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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

This is a story i have been writing for a while

Chapter 1: Introduction

An 18 year old man walked down the streets of a sunny Sacramento in a long black coat with a hood over his head. Under that were black pants and a black shirt. There was a long vertical bump on his back. He was about 5, 11 feet tall. He walked along the streets and said nothing. His brown hair went just in front of his grey eyes. Many people started to stare at him. His appearance wasn’t normal. It was a summer Sacramento day. It would be insane to wear all black. He thought,

“Go ahead and stare at me. Then you’ll all be crying for help. Then I’ll have to save you.”

The man continued walking. Then he turned into an alleyway and stood there. He was waiting for someone, or something. Suddenly a huge crash was heard as a side of a building had a huge whole in it. The ground started to shake. It was invisible to the public eye. Then it revealed itself. It looked like a puppet like creature standing at least 15 feet tall. Its face was white and looked like it was wearing a mask. Its body looked like it was wearing a jumpsuit. It was all black and then had a red stripe running down the middle. The man walked out from the alleyway. He said,

“Ah, this one seems pretty tough. Nothing I can’t handle though.”

He threw off his cloak. As he did so he said,


His black shirt and pants changed into a black robe. Underneath that was a white shirt. Then he had a red sash that was going vertically. He pulled out a zanpakuto. It was almost as tall as him. Its hilt was rectangular but it had four small S’s on each side. Its hilt was entirely black and covered in white bandages. He said,

“Alright time to die.”

The man ran at the monster. The monster turned its intention to the robed warrior. It roared in anger and swept its arm to trip the man. However with marvelous agility the man jumped through the air and prepared to slice off the monster’s head. However a glowing blue light that took the shape of an arrow pierced the back of the monster. Then a yellow glowing light that was in the shape of a ball hit it in the side. As it fell down the man quickly cut the head off. The monster slowly dissolved into the air. He said,

“Leo Shapiro. How long has it been? A few days? Maybe weeks?”

A man standing at 6, 4 feet tall with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes took the scene with a huge black and blue bow that stood 6 feet tall. He stood about 30 yards away from the man. Leo was wearing a white shirt and long white pants. As the people scattered it was only Leo and the man. Leo said,

“Riku Woerner. And it’s been four years. It seems you haven’t changed since you left.”

“Looks like I lost track of time again. My job’s been so busy I haven’t had a chance to visit.”

“Is that what you call it now? I can see you have a different weapon than last time too. Leave this place now. I can’t believe you would show your face in this area after what you did.”

“I had no choice. I took my path into account and did what I had to do.”

“Your path!? You bastard! You could have stayed with us. We could have spent these past four years living a normal life! But you had to take your path and we ended up with these powers and a responsibility! Get out of here before I kill you.”

“Don’t get to angry now. Your temper is still as hot as ever.”

“Just go ahead and DIE!”

Leo took out his bow and a blue glowing amount of energy in the shape of an arrow appeared. Leo shot it at Riku. Riku said,

“Your powers are nothing compared to mine. You should know that.”

Riku chopped the arrow in half and it immediately shattered. Riku charged at Leo. Leo brought out his own zanpakuto. His was shorter and had a gold hilt with a silver cloth wrapped around it. Both clashed blades over and over. Riku backed off and said,

“You have improved some what. It has been four years though. I expected some improvement.”

Leo laughed and said,

“Thanks. I see you haven’t let up on any of your training either.”

Riku clashed blades with Leo again and when they were in each others faces Riku laughed and said,

“How’s Rose by the way? You two still together?”

Leo backed off and said,

“We broke up not long after you left. It was an argument over who was to blame over why you left.”

Riku simply laughed and said,

“Ah I see that I left a few parting gifts. How are the others by the way? I can’t wait to see them too. I’m sure each one of them wants to kill me.”

“Once again, you’re wrong Riku. Most of them don’t want to kill you. Elizabeth, Sophie, and Marade all still wish that you could be back with us. As do I and Rose.”

“Those three? I would imagine they would rip me to pieces. Especially after what I did.”

“Maybe I should have re-phrased that. They wish Mitchell was back. They would rip “Riku” to shreds.”

Riku’s face suddenly grew angry. He charged at Leo and yelled,

“Never call me that again!!! I’ll kill you!!!”

Riku was pushing Leo back. Then Riku chopped Leo’s blade in half. Riku sheathed his sword and began pounding on Leo. He punched his gut several times. Then he punched Leo in the face sending him flying into a building. Riku rushed through the building at lightning speed. He began to unsheathe his sword. He then pressed the bottom of his hilt. He said,

“First Release: Green!”

Riku’s sword suddenly turned into a large cleaver sword. It was easily as tall as him. It gleamed in the sun light. It was polished and clean so you could see your face in the blade. It had no hand guard or even a handle. The area where a handle would be was simply a piece of metal attached to the cleaver blade. It was covered in bandages and they seemed to go all the way up from his blade to his arm. He pointed it at Leo’s throat. His face was bloody and clothes ripped. He held the two halves of his sword. Riku said,


Suddenly a large yellow blast hit Riku’s back. Riku fell to his knees. Leo got up and jumped past Riku. Riku turned around and said,

”Rose Peterenchik, I should have not let my guard down. I knew you were here. That first yellow blast was stupid to do. Not only would it waste your energy but I would have been more susceptible to a deadlier attack.”

A girl who stood to 5,6 feet tall with long wavy brown hair stood. She was wearing a brown shirt and a brown skirt. She had a blue brooch in the shape of a star. It was pinned onto her left shoulder. It had 6 points. Rose had brown eyes. She looked Riku in the eye. She looked angry. She said,

“Riku. I will get Mitchell back no matter what the cost. He’s still in there. However there is no way I will stand by and let you kill my friends. And for your information, I wasn’t trying to kill you. Zara, Rado, Keshaka, Armor of the Ancients.”

The blue brooch started to glow. Three of the points flew off and began to circle around Rose. They stopped and went back to the brooch. Rose became enveloped in white armor. Riku laughed and said,

“Some new armor. You grew your hair long I see. Mitchell is dead. My name is Riku. There is no way that you will ever bring Mitchell back. So don’t hold back. Fight me now Rose Petrenchik!!!”

Riku charged at Rose. However Leo got in front of her and pulled out his bow and shot two arrows at Riku. Leo said,

“Rose, we can’t continue this fight. Leave now. I’ll hold him off.”

Rose only kneed Leo in the back. Leo slowly closed his eyes and fell to the ground. He hit it hard and immediately went unconscious. Her face was disgusted. Like the selfless and altruistic comment was not to her liking. To her, she heard comments like these too often. Could a girl not save the man? Can the princess save the prince from an evil king. In this world it was not so. However Rose was determined to make these unconventional fairy tales happen. Rose said,

“Don’t even think about trying heroic crap like that. Dedo! Sword!”

Another point of the start flew out and went into Rose’s hand. A sword of yellow energy was in her hand. She said,

“Riku, you’re a dirty liar. Mitchell is alive and living. He just got thrown into the darkness. You will be killed and I will bring Mitchell back.”

Riku chopped the two arrows in half and yelled,

“Shut up you fool! He’s dead!”

Riku clashed swords with Rose. Rose said,

”Then why did you take his last name?”

“Because his memory still lives on. Despite doing what I can you still remember him. I could ask why you took the name Rose instead of-”

“Shut up!”

Rose slashed Riku’s chest, but Riku jumped back and he only had a rip in his robe. Riku said,

“I thought so. Mitchell is.....dying. I’ll make sure he dies painfully. He fights as he is dying.”

Rose yelled,

“Then I will revive him!”

Rose had tears roll down her face as she charged at Riku. Riku moved his hand forward and said,


From his hand a large bullet of fire shot out piercing Rose. She fell to the floor with a huge black mark on her chest from the attack. She couldn't get up. Her body wouldn't move.”

Riku turned around and said,

“You have two years. I suggest you hurry. You have more than just me to fight.”

Riku disappeared in a small flicker. Leo had recovered from the fight and ran over to Rose. He said,

“Rose!? Are you okay!?”

Rose got on one knee and said,

“Damn it!”

She pounded her fist into the ground and cursed to herself.

