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Old 09-30-2007, 04:57 PM
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Default +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

Many centuries ago, there was a land seperated from the rest of the world by the sea. It was divided into a few regions, such as Asteria and Sailand, and had many large cities such as Astar, Stella, and Octopus. But there was one unique feature of this region, that none of the others held. It's still a mystery why it only effected this region, though none ponder it anymore, and very few had pondered it in the past.

The thing that this island held, that no other region had, were the +Anima.

The +Anima were a unique race of humans, beginning in the Kim-um-kir people. These +Anima would often gain many reactions. Some put them up in freak shows, in order to gain a quick buck, while others would be almost sympathetic to these humans. Others tended to be jealous of the unique abilities the +Anima had, while others tended to befriend them, or even use them, because of their unique abilities. Meanwhile, others despised them.

Some people said they weren't even human.

Each +Anima had one identifying feature: a black hued tattoo located somewhere on their body. It could be something as simple as a few lines, or something incredibly complicated and impossible to figure out which line ends where.

But people could only become +Anima under two conditions. The first condition was that you had to be at the age of 15, or younger. The second requirement was a little harder to reach though. You had to be nearing the point of death, the point where there was no hope, when it seemed like there was no return. Because of this, people could never become +Anima on purpose.

When they reached these two requirements, a change would take place. The first stage would be the less noticable one: The mark being etched into the skin, marking them as an +Anima for life. The second stage was the one that gave the +Anima it's powers: Their body would shift, growing the wings of a bird, or becoming more fishlike, almost looking like a merperson in appearance. They'd gain whatever characteristic they needed to escape death.

The +Anima powers varied widely: Some would gain the power of flight, their arms morphing into wings, or wings coming from their back. Some would gain more subtle features, such as superhuman hearing or sight, though there were always less noticeable differences, such as larger ears the the gain of claws. There was an endless amount of possibilities. Fortunately, the reciever of the powers would have the ability to change back into their human form, and vice versa.

Unless, they reached the point of no return. Though rare, some of the +Anima would morph into almost full-animal like states when they first turned into +Anima. They'd lose their minds to ravenous instincts to survive, never regaining the ability to change back. Never being able to end their existence as a monster.


After a few hundred years of the first few +Anima, a two-century period of peace descended upon the island. There were few wars, and next to no life threatening deaths occured to people, and those that did happened to the older population. The existing +Anima died out.

People started to doubt the very existance of them a decade after they became extinct. No trace of them were found until 1500 hundred years later.....

It all began after an expedition in Australia. Very little of it was noted down in history in the year it occured. The details were unknown, though there are a few confirmed facts.

A strange room filled with a sparkling jewel, and many carvings of strange animal-like beasts was uncovered. It's other known that a small landslide happened afterwards, causing most of the sanctuary to be lost under the rubble.

The magic unleashed had not been undone, however.

The father, who had come with his 14 year old son, was in grief, sure that his child had died in the rockslide. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Though the child did die, it turned out it was at the hands of it's own father.

The man remembered seeing a strange creature emerge from the ruins. It looked human enough. But it was a frightening enough to cause the man to use his arms.

The being had a strange, desert-lizard like hide on it's back, it's head covered by a mop of unruly brown hair. It had a more reptile like snout, and large claws had replaced it forelegs. A large dusty brown tail that was known to belong to one of the local lizards adorned it's hindquarters.

If you had looked closely, you'd have seen the slash like mark atop it's shoulder. Unfortunately, the body had been lost to the sand.

This incident had never been spoken of. At least, at not till it started happening in other places.

The first report, approximately three hours later, was in the streets of new york. A thirteen year old had jumped off a twenty story building in a suicide attempt. Fourteen stories down, the tween had grown feathery brown wings, matching those of the pigeon sheltering on the skyscraper. Witnesses reported seeing him fly off, startled. It had been the next days headline.

