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Old 10-24-2007, 09:58 PM
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Default Pokemon: The War Of Diagla And Palkia CLOSED!


In a world of pokemon there lives legends and wars in the Sinnoh region. There are two legends in the Sinnoh region. One named Diagla the pokemon who has the abilities to warp through time and Palkia who also can warp through time. These two pokemon Diagla and Palkia had war(Even though there good friends well in this RP). They had war cause Palkia made Diagla real mad one day, after challenging him to a one on one fight he refused. As he refused Palkia began to call him a coward, a big whimp, a scardey cat. Diagla had began to get upset about this and decide to have war. As the war started, Diagla and Palkia sent out armies of pokemon, pikachu's,rattata,Pidgeot any pokemon either could recruit. Not all had joined Diagla side but some on Palkia side. The army of pokemon began hating Diagla more and more as they joined Palkia side. Not every particapatied in the war some where to scare and some did not want to loose their families. Palkia began to threatened Pokemon to join his army but not everyone join but started working for Palkia like being butlers, doing chores and other stuff. As the war moved on and on Palkia began to call him and his army the Palkia Pearl, and Daigla the Diamond Angels.

Your Part

You are an Pokemon (any pokemon) and your job is to join one of the sides. You can either join Palkia Pearls or The Diamond Angels. As you join you'll have to defeat Diagla's Armies or Palkia's Armies. Either one can choose it's your choice. Also No Legendarie pokemon but Lucario's is okay cause he's no legendarie.


5.HAVE FUN!!!!

Here's the sign ups kids


Species:(Ex. Pikachu)
Diamond Angles OR Pearl Palkias:
Distuinging Marks:(Scar cut bruise what)
Attacks:(TMS allowed and HMS)
Weapons:(Ex. Bazooka)


Daimond Angels OR Pealr Palkie
Black and Yellow<--Clickie!

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Old 10-24-2007, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: The War Of Diagla And Palkia CLOSED!

AWWWWWW crap. You just had to take Lucario. I mean really. You should've known I would pick him. Now I have to be my second favorite. Fix your grammer too.

Name: Claw
Species: Weavile
Diamond Angels OR Pearl Palkias: Diamond Angels
Distinguishing Markings: He has cuts on almost every spot on his body. And a scar that cuts straight through his face.
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Icy Wind
Weapons: Claw has 2 daggers. One that he holds in his right and the other in his left hand.
Clothing: A belt around his waste so he can put his daggers there when he uses one of his attacks. A combo of gold rings on each of his claws. He wears a black and white bandana over his face.
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