“I was a fool to think I could kill him and bring back Mitchell. There is another way to get him but we would have to capture Riku then. However none of us are strong enough.”

Leo helped Rose up and calmly said,

“It’s alright. We still have two years. That will be just enough time to do what we have to do. Let’s get out of here. Then let’s call them,”

Leo took out his bow. He shot an arrow into the air. It split into four different arrows and each went into a different direction. Both started to walk out of the city.

- - -

Almost on the border of California and Nevada stood two men dressed in similar garments to Riku. They each had zanpakutos at there sides. Riku appeared in front of them. He said,

“Mission Accomplished. However I must stay in this world. For good. The past is coming back. I must sever my self from you. I will go to you only to say my last few good byes. Then I must come back here. Mitchell, although dying, is still alive and there are people who want him to come back.”

One man with red spiky hair said,

“Hmph. The rest of the Slayers will be displeased. Don't be suprised if your punished."

A double doorway appeared in front of the three. It opened to show a glowing white light. They walked through. In an instant they disappeared and the door of light faded away."

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 2: The Gathering

Leo and Rose stood outside of a ruined city. Leo said,

“I haven’t seen this place in a long time.”

Leo walked into the city looking at the old buildings. The city was barely standing. It was small, like it didn’t hold more than 40,000 people. Rose followed Leo into the city. They went over by a ruined school. It was bright yellow and blue. They went inside a damaged gate and into a large courtyard. Rose said,

“This place brings memories, good and bad.”

Then two figures walked in. One was a girl with long brown hair. She was almost pale white. She had two large Shuriken on her back connected by chains. She wore a purple shirt and purple shorts. She was taller than Rose but shorter than Leo. Next to her was a man the same height as the girl. The left half of his body was covered by a large black coat. He had tanned skin. He had very short black hair as well. At his side were a sub-machine gun and a small sword. Leo said,

“Elizabeth Rutten and Dominic Sandoval. So you guys decided to come.”

Elizabeth laughed and said,

“Yeah, I haven’t seen Riku in a while. We should start to training when the other two get here. You said we had two years right?”

Dominic had a straight face. When he spoke he almost sounded robotic. He said,

“Yeah, that’s what the message said. I’ve had a few monsters in my area. Those things aren’t losing numbers. There gaining. I had to fight a few on the way here as well. We need to start training. From what you said even after four years the gap hasn’t closed much.”

Leo said,

“Yeah. I see you’ve decided to cover up now. Sophie and Marade should be here soon.”

Dominic laughed and said,

“People were staring too much.”

Then two figures jumped from the roof and landed on the ground. One had brown hair in two pigtails. She was very pale and shorter than the rest of them. She had a book strapped to her side and wore a dark blue cape. Under that she wore a dark blue shirt and shorts.
The other one had brown hair with lighter streaks in it. She was about the same height as Roes. She had a large back-pack on her back and a light green shirt and pants. Dominic said,

“It took you guys a while to get here.”

The girl with the blue cape said,

“Well we had trouble along the way. Not our fault these things just keep popping up out of no where.”

Leo sighed and put his hand on his forehead. He said,

“Geez, Sophie you haven’t changed at all.”

The other girl said,

“Yeah I had to hang out with her for four years since we decided to be in partners just in case.”

Elizabeth laughed and said,

“It’s alright Marade. It couldn’t be that bad.”

Marade laughed and said,

”Oh it’s bad. She went rambling on about re-runs about the one show Lost over and over and over.”

Leo said,

“Alright settle down. We need to start training. I’ll train with Dominic and the four of you can train.”

Each split up onto the courtyard and ruined buildings. Leo and Dominic were on the roof of what seemed to be an old church. Leo pulled out his bow and said,

“Come Dominic!”

Dominic threw off his cloak revealing the entire other half to be robotic. His arm had become a huge metal arm. It looked like there could be many different openings in it. The rest of his metal body was completely smooth besides his arm. Leo said,

“You made some improvements to your arsenal I see.”

Dominic said nothing and pointed his arm at Leo. Two panels of his arm rose up to reveal two gun barrels. Then they started shooting at Leo. Leo jumped into the air avoiding the bullets then started shooting arrows at Dominic. Dominic stood perfectly still. Then as they grew closer the guns stopped shooting and the panels closed. Dominic hit the arrows away with his arm. The arrows shattered to pieces. He said,

“That thing is only good for killing those monsters. Take out your zanpakuto and fight me.”

The metal hand went through a small hole and a beam of blue energy came out. Then he took out his small sword. Leo said,


Leo took out his zanpakuto and clashed with Dominic as he came down. They clashed several times. Dominic said,

“Use your release! You have one don’t you?”

Leo said,

“No I don’t.”

Dominic said,

“That’s what makes Riku stronger than you. He can unlock his release while you can’t. First you have to imagine what your released sword will look like. Then you need to say First Release: Green. However the zanpakuto has the spirit inside it. You must figure out your zanpakuto’s name.”

Leo’s faced looked shock. He said,

“Its name!? It’s a sword, how can it have a name?”

Dominic said,

“Every zanpakuto has a name. Every Slayer like Riku, you and Rose has a spirit in their zanpakuto. Riku figured out his right before he left which gave him the edge to beat you.”

Dominic’s laser sword changed to a dart gun. He shot it at Leo. Leo immediately passed out. Dominic said,

“Now for him to find the name.”


Rose and Elizabeth began to spar. They were inside one of the buildings that barely stood in place. Elizabeth’s eyes began to grow a dark yellow. The huge shuriken began to rise through the air. They were connected by heavy chains but moved around with ease. Rose said,

“So you’ve controlled the eyes. Armor of the Ancients!

Three points of her brooch went off and her body glowed yellow. Then she had her white armor from her battle with Riku. Then she said,


Another point came off and a straight yellow beam of energy flew into Rose’s hand. Without warning the shuriken flew straight at Rose. Rose put her hand up and shot a yellow blast but the shuriken chopped straight through. They circled around Rose. Elizabeth said,

“Draw your zanpakuto. It is the only way to become stronger.”

The shuriken flew at Rose. Rose closed her eyes and clenched her fists. A small wave of yellow energy flew out from her and caused the shuriken to fly back. Rose said,

“I will not become a monster like them.”

She charged at Elizabeth. However the shuriken came flying from behind. Elizabeth sighed and said,

“Whether or not you become a monster is your choice. However the zanpakuto is not the monster. Leo uses it but he has not become one.”

The shuriken flew at her. Rose turned around and went to hit one of the shuriken. However, the shuriken was just hit away. They were stalled but started to spin again. Elizabeth said,

“Take it now!”

Rose yelled,


The shuriken flew at her but Rose held her energy sword tight. A huge yellow shield surrounded her making the shuriken go flying. Rose passed out. Elizabeth’s shuriken came back and went back onto her back. She simply watched and said,

“Her spirits did that. Now they will convince Rose.”


Sophie and Marade were staring each other down on the roof of the ruined church. Marade reached for her backpack. Sophie immediately took out her book and opened it. Marade took out two small packs. She strapped them to her sides. Sophie flipped open to the first page. It had strange words that resembled no Earth Language. She said,

“Fire Style: Flame Ball Attack!”

A section of words on her book began to glow red. Then in front of her a fireball about half the size of Sophie’s body was forming. It shot out at Marade. Marade dodged then put both of her hands into her pouches. She pulled out small shuriken and threw them at Sophie. They both flew at her from both sides. There was a red dot on each one. They began beeping faster and faster as they reached Sophie. Sophie kept on the same page and said,

“Earth Style: Earthen Wall Defense!”

The words began to glow a dark brown as she put her hand to the ground. A wall that was three times her height rose around her. The shuriken hit the wall and exploded. The wall crumbled. Sophie already pulled out her book again. Marade began to pull out something else from her bag. Sophie said,

“Lightning Style: Single Bolt Attack!”

The words on her book glowed yellow. Then she put her hand forward. Marade immediately took out a large shield bigger than her and placed it in front of her. It covered her entire body. No one could tell she was there. The lightning bolt it and was sent in other directions. After the lightning faded 10 more exploding shuriken went flying towards Sophie out from the shield. Sophie asked,

“This again?”

She flipped to the second page. She said,

“Wind Style: Slicing Wind Attack.”

