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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-19-2005, 02:02 PM
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Default The passion of fire (Proluge)

(Hi everyone this is my secound time trying a new fanfic so make sure you post your comments so i can make this fic even better thank you and please R&R)

The Passion of Fire (Proluge)

Gary Blaze had alway's had a burning passion for fire pokemon ever since he was small child. To be correct a fire pokemon saved his life. The loyal yet lovable Houndoom, its Loyalness and bravery repersented what a pokemon should be like. It was only a few years ago when Gary was about 5. The green slush of trees coverd the Salom forest, The pidgey chirped and the makey's played as Gary ran as fast as he could from the mother kangaskan.

"Ahh!" Gary yelled as the small boy could only run so fast.

The Kangaskan was rageing with anger as its eyes beemed red but also took to percaution its younger off spring with was placed in its pouch.It has a yellow belly, brown skin and a blake forehead. Gary had thought that it was some type of rock since its back was faceing at him and the tall bushy grass was surrounding him so he jumped on its back to get a pecha berry that was up on a tree soon that he knew it would be a big mistake.

"Im sorry kagaskan I wasn't trying to hurt you." Gary had silver hair,and crystal blue eyes, and wore a white longsleve shirt, a black and blue vest, and tan shorts.

Gary soon fell flat on his face dirt was on his knees and pants and he could not get up. Suddenly a black flash passed him as a poemon with 2 horns black furr and silver lines going down him back confronted the angry mother. It soon charged trying a Takedown attack and missed because of houndoom's incredibel speed. It then shot a flame thrower at its back thinking to not endager the child as well.

The kangaskon did not give up yet it looked at gary and went straight for him. Houndoom shot sraight for him and used a takedown attack didnt do much but made the Kangaskan turn back and leave. Gary was gasping like crazy he felt so scared but just l;ooking in houndoom's eyes he knew he was in safe hands. The Fire pokemon gazed at Gary and then dissapperd.
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Old 02-20-2005, 10:52 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2005
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Default Re: The passion of fire (Proluge)

Chapter1: Torch the chick Part .

the small town of littleroot lit up as the wingull hoverd over the town cawing loudly awkening the residents of littleroot. It wwas a friday morning and gary had just awaken from the buzzing of his alarm clock.

"uhh" Gary said half asleep.

He soon got on his feet and looked over to his pidgey clock whicth was still ringing he motined his arm over to it and stoped it.

"Its 9:30 allready" Gary sighed he walked over to the mirror seeing some picture of his father and Him, His father was a police officer in the force he had passed a few years ago before he moved to the hoeen region. One thing he didnt forget was the fun times they had and also playing with growlithe he is now his family's pet he sighed as he then fixed his hair and made it spikey and he fixed his spikey silver cause he cut it off about a year ago.

"Gary get ready!" His Mom yelled from downstairs.

"Ok!" Gary replied.

He placed his long black shirt, a red vest,black pants, and placed his red cap on. He adjusted his sneakers and grabbed his red bookbag from the counter and started down the stiars.

"Im here" Gary annoucned as he placed his bookbag on the chair and sat down as his Mom hadded him a plate of egg's and bacon.

"Here's your breakfast for your big day" His mom winked.

She wore a pink tshirt,a white aprian, and blue jeans, she did not look like Gary a whole lot she had brown hair instead of silver but you could tell that was his mom because of her face.

"Mom where is growlie" He asked.

"He went out side to play" she replied.

"Oh I wanted to say goodbye to him before I went for my pokemon journey" Gary explained.

"Oh you can say bye to him on the way out" she said picking up his plate since he was done.

Gary walked over to the sink and washed up once he was done he grabbed his back pack and went to the front door His Mom followed.

"I guess this is Goodbye" Gary said sadly.

She placed her hands on his cheek, "This is not good bye think of it as a see you later" she gave him a hug and opend the door.

"Ill call you when ever i get the chance" Gary replied stepping off the front porch and to the backyard to go see growlithe.Once he got out he left he opend the gate to the backyard and saw growlthe playing with a ball."Hey buddy" Gary said as he petted him sofly, Growlithe looked at himand smiled.

"Grow!" he said happily.

Gary hugged him and gave him a kiss on the head, "Im leaveing but im comeing back!" he smiled." And your going to have so many friends to play with" He finished.

"Grow?" Growlithe said confused.

"Dont worry ill be back" Gary said getting up and walking out the gate and took one last look of the house and went on to prof.birches lab this was just the begining of his andventure.
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