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Old 10-07-2007, 09:59 PM
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Default The Eevee Squad(Revived)


2 months ago a evil organization called Team Galactic tried to still pokemon energy from evolving pokemon and trying to conquer the universe. Now two new teams have risen. They call themselves Team Burn and Team Frost even more dangeorus then the previous Team Galactic. They have each created a group to study the evolution process and take the energy to create pokemon known as choas pokemon which are corrupted pokemon that are forced to evolve and are enraged with madness. The leaders of the teams are Burn Leader Drake and Frost Leader Crystal and their trusty pokemon Magmortor and Frosslass they are very powerful and have highly advanced technology so its only a matter of time before their goal is complete.

Far off in the Sinnoh region is a group that call themselves the Eevee Squad which consist of eight kids that each have an idividual eevee form. There leader is Sam Nickles but she doesn't boss people around she works with everyone. They have teamed together because they love pokemon and they want to stop the newly risen evil from harming the pokemon. They have learned of the organizations whereabouts Team Burn is in the Hoean region on Mt. Chimmny and Team Frost is in the Sinnoh region on Mt Coronet they have decided to go after team Frost first since they already in the Sinnoh Region but first they need to get ready.....

no spamming
no cursing
no bunnying} unless with permisson
no godmoding} unless with permisson
sign up if you will participate 90% of the time
Have Fun

"Alright group we are going to start training hard from now on because we have to become stronger to take on Team Burn and Team Frost so go to the basement and work hard i have to take care of something"

Name: Blossom
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Old 10-09-2007, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: The Eevee Squad(Revived)

Saq quickly ran to the basement to train. *Whoa im the first one here. I should just wait here until they get here.*

OOC: Man that sucked. We need to post people!
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Old 10-10-2007, 09:17 PM
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Default Re: The Eevee Squad(Revived)

"Um, I'll go with him." Ryan said nervously. He looked down the stairs and paused wondering what would happen if he fell. Ryan's overexcited Leafeon pushed past him and made him lose his balance. He fell and hit the wooden floor hard and, as he usually does, Ryan began to cry. Leafeon turned back and helped Ryan up and used it's long ears to dry his tears. "Thanks Leafeon, he said with a small smile and followed Saq down the stairs.

OOC: You guys need to have longer posts or else this will get locked.
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Old 10-11-2007, 03:37 AM
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Default Re: The Eevee Squad(Revived)

OOC~// Long enough? *lol* I'm pretty long-winded, but I never though it'd be a good thing until now!

I just noticed something. I didn’t mention Reba’s hair color in the sign-up – it’s salmon-meat red, by the way.

* * *


Oh yeah. That basement.

Reba gnawed her knuckles with anxiety on her face. The clubhouse wasn’t much of an ‘organization’, but it was confusing all the same. The old, Victorian style manor had enough sick twists and rough turns to make anyone lose their way. Doors in every corridor, corridors at every turn…

A labyrinth of rooms! And there was no denying it. She was lost.

“The dining room is to our right… And that means…” Reba poked a chubby finger at the sign that read ‘Mess Hall’, the digit waggled unsurely, as if it were a fleshy compass needle that could show the way. “That means…”

The basement is straight ahead from the dining room, take a left turn at the next corner and you’ll see it.

Startled, the girl spun round, her eyes confronted by the apparition of a sleek fish of a creature. Sedna the Vaporeon sat nonchalantly on the windowsill, the light behind her turning her body into nothing more than a dark silhouette.

“Oh. It’s just you.” Enlightenment dawned on her. “Wait! How’d did you get out of your Pokeball?!” She groped about her waist for the little lure ball that she’d bought the day before.

I have my ways.’ Sedna brought a paw to her face, inspecting it with royal detachment. ‘If you think I’m going to spend a majority of my life in a ball half the size of my head…

“Okay, okay! You win!” Her trainer burst out cackling. “But, seriously, how did you get out?”

Trade secret.


I’ll race you to the basement, though. You will let me win?

It was more of a command than a question but Reba still shrugged. By the looks of it, she’d have to if she wanted the Vaporeon to guide her.

The Vaporeon got into position, her backside waggling as she judged the distance, like a Olympic sprinter gearing up to run. She laughed with exhilaration, her voice beginning to sound light, like sea foam on a beach.

Catch me if you caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!

And, like a torpedo, the little blue fox jetted off down the hall, trainer in hot pursuit.
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