The words on her book went from black to white. Then several invisible layers of wind cut the shuriken apart making them useless and then cut the shield to pieces. However, Marade wasn’t behind it. She jumped out from behind Sophie and threw shuriken at her again. This time they had thin strings making them unnoticeable. Marade was trapped against one of the small spikes at the front. Marade took out a kunai and charged at Sophie. Sophie looked at her book. Then she said,

“Water Style: Water Tendril Attack!”

In only a second Marade had her kunai to Sophie’s neck while she had her hand placed against Marade’s stomach. The water tendrils had freed Sophie and then surrounded both of them. It was a draw.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 3: Leo’s Mind

Leo was in a wasteland. Large rocks and cliffs were strewn about to what seemed an endless place. Leo looked around the area. He saw his zanpakuto’s in different shapes than his original stuck into the ground. He asked,

“Where am I?”

A voice called out and said,

“You are in your own spiritual mind.”

Leo asked,

“Who are you? Where are you? I want answers!”

The voice said,

“You are always impatient. Who am I? I do not have a name. Not until you figure it out. I will only appear when you visualize me.”

Leo said,


He closed his eyes. Then what appeared to be a centaur formed in front of him. Instead it was half-man half lion. The human part had a small mane around him and a lion’s body. He said,

“Now you must find your real sword and defeat him in combat.”

Then what appeared to be an identical Leo stood next to him. However he had black hair and wore all black clothes. He had a zanpakuto as well. It was identical to Leo. Leo said,

“Who is this?”

The man said,

“You’ll find out soon.”

He disappeared and the identical Leo attacked the real one. Leo pulled out a zanpakuto from the ground. He blocked the attack and both started sparing. In only a few minutes Leo’s zanpakuto had broken. Shattered in his hands. The man tried to stab Leo but he ducked and grabbed another sword from the ground. The man asked,

“You really don’t get it do you?”

Leo attempted to strike, his eyes blazing with determination. He replied,

“I guess I don’t.”

“Then I guess you really aren’t fit for your own sword are you?”

Leo blocked the attack and smiled. He looked at his opponent’s sword. Suddenly his eyes widened. He realized the man carried his real sword. Leo jumped back and said,

“Hmm... So I see you have my sword. Then it looks like I have found my real sword. Now all I have to do is get it.”

Leo ran at the man at full speed. He looked like he was about to attack from one spot, but then attacked from another. The Leo clone seemed stunned for a moment. Then a spray of blood sprayed out. The Leo clone had stabbed Leo in the leg and his sword was simply against the clone’s body, like it had not cut him. The clone said,

“The reason you can not cut me is a simple one. My spirit pressure is so condensed and great that it makes your sword seem like a stick. My spirit pressure is so great that I can cut you.”

The clone pulled his sword out of Leo. He said,

“Me, and the other monsters you fight are known as spettros. I am your inner Spettros. You will die, and I will take your body and become stronger than you will ever think of, and your friends will die.”

Leo’s eyes widened. It was not fear that struck him, but anger. His eyes glimmered with a blue glow. A huge amount of blue energy was released from Leo’s body. He charged at his inner spettros and yelled,

“You’re mine! Tenrai Yari! First Release: Green!”

His sword began to glow. His sword had turned into an elegant one point spear. There was a red silk that flowed at the end of the staff of the spear. His face was stern. His eyes showed no fear, but hate and anger. His blonde hair flowed back and forth, although there was no wind. His face was bloodied and his wound stained his clothes. He wiped the blood from his face and he said,

“The divine light will take you. I will destroy you!”

He pointed his spear at his clone. He said,


Three small balls of light were at the end of each spear. Then they fired at the same time. Three laser like beams of light went at his inner spettros. He jumped in the air to dodge it but Leo was already in front of him. He said,

“You’re done!”

The three balls of light formed again. At point blank they went right through destroying the Leo clone. Everything began to fade away as Leo held Tenrai Yari in his hand.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 4: The Spear of Swords.

Leo was facing Dominic again, his spear in his hand. He said,

“This time I will win.”

Dominic looked at Leo. There was something different about him besides his sword. He had a new found confidence. Something he lost long ago.


“I couldn’t do it! I thought I was invincible! Bullet proof! Now I’m in the dirt. What was I!? I’ve been so cocky, so blind to the truth. Now it hits me and leaves.”

It was a younger Leo, crying. On the ground with his zanpakuto in his hand. He was cut up, and bruised. The area around him was St. Catherine’s School. It was decimated. Leo got up and dried his tears. A stunned and shocked Rose was behind him sitting on the ground. She was also damaged. Her body had to large gashes across her. Those of a large cleaver sword. Leo turned around and said,

“Let’s go. We have training to do.”

Leo walked past her, ignoring her entirely.


Dominic laughed and said,

“Then come at me. Let’s see this new zanpakuto of yours.”

Leo made no movement. But his body flickered away only to appear in front of Dominic. His eye’s widened. He brought out his laser sword. Leo hit his arm away with the butt of his spear and spun around and said,


A dome of spinning light surrounded Leo and hit Dominic sending him flying back. Leo stopped and jumped in the air. He said,

“3 Point Fire!”

He shot three lasers of light at Dominic. Dominic put up his arm which changed into a metal shield. It blocked the light, but the shield was destroyed. Dominic brought out his laser sword again. Leo was in front of Dominic again. He hit down the laser sword into the dirt with the butt of his spear. Leo kicked his arm down so he was unable to get his arm out. Then Leo pointed the front of his spear at Dominic. He said,

“Game Over”

He backed off. Dominic said,

“Your first release is powerful. It could match Riku’s. Let’s get some rest.”

Leo nodded and both began to head back to the court.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 5: Rose’s Mind

Rose was in a white room. Next to her was her zanpakuto. She backed away from it. Slowly from the ground rose a black figure. It was a black mass that looked oddly strange. Then it took on Rose’s image and shape. It grabbed the zanpakuto and charged at Rose. Rose was shocked for a moment. To see a clone of her was quite odd. Then she snapped back to her senses and commanded,

“Dedo! Sword!”

However nothing came. So she jumped back to avoid the blade from hitting her. Suddenly fairies flew around her and said,

“Until you wield your zanpakuto and release it you can not use us. If you are killed here. Your body will never leave your mind. Leaving you in a coma, until you wield your zanpakuto.”

Rose retorted,

“I can defeat my clone on my own!”

The clone attacked her but Rose said,

“Way of Defense Number 4: Tri Shield!”

A clear yellow shield appeared in front of Rose and blocked the attack. Rose went around and tried to hit her with her hand but the clone grabbed it and tried to stab her while Rose was stuck still. However, Rose ducked and with speed and elegance slid under her clone’s legs. Then she did a back flip over the clone bringing it with her. Her flowing brown hair danced with her as she moved. She slammed her clone onto the ground, turning it into a pile of black ooze. Rose smiled and turned towards the fairies. She boasted,

“I did not even need to use you. That clone was nothing more than a cheap imitation with a sword.”

She laughed again and turned around. A huge grin covered her face. She normally wasn’t like this. She would never get overconfident or cocky in her abilities. She was never happy as much either. Her smile was something rare, even in the sights of her spirits. She stopped smiling.


The memories, they were all coming back to her; the good memories of the three of them. They had great times. When their faces were full of laughter, when their hearts were pure with gold, when their eyes had seen only the love of others, then it slowly turned into darkness. While two continued to experience such joy with others, and each other, the last was left behind. The third’s place on earth had disappeared. As if he died and nothing changed. While the two would show their love, the last held his hate, his rage, his anger, his despair, his sorrow in a cup of liquid poison, mixed so that this concoction would destroy even the purest of hearts. He held the cup in his hand and set it to his right.
To the left was a picture, a handsome boy with short blond hair and bright blue eyes. His smile was nothing buy happiness and his braces shined. His smile was his defining trait. One would be captured by it and immediately become happy as well. He wore a white collared shirt and khaki pants. No troubles were in his mind. He had his arms around two others. One was a girl, with medium length, a dark golden hair. Her light brown eyes were pools that one would get lost in. She wore a dark blue shirt as well as an ugly plaid skirt. Of course from the looks of it they looked to be wearing uniforms. She also had a smile. This one would make anyone melt. The third was another boy. He had long brown hair with some blonde streaks. He had bluish grey eyes that one would not become happy at seeing, or melt, but it would intrigue. Eyes of mystery these were. He wore the same as the taller boy. He did not smile. He held a straight face. He seemed dark, as if he could not smile. This is the boy left behind.
The one left behind looks at himself hard. Then he looks at the boy and girl. He sets the picture on the ground and drinks the poison and gulps it down. He goes over to the others and behind him, is fire.



