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Old 09-11-2007, 05:51 AM
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Default [SU] | [The Necklace Spirits] | [Version 1.0]

The Necklace Spirits


Kids. They live life just as kids. Playing around, no pressure, and don't have to work. But being a kid isn't all that fun. You might get taken, or anything bad might happen to you. So, you better make sure you don't get taken, or else something might happen, something, you are not even aware of. Being a kid could be the best thing to you, but it's not what you expect. Kids are lucky in somethings, but are they in everything? You must be wrong there. Kids, are easily never off the hook. Like a group of kids, three boys and a girl, all in the age of ten. And this is what happened.

The kids loved to play baseball, it was the thing of their lives. They did it daily, took it at school, and just worshiped it. They usually went to the baseball field at the park nearby, without anyone to take care of them. Just them, their Pokemon, and their equipment. The kids did not know how to battle so well, and they only know a few things about battling, which was bad for them, as the park was a public park. There life became twisted, as they were never seen after this.

They were out, and playing baseball and all. They were playing, two versus two. The female and male were winning by a few points. They left their bags out on the side, where they could be easily taken. The park was usually filled in the afternoon. And some bad people were bound to be around. So, when the game was finished, they picked up their stuff. But the expected happened, the bags were lost. Their Pokemon and everything.

They were out to find them, but got lost and were taken. No one could find them.


A few years later, they organized a team to watch out for the little kids out. People from their teen ages looked out, and cared about the little kids who were lost. They did as much as they could, and found nothing. They also have their own HQ to find the kids as fast as possible. They also each had a necklace, which they had and lost. The necklaces were hidden in places, and can be used to bring back the kids if they are placed on the necklace placer, hidden somewhere in Johto. You'll have to help the kids, become alive once again.


Username/Alias: The basic name you would like to be called by in the discussion and Out Of Character Chats.
Character Name: The name of your character in the role-play. You must confirm your first, middle, and last name.
Age: The age of your character in this Role-Play. The age range is from thirteen to eighteen.
Gender: The gender of your character. I am only to accept male or female, not any others.
Appearance: The basic look of your character, just a slight description, with no pictures.
History: The past of the teenager you play. His basic life story, before he was to help the squad.
Personality: The way the character reacts or does in situations. Give an in-depth feel to it.
Pokemon: You are permitted to have no legendaries, and a team of six. No ubers, please.


  • You are not allowed to flame, or spam
  • You are permitted to post at least once a week
  • Don't bunny or god-modding, you cannot control this Role-Play
  • My Role Play, my way. I get what I want here
  • Out Of Characters are fine, but don't use it too much. We'll have a discussion thread soon
  • One character each, since I don't want this to overload
  • Any questions concerning the Role-Play will be posted in the discussion thread or over PM
  • F.U.N is the key to this Role-Play


You are a basic teenager, one who is fond of helping the squad to find these group of kids. You are also to find the necklace, as you are not sure if they are still alive. Each necklace is in a hidden place in the following regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Each necklace represents the sould of the kids, which you are to putt in the necklace placer in Johto. The Role-Play will finish once the necklaces are found, and we might have a sequel.


This will come soon. The sample will be mine, and I will have an automatic accept.




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