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Role Play Make Role Plays or join them. It's your world. Everybody else just lives in it.

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Old 10-25-2007, 10:11 PM
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Default Rapture City

"Over the years, you have lived a simple life. You lived with a family that was not to large, not too small. When you were a child, you had good grades. You were semi-popular. You grew up in a good home, and you went through college. Sure, there was a bad event here and there, but overall you have lived well. But, what if it could all go down the drain in a flash? What if the seemingly "perfect" life you lived. . . Was false? All your beliefs, your home town, your friends, family, neighbors, everything, was just a lie?

"I know what you're thinking, "Get to the point, old man." Well, what if I told you that when you awake tommorow, you woke up in a whole new place? A place unimaginable. A place known as. . .


"Your world is crumbling, friend, and you shall become a whole new person. You shall become a legend. And no matter how much you deny it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it will happen. "

The old man walks away, and you stand there, watching him until he dissapears into the crowd of people. You shake off the "He might be right" feeling, and you go home. Your family greets you warmly, but their hugs and kisses seem different. They seem. . . Cold.

That night, you fall asleep later then usual. But, when you awaken, you are on a hard, rock bed. You are locked in a small room. You realise, you have just entered Rapture. . .

Sign Up:

Name -
Age - (20-35)
Appearance -
Personality -
Plasmid - (READ BELOW)

Starting Plasmids - Only one person each gets the plasmid

Electro Bolt: Stun enemies with a shot of electricity, or kill them by zapping water under their feet.

Incinerate!: Catch your enemies aflame with this pyromaniac's move, and burn spilled oil to kill a large group. Warning: Fires can spread!

Enrage: Enrage an enemy and force him to attack his own friends!

Telekinesis: Pick up objects and chuck them at enemies, and no, living objects cannot be picked up.

Winter Blast: Freeze enemies where they stand, and smash them open like a Pinata.

Swarm: Let loose a pack of hornets hatched from your veins.

Blood Projectile: Fire blood out of your arm to attack your enemies! If you charge up enough energy, you will create a ball of blood that will make an enemy explode.

Grav Blast: Bend gravity and send enemies flying around like ragdolls in a wind chamber!

Petal Port: Teleport from point A to point B in a pretty way.

I shall be your guide in this world called Rapture. My name is Carlos, and I will help you stay alive.

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