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Old 11-25-2007, 10:02 PM
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Default Pokemon: War of The Worlds

The Plot
There was a World of Darkness and a World of Light. Darkrai controled darkness and Arceus controled the light. Darkrai never really bothered the World of Light unless he needed to kill something or someone. All the pokemon in the World of Darkness were the strongest, meaness, toughest, and most dreadful ones you could find. He was informed by his partner Mewtwo that Arceus was making more progess then Darkrai. Darkrai was outraged on what he had heard. He gathered up his evil troops of the darkness and sent them through a portal to the World of Light. Just incase something bad will happen, Darkrai had a secret weapon hidden in the storage room of his fortress. It is called the Secret of The Darkness. It is a powerful device that can destroy the World of Light in a mere second.

Later in the World of Light nothing was the same again. The troops stormed into the locked chamber where they kept the gateway to the World of Darkness. They busted the locks and stormed into the city. The warriors and citizens of light stormed into the very large Fortress of Arceus and locked the doors, made a large magical forcefield around the fortress to stop the intruders from coming in, and watched as the World of Light was being demolished. There was a certain switch hidden in a cave all the way in the sky above. It was just a floating cave that was buried with boulders. All the children and parents had to fight and protect the Fortress of Arceus.

World of Light's Role

Your goal is to get into the World of Darkness, take down Darkrai, and destroy the Secret of Darkness hidden in the storage room of his fortress. Be fair to the other team and make sure you know how to Rp. I will be controling Darkrai.

World of Darkness'es Role

Your goal is to take get to the swich that takes down the forcefield, get into the Fortress of Arceus, and defeat Arceus. I will be controling Arceus.


1. No godmodding
2. No bunnying unless you have my permission
3. Only PG-13 and lower
4. I need Rpers that are online often
5. No flaming
6. I need atleast 2 paragraphs in each post you make in the Rp
7. No character control
8. You can't take beat the other team so easily. This is a war. If you die you can make another character. Make sure you kill your foe fairly. Don't just stab him in the stomach and say "I killed him!"
9. There is no limit on how many people can sign up on this.

Sign up Sheet








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