Many of these beings came into existance. Drowning children had been reported to have grown gills and become more fishlike and quickly swam out. An African boy in Mali had been reported to have grown a Rhino-like hide and gain the strength of one also after being toppled by a tree.

People reacted in many different ways. Some were captured and studied by governments who wanted to study them, and find out how to create more in order to produce weapons of war. Some were simply killed. Others were taken in by new organizations specializing in watching those who had been rejected from their families. Many ran away as outcasts. Some of these managed to blend back into society, while others traveled in groups of other +Anima. People reacted in a million different ways.

Confusion reigned the earth for two years, trying to find out what happened. The +Anima, though, now merely wanted to find a place to be accepted. Some others who were outcasted, wanted to rebel. Some killed themselves right after transforming. And others just wanted to stay safe.

In this roleplay, you will help dicide what the fate of the +Anima will be.


I know I don't have my sign-up done yet, but I don't want to keep everyone waiting, so now you can finally roleplay. ^^

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Old 10-01-2007, 07:59 AM
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Default Re: +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

OOC: Cool, First to post. If Inara learns too much in this one post just let me know... I can always change it.

Inara Aoyama
Kestrel Hawk +Anima

Somewhere near the California/Nevada Border

Inara was still camped near where her plane had crashed. She was amazed no one had found the wreck yet. Though if the plane went too badly off course it is possible they were looking in the wrong place. Inara had heard of that happening more than once. She was a little scared, Inara was all alone in the wild, who wouldn't be a little afraid? She would have bet that her father wouldn't have been afraid if he were in her shoes. But, he was dead and Inara was alive. Alive 'cause she had become a freak.

Inara had transformed into some kind of predator bird and now she had this mark, this black mark right over her heart and every time she ran my fingers over it, it felt like it had been etched into her skin by the finest stone mason. Inara just wished it would disappear. She wasn't even sure whether or not she was glad to be alive. It's not like Inara had wanted to die, but being a creature of scientific interest... was not how she had hoped to live either.

But, Alive she was... for how much longer though... Inara had managed to find a water source, but there was little to eat and the only protection she had against the cold nights of the mountains where she had crashed was the very airplane that could have killed her. The place was beginning to stink too. The disfigured corpses that she tried to avoid at all costs had begun to rot a few days ago. As Inara sat, she wished that she could at least still fly. Then she'd be able to fly over the forest and see where she was and where she could go.

And all of a sudden, she felt as though her arms were longer. She looked at them and saw that a feathered pattern was beginning to show itself on her skin. No, NO! not again! She thought. Before her eyes the pattern retreated and her arm retracted, once again becoming it's normal length. stopped... She thought about what had happened for a minute. I wished I could fly and I started to grow wings...
She thought about being able to see as if she were a hawk again. Inara was surprised when again her arms lengthened, but this time she let the transformation finish. When it was over she found that the trees around her looked a lot bigger than they had a few seconds ago. And she still had arms that were wings, and she quickly discovered she had a hawk's tail as well. But she also realized she could see the bugs moving on the trees where before she couldn't even tell there were bugs...

Well... that's interesting, I guess it's all or none. She thought as she stood to examine herself. But, it seems I can control it simply by willing it to happen. She really hoped that were true. Just to make sure Inara tried imagining herself transforming back into a human. At first nothing seemed to happen, but when she found herself truly wishing it would happen, she began to grow and her eyes returned to normal pretty quickly, though her feathers were the last thing to change.

Inara tried this a few more times and when she felt as though she could cause the transformation to happen whenever she wanted, she began to wonder if she could truly fly with her strange wings. Inara found that in her hawk-like form, she could not reach even the lowest branch of a nearby tree. She would have climbed the plane, but the thought of the corpses inside it discouraged her. So, she transformed back into her human state in which she still had to jump to reach the lowest branch of the smallest pine. Once she was up among the branches though it wasn't hard to keep climbing.

