! You're one of the contestants! You're, er...Al-ee-sin?"

I didn't respond and instead contemplated the difficulty in pronouncing my name. It seemed I wasn't that well known, which was actually quite nice. I eyed him, any minor urge to respond so I didn't look foolish in front of the camera surpressed by my shyness. I grasped for some sort of sentence, but found nothing. Drat it all.

He looked confused at my inability to answer, so he went on, in a much louder voice. "So, Aleesin, are you excited about the upcoming tournament?"

If I was a sarcastic loudmouth, I would have said no, of course not, as I most certainly entered huge, world-famous tournaments almost once a week. But that was just a fleeting thought. Instead I shifted uncomfortably and looked away.

And I realized with a growing sense of horror that the presence of one news anchor had attracted exactly three more, all headed for me, with their video cameramen. And there were also about five people carrying cameras with giant flashbulbs, perhaps reporting for newspapers. I froze, totally at a loss for what to do as the men and women drew closer. Suddenly microphones were shoved an inch from my face, and the flahbulbs shone like Christmas lights, only far brighter. I blinked, still trying to regain my vision as the questions came.

"Alyson, what are your thoughts on-"

"What do you think of your tough competitors that you will have to-"


"What do your parents think of-"

Click! Click click click!

"How has this experience changed-"

A seige of questions and camera clicks pounded my ears while flashbulbs pounded my eyes. I looked around wildly and in pure panic grabbed a Pokeball off my belt and flung it at one of the reporters.



A blast of white light surged out of the ball, taking the shape of a Scyther. It took Lightblade all of two seconds to realize what was going on. He quickly raised his blades and switched to a combat stance before he swung his sharp weapons near the reporters. They all yelped and backed away, though Lightblade was well-trained enough to know not to hurt them. He was merely trying to scare them away. The original anchor looked at me like I was insane and quickly darted away to interview others. One of the more stupid anchors tried to get closer to stick he microphone back by my head. Two air-cracking slashes later and he was quickly reconsidering. The rest all stayed back, eying me nervously.

With a sigh at what a fool of myself I had just made on television, I looked around the crowd. My eye caught a young girl shoving through the rest of the crowd, quite rudely. Then, for some odd reason, her eyes widened in horror and surprise, and I realized she was staring at a muscular boy in her path, and she turned around and started to run. She didn't get far at all and landed quite heavily on the conccrete. I winced a little and felt my inner shyness battling with my urge to help her.


I watched, startled, as a beam of red light shot right near the girl, hitting nothing but ground before it retreated. My eyes snapped to a fleeing Lotad...wait, was that even a Lotad? It had the oddest colors I'd ever seen...

Color or no color, it was obvious whoever had shot that red beam had been trying to return the little critter, who was now running away, startled by the falling girl. I sighed. The creature was spooked and enjoying its freedom, and that meant that it would have to get rounded up. I felt a little bad, but I knew the other trainer might thank me for the help.

I reached for another Pokeball at my belt and released a dinosaur-esque Pokemon, with leaves around her neck and a bigger leaf on her head.

"Bay?" She seemed unhappy to be out of her Pokeball and into the open, but she was loyal and wanted to know what I wanted done.

"Get the Lotad," I requested, pointing at the rapidly fleeing lavender Lotad. She rolled her eyes at the odd assignment but obidiently ran off. She was fasted and stronger than it was; she would more likely than not catch it.

Right after I ordered the Bayleef to get the Lotad, it occured to me that the trainer would just as likely wring my neck as she would thank me if the Lotad was hurt or if she already had a plan of action. Rather stupid of me to get involved in another trainer's business. There wasn't any time to reconsider, as Leafneck was already lost in the crowd.

It took a much shorter time than I actually expected. There was a squee of terror and some random water attacks were spouted into the air from afar, drenching the onlookers. A short minute later Leafneck returned, socking wet, glaring, and with a lavender-blue Lotad clutched in her jaws by the scruff of his neck. He was in total terror, kicking desperately and shooting a water attack every few moments. One of the said water attacks hit me square in the face, and I was absolutely covered in water.

