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Old 10-21-2007, 10:13 PM
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Default Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined

(This is my masterpiece; I spent a long time writing it when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork. It is the first in a series of four, so I would like it if each Digidestined who signs up stays along for the entire ride. This RP was made for the club: “The Digimon Tamers of Earth”, but other people can join. I would strong strongly suggest joining it, just go to

This story takes place in the world we know best. A world where Digimon is nothing more than an old card game and a hit anime series. That’s right, the world we are in right now. A world in which no one suspects that there actually is a Digital World.

Five years earlier...
Countries all over the world were visited by Digimon. The appeared all over the world and then disappeared just as abruptly as they appeared.

Four years later...
Life goes on in the Digital World, where the inhabitants are blissfully ignorant of the existence of the Real World. Suddenly, several Digitamas fell from the sky and were treated with much interest. They were poked and prodded, but didn’t hatch. The Digimon then put the Digitamas into a sacred temple where they hoped that the ones with the power to make them hatch would arrive there.

Present day...
Several children who have all had past experiences with Digimon five years earlier have been chosen as the winners of a contest. A contest that they didn’t enter. They are all gathered in Tokyo, Japan. Then, the children feel themselves slipping away from their parents and guardians. They vanished into thin air. The children’s relatives believe them to be dead and are greatly saddened.

But they are not dead or even mildly injured in any way. They had been transported to the Digital World, right outside the temple with the Digitamas in it. The children’s life energies cause each egg to hatch in their hands and to become their Digimon partner. With their help, the children start to begin their journey to find their way home.

Little do they know that there is an evil mastermind who sees the threat that these children as a threat to him and his dark plans for the Digital World. This threat has decided to use his Black Spikes to enslave helpless Digimon into doing his bidding. With the Black Spikes and his own voluntary servant(s), this mastermind plans to remake the Digital World in his own image. The children, however, are clueless to this threat and just want to go home...

  • The main villain and his minions must be Digimon
  • The minion form is either for people who wish to be evil and not have to do a lot of RPing. The villain can also use it to go into more depth about his or her servant(s).
  • You can make up Digimon
  • Put the phrase “Food is tasty” in your Sign-Up so I know you read the rules.
  • You get one charecter only
  • No spamming
  • No flaming (Some in-character insults may be okay)
  • Use good grammar and try to post at least two paragraphs. NO ONE LINERS
  • The main villain must be a Champion
  • The main villain’s minions must be Champion Level or lower
  • No Bunnying
  • Nothing more than the natural Fresh-Champion Route, Digidestined
  • Stay on Board for the entire saga; I want to make this a great story.
  • Reservations last 48 hours.

Digidestined (6-15)
1 Kentucky_Fried_Torchic
2 Eeveeking 929
3 -Alone-
4 GreenRampage
5 Xerion
6 bekah_the_pikachu
7 Moonlight
8 DarkSalamence

Villains (1-5)
Main Villain Tyrell321
Minion -Alone-
Minion Blaze2
Minion Charmander96
Minion EeveeKing929

Sign-Up Thread:
The Digimon Tamers of Earth:

I smiled, wiped my bangs out of my face and jumped into the snowbank. I rolled around and was throughly soaked when I heard a familliar voice. "Ryan! Get your rear in here right now! You got some mail and I don't want you soaking it!"

"Yes mom!" I yelled back and got out of the snow. So much for fun. As I got inside, I was greeted with hot chocolate, but I pushed it away. My dad handed me the letter and I read it with little intrest.

A half-hour later I said, "It's obviously a fake, but I guess it is worth a shot." I looked up from the paper. "I always wanted to see the city." I looked up at my mom and did my best Bambi-eyes.

"Alright we can go, ut your father has to stay here for his buissness." She said with a tone of command in her voice. I looked out the window and swore that I saw an Ikkakumon again. I rubbed my eyes and it was gone. I figured I was just seeing things, and I ran upstairs to pack my things.
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Old 10-21-2007, 11:20 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

GranDracmon opened the giant door that led to his throan. "Depthmon!" He yelled harshly. "Yes master?" He said as he came into the Throan Room. Grandracmon sneered at the useless minion.

"Go find the other minions and the our digimon army to take over villages and kill all survivers!" GranDracmon said. Depthmon scuried out of the castle and went to find the other digimon.

GranDracmon got out of his seat and started to walk out of the castle. When he made it out he tore a tree out of the ground and through it to a near village. It sent a loud explosion and digimon running about. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! I will take over this world in mere days!" He shouted.

Depthmon reported back to GranDracmon. "Sir, we have taken over 5 villages now. We have started to build our barracks in the biggest one and facilities and other villages in the other ones." He said. "Good good, now get out and get more villages!" He shouted. Depthmon scurried out of the Throne Room and left the castle. GranDracmon went into one of the villages himself. "Build the barracks faster! Hurry Up!" He shouted to all of the workers. He saw some soldiers over in the woods playing around. "Get up! Or I'll kill you myself!" GranDracmon shouted. The soldiers scurried up and began to look for more towns to take over. The two mouths on GranDracmon's body were chewing on some trees. He didn't mind at all. He walked back into his Throne Room and sat on his throne and waited for another report from Depthmon and the other Minions.

