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Old 10-31-2007, 05:46 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: I'm experimenting with different fonts, bear with me.

IC: I figured that I probably wouldn't have to run to beat Armadillomon back to our gathering place. With his stubby little legs I'd make it there before him easily. With these ideas in my mind, I figured I was able to waste a little bit of time before running back through the forest.

He was still sitting in the shadow of the arbutus tree, so I had trouble seeing his features from this distance. Should I approach him now, or wait for a better oppourtunity?

Before I had made up my mind his electronic device, like the one I had received in the storm, began to beep unexpectedly. Someone’s voice was being transmitted through it. Shocked by the noise at first, I missed the beginning of Junie’s (or whatever his name was, it wasn’t like I cared) message. Whatever it was sounded important, so I tightened my focus on the sound to try and figure out what was going on.

“Please meet me at the Desert Terminal in seventy-two hours. I will not be there any sooner, nor do we have the time to be any later. Make great haste.” The transmittion ended, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. I had no idea why he was calling upon people to meet with him or what this ‘Desert Terminal’ looked like. Why hadn’t my gadget received this call? I felt left out, and wanted to know why I hadn’t been included in gathering.

Frimon urged his new partner, “C’mon, we’ve got to get there fast if we want to beat the others!”

“Why do we need to beat them?” asked the human in a mysteriously familiar voice, “I don’t want to make them feel bad that we got there first, maybe we should wait a while so that we can be the last ones there. Then, nobody will feel bad about being slow.”

“Except me!” Frimon whined. “Please? I really want to get there first, that way we can show the others we’re the best!”

Again with his oh-so-recognizable voice the boy said, “You can’t say that to the others; everybody’s equal.”

‘Hardy,’ I thought with a grin. Whoever Frimon’s partner was had the wrong idea about people. Even now I knew that I was his superior by far. I would find the desert and the desert terminal that was waiting somewhere within it. He’d fall far behind, with weak ideas like equality. Armadillomon was going to be waiting a long time before I was about to meet him. If he planned on waiting until I showed up, I might go back to check on him in a couple weeks.

In the most pleasant voice I could muster I asked Shaomon, “Which way is the desert?”

He barked happily, glad that I had acknowledged him. This attracted the attention of Frimon, who glared out in the bushes in our direction. Shaomon flipped onto his back and spun around and around. It might have been cute if the rotation wasn’t making me so nauseous. Suddenly he stopped, nose pointed into the brightest area of the woods. “That path’ll take us to the desert!” It was going to take me a while to get used to the strangeness of the digital world.
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Old 10-31-2007, 07:15 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

The little guy slept for hours, and though I had heard noises from around us (far off in the distance, mind you), I hadn't moved from the spot since Gabumon had fallen into his deep slumber.

The poor guy must be so tuckered out... I can't imagine having such a strong urge to protect someone... I mean, honestly. Just from what I saw on the airstrip... this is gonna have to be tough on him. I looked down at him fondly. No one had ever wanted to protect me before, even though there were many things that I may have wanted to have been protected from. Childhood memories passed back into my mind... ones that made me shiver in discomfort. No, things are different now. Look at me! I'm in another world! I'll never have to go back to that living hell... Right? My look soon became worried as I thought about that. He was so bothered about taking me to this world... will he try and send me back if the time ever comes? He said that there was something that needed to be done... What does that mean?

Almost two hours had passed before I realised that one of the sounds around us was approaching rapidly. I started a bit in this realisation, then nudged Gabumon into wakefulness. "Hey!" I pestered. "There's something coming!"

He jumped up from his sleep, landing on his hind legs on the grass below. "What is it?" he asked hurriedly. Before I could repeat myself, though, his ears perked up and he quickly whipped around to the direction it was coming - directly behind the rock I had been leaning on. I had since stood up in alarm, and he quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me around another large boulder, away from the direction the sounds were coming from. "Keep quiet..." he said in a hush.

I did just that, and the sound that I had thought to be close got much louder, and then it stopped, waiting for something, apparently.

After a tense silence, the sound started to go away, and I started to breathe easier. Gabumon put his hand on my leg, obviously a bit worried himself from what had been coming. "It was a Rockmon," he whispered. "He must've caught out scent in a stray breeze. Stupid creatures... either he couldn't figure out that we had moved, or he lost interest."

"So pretty much the ADD of digimon, huh?" I asked with a grin. Gabumon merely cocked his head in confusion. "Oh come on! That was funny! Ah well... I'll try not to say mean things like that then..."

"We need to get somewhere safer," Gabumon urged, pulling me once again. "Somewhere that digimon won't easily find our scent and that they won't happen upon us either."

"Is there anywhere that's actually like that?" I asked in surprise.