Though she didn't get too high, she didn't want to break any limbs or anything in case this didn't work. That would definitely only make things worse. When she was of a hight she thought might work ok to see if she could glide while still being low enough that she could land without breaking anything she transformed herself into her hawk form and after a few minutes of calming her mind and thinking of nothing but the fact that she did in fact have wings, she finally convinced herself to jump. Inara flung her arms out wide and though they hit the air a little hard and made her shoulders hurt a little, she glided gently to the ground to land just beyond the airplane. Her landing was a little awkward, she had locked her knees and the result was a small tumble, but nothing had been seriously injured.

Inara felt as though she had conquered the world with that, her first controlled "flight". But she realized she probably had a ways to go before she could get close to being able to fly out of the forest and get high enough to find her way out of it. So, she began to repeat the process, climb the tree as a human, glide out as a hawk-creature. As she practiced she got higher and higher. Eventually she figured out it was okay to flap her arms in mid-air. Though the initial drop in altitude was a little scary, she was able to push enough air downwards that she maintained hight.

So, by the time the sun set she could maintain hight enough to fly in two small circles around the plane. In her many jumps she had eventually gotten high enough in the tree that she could see a little of the surrounding area. While most was trees, she could see that the trees abruptly ended a little ways to the east which suggested a cliff. That might be a good place to try her next flight from, but she was tired. She still had little enough food and the water source wasn't exactly close. Inara found that she was warmer in her smaller hawk form with all the feathers, so she stayed in that form as she fell asleep that night.

Thank you Neo!
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Old 10-01-2007, 10:55 AM
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Default Re: +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

OOC: 2nd! Hey, I just realized our characters are kind of in the same place. That'll be interesting.

Nate Stover: Cobra + Anima
-- The middle of nowhere, Nevada, USA --

Nate lay on the hard, rock ground, the golden sun shining fiercely, yet with a jubilant shine, upon his slender, pale body
The shimmering rays of light spread across his face, sharpening his distinct features; his peircing, hazel eyes glistened like those of a child.
Nate's stomach began to growl, not out of hunger, but the way it had for the past few months.
He felt the similar acidic liquid forcing its way up his throat, and sat up immediately, leaning forward and clutching his gut.
The putrid, foul liquid dripped from his mouth and on to the sparce blades of grass at his ankles.
They curdled and withdrew upon impact with the vemon, ultimately fading into the dust that carried upon the Nevadan wind.
Nate struggled to his feet, his throat burning like fire - he hadn't completely gotten used to the random surges of venom that overcame him.
Slowly but surely, his shredded throat healed itself, growing a protective film. Nate assumed it was all a part of the proccess.

He sighed and glanced towards the small, drying lake he had been sitting next to.
The water glistened with the sunlight, tinted a clear shade of green by the overgrowth on its bottom.
Nate cringed at the color of the water, remembering his tragic experience a year earlier.
He felt himself being pushed up against the dark, cold metal, again; a filthy mix of water and waste forcing him upwards.
That was the first, and only time that Nate had been able to completely assume his transformation, and could only control certain parts of it afterwards.

He slipped off his dirt-covered, Converse shoes and removed the revolting, holey socks that covered his feet.
Nate rolled up his jeans and dipped his legs into the lake, the water reaching up to his knee-caps.
Instantly, Nate felt his skin grow a scaley film and it turned a familiar, brown color.
He let his feet dangle there for a few minutes and obsereved his transformation, before quickly removing them.
He put on his socks and shoes once again, after his skin had retreated to its normal, human coloring.

It was slowly getting dark, as night fell across the arid Nevadan skies, and Nate began his wandering, once more.
Nate walked for about a mile or so, until he came across something that stopped him dead in his tracks.
He gazed upon the brokendown structure with awe - it was the first sign of civilization he had seen in a long while.
Slowly, very slowly, Nate crept towards the wreckage that he could easily identify as an airplane.

OOC: I hope it's alright that I have this happening so soon.
I don't want Inara and Nate to meet right away though, and would rather him have some time to explore the area before they meet.