Rose snapped back into reality. She saw her clone again, this time with her zanpakuto driven straight through the middle of her stomach. The brown shirt she was wearing, which was dirtied and bloodied was in bad shape. Her body was covered with cuts and bruises. Her clone said,

“Amos my clone.”

Rose laughed. She had not entirely mastered her spirit Amos. It was one that made a black clone of her. But it was weak. Her clone used it but she easily fought it off. Rose looked down. The sword was almost all the way plunged through her. Tears rolled down her face. They touched the sword. Her arms slumped to her side unable to move. She cried and cried. Her clone did nothing. Rose grabbed the zanpakuto. She saw the faces of her friends: Elizabeth, Dominic, Marade, Sophie, Leo, and finally....


She whispered Mitchell again. Then she pulled out the sword from her gut. She held it in her hand. The clone jumped back. She said,

“Turn the water into ice, Kazu.”

The steel blade turned to one of pure white. A white ribbon went off the end of the handle of her sword. The handle itself was a white blue. Her clothing also entirely changed. Instead of her ragging brown clothing she wore a white shirt that had a blue line running inches below the neckline around her. On her back was a small cape like cloth of white. She wore a white skirt as well. She flickered away. Then she was in mid-air. Her sword scraped the clone’s cheek. She was a few yards behind her clone after. A small amount of blood came off the clone’s cheek. Only for it to turn to ice. Then the clone was entirely covered in shining ice. In only a few moments, the clone shattered. Nothing was left but small bits of ice. There was only silence. Rose said,

“I’ll use you Kazoo, but only to get back Mitchell. I promise I’ll bring him back.”

The blackness faded away. Rose was back in the real world. Elizabeth was in front of her, messing around with her shuriken. The battle was about to come.

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 6: The Warmth of Ice

Elizabeth looked at Rose. She said,

“So you’re back. I’m assuming that you’re going to use your zanpakuto?”

Rose laughed and replied,

“Yeah, I guess I was being a little too arrogant. Now let’s have a real fight. This time I’m not holding back.”

She drew out her zanpakuto and said,

“Turn the water to ice, Kazu.”

As the blade turned into its elegant form Elizabeth stared at it. She said,

“Its command is different. Why is that so?”

Rose had not noticed it until now. When Riku had released his sword he said “First Release: Green.” It was strange. She replied,

“I don’t know. Lets get this battle going.”

Without warning shuriken came at her. She jumped into the air. To dodge a few and said,

“First Dance, Needles!”

Large ice needles flew at the shuriken hitting them down. She swung her sword and several more flew at Elizabeth. A shuriken rose from the ground and smashed the needles to bits. Then it continued towards Rose. She slashed her sword out of it and a wave of solid sharp ice went at the shuriken and hit it straight into a building. It was out of Elizabeth’s telekinetic reach. Rose flickered and was only a few feet in front of Elizabeth. Her sword was at Elizabeth’s chest. A small rose of ice appeared at the end. She said,

“It’s done.”

Elizabeth laughed and retorted,

“Or is it?”

Two shuriken came flying at her from the back. Rose turned around and pointed her sword at the shuriken. She said,

“Second Dance, Blossom!”

Suddenly the Rose opened up and let a burst of ice freeze the shuriken and sending them flying. Then a second Rose appeared behind Elizabeth, with a zanpakuto against her neck. Rose said,

“Now it is over.”

Elizabeth laughed and explained,

“I agree with you now. Let’s go see the others now, okay?”

Rose nodded and they both walked out of the building. Leo, Dominic, Marade and Sophie were all also walking out. They all walked to the center of the court.


A figure in a black robe similar to Riku’s with a white coat hanging over it walked along an empty hallway. Riku was walking in his direction. They both stopped and faced each other. Riku said,

“I’d like my coat back, Lieutenant Hado.”

Hado looked at Riku and laughed. He drew his zanpakuto and pointed it at Riku. His hair was white and his eyes squinted. It went a little past his ears. He was very white and his smile was devilish. He said,

“I’m sorry former Captain of the 3rd squad, but I have taken your place. You’ve been deducted to Lieutenant, due to your battle with the humans. However, you’re going to be held in prison as well. Foolish Riku. You may be in Mitchell’s body, but being his inner spettros still puts you as an enemy. Luckily you are still on our side, for now.”

Riku drew out his zanpakuto. He glared at Hado. He yelled,

“What kind of bull **** is this? You want me to stay in here because I might go there!? I think I’ve proved my loyalty already. Who the hell ordered this!?”

Hado smiled again and said calmly,

“Captain of the 2nd squad, Akaida Taizo.”

Riku grunted. He said,

“Akaida Taizo, Mitchell’s old captain. I would see why he would want me exiled. Well I’ll kill you and then Captain Akaida.”

Hado laughed and said,

“Send them into fire, Kadvar.”

Suddenly his zanpakuto turned into a broad sword. Fire surrounded it. He slashed at Riku and said,

“You won’t have the chance!”

A whip of fire came at Riku. His eyes widened. He jumped out of the way. He charged at Hado. However, the whip came around to get Riku. Riku jumped over and said,

“You can’t beat me! I know everything about your release. Cut him in half, Nibai!”

Riku’s blade suddenly turned into his cleaver sword. He put his blade up high and yelled,

“Take this! Rado Tagliare!”

He swung his sword down and a huge slicing narrow light energy went straight at Hado. He swung his sword and a long whip of fire shot out and hit the energy wave. He said,

“I know your zanpakuto as well. You have a large amount of spiritual energy around you. You release it out of your blade, creating a huge energy wave like that. But I know a way to defeat you.”

He pointed his zanpakuto at Riku. Then Riku said,

“Don’t tell me you achieved the second release of your zanpakuto. You’re no where near that level.”

Hado laughed and said,

“You wish! Second Release!”

The ground began to rumble. Fire began to surround Hado. It covered him completely. Riku said,

“I won’t let you finish it! Rado Tagliare!”

The moment he shot out another wave of energy Hado had already finished releasing his sword. Real fire hanged off of his clothing. However, his clothes did not burn. Hado said,

“Kadvar Illimato!”

His sword was only a handle and a torrent of fire coming out of it. He blocked the energy wave with his sword and the fire grew bigger. Riku’s eyes widened. Then Hado was in front of Riku. His sword only inches away from Rku’s heart. He said,

“It’s over, Riku”

The fire extended and went straight through Riku’s gut. Riku gazed as the fire was plunged through him.

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 7: The Power of a Second Release!

As Kadvar was shoved through Riku’s stomach, Hado laughed. He had killed his former captain. Then Riku brought up his sword. He said,

“Idiot. Letting your guard down.”

The sword began to glow white. Then as he brought it down Hado brought back his sword and blocked the incoming blast with his sword. Riku said,

“That is your second release’s ability. To absorb spirit energy into your sword.”

Hado laughed again. He said,

“Not only does it do that, but it sends back your attack and mine 10 fold! Hahaha!”

He slashed at Riku sending a wave of fire at him. Riku braced his sword and said,

“Don’t get cocky, brat! Rado Tagliare!”

He sent out another wave of energy, cutting through the fire. However, Hado was above him. His sword was pointed down. Then he said,

“Now to finish it! Haretsu!”

A huge ball of fire descended onto Riku. Riku but the flat of his sword up high to block the fire. The fire hit his sword. Hado kept a stream of fire from his own sword. Riku thought,

“Damn it. He is sucking the energy from my sword and around my through the fire. My clothes aren’t doing so great either.”

The upper half of his black robe was almost destroyed. Only bandages from his previous fight remained. Then he said,

“Hado! You forgot one thing! I have my own second release fool! Second Release!”