Now nearly as bitter as Leafneck was, I walked with her towards where the trainer was. Once again my throat closed off, even though I tried to open my moputh a few times, so I just looked down, embarrassed, and gestured to Leafneck and the flailing Lotad in her jaws.

Hopefully I wouldn't get killed.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Ooc: Larvinator, you win the Longest post so far trophy!

See, it's invisible! =D


"Well, at least Nurock might be pleased today," I sighed to mtself, ignoring the strange looks I got from other people by the fact that I was talking to herself yet again. I'm pretty sure it's caused by either my Nuzleaf or Lotad, but more like a combination of both. Thinking of where to look, I held the leaf-print cloak draped over her shoulders tightly as I gently swatted away yet another one of the countless bodies that seemed to overpopulate the area (really, it seemed they never moved sometimes). I knew the cloak wasn't needed in this region...but it was too hard of a habit to break after the unpredictable weather I suffered through in Werlin. Still, at least it made it blatantly obvious to other Werliners where sI called home.

"Locar!?" I yelled, trying to listen over the ceaseless chatterbox known as the crowd. Knowing the little Lotad, he was probably busy annoying some vend owner in an attempt to get a free hot dog, having been attracted by it's wafting odor. I allowed a small smile at the mental image. Misery loved company, after all. Of course, that one moment of being content was apparently too much to ask forr, as the next moment I had the pleasure of being blinded by the flashing of cameras drowning a distressed looking girl. If it were any other time, I may have helped to the best of my abilities, but right now I had a mental case to look for.

I had half a mind to get Nurock or Genice out to help me, but decided against it. The Nuzleaf would just do everything within his power to avoid finding Locar, and instead spend the time investigating every inch of cobbled pavement. Genice was too...shy, and wouldn't be helpful if she spend the entire time hiding behind my leg. Looked like I would be doing this alone. Again. I prepared once more to shout out for Locar, or even Loco, as he seemed to respond to both of them again. My vocal cords would have trilled out his name, also, but it seemed fate had other plans.

A tangle of green raced pushed through the crowd, letting out an annoyed 'Bay!' or 'Yeaf!' at random intervals. Being the completely observational person that I am (note the sarcasm), I ignored the Bayleaf. At least, until I heard the explosion of water followed by a very annoyed "Lot lad lolad total lotad talod!" I only knew one pokemon who could obliberate the name of it's species into a thousand different ways like that. And that Pokemon's name was Locar.

Twisting around on the dot, I silently cursed to myself about why I had to get a Lotad of all things for a starter. There were already several trainers, some dressed in some of the weirdest things I'd ever seen, complaining about how some people 'couldn't control their Pokemon' or 'really needed to discipline them better' after getting drenched by a quick rush of water from Locar's mouth. If it were my guess, I'd say the Water Lily Pokemon had a few moments left to live according to the annoyed look on the Bayleaf's face. It stalked back to what I assumed to be it's owner. Oh gosh, no. Locar hated being given, or held, by people it never knew before.

I quickly pushed myself through the dense crowd, hoping to get to the Bayleaf before yet another trainer got soaked. Almost there...too late. Now the soaked trainer was walking towards me. Next moment, we were face to face, with his Bayleaf right next to him, flailing Locar and all. She opened and closed her mouth in the way I would expect a Magikarp to. A good 30 seconds had passed before I decide that maybe I should start the conversation.

"Thanks for catching my little mental case," I started, quietly tugging a wide-eyed Lotad from the Bayleaf's mouth. "For a second I thought that it'd be-" It was then that I noticed the involuntary twitch given by Locar. Oh drat-I had forgotten how the bugger acted around strangers. Especially in a case like this, when it had been trapped in a storm of feet, picked up by what it saw as a giant green monster, and dragged over to what it thought to be another stranger. I used the second I had to mentally prepare myself for the react-


Yes, Lotads can somehow screech. Don't ask me how, I don't know either. Still, I clasped my hand around it's mouth, and looked it straight in it's eyes. It's body seemed to relax and it gave a small grin saying 'I know you! You're that Ava person who I like.' before hopping faithfully unto my chest. Dopey, I must admit, but at least it gets the job down.

