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Old 11-25-2007, 01:35 AM
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Default Re: link move combos....

I've found that, when I used to use my Absol, I would link double team + swords dance. He would use that over and over again and he could hit things hard but nothing could ever hit him.

I don't usually link my moves, though.

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Old 11-25-2007, 07:56 AM
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Default Re: link move combos....

If i wanted to beat the holy =censored= out of someone i would use....

- Fire Blast+15 - Fire Spin+15 - Blast Burn+15

And your left with a pile of ashes....

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Old 11-25-2007, 04:27 PM
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Default Re: link move combos....

wow...hose ashes would be at the temp. of a supernova....
Credit for avvie goes to Hyper Blaze

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