The bandage on his sword wrapped around Riku. The fire started to dissipate. Pillars of light started to spin around Riku. He held his sword out. Then in a flash Riku had a completely white coat on. These clothes looked much like an old man would wear. Underneath was a normal robe. His coat around him was black on the outside and on the inside, a black lining, and light blue in the center. His sword had turned into a double edged sword. The two sides were both thin unlike Riku’s first release. Hado said,

“Its impossible. Only the elite have a second release. I must have forgotten that all captains have a second release.”

Riku flickered away. Then in a sudden moment his sword was twirling around. Then a white ball started to form above it. He was behind Hado in the air. The ball of light behind him. He said,

“Rado Hartesu.”

The ball of light suddenly let out a huge blast of light which engulfed Hado. It brought him down to the ground. Riku said,

“Your inexperience with your second release stands no chance against mine. To try and fight me when I have my own is futile. The power of a captain is not to be trifled with.”

Riku went back to his original sword form. He sheathed it and then floated down. Suddenly 9 other figures with white coats on surrounded Riku. They all had there swords pointed at Riku. He said,

“Hmph. Looks like I will be captured anyways.”

He walked towards them and offered no resistance. A man with glasses and short brown hair walked in front of him. His eyes were calm and peaceful. But, what he was going to say was so dark and evil. Although his intentions looked clear, and good, they were not. He said,

“Wrong. To prove your loyalty, kill the humans. Only then will you be accepted back as one of us.”

Riku laughed and smiled. He said,

“I thought you would send me there, but it looks like I get an easy task. I’ll be leaving soon.”

Akaida looked at him and said nothing. He picked up Hado and began to walk away. Riku continued laughing manically. He said,

“Take two with you. Kill the humans. Failure will not be tolerated.”

Riku said,

“Fenrod and Ino, you two come with me!”

The figure with short black hair and a girl with long brown hair approached him. He said,

“We’re going to kill some humans. Wanna come?”

Fenrod pulled out his zanpakuto and shouted,

“Humans!? What a treat! I can’t wait to slaughter them.”

Riku laughed and said,

“I’ll be surprised if you don’t get killed.”

Fenrod ran up to him with his zanpakuto at Riku’s neck. He said,

“Don’t get cocky captain. You got beat by two humans.”

Riku however had flash stepped with his own zanpakuto against Fenrod’s neck. He said,

“Those two would tear you apart. Even with your first release.”

Fenrod backed off. He said,

“Let’s go.”

He sheathed his sword and began to walk along the black halls. Ino quietly followed him. Riku looked at them and thought,

“Simple fodder to be killed. Leo and Rose have been training. There is no doubt about that. Not to mention that all 6 could fight me off. I need help to keep some at bay. I don’t want have to use my second release.”

He followed them down the hallway and through the darkness. Riku raised his hand and a door of light opened up for them. The three of them walked into the portal of endless light. They all appeared on Earth out of a door of light. They were near Concord. All were in normal clothes. Riku said,

“This transportation system brings us miles away from Martinez. Let’s hurry up and finish the job.”


Dominic sat on top of the St. Catherine’s church. He gazed out into the run down city. Martinez was one of the first cities of the bay area. It was also, the first to be entirely decimated uncovered his robotic face. He looked at the others. He said,

“They’re here.”

Leo and Rose immediately looked at Dominic. Leo shouted,

“Where is he?! We have to find him quickly!

Dominic sighed and got up. He looked around. Then he paused for a moment. He twisted his robotic eye and then stopped again. He pointed north. He explained,

”He’s that way. He’s got two with him. From the looks of it, both of them can release their zanpakutos as well. Marade, Sophie, Elizabeth and I will split them up. Then, Leo and Rose, you guys fight Riku.”

Dominic had a large disc in his hand. He threw it onto the ground. A beam of blue energy came out of it. Dominic said,

“The four of us will go. You guys have to wait five minutes. The teleportation system needs time to cool down again. If you go in too late...well lets just say that bad things will happen.”

Leo yelled,

“Why are you going out first!? Shouldn’t we go instead!? Can you guys even stand up against a first release!?”

Dominic was in front of Leo with a spiked fist at Leo’s head. He said,

“Shut up already. If you go then the three will team up on you and Rose and kill you. Riku won’t bother with us, but the other two probably will. Stop thinking with your heart, and start thinking with your head.”

He punched Leo in the face with his real hand and entered the blue beam. Elizabeth said,

“Did you have to hit him?”

Dominic sighed and said,

“He needs to learn that there is no time to be the hero anymore. We face an entire army of people like Riku. Not to mention that there is a legion of spettros out to destroy the world. Sacrificing your life is not the way to do things anymore. I won’t tolerate it.”

Elizabeth didn’t respond. Marade and Sophie stood by and didn’t say anything either. The three followed Dominic. Rose stood there. She looked at Leo who was on the ground. She thought,

“Stupid, I wish you’d stop being like this.”


The four were just outside of Concord. Dominic said,

“Elizabeth, you and Sophie go get the one with the second strongest spirit energy. Marade you get the third. I’ll hold off Riku. Its time I showed him that the pain he caused me was the biggest mistake he made.”

Dominic stood there and waited. Elizabeth and Sophie went to the left and Marade to the right. They surrounded the city. Riku said,

“No Leo or Rose? I wonder what they’re thinking. Ino, get the one that’s alone. Fenrod get the two. I’m going for him.”

They all disappeared.

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

This is a good, Bleach fic.
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)


Chapter 8: Implosione

Fenrod saw Elizabeth and Sophie only a few yards away from him. He complained,

“Only a bunch of bitchy women! What kinda bullshit is this?!

Suddenly two shuriken already were coming at Fenrod from behind. He turned around and pulled out his zanpakuto, and blocked both of them. He jumped into the air and said,

“The Shuriken are being controlled. Damn!”

Sophie pointed her hand at Fenrod. She said,

“Lightning Style: Double Bolt!”

Two spinning lightning bolts shot out at Fenrod. Fenrod flickered to the ground and said,

“This is getting annoying. I already have to release my zanpakuto against humans. Kill in an instant, Implosione!”

His sword extended and at the end it split into two ends. He pointed it at Elizabeth and Sophie. Suddenly the space around them was being sucked into a small black hole. Elizabeth and Sophie jumped away. Then there was an explosion. Elizabeth said,

“It’s like an exploding black hole! Sophie attack him now!”

Sophie was behind Fenrod. She nodded and yelled,

“Fire Style: Serpent of Fire!”

A huge flying serpent of fire surged towards Fenrod. It had yellow glowing eyes and it opened its mouth and prepared to crash down on Fenrod. He pointed the sword at the serpent. In the very middle a small black hole started to suck up the fiery being. Then before it sucked up the entire beast, it exploded sending small fire balls everywhere. Elizabeth said,

“This is bothering me. Sophie, get away from him! I’m gonna finish this right here.”

Sophie nodded again and jumped away. She thought,

“Elizabeth is using this move already? To think that only someone with one release would force Elizabeth to finish him off with a move like this.”

Elizabeth brought all four shuriken all in a straight line. The holes in the middle were all in line. They began to glow yellow and the holes all shot out a connecting yellow beam. The one closest to Fenrod began to form into a ball of the yellow energy. Fenrod said,

“This attack will be enormous. I have to stop it now.”

Fenrod pointed his own sword and said,

“Charge up, Implosione!”

A bigger black hole formed in front him. Elizabeth yelled,

“Do it!”

A huge yellow blast came flying at Fenrod. The black hole began to suck up the yellow blast. A huge explosion resulted. Fenrod was slightly damaged. He looked around. All four shuriken surrounded him from different sides. His eyes opened wide. He said,

“I can’t form enough to stop three blasts.”

The shuriken began spinning at high speed. Then they began to move in circles. Then yellow beams shot Fenrod. The smoke cleared. He was on the ground dead. His sword was broken into pieces.

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 9: Fiortura

Marade had encountered Ino. Marade looked her in the eye and said,

“Your spiritual energy was hidden the entire time. You must be strong. Your no match for me though.”

Ino said nothing. She pulled out her zanpakuto. She whispered,

“Beautify, Fiortura.”