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Default Re: +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

OOC: Sorry I haven't posted yet. ^^;

Nami Okami
The Rocky Mountains [Exact location unknown]
Arctic Wolf +Anima

Click. Clack. Click. Click.

It was the sound of metal hitting rock, caused by Nami's odd boots. The bottom of the boots were covered in some kind of metal. No one really knew why, in fact, it would appear to be a nuisance to hike in metal shoes, especially while the girl was trying to follow a goat.

The dying sunlight caused her pale features and strawberry blonde hair to glow. Her hair was abut elbow length, and it covered the upper right part of her face. The part covering her face was a strange icy blue. She looked like a very strange person, wearing a grey hooded cloak that covered the rest of her body.

Even with the metal boots, Nami was somewhat stealthy. She was able to hide in the shadow of the cliffs. All the goat would ever hear was "click, clack." The girl smirked, her sapphire eyes lighting up.

She concentrated her energy, visualizing a strange, curvy marking in her mind. Although it was hidden under her hair, this mark was visible on her skin over her right eye. It only took a few moments for her to transform herself.

The strawberry blonde part of her hair had turned a snowy white to match what had once been her right arm, but was now a claw-type thing covered in pure white fur. A chilling wind ruffled her hair. She flashed another smirk before darting out of hiding and lunged for the sheep with enhanced speed.

It wouldn't last long.

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Default Re: +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

OOC: Sadly, this will be the only opportunity I have to post until the 14th or 15th of october. I am leaving on a cruise early tomorrow morning, and probably won't have a chance to get on until a day or two after I get back home.

Duncan Wright

Mite +Anima
Location: Public Airline

Duncan was uncharacteristically nervous. Sitting alone in the third to last row of seats on the plane, he kept looking around, as though he expected someone to be watching him. “The plane will reach New York City in thirty minutes.” The feminine voice echoing just above his head through the loud speaker blazed, making him jump slightly. Silently, Duncan chided himself. He was too jumpy! Somebody would notice if he didn’t start acting more naturally. Unconsciously, Duncan’s arm moved upward to his left ear, tugging gently on the lobe, slightly distorting the miniscule markings. He wondered what he had really hoped to accomplish by coming back here.

He wanted to get some personal belongings, of course, but other than that, he really didn’t have much purpose for coming back. It was dangerous, and already he was starting to think that maybe he shouldn’t have come. He didn’t know if his mother would recognize him. He had gotten so much bigger, and he had even had his bright blonde hair changed to brown. He had never changed his name. He didn’t know why, but he hadn’t done it. All these last three years, he had wanted to come back, to get some personal things, and talk to his mother. He hadn’t. He knew that it was a huge risk coming back here, if someone dangerous saw him, all his time spent in hiding would have been practically worthless. He wasn’t even sure if he could trust Angela, his mother. Would she keep his secret if she knew that he was still alive?

He was thirsty. The last time that he had hunted was three weeks ago in Paris, but he was pretty sure that he could keep control, at least for a few more days. Hopefully by that time, he would be long gone. All of these thoughts had been running through his mind nonstop these last few days, but he had mostly just ignored them. The overhead came on again, this time warning that landing would start in a few minutes. As the plane landed, Duncan had gotten up quietly, and went to stand in one of the bathroom stalls. He would wait until the majority of people had gotten off, before he made his exit.

Moving quickly through the crowded airport, Duncan crouched slightly, concealing his height. He hurried to the baggage pickup area, carefully skirting around the blonde toddler in front of him, who was talking animatedly to her father around a large lollipop candy. He grabbed up his worn brown leather bag quickly, and moved on through the crowds of people, heading for the door of the airport. As he moved, he glanced around carefully, making sure that he was not being followed. As far as he could tell, his security had not been compromised. Leaving the airport behind him, Duncan hailed the nearest cab. Getting in quickly, he quietly instructed the man where he wanted to be taken.