"S-sorry about that," I stammered uncharacteristically.. Damn, was this embarrassing. "Locar kind of has-" I paused, thinking about the best way to put it. "He kind of has a few screws loose in his head, if you get the idea." Okay, maybe not the best way to say it, but it's better then flat out saying 'He's retarded'. "The vet I took him to concluded that he was born a few weeks premature...which really explains a lot, to be honest." I took a breath, and prepared myself for the need speech after someone bought the Loose Screw Lotad back to me.

"Thank you very much for returning him. If he caused you any damages or trouble I'm extremely sorry and will pay for any repairs needed for whatever he broke, destroyed, wrecked, and or caused you to lose. Sorry once more for any inconvenience he may have caused for you!" The speeded speech ended. I took a deep breath has a result of saying that on just one intake of air. Fortunately, this looked like the kind of trainer who wouldn't freak out about whatever trouble Locar caused. At least, not too much.

Ooc: Sorry for any typos or errors in here. It's kinda late and I really need to get to bed...*brain half dead* Mrrrrrrrrrr.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

Keely straightened herself up on the concrete, her face still flushed. Her small hand was subconsciously lifted up to stroke the heated area on her cheeks, closing her eyes and waiting for the flush to disappear. She began to stand up, before feeling eyes on the back of her neck. Keely whipped her face around, her shoulder-length, frizzy hair fluttering speedily in the light breeze.

Upon turning around, she watched as a roaring waterfall came crashing down on the crowd in the distance. She stifled her laugh, watching an unfortunate Bayleef and her trainer flailing their arms hopelessly, drenched by the crashing water. Keely watched in amazement as the small Lotad who had shot the amazingly high water gun was scooped up by his panicked trainer, who was attempting to quieten down the frightened Pokemon’s squeals. At this point, Keely’s interest in the situation overcame her desire to talk to the blonde-haired guide, who was probably long gone by now. She could find her later, but for now, her reckless self controlled her, like a puppet on a string, pulling her up and walking humorously towards the two trainers.

Azurill! Azu!” came a small cry at Keely’s shoulder, reminding her of her existence. Keely stopped walking, smiling sheepishly at the small, plush Azurill on her shoulder. The Pokemon’s eyes were focused on the Lotad in the distance, and seemed to be analysing its every move. Keely continued to stare, questionably, at Azurill, as the frightened Pokemon leaped onto her left shoulder.

“Now, Az,” Keely began, rolling her eyes at the cowardly Pokemon. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. That Lotad only did that because he or she was frightened, which you would probably do, too, if you were in that situation.. Az?”

Azurill was looking up at Keely, a glint in her large, blue eyes. It was as though Azurill was doubting Keely’s words, and had somehow come up with her own resolution to the problem. Keely, forgetting her reckless decisions for one second, looked at Azurill, a worried expression etched in her face.

“.. Az?” she began slowly, as the Azurill was looking into the distance, a gleefull expression on her face. She giggled at her trainer, and pressed her small, plush foot onto one of the Pokeballs on her shoulder strap at random.

Keely gasped at her Pokemon’s naughty behaviour, her brow lowering, ready to screech at her Pokemon. A flash of red light dazzled her eyes, and out of the Pokeball came her human-sized Pokemon; Mr. Mime. He looked around quizzically for a second, not knowing where Keely was amongst the crowd. Keely’s arm began to rise up on her shoulder to grab the Pokeball to return the Pokemon, but it was too late; Azurill had leapt off her shoulder and landed on Mr. Mime’s whispering commands to him, an ecstatic expression on her face.

“Azurill, no!” Keely commanded. The cheeky Pokemon spared her one last pout, before turning back to Mr. Mime and screaming at the top of her lungs. Mr. Mime started to run through the crowd, weaving in and out of the endless amount of people. Keely ran after him, panicking; her two precious Pokemon didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, the square was huge, and they could get lost so easily. Keely pushed and shoved her way rudely through the people, only one thought circulating her reckless mind; Get Mr. Mime.