Her sword suddenly began to disintegrate. However it turned into pink petals. Then they all began to form into one big clump that flew straight towards Marade. Marade threw her small shuriken at them. Both forces clashed and the shuriken sent the small petals back. Ion said,

“Just shuriken? What a pathetic fight.”

The petals flew towards Marade again. She laughed and said,

“Don’t worry I won’t disappoint you!”

Suddenly the shuriken came up again and hit all the petals. They stayed in mid-air spinning. Blue strings connected to them and Marade’s back, which had a small device. She said,

“These strings give me total control over the shuriken. Your petals are useless.”

Ino said nothing. The petals flew back at Marade. The shuriken went to attack but the petals separated and kept moving past the shuriken. The petals cut Marade all over. Ino dodged all the shuriken and kept sending the petals at Marade. Marade tried to defend as best as possible. Ino said,

“Fiortura’s blade does not turn into petals. They turn into small mini blades. They will continue to cut you until you die.”

The pink blades launched themselves at Marade. Marade started to chant,

“Defense of God, bringer of safe passage, shield me from my enemies, Way of Defense Number 32: Divine Protection!”

A wall burst from the ground and blocked the petals. Marade jumped up and sent her shuriken at Ino. Ino was cut up a little but no serious damage was done. Ino laughed as the deadly petals began to swarm up the wall and follow Marade. Marade saw the petals and jumped off the wall. The petals did a fast pursuit and swarmed around Marade making severe cuts in her skin. Marade got out and said,

“Looks like I’ll have to just go a little further.”

The shuriken retreated back and in an instant the number was multiplied by 4. There were red beeping dots on almost half of the shuriken. She said,


The shuriken flew at Ino at high speed. Ino said,

“Its pointless!!! Go Fiortura!”

The shuriken and petals clashed. The normal shuriken deflected most of the petals while the shuriken with red dots on them continued flying towards. Ino. Marade pointed her hand at the shuriken and said,

“Way of Destruction Number 10: Black Fire!”

A piercing black fire shot out at all the shuriken. In an instant. The shuriken exploded destroying the petals and damaging Ino. The smoke cleared. The shuriken were on the ground, no longer attached by the blue string. Ino was on the ground. Her body was marred and destroyed by the explosion. Marade sat down and said,

“A good fight. She got me pretty good.”

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 10: The Price of Revenge

Dominic saw Riku approach him. There eyes locked the moment they saw each other. Dominic threw off his cloak that covered his robotic side. Dominic’s robotic eye began to glow green. So was Dominic’s other eye. The area around them began to crumble away. Their spiritual pressure began to eat up the ground. Dominic asked,

“What have you been doing these past years? I’m sure you’ve just been picking daisies, and waiting for the moment a Spettros came to town.”

Riku laughed. His face was filled with a strange happiness. One that was filled with evil. Riku said,

“I see you haven’t lost your humor! But you lost half your body! I remember when I did that! I thought you were dead! Looks like you got some weird mechanical body. Your spiritual pressure is pretty large too. However, its no where near mine.”

Riku pulled out his zanpakuto and charged at Dominic. Dominic’s robotic hand changed into a laser sword. He clashed with Riku. He said,

“You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this. The moment I get my revenge.”

Dominic pushed his sword against Riku’s breaking his stance. Dominic yelled,

“For all the pain you caused me!!!”

Dominic sent Riku back. His eye began to glow and shot out a beam of energy from his eye at Riku. Riku put his sword up and blocked it. Dominic was in front of Riku and slashed down on his shoulder. Riku backed away but was still hit by the attack. A small stream of blood rushed out from his wound. Riku blocked the next attack and said,

“Its been a while since I was cut. The last time it was by your zanpakuto. By the way, where is it?”

Dominic backed up and laughed. He said,

“Still stupid eh!? This body of mine IS my zanpakuto! Bring it down, Rialzista!”

Dominic’s arm suddenly began to morph. It began shifting around and panels moved up and down. His metal back made a hole in which a quiver of green energy began to flow out. Dominic’s arm turned into a huge axe with two sides. In the middle was a small green dot. Dominic said,

“Thanks for cutting me apart, because your revenge, is about to help mine!”


At the St. Catherine’s courtyard there were two boys. One looked like a younger version of Dominic. His body was complete and not half robotic. He held a zanpakuto in his hand. A younger Riku stood across from him. He said,

“Felix!!! I’m going to kill you for all the pain you’ve caused me!”

He charged at Dominic and slashed at him. Dominic blocked the slash and jumped back. He said,

“Stop it! This is pointless! What have you become Mitchell? Have your new powers consumed you? Are you under control!?”

Riku ran at Dominic at full speed. He yelled,

“I’ll show you! Cut him in half, Nibai!

Riku’s sword changed into its cleaver form. He said,

“I’ll destroy you! Rado Tagliare”

Riku slashed up sending a blue light straight at Dominic. IT cut Dominic in half. He fell to the ground. Dominic was on the verge of death. Blood gushed form his body and his eye was completely white. His hair was covered in blood. Blood drooled form his mouth. Dominic’s body was broken Riku left and on a nearby building he said,

“I fooled them. They thought I was Mitchell. However he was long controlled. For I, Riku, his inner Spettros have taken him body over.”

Riku laughed as Dominic lay on the ground almost dead. Until his zanpakuto turned into a three horned bull and said,

“As your spirit, I will not let you die here. I will become one with you.”

He became a liquid metal and began to take shape of Dominic’s other half.


Dominic looked at Riku. He pointed his large axe at him. He said,

“My spirit flows through me. I have become one with him. You treat your spirit like it is nothing. I’ll show you the power of unity!”

Green energy started to leave the quiver and form at the small ball in the middle of the axe. A green beam flew straight out at Riku. Riku dodged it easily and said,

“Powerful indeed. But, I bet your defense isn’t that great, since that axe must slow down your speed.”

Riku flickered towards Dominic and raised his sword from behind. Dominic turned around and blocked the sword with his axe and sent Riku back with one slash. Dominic flickered behind Riku and said,

“Not at all. Corno Sparo!”

Dominic’s axe started to glow green. Dominic brought his axe down on Riku. Riku looked behind him and blocked the axe. But a huge green explosion engulfed Riku’s body. The smoke cleared with Dominic on the outside of a crater while Riku was in the center of the large hole. The upper half of his clothing was almost destroyed. He held his released sword in his hand. Riku said,

“I had to release Nibai without saying its name, and I had to use Rado Tagliare in order to keep myself from being half dead. You have improved. You’re still no match for me. Rado Tagilare.”

Riku began to slash several times at Dominic. Dominic shot green blasts at the blue waves of light. Several explosions resulted. Riku was in the air and slashed down again. Dominic brought up his arm and said,

“It won’t work!”

He shot another blast. That was just what Riku wanted though. Riku flickered to the ground and in front of Dominic. Riku plunged his sword into Dominic. Dominic was stabbed right in the gut. Dominic coughed out blood and held onto Nibai. He said,

“I’m still not done yet! Corno Sparo!”

Dominic brought his sword down on Riku. Riku jumped back but took a lot of the blast. Riku still had not gotten his sword. Dominic stood there. He said,

“I can’t be done! Not yet!”

Riku flickered in front of Dominic and pulled out his sword. He said,

“But you are.”

Riku backed up and said,

“Now die like a dog! Rado-“

“Show him the heavens, Tenrai Yari!”

A white beam shot out from the side and hit Riku in the side. Dominic’s release faded away. Leo and Rose were next to him. Leo said,

“Its alright Dominic. This is my fight now!”

Leo held Tenrai Yari on his shoulders. Rose was next to him. Her zanpakuto on her side in its sheath. Dominic said,

“Nice timing too. He almost finished me off. I thought I could finish him with Rialzista.”

Leo said,

“Rest. I’ll finish this.”

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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 11: A Rivalry

Leo pointed his spear at Riku. The hair on the end flowed through the wind. The light from the blade sent light through all the corners. His eyes looked at Riku. Riku looked back. He thought,

“His eyes, they feel like they’re burning through me. His spiritual pressure has increased tenfold. How did he gain his release so fast? It even feels like there are two people in him. There could be no way that he has an inner Spettros. It would be unthinkable.”

Riku shook his head in disbelief. He held his sword in the air high and boasted,

“I’ll bring you down and crush your skull Leo! That piece of **** release won’t do jack **** to me! Your nothing compared to me!”