After paying the cab driver, Duncan turned and walked back the way that he had come from. He walked south for about three blocks, to an old and worn down house. Silently, he went up to the side gate, and slipped into the backyard. He hurried to the back fence, and vaulted over it into the yard behind. This new yard was immaculate. Although the location was distinctly middle class, and the house was the same size as any other in the neighborhood, the yard reeked of wealth. The grass was perfectly trimmed and exactly the same shade of green across the whole yard. There were several beautiful sculptures across the yard, and each one was perfectly, spotlessly clean.

Walking up to the back door, Duncan pulled a small key from inside his brown leather jacket. He inserted it into the lock, and twisted slowly. Walking inside, he silently closed the door behind him. The inside of the building was, if anything, even more richly decorated than the outside had been. Carefully, Duncan moved across the room and up the main staircase. Upstairs, he moved down the hallway, looking into every room he passed. They were all exactly as he remembered, each room designated for one specific purpose, and all other distractions removed. Stopping in front of the last door, Duncan raised his arm to knock. This had been the only closed door, and Duncan was sure that it was also locked. He could hear someone behind the door talking quietly, and recognized Angela’s voice.

He knocked softly, and her voice went silent. He heard footsteps, and counting the steps, he realized that it was taking her much too long to get to the door. She must be getting a weapon, he realized. Of course, no one would usually bother her in her room, and she was probably the only person in the house right now. Cursing himself for not thinking of this before, he hastily slipped into a defensive stance, slightly away from the door, in case she had a gun. The door opened, just a tiny sliver, and someone peeked out from between the gap.

The door opened wide, and standing in from of him was one of the most beautiful women that anyone could imagine. Her long blonde hair was straight and sleek, and her dark blue eyes contrasted perfectly with the expensive white dress she wore. Everything about her seemed to echo tranquil casualness, even the small silver revolver that was held loosely in her left hand, inconspicuously pointing directly into Duncan’s face. Frowning slightly, she looked a little confused as she surveyed the man standing before her.

“Hello Angela” Duncan said softly. “I see that you haven’t changed a bit since I last saw you.”

She gasped softly, and dropped the gun to the floor, moving backwards slightly in astonishment.

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Default Re: +Anima: Return of the Anthros.

(I LOVE this manga. I saw your avatar and thought Hmmm... Then I found the roleplay. )

Gaile Naene
Fishing Cat +Anima
San Fransisco, CA

(This is not actually on the golden Gates Bridge, but it is nearby.)

The fact is, that in all the world no one could be more confused than the fourteen-year-old boy Gaile. After all, hadn't he just lost his balance and plummeted to the fridged water below the Good 'ol golden Gates?

-Moments before-

'C'mon Gaile, lemme see those amazing balance skills you always boast about. Try and walk across the rails!' an older boy jested.

Gaile looked over the edge, a long fall from a thin rail, but he had taken gymnastics for at least seven years in his youth and had walked across thinner beams than this one.
'You call this a challenge?' he laughed as he hiked himself onto the rail, arms spread eagle style.

Various passersby stopped to watch, not ones to miss a potentially deadly stunt, muttering various things involving insanity.

But he stepped forward, tuning them out with glee. The wind whipped across his darkbrown hair and jacket, but he advanced steadily never looking down concentrating on staying on the bar.

The wind shifted, and picked up harshly. Gaile panicked, trying to keep balance, but he still fell…

How he kept traction on a sheer cliff face was a mystery to him, but common sense told him to get back to Horizontal ground. Coughing a little he heaved himself back on to the more preferred side of the rail he quickly dusted off is pants only o find that his bottom half had suddenly decided to turn cat-like on him. Not to mention that this hands were now a sort of bizarre combination of human and fishing cat (Characterized by slight webbing between the digits.) fur, claws, and all. Then Gaile realised hat everyone was watching him, and he ran off, bewildered and confused.
I've quit spriting and won't be on anymore. Thanks for all the memories guys.
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