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Old 12-01-2007, 05:28 AM
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Default Flight 112

Ok, my SU's still not in, but I thought I'd open up the RP so you guys could get a head start without me.

Enjoy the flight.


Please Note: I will be in control of major events until we are on the mountain.

IE: Lift off, turbulance, crash, etc.

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Old 12-01-2007, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: Flight 112

Lucian Zurferay

The familiar sound of aircraft engines wafted into Lucian’s ears as he stepped off the terminal bus, and onto the tarmac runway. He had often flown back and forth between Saffron where his father lived, and Celadon where his mother lived, and was used to travelling alone. Flying had become second nature to him, as it was done on an almost weekly basis. This flight, however, would be the longest one he had taken yet, though the thought didn’t daunt him much. The only things that worried him was the state of Amaranth, his Charmeleon.

Lucian had only managed to afford an economy ticket for this flight, and so Amaranth had to be kept inside her poké-ball, much to her displeasure. Normally, he travelled by business class, and Amaranth would be allowed to sit with him. However, he had booked his ticket late, and all the business class seats had been taken, so he had had to take an economy seat. It wasn’t his comfort that worried him, but his Pokémon’s.

The only cabin-luggage Lucian carried was his guitar inside its bag. Fortunately for him, there was quite a bit of space in the cabin-baggage compartments on top of people’s heads, so his guitar could go with him; he could bear to see it being tossed into check-in among all those other bags. He was very particular about his guitar, as he had bought it with his own money, and never failed to remind him parents of it. Plus, if anything happened to the guitar, his journey would be completely useless.

He was taking this flight so that he could go and meet the producer of a major music company, who had expressed interest in Lucian the last time he had been round Saffron. Lucian was to meet him to discuss terms of a contract, before flying back with the producer and performing for him with his band. However, Lucian was adamant that he proved to the producer his talent before they flew back, and had taken his guitar along with him.

Handing his boarding pass over to the man in uniform to be checked, he walked up the makeshift staircase, and into the cooled air of Flight 112. A smiling airhostess greeted him. “May I look at your boarding pass?”

Lucian handed her the boarding pass, which she quickly looked at before saying, “Down this aisle sir. It’s one of those seats towards the end.”

Lucian thanked her, and made his way through the crowded aisle to the prescribe seats. Finding 27C, he quickly placed his guitar carefully in the overhead lockers, took his seat, and buckled up, waiting patiently for the plain to start.


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Old 12-01-2007, 02:55 PM
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Default Re: Flight 112

The sky was a bleak grey colour as Takumi boarded the plane. He stared at the clouds above, and sighed. His Espeon, Yang, was also staring at the sky, as if she knew whether something weird was going to happen. He wasn't very happy about having to go on the plane anyway, but all the other's had attended and they needed him badly. He sighed again and trudged up the steps to where an air hostess was taking in tickets.

"Tickets please! Sir, could you pass me your ticket?"

This was the waitress speaking, so Takumi nodded and handed over the ticket She ripped off the corner and handed it back to him.

"Thank you, please go find your seat."

Takumi nodded again and walked up to his seat. it was next to the window, and he sat down. Yang was in his foot hold, and purred contentedly and layed down, flicking a message at him telepathically. He nodded and sent one back. Gradually, the other seats began to fill up...


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Old 12-01-2007, 05:32 PM
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Default Re: Flight 112

Enter: The Gentle Fury!

After traveling on three different aircrafts, Ligaya figured that she would be used to the anticipation of becoming airborne again. She was wrong. Though she looked the very picture of calm and composed, her calloused fingers were drumming erratically against the soft material of her pants. If one looked closely, her agitation and anxiety were painfully obvious. Ligaya, in her casual clothes and androgynous look, felt out of place among the men and women occupying the Business Class section of the aircraft. While she has yet to become nauseous, she was becoming clammy and fidgety. This was going to be a long flight.

To distract herself, Ligaya tried to study the patented material of the comfortable chair she sat in. All around her was the bustle of activity before the flight: the fake cheeriness of the flight attendants, the upset cries of newborns, and the tantrums of equally upset adults. She was surrounded by fools and that made her even more nervous. The young woman yearned to hold the comforting weight of Ieyasu's Pokéball, to be reassured that going back was the right thing to do. Maybe the reason she was feeling so anxious was because Ieyasu had to be stored in a completely different area of the aircraft.

Feeling warm, she carefully took off her hoodie to reveal the orchid-patterned top she had butchered into submission. Trailing nimble fingers over the flora embroidered into the fabric, she allowed herself to remember the Oh Family Compound. She remembered the disdain of her uncles and the awkward grappling fights she had with her cousins. She remembered her smiling grandfather who always smelled of clove incense and green tea. Unconsciously, Ligaya smiled at her fondest memory of the past.

A passing shadow suddenly jarred her into consciousness. Curious as to what had passed her window, Ligaya peered outside.

'A Honchkrow,' she silently mused. Bad luck.

Blinking at her thoughts, the young girl groaned at her mother's ingrained superstitions and turned her attention towards something less pessimistic - like the gaggle of flight attendants too busy giggling in the back to begin the safety procedure-thing that they were supposed to do. Slouching her slim body into the deep recesses of her chair, Ligaya instinctively knew that, like hazardous materials that are fun to play with, this trip would be the death of her.
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Old 12-01-2007, 06:39 PM
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Default Re: Flight 112

Kai sat in the Waiting Lounge, quite bored as he waited for his flight to be ready. He'd been waiting for quite some time to board it, and had grown quite impatient. After what seemed like ages, a lady slowly walked up to Kai, and smiled at him.
Your flight is ready. She said, a slight jump in her voice.
Kai grunted in response, slowly standing up, and without speaking to the lady walked past her, though stopping to pick up his bag, and flung it over his shoulder.

He did not want to lose the bag, for within it lay Turtle, his Turtwig. The only memory he had left of his parents lay with Turtle, and he couldn't risk losing it. As he arrived at the gate, he whipper out the pokeball in his bag which held Turtle, and placed it on his belt, before handing the bag over to the people who put it through the scanner, X-raying the belongings inside.
Everything's in order The man sat in the chair said as the bag went through the scanner. You may go through
Kai was pleased with this, and walked on ahead, picking up his bag, and putting it once more onto his shoulder, and walked towards the Plane.

He was greeted with the sight of a Air hostess at the door, who smiled at him as he grew near.
Boarding Pass She spoke clearly, showing no emotion as she spoke, and Kai obliged, handing over his Boarding Pass and she moved out of the way to let him on, and he looked around, searching for his seat, which he finally found, and walked over to it, before sitting down on it. Next to him sat an Old man, who surprisingly was sound asleep, snoring away. Kai waited anxiously for the Plane to start.
He looked to his left, and saw a young woman with a baby, who was crying and Kai laughed quietly at how the young woman struggled to stop the baby crying, but soon grew annoyed with the baby, and was just about to stand up and complain when the baby was finally shut up by the mother, and Kai refrained himself from standing up, instead reclining to survey the other passengers of the Business area.

He actually took no interest in the people, though he spotted 2 that interested him slightly(Hazmat and the other person), but decided against trying to socialise with them, and looked infront of him, where he saw a couple holding hands and turned to gaze out of the window that he was close to, staring at the home that he was soon leaving. The sight was beautiful, even with the Old man in the way, it was still beautiful, and he smiled slightly at his home, before turning his attention to 2 Air hostess' who were happily chatting to each other. Eventually, he grew bored, and closed his eyes, hoping to get some rest.
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