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Old 11-11-2007, 08:26 PM
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Default The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

Plot: In each generation there is always something that is to be afraid of. From the possibility of a man destroying an entire people and controlling the world to nuclear warfare, and disease that wipe out millions. It’s no different now. I’m not talking about wars or plagues. I’m talking about one world wide man. A man who does nothing but kill. A worldwide killer who is wanted in every country, every continent, every state. He knows no bounds and has no goals. He just kills. He’s no ordinary killer either. Reports of targeted people, incinerated, fried, drowned without any water source near by. Choked with no actual object. But every victim has something in common. A small piece of there heart is missing. An incsion in there heart that is always in the same spot everytime. These are also people that have recorded strange happenings with supernatural forces. The killer targets those with special abilities. This man's name is the Silent Killer. He leaves no trace, no DNA, no signs. Just a path of blood that goes no where. There is nothing anyone can do about him. Therefore a sector of the United States government known as Sector 10 established itself to find those with special abilities and protect them from the man who kills. It is in complete secrecy and hidden from the public eye. Only those who have encountered the agents that work for it, know what it is and they never get to tell. However even those who seem to have good intentions have evil lurking somewhere. Sector 10 has more objective's than to just find and kill the Silent Killer. You can be either part of the government or an ordinary citizen. But, no matter where you go, the Silent Killer will be there, I’ll be there.

Objective/Goal: You can be in two groups. Normal people with powers running away from the Silent Killer


You can be a government agent from Sector 10 looking for the Silent Killer and anyone else with powers

Rules: 1. All normal PE2K rules
2. No double posting
3. 7 sentence post
4. No flaming
5. No spamming
6. No God-modding
7. No character killing unless without permission

Sign up:

Age: (15-20)
Location in the states:
Special Ability: (Don't go overboard on this)
Weapon: (Optional)


Name: The Silent Killer
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Appearance: The SK wears a long black leather coat that goes all the way down to his feet. He wears black pants as well and has spiky red hair. He has a black bandanna across his mouth as well. His entire arms are covered with long black silk gloves that go up to his shoulder. He has a 5 foot long katana on his back and a scapul strapped to his side. The katana has a black handle and a gold guard.
Personality: ???
History: ???
Special Abilities: Several
Weapon: A hidden katana and a scapul

1. Me


These Pokemon are pretty dope :P

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