After a minute or so of chasing hopelessly, she finally spotted her two Pokemon, charging towards the two chatting trainers and the Lotad. She screamed out, “STOP, MR. MIME!”

Keely huffed and puffed, losing sight of the Pokemon walking towards the two trainers. She continued to run towards them, seeing out of the corner of her eye, Mr. Mime pausing infront of them.

Puzzled, Keely kept running, before watching with amazement, her Pokemon performing a mime infront of the trainers. He grinned at them, putting himself in a box, the expressions on his face hard not to laugh out loud at.

As Keely approached them, she picked up the sour Azurill off Mr. Mime’s shoulder, being greeted only with a bitter pout. Keely chucked at her mischievous Pokemon.

“You know,” she whispered, “Mr. Mime isn’t much of a fighter. He’s more of a performer.. You know he can’t resist an audience.”

Azurill gave a strangeled cry, refusing to answer to her trainer.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle

OOC: Yay! I'll put it next to my invisible MotY gold trophy.

Oh, and...why is Alyson a he in your post? xD


It was a long, uncomfortable silence (though of course only between the two of us; the rest of the square was a chock-full of sounds) before someone finally spoke. As you could probably guess, it wasn't me.

"Thanks for catching my little mental case," she said, reaching down and pulling the Lotad out of a still irritated Leafneck's mouth. "For a second I thought that it'd be-"

She stopped as the Lotad suddenly twitched. She had an expression of dread on her face, but I couldn't imagine why until about a second later.


My hands instinctively went for my ears, which were hurting quite a bit, though before they even got there all the sounds around me dulled, replaced by a high-pitched buzzing in my ears. Leafneck didn't have the luxury of hands, and she looked like she was on the verge of murdering the little creature. Fortunately for the Lotad, his trainer clasped her hand over his mouth, stopping the noise before the furious Bayleef got any angrier. I stifled a sigh. Why did this kind of stuff have to happen to me?

I could barely hear what the trainer said next. "S-sorry...Locar kind of...few screws loose...idea..."

I blinked as I tried to decipher the garbled words that I'd gotten from her. I supposed she meant that her Lotad, apparenbtly Locar, had a few screws loose. Did she mean mentally? Hm.

Unfortunately, between my semi temporary deafness and my thoughts, I didn't hear a word of what the trainer said next. She said it fast, whatever it was. And then, right as my hearing was coming back...


My hearing went back under again, and I uncharacteristically shouted "Haven't my ears endured enough today?!" Between the reporters and the Lotad and now apparently an Azuril, I was going to end up deaf by the day's end.

I scanned around, realizing only now that I had never responded directly to the other trainer. I gave her a brief nod of understanding and looked folr the source of that scream. It took about five seconds before I spotted an Azuril riding on the shoulder of a Mr. Mime headed straight for us. I watched as he started preforming a mime act for us. At the moment when my hearing was nearly nonexistant, I get a mime act. If God really did control all our actions, he had a really twisted sense of humor.

The trainer, who I recognized as the girl who fell earlier, came racing up and grabbed the Azuril, whispering something to it as Mr. Mime went on with his classic "trapped in a box" act. It was at this moment I looked at Leafneck, and it was at that moment that she decided enough was enough. Her short fuse had finally reached the bomb at the bottom.

"Baaaaay!" she screamed, and quite suddenly hurled her enraged self at the Azuril, easily headbutting it out of the trainer's grasp. Her eyes blazing with bottled-up rage, she opened her mouth and unleashed a barrage of Bullet Seeds at the Azuril.

"Oh no," I whimpered, not even knowing what I was going to say to the other trainer after this. Thankfully Lightblade jumped into action. He leapt easily and gracefully away from where the reporters had been and ran into the conflict, intending to restrain my crazy Bayleef before she did any real damage to the young water Pokemon.
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