Gabumon smiled. "I hope you're not afraid of heights," he uttered lightly.

It took us almost half an hour to get where he led me, but when he did, I understood immediately. We were now standing before a small standing of trees, and all of them were not only excessively thick in leaves, but they also had many pink flowers on them that gave off a very fragrant smell. "So this is the safe haven?" I asked, walking up to the nearest tree and grabbing onto the lowest branch. "Sounds good."

Gabumon smiled, glad that I approved.

I swung my legs up and over the first branch and hung there, reaching down with my arms to grab the little digimon's arms. "Come on!" I said, pulling him up into the tree with me.

We were soon many branches up, me with my legs spread out on either side of the limb for balance, and Gabumon laying on my chest again. Filtered sunlight sone through the few cracks in the leaves. The smell was heavenly, and I was soon woozing off into my own little sleep with what I could now perceive as a giant teddy bear in my lap.

* * * * *

Many hours later, the sun long gone and the moon high in the sky, I would awaken to the sound of a furious beeping from the digivice.

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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Old 11-03-2007, 04:41 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: What's this? Yes, that's right; I'm switching to RP the good Adam for now! Try to avoid running into the evil Adam if you happen to be crossing the desert...

IC: I was relaxing in the shade of a nice orange tree. I recognized the bark and leaves as those of the arbutus, even though there certainly weren't any oceans nearby. The plant seemed interesting and inviting to me, so I decided to sit and watch it while Armadillomon briefed me on what I had to do.

Something about meeting up with a group of other kids, whatever it was I wasn't really interested. The digital world was amazing, and I hoped that I could absorb as much of it as possible before doing any fighting. Fighting was never a good way to spend an afternoon. Tree-watching on the other hand, was a great sport to play.

Armadillomon snapped at me "Were you listening?" Though he had a good reason to be angry, it still made me upset that he had shouted.

"Sorry," I told him, "I'll try and do better." I listened intently to what he said from then on.

It would be a shame if I disappointed him again. Armadillomon's approval was something that I seemed to really long for ever since finding myself in the field. Frimon came up to meet me and I soon found myself wanting to make a good impression on him too. When he first laid eyes on me the digimon complained, but I hoped that in time we could become friends. That was what Armadillomon seemed to want, so I should strive for it too.

After a very short time though, Armadillomon told me someone was waiting in the forest and had he had to go. He asked Frimon to listen to me, but I was sure Frimon would make a better leader. He would probably know the landscape and inhabitants better, after all.

My digivice beeped, and a verbal message began to be sent through. "Chosen Digidestined. You have all now made it successfully to the Great Digital Plains. I am Jen'ichi, a caretaker of the Digital World, if you will. A great quest is upon you now, and the first order of business is at hand. Please meet me at the Desert Terminal in seventy-two hours. I will not be there any sooner, nor do we have the time to be any later. Make great haste." I absorbed every word, excited that I had been selected to perform a task as important as meeting the caretaker of the digiworld. The little picture of a building flashed onto my screen for the duration of the message, but it faded when the voice stopped talking.

My new partner, Frimon, urged me to get moving. It would be nice to get there punctually, but I didn't want to make anyone feel inferior because I got to the terminal first. "Why do we need to beat them? I don’t want to make them feel bad that we got there first, maybe we should wait a while so that we can be the last ones there. Then, nobody will feel bad about being slow." The idea seemed really good to me, and seeing how sweet little Frimon looked, I was sure he would agree.

I was wrong. But hey, everyone was entitled to his or her opinion. Frimon's opinion involved showing the others that we were better than them though. I tried explaining the concept of equality to my new buddy, but he didn't want to absorb any of it. His ideologies were somewhat narrow-minded, but he was still very nice... wasn't he?

For a split-second I thought I heard the bark of a puppy, but I dismissed it as a sign that Frimon was sweet at heart. Frimon jumped at the noise, scanning the scene. Suspiciously he whispered, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, pretty neat. It's a sign that we'll be great friends," I told him. "Why else would we be sharing the same imaginary sounds so early in our partnership?" There probably weren't any dogs in the Digiworld. At least none that barked, I expected that they would all speak English (like Armadillomon and Frimon).

* * * * *

Frimon wailed, "Let's go! Pleeeease! We've been sitting here for hours." The new friend Armadillomon had found for me seemed really nice, even if he was a little loud. In my mind he looked a little like a sunflower or a kitten. Both were images of happiness, so why shouldn't I be happy to have him?

"It hasn't been that long," I tried to comfort him, "At most we've only been here for an hour and a half."

"Aaarg!" Frimon thumped his tail on the ground and rolled around in a fit. "I wanna go now!!!"
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