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Old 11-17-2007, 02:55 AM
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Default Toran; A new day, a new adventure! [SU]

A new day dawns on a fledgling land.

Toran is a land much like the others, full of adventure, wonder, and most importantly, Pokemon.

Of late though, trouble has found it’s way to the gentle southern land. Years have passed since the now famous Ash Ketchum battled his way from coast to coast and then some, eventually being entered into the Hall of fame in his homeland of Kanto, granted the title Champion, and Pokemon Master.

Factions have risen and fallen during those years, and few have fallen further than the Rockets, crippled at their peak by none other than Ash himself. They have endured though, always in the shadows, and now gone are their ideals of holding firm to wait for the return of their master, now the Rockets are led by a council, and with it’s birth, the self-serving ideals of their former leader were abandoned in favor or a single-mindedness that has fused the Rockets into a formidable criminal organization, allowing them to effectively halt both Team’s Magma and Aqua, enveloping them and putting fear enough into all others that the Rockets now rule supreme in the underworld.

Miles away from all that though, is the quiet, sunny, coastal town of Costa Naro, a peaceful place, built almost entirely right near the beach. Costa Naro is home to not only the most revered Pokemon Professor in the region, the young Professor Kyle Kenaro. But the beach town is also home to the prestigious Costa Naro Pokemon Academy. A private school, it houses and trains children of some of the most influential people in all the world, Schooling them in the techniques and methods of the most powerful trainers in the worlds. A powerful contrast to the normal life of the other young people in the town, who simple battle for the fun of it with their parents pokemon, waiting eagerly for the day when they too can begin to train pokemon.

The world is not as safe as it once was though, and the age for taking the league challenge, and therefore in some cases the receiving of a first pokemon, has been raised.

The day is near however, When Professor Kenaro can continue his research, and happily hand out pokemon to the best and brightest of the town, and send them out into the world to begin their very own Pokemon adventure!



Red Square - Gym City
White Square - Town
Black Circle - Feature.
White Lines - Routes.

Cities. (in sequential order)

Costa Nora: Starting town, a very beach town, it is home to the pokemon Academy. as well as Proffesor Kenaro's laboratoy. the starting point for most young trainers in the region.

Sitnalta City: Home to the first Toran league gym, the entire city is built at the top of a waterfall on a series of bridges and platforms. Gym Leader is named Thaddeus.

Yardis Town: A small, logging town, built recently into a more permanent setting as lumber needs have gone up along with recent destruction. Also recently established as a replacement setting for the recently closed 2nd Toran Gym. New leader's name is Kage.

Twilight Port: A bustling, industrial port city. Home to the largest port in the region. Also permanently houses the S.S. St. Anne MKIII, the Cities Gym. On the northern edge of the city lives the famous lighthouse "The Twilight Star". Leaders name is Sebastian.

Aviary City: Houses the fourth league gym, the city rests at the very edge of a cliff, and is built in the style of strange, domed buildings. The gym itself is only accesable via lift, and consists of a battling field built out from the face of the cliff. Gym Leaders Name is Yamato.

Arcadis city: West of Aviary city, nestled in the center of a dark and brooding swamp, it houses the fifth Toran Gym, a dark, dusty, gloomy town, Leaders name is Agnes.

The Tamagori Spa: A resort town, almost entirely built of bath houses and quiet eateries, it is the perfect get-away from the troubles of life. Also home to a very exclusive pokemon group.

Tamagori Town: Just east of the Tamagori Spa is the town that cropped up after the spa took off, a very beautiful place, integrated into the forest around it, the people there beleive in living alongside the nature that sustains them. Leaders name is Jessie.

Taris Town: Origionally a mining town, Nestled in the foothills of the Aegean Peak. Now the entire place seems to be a training ground for trainers who enjoy increasing the physical power of their pokemon. The best trainers of the town are led by a Bully of a man named Brutis, who occasionally throws tournaments to show off his skills, as well as control who may or may not scale the peak to reach the final Gym.

Vista Tanis: The city that dominates the largest of the Toran Islands. Like Costa Nora, it is a coastal town, though much more beautiful, and much more like a resort than Costa Nora. It also houses the seventh toran Gym. Leaders name is Arty.

Aegis City: Dominating the Aegean peak, the city houses the Final gym int he Toran league. It never stops snowing there, and the archetecture consists entirely of imposing, huge stone buildings. Leaders name is Blake.

