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Old 08-22-2007, 02:52 AM
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Default metroid metal

Metroid Metal

I Setting
-a. Areas:
--1. Outer space.
--2. planet light 227.
--3. Bounty hunter academy.

-b. Time frame:
--1. welcome to light 227 (intro to characters, chapter 1).
--2. Schooldays (chapter 2).
--3. Metroid Metal (chapter 3).
--4. Graduation (chapter 4).
--5. Happy Hunting (chapter 5).
--6. The Only Minute (ending, chapter 6).

II Characters profiles
-a. Samus Aran
--1. Caucasian, blonde, tall, thin, muscular woman
--2. Greatest metroid hunter in existence, her suit is on display in the academy

-b. Artix Krieger
--1. Caucasian, black hair, other looks vary throughout timeline
--2. The protagonist in this story. he is wracked with his planet's (and family's) destruction, which is a horrible accident he caused, involving metroids.

-c. Auras Teln
--1. a smart, mousey-brown haired woman.
--2. Artix's teacher.

-d. Tarcell Robbens
--1. Taller than Artix.
--2. Artix's best friend since the metroid evacuation on thier planets.

-e. Cysero FCCO [C or N] (Federation [Commisioned or Certified still unsure] Onboard [Computer or Navigator still unsure]).
--1. A Computer that is embedded into Artix's ship.
--2. Emotionless, ruthelessly efficient machine.

III general storyline
-a. chapter one
--1. Tells the life of Artix up to this point, shows the attack of metroids on the planet light 227.
--2. introduces Tarcell, and the bounty hunter academy.

-b. chapter 2
--1. Introduces Auras, who educates Tarcell and Artix and many others about metroids
--2. Shows some of samus's life and her suit on display at the museum in the acadmey

-c. chapter 3
--1. describes the new suit that is used by Artix after graduation and how the suit works.

-d. chapter 4
--1. A short Chapter of the graduaton and the new appearance of Artix and Tarcell.

-e. chapter 5
--1. Introduces Cysero. Artix sets out on his mission on his home planet, he fights metroids, kraid, ridley, and the last omega metroid
--2. Ends with a tragedy... I ain't gonna tell you!!!

-f. chapter 6
--1. Artix destroys a metroid nest which is supporting the cavern causing it to collapse giving him only a few minutes...
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