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Old 10-21-2007, 11:31 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

I let out a long sigh. Mum and Dad had said that we wouldn't be traveling around as much after we moved back to Manchester, that we would stay in one place, but nooo, they have to have a famous restaurant, and of course that entails lots of travel. Back to Paris, over to Rome, Venice, a little country in Africa to feed the homeless, and now they wre in Tokyo for some celebrity cooking contest. Who do they think they are, Emeril Lagase? And of course, that left me stuck, away from my friends for weeks at a time, usually in a hotel with nothing to do because almost every city I did everything when we actually lived there. So, I was stuck, on my bed, with my Gameboy forgotten at home. How ironic that I forgot my Gameboy for a trip to Japan? It was only slighly less ironic than the fact that I had begged them to stop moving us around so that I wouldn't have to be going all over the place.

Just as I was lost in these thoughts, there was a knock at the door. I hopped off the bed, and went over to open it. Outside was a concierge holding a letter.
"For you sir." He said in Japanese. He held the letter out, and I took it.
"Thank you." I replied, also in Japanese.
"It is my pleasure." The concierge turned and left, and I closed the door behind him, pondering over the letter. I wondered who it could be from. I hadn't been gone for more than a few days, and would be returning soon, so it probably wasn't my friends. Unless it was from Saira, unable to bear not seeing me, but somehow I doubted that. Since the envelope was blank except for my name and room number, there was only one way to find out, and that was to open it. So I did.

The letter was unreal. Well, not the letter itself, but the contents certainly. It said something about me winning a contest, but I haven't ever entered such a contest. So, it was a trick. Probably from Dean or Jack, they were always doing this sort of thing. Still, always worth a shot. It said to meet in some building or another in the middle of Tokyo. How convenient that I was already there. So, all I had to do was pop a note on the desk saying where I'd be gone to, and headed out the door.
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Old 10-22-2007, 01:00 AM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

OOC: Both the Chapumon and Puttimon (Which I' rping as) digidestined get killed btw.
Thats why Nick ends up taking care of Chapumon, and Puttimon leaves to turn evil.
Playing in the snow, was probably my favorite thing to do. A couple of my friends and me began a snowball wear, and I was the first one to get knocked by a huge heave of snow, befoe I could throw one myself. It wasn't long until I catched a cold, and my parents rushed me inside, and stuck me in the room, putting the power of the heater to maximum. The heat got to me quick as my mom stuffed a bunch of letters under my door, and I took the orange one since it really caught my attention. Before opening it, I swiftly sneeezed all over the envelope, and I noticed all my germs were visible on the envelope. Slowly, I motion my hand to open the envelope, but I noticed my mom had already read it, and all I could do was scratch my head after reading what it had said. I seemed to win a contest which I was extremly unaware of and inside of it, was a plane ticket to Japan, which left the airport today in about 2 hours. "What!? To Japan!? I better get going!"

Once I reached out towards my drawers to pack up some clothes, I'd noticed that my mom had opened my room door, and she was carrying 2 breifcases. "If I were you I'd hurry up! The taxi's waiting." I smirked as I quickly grabbed on to both breifcases and boarded the taxi, and waved at my mom as I left the house.
OOC: W00T!
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Old 10-22-2007, 02:02 AM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

Riccardo sat on the plane staring out the window. His aunt had several times tried to start a conversation, but failed. They visiting Japan for a contest Riccardo had won. She thought maybe Riccardo would be able to make some friends for once. He hadn't had any friends since his mother died. All he seemed to do was stare at nothing. She frowned. Her sister had been so loving, it was a shame she had passed away.

Riccardo stared at one of the clouds. It was a cumulonibus, that meant a storm was coming. He wondered how he could've won the contest, but figured his aunt must've signed him up for it. He removed a book from his backpack, it only contained an Ipod and his book, but his aunt insisted he brought the whole thing. He began to read the book with depth. It was a tragedy, of course. He had just reached the part where the mother died when he closed the book and began to fall into a slumber.

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Old 10-22-2007, 04:54 AM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

OOC Im gonna try this in the first person

The snow was falling calmly from the cloudy sky above. The sceen was painted in leafless trees, houses and snow.

"Only a dozen more to go" I thought, talking some choclate chip cookies out of the oven. What a busy day, who knew making 100 cookies could be so hard. Opon closer inspection, I discovered that six were bunt. And after hours of baking, six mattered. "Curse this loser oven, now Im gonna have to prepare more dough" I felt my anger raising, so much in fact, that I kicked the oven. "Erica, why are you beating the oven up?" asked mom, trying to look serious. However, I knew she was hiding a giggle, for this kithen cooker was also getting on her nerves lately. "It burt my cookies" I answered in a sour tone. She burst out laughing, which made me laugh too. A hard day of baking kinda makes someone a lil insane. "I'll help you with the last batch, the school doesn't need to know" said my mom, opening a new pack of choclate chips. "Deal", it was great to get some aide


"Well the bake sale went great, I can't belive they raised so much money for charity". My mom said, smiling. It was nice to see her well again. As she unlocked the frount door to the house, a small colord envoloppe caught my eye. Curious, I grabbed it. "What is that you got there" asked my mom, hanging up her coat. "Oh my kitty, I think I won those tickets to the Habs game in Montréal". I was so happy. But as I opened the letter, it didn't seem like to be anything related to hockey. Still curious, I chose to read the letter. I was amazed to find out I won tickets to Japan, not Montréal. "YES" I screamed, freaking Mimi, my cat. "Did you win that contest" asked mom, smiling. "No, better, Japan here I come."