League Stadium: The home of the league Championships. League Stadium is a city built entirely on the ocean, a huge place, the city contains everything a trainer could want, The city itself rings the huge stadium where the championships are fought out.


Alright guys and girls, this is a new pokemon adventure. Not an origional idea i know, but i love that feeling of a gym league challenge and a real pokemon adventure. Hopefully some of you do as well!

There won't be a lot of spots for this thing open, just so you all know, because i think you all understand that a group of trainers needs to be small to keep that feeling with the journey. Probably 3 or 4 actual trainers MAXIMUM. ok?

Now, Proffesor Kenaro's research is to do with the disparities and strengths in pokemon of different regions. Studies into which region contains the most powerful pokemon, and Toran is a perfect place to study this, as pokemon from all regions live there. Thats right, pokemon from R/B/G/S/Ru/Sa/D/P, all the games, are available for capture in Toran.

The day is approaching (conveniently at the start of the RP :p) where the best and brightest trainers of Costa Nora are invited to the Proffesors lab to recieve a pokemon and pokedex, and become official trainers. These trainers can come from both the town itself, or the Acadamy.

Young trainers may choose their Pokemon from this list.


(the Kanto starters are not on the list for a reason to do with the research that will become clear later.)

Now, with all that in mind. I should probably give you all something to fill out so you can join my RP, were you interested!

Age:(15-16 and up, the age has been bumped with Rocket running rampant around, to help ensure safety.)
Appearance:(Something detailed and well done please.)
Personality:(be brief here, I understand that people are a very fluid bunch, and moods shift)
Starter(VERY important, obviously.)
Town or Academy:(Does your character attend the Pokemon Academy, or simply live and play in the town? In either case, give a little bit of background to their experience with pokemon, Nothing extreme please, i dont want uber characters running around, esspecially since none of you are registered trainers until the RP starts. Town trainers may have had experience battling and playing with parents pokemon, or simply just playing, if they aren't interested in being hardcore trainers. Trainers from the Academy do not do so much battling, they study battle theory, and famous matches, and work with the stats behind pokemon more than feeling out a battle.)
Other pokemon: (edit this once we are into the roleplay and catching. keep a list with levels.)
Trainer Carc.(I would like you all to make one of these with Character name/STARTER ONLY. you may edit as you catch pokemon/evolve them. I will tag them onto your names in the starting post of the Roleplay.)

Now an Example, as well as being my actual form.

Name:Mikal Vale.
Age: 19
Appearance: Mikal has long-ish black hair, with a thick red streak dyed into the front. He wears black jeans, heavily decorated with chains and buckles, a grey t shirt and a tatty green military jacket, he also owns a Bowler hat, but seldom wears it, very concious about his hair. He has shocking blue eyes, and a pale complexion, a fairly good looking boy, over-all. He carries a large messenger bag when travelling, as well as his bedroll, rolled up and slung by its strap over his back.
Personality: Confident, not arrogant in any way, simply confident in his abilities. Very laid back, and somewhat hard to get riled up. Contemplative, understanding.
Starter: Started with a Bulbasaur.
Town or Academy: Not from Costa Nora.
Other Pokemon:
-Venusaur, lvl 65
-Raichu, lvl 62
-Haunter, lvl 61
-Slowbro, lvl 62
-Sandslash, lvl 62
-Weezing, lvl 63

+Others in PC storage.
Trainer Card:

An ending note to my Form, I do not want to hear complaints about my pokemon or form, i am aware i have powerful pokemon, Mikal is not a starting trainer. My character plays a part in the storyline, not the league challenge.


That about covers things I think. Hopefully you all enjoy the looks of it, and are keen to join me in adventuring around this new land.

(on a personal note, forgive me my ignorance of the Diamond/Pearl Pokedex, i have not played the game, as essentially all the stories are the same, and i did not want to buy a DS to play a game i have 3 versions of already :p)

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Old 11-17-2007, 03:01 AM
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Default Re: Toran; A new day, a new adventure! [SU]

what is this esactly? sounds interesting, but it still is a bit hard to understand.
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Old 11-17-2007, 03:15 AM
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Default Re: Toran; A new day, a new adventure! [SU]

It's a pokemon league adventure.

That is established two or three times throughout the introduction.
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