Riku rushed at Leo and said,

“I’ll kill you now! Rado Tagliare!”

He brought his sword down sending a wave of blue light at Leo. Leo spun around with his spear and said,


A dome of light emerged around him and deflected the blue light. Leo stopped spinning and flickered above Riku. He pointed his spear down and said,

“Luce Fuoco!”

Three beams of light shot down with rapid speed on Riku. They destroyed the ground beneath Leo. The smoke cleared and there was nothing there but an empty crater and a bit of white cloth. Riku was above Leo and said,

“Nice attack and defense. It’s about time you released your sword. You won’t last much longer though. Rado Tagliare.”

Leo spun around and pressed Tenrai Yari against Nibai. Both swords began to glow. Leo said,


Leo spun faster and the white and blue lights clashed sending both Riku and Leo flying off in different directions. Both emerged from the ground almost entirely unharmed. Leo said,

“I will defeat you Riku! I swear it!”

Riku laughed and pointed his sword at Leo. He taunted,

“You treat this like we’re equals, don’t you Leo!? You think we’re rivals eh?! You think that just because you and Mitchell had a rivalry, means we do too? Guess what?”

Riku flickered away and was in front of Leo. He yelled,

“You’re dead wrong!!! Rado Tagliare!”

Riku swung his sword down straight onto Leo. The blue light engulfed Leo’s entire body. Then there was a huge explosion and it was so smoky you couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of you.


A young Leo and Riku were walking down a street. It looked much like a street that was near St. Catherines. Riku said,

“Some day, Lucas, I’ll surpass you in everything from sports to girls. One day Mitchell will be the name heard everywhere and the two of us will finally be on equal grounds.”

Leo started to laugh. Riku asked,

“What’s so funny Lucas?”

Leo just continued to laugh. Riku was puzzled and gave Leo a friendly push. He asked again, this time angrier,

“What the hell is so funny?”

Leo stopped laughing and said,

“Its funny how you think I’m so far ahead of you. The truth is your right behind me Mitchell. The two of us have almost always been on equal grounds. You underestimate yourself too much. There will be one day when the two of us can finally decide who’s stronger. For now, lets just have fun. Okay”

Mitchell stopped. He said,

“Yeah, sure. But, we’re still rivals.”

Leo turned around and gave a thumbs up. Then they continued walking down the street.


The smoke cleared. Leo stood there almost unharmed. Riku said,

“Your speed has improved beyond measure. Able to fire off a blast in order to counter mine. Truly something...”

Riku was behind Leo again. He said,

“But not good enough!”

Riku slashed sending a horizontal wave of blue light at Leo. Leo turned around and said,

“Stop toying with me!”

Leo brought down his own spear cutting the blue light in half. He flickered towards Riku and white light started to surround him. He pointed his spear at him and yelled,

“You’re not trying!!! Sei Luce Fuoco!!!”

He shot six large blasts of light at Riku. Riku’s eyes widened. He braced himself and the lining around him began to turn glow blue. His sword began to from a mass amount of blue energy around it. Then he swung his sword and yelled,

“Azzuro Rado Tagliare!”

This time the blue wave of light was bigger beyond its normal limit. It cut through every single bit of light. It kept going at Leo. Leo began to spin and said,


Leo began to spin and the dome of light was bigger than before. But the blue wave broke through the shield and hit Leo causing him to be cut by the energy wave. Leo had a gash that went all the way diagonally across his body. He coughed out blood and said,

“I guess he’s got a lot more power. I’ll have to use every bit of my strength now.”

Leo stood up and the area round him began to rumble. An aura of light energy surrounded him. Leo said,

“I won’t let you win!”

Leo disappeared entirely and was in front of Riku. He thrusted Tenrai Yari at Riku. A huge blast of white light emerged. Riku jumped up, but Leo brought up his spear and slashed at Riku. Riku blocked with Nibai and Leo continued to attack. The two weapons clashed several times. Leo stabbed again and cut Riku’s cheek. Riku said,

“Alright, if you want me to fight at my full strength I will!

Riku began to release all his spiritual pressure. Blue light began to circle around Riku. Leo backed away. He thought,

“What is this spiritual pressure?! It surpasses mine like no other. I have to attack him now.”

Leo pointed his spear at Riku. White light began to form at the center. It was a huge white ball. Riku braced his sword. Blue light began to cover Nibai while Tenrai Yari was gathering energy as well. Leo yelled,

“Immense Luce Fuoco!!!”

A huge light blast shot out at Riku. It was at least twice his size. Riku stood his ground and grasped his sword ready to strike it down. Riku yelled,

“Azzuro Rado Tagliare!!!”

Both blasts hit. They each fought each other for dominance. Then Azzuro Rado Tagliare broke through Leo’s attack and hit Leo across the chest. Leo fell backwards and his eyes were half open. He tried to get up but failed. He said,

“Damn it! I lost. Even after all this training I lost.”

Riku walked over to Leo and brought up his blade. He said,

“Your finished Leo. I’m ending this now before you become too strong. Azzuro Rado Tagliare!”

Riku brought down his blade and blue energy started to emerge. Then Rose appeared blocking Riku’s blade in a burst of speed. She said,

“Third Dance, Giustificare!!!”

Riku’s eyes widened. Ice began to flow from her blade. Rose said,

“Touch him again, and I’ll kill you in a heartbeat!”

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Pretty good, pretty good. However, I would advise you to work on your diologue a bit more. Here's an example of what I mean.

Leo spun around with his spear and said,


Now, this is fine and all...but not necessarily correct. Rather than leaving a line of black space between said and "whirl", just put it straight afterwords. In other words, like this.

Leo spun around with his spear and said, “Whirl!”

Other than that minor flaw, and a few gramatical mistakes, I'd say this fanfiction is well on its way to greatness. ^_^
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Chapter 12: A Reunion and a Dance in the Rain

The ice created a dome around Dominic, Leo and Rose. She looked at Leo and said,

“Just rest right now. I’m going to finish this fight, and save Mitchell.”

The ice opened up and Rose jumped out. Riku said,

“That certainly is a powerful release. However, I’m going to destroy that dome and kill those two. Azzuro Rado Tagliare!”

Riku slashed at the dome and the blue light extended from his blade and surged towards the dome. Rose slashed her own sword. An ice dragon emerged from the blade and rushed at the blue light. They both collided in an explosion. After the explosion it started to rain. Riku said,

“To block Azzuro Rado Tagliare is something. But can you match my speed?”

Riku flickered and brought his sword down on Rose from the side. Rose blocked it without even flinching. Riku laughed and said,

“Good, but what about your skills with a blade?”

Riku flickered in front of her and began to slash it her with the utmost precision and skill. Rose blocked each attack and at the end countered by swinging her sword and cutting off a small bit of Riku’s short hair. Riku started laughing uncontrollably. He said,

“This is great. Finally a good opponent in ages! Now I can kill without having to have pity on my enemy. I’m going to kill you, Rose!”

Then Riku hit the ground, clutching his head with both hands. He began to scream. Rose looked at Riku. She thought,

“What’s going on with him? What’s happening?”

Riku cried out to no one. He started babbling things. He yelled,

“NO! Stay out! Go die like you’re supposed to!”

Then in a sudden flash of white light Riku stopped screaming and Riku was no longer there. There was a man who had Riku’s clothing and looked very similar to him. He said,

“Kamila, its been a while.”

Rose fell to her knees and began to cry. She sobbed and said,

“’re back...”

Rose sprinted off from the ground and launched herself at Mitchell and gave him a hug. Mitchell said,

“I’ve missed you too Kamila.”

Rose said,

“I’m so glad that your back Mitchell.”

Mitchell let go of Kamila. He said,

“That’s the problem. I’ve only been able to take control over Riku for so long. I won’t be able to last more than 2 minutes. You’ll have to deliver a wound that is right next to his heart.”

Mitchell stepped backwards again. He said,

“I know you guys can do it. Don’t give up. Don’t give up until the end.”

Rose fell to her knees. She said,

“I can’t have you lean again. It’s too soon! Please don’t go.”

Then in a quick movement Mitchell kissed Rose on the forehead. Then he stepped back. He said,

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back.”