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Old 10-22-2007, 08:57 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

"It's cold, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold..." Kiri repeated as she ran to her mailbox. "It's cold, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold, IT'S FRICKEN COLD!!!" Although there wasn't any snow on the ground, that didn't mean that it wasn't freezing. Reaching into the mailbox, Kiri pulled out a handful of letters. "Junk, junk, bills, dad, dad, mom's magazine, hold it!" She stared down at the bright orange letter. "Looks like I got something!" She turned it over as she walked across the street. She heard a car honk and jumped out of the way of a speeding SUV. "SLOW DOWN AND FOLLOW THE SPEED LIMIT BEFORE YA KILL SOMEONE!!" Kiri screamed at the passing car. It wasn't too unusual to find drunk drivers speeding down her street. Two people had already hit the telephone pole across the street in the past 6 months.

Kiri walked through the front door and closed it. Taking off her shoes she opened the letter and began reading. She handed the rest of the mail to her mom in the kitchen.

"Hold on honey, what's that?"

"I don't know, says I won a contest. I get to travel to Tokyo cool!"

"No your not! It's fake by the sound of it."

"Then how do you explain these?" Kiri waved two plane tickets in front of her mother's face.

Her mom turned around and snatched the tickets from her. "They're dated for tomorrow."

"Can I go?"

Her mom looked at her for a second. "I'll think about it, but you should go pack your stuff anyway."

"Sweet! Thanks a ton!" Kiri sprinted up the stairs screaming, "I'm going to China!!"

OOC: She knows she's going to Japan, she just said China to be stupid :P
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Old 10-22-2007, 09:53 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

Dorumon was napping by a tree near the airport untill she heard something.

Airport asistant:"The plane to japan will be leaving the airport soon please board the plane while you can."

Dorumon: "hmm.. well i did find these tokoyo plane tickets lying on the floor."

Dorumon:"Maybe i should go i always wanted to go there."

Dorumon got up and headed for the airport. carefully trying to not get seen by other people.If she is seen she will be probaly be taken to the zoo!
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Old 10-22-2007, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

Elana watched the funny video on youtube and sighed. There was nothing better to do. She heard a voice from the kitchen. "You better not be on the computer," he Mum called. Elana sighed again and shut the computer down. "Now what can I do?" she though. "Aha!" Elana walked over to her bedroom where she found her GameCube. She pushed the on button as the friendly logo appeared on the screen.

"Don't even think about it," her Mum called from the kitchen again. Elana jammed the console off, and started in dismay at the pokemon game she really wanted to play. Slamming her door in fustration, she stomped down the stairs and slumped on the couch. She fiddled with the remote, but nothing interesting was on t.v. She sighed again and went outside.

Elana sat on the step and watched the garden. The garden was boring, she thought. Why did her Mum spend so much on it. The drought was already causing enough damage. Elana saw something land on the flowers. A bee. Elana watched collect pollen and noticed that there was a bee hive in the garden. "Whoah!" Elana was fascinated. She walked up to it and watched the bees going in and out. "I wonder if their honey is good?" she though. She dipped her finger in a tasted a little. One bee noticed her, and a whole army of angry bees folowed. "Whah!" The bees chased her through the garden. She tripped on a stone and went flying through the air. "@#%*!" she said as she hurtled towards a bush.

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Old 10-23-2007, 01:41 AM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

"Man it's cold out here," Xerion said as he walked to his mailbox.The bitter cold made his hair dry, and his knuckles began to get chilly.He pulled the X necklace from inside his shirt and pulled it out for the world to see. He walked to the mailbox and opened it. "Bill, Junk, Junk, Bill, Magazine, hey, what's is this?" He asked himself and he held it into the air. It was a postcard adressed to him and it held three plane tickets.

"Join us in Tokyo, Japan, for a speacial surprise," Xerion read aloud. "Well, I don't know why they're giving us plane tickets if Tokyo is only a 45 ,minute drive, but hey, I'll save them." He said to himself and walked back into his house. Not knowing his life would change for the better.
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Old 10-23-2007, 03:37 PM
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Default Re: Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined (RP)

Sorry ktf i'll try again

Dorumon was walking around the digital world looking for food.She wondered what the other worlds were like "I heard if you beat a digimon from the human world you will be able to go there.But will that be right? Destroying someonelses digimon?" She wondered. "Maybe i should rest it is getting dark" She said to her self. "Partners, who needs them!" She said before drifting off to sleep.
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