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Old 10-15-2007, 08:15 PM
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Default [SU] Rise of the Broken Crystal


On a planet named Lapotaka, the land was in harmony.
The Gold Plate of the south held a strong government upon Lapotaka.
Meanwhile, the west was ruled by The Silver Keep.
The rest of Lapotaka had been taken over by the Broken Crystal, led by the Evil King Diminius, he quickly smashed Silver Keep's resistance, causing them to flee south, to Galdomar Islands, the last safe-haven on Lapotaka.

There was a prophecy, however, that a Saviour would come.
This saviour was a Pichu.
His name, Gimick, which meant 'Holy Avenger' on Lapotaka.
Gimick did arrive as the prophecy had said.
Now, the war was beginning.
Resistance Fighters of The Silver Keep fight from the far lands of Darmonus Swamps in the west, all the way to Madivira River in the east.

This war would have many lives lost.
The armies needed to act.
They called upon many people to aid their cause.
But, Broken Crystal had a prophecy too.
This prophecy said that a warrior, by the name of Gazwrath, would aid them.

Only 3 full moons later, Gazwrath arrived on Lapotaka.
This war had risen to greater heights.

Which side are you on?


Name: Not earth-like.
Side: Gold Plate-Silver Keep Alliance or Broken Crystal Empire.
Species: what your species is.
Position: Ground Forces, Armored Forces or Aerial Forces.
Personality: Your characters personality around his/her allies, and around his/her enemies.
Gender: Male or Female.
Distinguishing Marks: Anything different to your normal species.
Powers: Not too powerfull.
History: The history of your character.

1. No swearing or cussing.
2. No Godmodding.
3. No Bunnying without that person's permission.
4. When you post state your name, side, position(explained later) and place in the post, like this:
Broken Crystal
Ground Forces
Darmoua, Capital of Broken Crystal

5. No flaming.
6. At least 3 good long posts when you die, of trying to get out of Haven(SilverKeep/GoldPlate) or Damtk(Broken Crystal).
7. Your character can die.
8. Have fun.

Ground Forces
The Infantry of both Forces.
These are the soldiers that many Armored units rely on to cover their flanks and rear.
Not to be underestimated.

Armored Forces
The Armor of both Forces.
There are many types of Armor on both sides.
But, most of the Gold Plate-Silver Keep Alliance have Golden Cruisers, which are like normal Tanks, except they have instead of a Tank Gun, a Gun that shoots the Pokemon's attack out of.
The Broken Crystal's Armor is of a stronger type.
They do use the M-1 Sherwood Tanks, which have Thunderbolt cannons on, but their main Armor are the Dex Overdrive WarTank, which can carry 4 M-1 Sherwood Tanks inside it, along with about 100 troops and supplies.
The Gold Plate, and Gold Plate Armored Forces alone, excluding Silver Keep, have the Zamor MegaTanks, which only have 1 cannon, but are mostly transport for large numbers of troops.

Aerial Forces
The eye in the Sky.
For the Broken Crystal, they have Hurricane Stowers. Most of the Mounts for Broken Crystal are either Salamence or Pidgeot.
If your mount is a Pidgeot, your pokemon has to be small(e.g Pikachu size).
For the Silver Keep, they have Rain Spinners. The Mounts of the Silver Keep Aerial Forces are mostly Altoria, Salamence or Charizard.
The Gold Plate have Shining Light. The Mounts of the Gold Plate Aerial Forces are mostly Salamence, Charizard or the ground-Aerial mounts of Dodrio.


Darmoua- Capital of the Broken Crystal, this large city lies in the center of the mainland of Lapotaka, providing for easy return.

Zamopa- The outpost on the borderline of Broken Crystal Territory south of Darmoua, and the only way from Galdomar Islands to reach Darmoua.

Civirith- City in the far West of Broken Crystal territory. Close to the swamps.

Dimola- City of The Way. This is the only place where the living can get into Damtk, without dieing. This City is On the far Northern Edge of the mainland of Lapotaka

Broken Crystal Manufactoring Plants- Many of these are scattered all over the Far East and Far West sides of Broken Crystal Mainland.

Galdomar Islands- The base of Gold Plate-Silver Keep Alliance.

Darvos-The whole of Galdomar Island is covered by Darvos, the Base of Gold Plate-Silver Keep Alliance.

Rantaro Islands- The Islands to the East of the Far east of the mainland.

Rantaro- The only city of Rantaro Islands. This is the only way living beings can get to Haven without dieing.

My Sign-ups
Gold Plate
Ground Forces
Personality: Around friends, Gimick is kind and caring, and his true emotions shine as clear as the sun at night. Around his enemies, he is ready for anything.
Gender: Male
Distinguishing Marks: Missing top half of his Tail.
Powers: Levitate. Persuasion. Faster than most Pichu.
History: Gimick is the saviour of the Gold Plate-Silver Keep Alliance. Nothing more is known about him. Nothing less.

Broken Crystal Empire
Ground Forces
Personality: Around his allies, Gazwrath is the exact same as he is around his enemies. Brutal.
Gender: Male
Distinguishing Marks: Has part of his left eye missing.
Powers: More strength than normal Machamp. Levitate.
History: Gazwrath is the saviour of Broken Crystal. Nothing More known about him. Nothing Less.
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Old 10-15-2007, 08:47 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Rise of the Broken Crystal

This seems like Trail of Juno, but I'll sign up anyway.

Name: Scara

Species: Lucario

Side: Gold Plate

Position: Ground Force

Power: Scara has very top speed that helps him run across water easily and he won't break a sweat. He has super hearing that help him hear what enemys are saying.

Distinguishing Markings: Lucarios usually have red eyes, but Scara's eyes are pure white. Like a ghost's eyes. You see none of his pupils. Scara also has a spike on the end of his tail.

Personality: Scara is a stubborn pokemon that doesn't try to have fun all the time. He is a serious working pokemon that will never take dieing as a choice in his life. He never say much, but he always obeys his boss, but NEVER takes orders from his partners or anybody else. Scara will try an destroy anything that is trying to kill him. He loves it when his boss sends him to go on missions to Haven, but takes his work VERY seriously. Scara doesn't like when people try to mess with him. He will try to kill anything thats hits him, attacks him, and trys to scare him.

History: Scara took care of himself when his parents died from the Silver Apex. He grew up in Rantaro Islands until a small group of the Broken Crystal Empire came and killed everyone he loved, but himself.

Scara never wanted to leave Rantaro Islands, but when he found out he could join the Gold Plate because of his skill and special power. He was packed and ready to go. He made a promise that he would not betray his partners and follow the commands of his boss. Scara's partners are really his friends to him. When he's on missions with them they are nothing but his partners.
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Default Re: [SU] Rise of the Broken Crystal

Thanks for blatantly ripping off my ideas. I really don't appreciate that.

First you get yourself banned from my RP for poor RPing quality and trying to warp around the storyline in detrimental ways to only benefit yourself, and then even worse, in less than twenty-four hours of your ban, you go and make an RP that obviously got each and every one of its ideas from mine. Trial of Juno took me two and a half years to write and a lot of energy and time. Even if you asked me to do this, I still would have said no.

Truthfully, you can get banned for RP stealing. People have gotten bans for this kind of thing before. I strongly doubt that's something you want to have happen as well.

Kaioo, watch yourself, you really haven’t gotten on my good side from all this…


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