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Old 08-19-2007, 05:35 AM
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Question Weapon - Throwing Knife with Steel Chain

Something I wrote up for my story. I have a rudimentary knowledge of throwing knives, and I was wondering if this was possible. I read about a particular style of knife throwing that was similar to this, but less accurate than the traditional method of throwing the knife. However, that particular style would be better for actual combat. What do you think?

Aderyn weighed the throwing knife in her palm, feeling the cold metal against her rough skin. It was a relatively small black-painted steel weapon with an elongated diamond shape, no more than the length from her wrist to the tip of her middle finger. In the handle were several small circular holes and at the last hole at the end of the handle a thin twenty-foot stainless-steel chain had been attached. The chain led to a metal loop on a leather bracelet on her right wrist.

In a movement too quick to follow easily with the naked eye, she threw it. The knife did not flip end over end – it flew through the air with fatal accuracy, the end of the chain following behind it with a snake-like movement. The knife landed with a satisfying thump in the bark of a nearby tree, the chain drooping loosely from the stuck knife to Aderyn’s upturned wrist. She curled her fingers upward and pinched the chain, giving it a hard tug. The knife popped out of the flesh of the tree and Aderyn reeled it in with admirable speed. She flipped the knife upward, sending it curling through the air in front of her and she snatched it by the handle.
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Old 08-20-2007, 07:03 AM
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Default Re: Weapon - Throwing Knife with Steel Chain

It does sound feasible. If Xiaolin Showdown can have a guy who's staff is on a chain, why can't you have a knife on a chain. If you mean the fight scene itself... *goes back and fully reads* ah, not a fight scene. Well, if she's had practice (or happens to be Jessi XX), then yeah, I suppose it's possible. It's a common tactic of assassins who wield throwing knives, as well as ninja using kunai, to throw a knife perfectly straight, as if it twists or turns even a little bit then you could miss your specific target (like hit too far to the left and miss the heart, or a litle low and you get chest instead of throat), or you could just accidentally hit the target with the hilt instead. So yeah, not only is it possible, it'svery much probabe with anyone who specializes in throwing weapons to be able to throw a knife perfectly straight.
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