Then in a white flash Riku came back. He was standing there with his zanpakuto and said,

“To think he would re-gain control. That sure is annoying. Looks like you’re sobbing too. You must really miss him. Don’t worry. I’ll end your misery!”

He brought down his sword on Rose. Rose brought her blade up. She said,

“No chance Riku. Mitchell kissed me on the forehead and because of that....”

She paused. She hit back Riku with the force of her blade. She yelled,

“I have to bring him back so I can kick his ass!!! He’s not just gonna go kiss me and then leave! When I bring him back I’ll kick his ass so hard he’ll never think about kissing me again!”

She then flickered and was in front of Riku. Her blade was pressed against his. She said,

“Wanna dance?”

Riku laughed and said,

“I’m not the best dancer.”

Rose said,

“That’s why you’ll die.”

Rose pushed him back. Then she flickered behind Riku and brought down her blade. She sent out a wave of ice at him. Riku brought his sword up and slashed at the ice sending out a wave of blue light. It destroyed the ice easily. Rose flickered again and went to stab Riku in the gut. Riku blocked the attack with the flat of his blade. Ice began to surge from the tip of her blade onto Riku’s. He jumped back but the ice covered Riku’s blade entirely. Rose sent out a wave of ice again at Riku. This time Riku couldn’t block since the ice wouldn’t be affected by Riku’s ice covered sword. The wave of ice hit him and several ice shards pierced Riku’s arms and legs. Rose brought her sword up high and slashed again sending out another ice dragon at Riku. Riku was covered by the dragon and cut up severely. Riku said,

“Shit. I gotta get the ice off my blade.”

Riku began releasing his spirit energy so that the ice on his blade began to shake. Then it exploded off and the rest of the ice and left his body. He said,

“I have to hand it to you. Your a lot more skilled than I imagined.”

Rose said nothing. Then she propelled her self at Riku. She said,

“Fourth Dance: Triplo Ghiaccio Drago!”

She slashed her sword at Riku and three huge ice dragons came out from the rain and surrounded Riku. They were endless amounts of ice that flowed around Riku. Then Rose jumped up above Riku and slashed down sending all three dragons at Riku. Riku dodged one but the other landed a glancing hit on him freezing almost half his body. Then the third finally hit Riku. His body was covered in ice. Rose landed on the ground. She began to walk towards Riku who was frozen in ice. She said,

“Its over Riku. Now all I need to do is stab you next to the heart and I’ll be able to bring Mitchell back.”

As her blade was about to be sent through the ice the ground began to rumble. The ice shook and cracked. She said,

“No way! This is impossible! He should be immobilized. His spirit energy is so great!”

Then in a flash of blue light the ice was destroyed. Pillars of white light circled around the area. The rain stopped and the sun began to shine brightly. Rose said,

“This can’t be. He has...more?”

The white light faded. Riku stood there in his second release clothing. He said,

“To think I would have to use my second release on you is absurd. I’ll kill you now. Then I’ll finish off the rest.”

Riku flickered and slashed at Rose. She blocked it but was being pushed back. She thought,

“His spiritual energy is insane! He’s going to kill me soon!”

Rose jumped back and sent out a wave of ice. Riku said,

“Bianco Rado Tagliare.”

Riku used the first half of his double sided sword to send out a wave of white light at her. Rose slashed and sent the ice dragon out but it was destroyed as well. The light continued surging towards Rose. She blocked it with her sword but it kept pressing against her. The Riku flickered behind Rose and said,

“Bianco Rado Tagliare.”

Riku used the other side to slash another wave of white light hit Rose in the back. Both attacks damaged her heavily. Riku flickered back. Rose stood there panting. Her armor was almost destroyed and blood slowly trickled down her face and her back. She said,

“A second release? I didn’t know there was one.”

Riku said,

“There are a lot of things you don’t know. Now its time for you to die. Bianco Rado Tagliare!”

He sent out a wave of light and it hit Rose square across the chest. Rose fell to the ground unconscious. He said,

“It didn’t kill her surprisingly. I’ll just finish her off now.”

He brought his sword down on Rose, but suddenly Leo stood there with his spear blocking the sword. He said,

“For what you did to Rose, I will kill you. No matter what!”

Riku laughed and said,

“Get off pest. Riku slashed at Leo with the other half of his blade slashed him at the side sending him flying back.”

Moments after, shuriken began flying towards Riku from behind. Marade jumped out and said,

“Your finished Riku!”

Riku slashed again and destroyed the shuriken and almost hitting Marade. After that two flame balls came at Riku’s sides. Sophie emerged as well. She said,

“This has to do it!”

Riku spun around and slashed with each side of his blade destroying the fire. Then the four shuriken shot four beams straight at Riku. Riku destroyed two and dodged one but one landed a glancing hit on him. Riku closed his eyes from the pain and said,


Then Dominic appeared in front of Riku and yelled,

“Now to end it! Corno Sparo!”

He brought his blade across but Riku blocked it but still taking most of the attack. He said,

“Damn it! Too many attacks!”

Riku was damaged. Marade, Elizabeth, Sophie and Dominic all surrounded him. He said,

“I know I can defeat you all. However I’d be dead too. Its time I take my leave...for now.”

Riku disappeared in a flicker. He was a good decent away from the rest of the group. He said,

“I’ll have to face my punishment now.”

He walked through a door of light and disappeared.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: Four Years Later (A Fan-Fic that contains Bleach elements)

Sorry I haven't posted chapters in a while. I haven't stopped writing, just posting. I have finals, but they'll be over soon. I'll be posting the rest of the chapters now

Chapter 14: The History of Slayer Society

Riku was in a cold oval room. It was completely marble and he had a red collar around his neck and a white robe to prevent him from using spiritual energy or his zanpakuto. He said,

“Idiots...they think they can execute me and bring out Mitchell. How wrong they are.”

Riku began to laugh. His eyes suddenly changed from blue to yellow and began to glow.


When Mitchell had first come to Slayer Society there was 12 squads. Each squad had one captain and one lieutenant. Then they had 50 “seats” as they were called. The first and second seats were the captain and lieutenants. Then the other 47 were given to the strongest Slayers. All slayers went to an academy where they would learn the art of Slaying the spettros of the living world. The 12 squads the new Slayers were put into were the 12 Guardians Squads. Together the 12 captains could bring down over two hundred thousand spettros. Excluding the 11h and 12th squads these squads are numbered in their strength. The captain of the first squad was the supreme commander of the Slayers and delivered punishments such as execution and was a deciding factor on who became a captain. His title is Commander General Yazo Regga. Mostly known as Commander Regga. He was an old man who disguised his zanpakuto as a smooth fine cane which upon release became a zanpakuto that struck fear into all. The second squad captain is Akaida Tenzo. His brown hair that was parted in the middle, glasses and calm smile made him such a hard man to predict that no one ever could tell his true motives. He cared for his lieutenant and the rest of his squad. The third squad captain is none other than Riku Woerner. Surprisingly Commander Regga allowed Mitchell’s inner spettros to take Mitchell’s position, due to his strange loyalty to Slayer Society. Riku was never kind to his subordinates but he was never mean either. He simply went about his business. Mitchell and Akaida were well acquainted as well. Mitchell was his lieutenant before he became captain.
The other squads are led by powerful captains all with unique abilities. Years in Slayer Society are much longer than the years of the living world. A year in the real world is a decade in Slayer Society. However Slayers age like normal humans. Although the captains are all of great power and idolized by others they are in know way great friends. Rivalries and bonds of hatred surround the 10 Guardian Squads. Akaida is a suspicious character and other captains. Slayer Society is on the verge of Civil war.
The spettros are also evil beings. Every one of them is given a monster like body.
They were white masks with specific patterns on them that are a part of there body. They feed on the souls of the living and the dead. This is how Spettros become stronger. The way Spettros come into being is when a human soul is not able to cross over to live in Slayer Society with the help of a Slayer. There Soul Chain, a chain that eats away at itself. It is a timer that gives you a certain amount of time until you become a Spettros. Those who become a Spettros unwillingly have a human face under their masks. The battle between Slayers and Spettros has gone on for thousands of years. The start of their everlasting fight has been unknown.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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