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Old 03-17-2004, 12:06 PM
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Default Mikkael's Pokemon Adventure-Part 1 of the Mikkael Quintet

OK People, This is my first story i've written for the public ... Please give lots and lots of feedback and idea's as to how the story is going.

CHAPTER 1 - Squirtle VS Larvitar. A rivalry sparks!
“Good morning this is DJ Sam, all the way from the Lavender Radio Tower. It’s 7:30 am on a beautiful autumn morning. All you lazy Pokemon Trainers out there better get up because it is a great day for catching Pokemon. We’ll begin the day with the sounds of the Pokemon Mar….” Mikkael leaned over and pressed the snooze button on his radio alarm clock. With a muffled groan, he hauled himself out of bed and slowly made his way into the bathroom.

The water was warm as he stood under the shower not fully awake yet.
“Mikkael hunny …. Breakfast is on the table when you’re finished!” Kathren, his mother called from downstairs.
“Be there in a minute!” Mikkael called back, as he got out of the shower and towel-dried himself. Putting on his favorite half-length pants and a black shirt, Mikkael ran downstairs, throwing his pajamas in the washing basket as he passed the laundry, and slipped into his seat at the breakfast table in the kitchen.
“Here you are my sweet.” Kathren placed a large bowl of pokecrunch on the table in front of Mikkael. Mikkael looked into the bowl at the little Pokemon heads floating around in the milk.

Grabbing a spoon, Mikkael began eating the contents of the bowl. At 8:00am exactly, a small whistle was blown and a few envelopes fluttered to the ground in front of the kitchen door.
Mikkael dropped his spoon, jumped out of his chair and scooped up the letters before his mother could move one foot.
“Hmmm. Bill, bill, bill, bi … ahhh a letter from Professor Oak.” Placing the other pieces of mail on the counter for his mom, Mikkael sat down and tore open the envelope from Professor Oak.

“Hmm says here we’re being invited to a welcome back party for Gary and Ash. It seems they’re returning from the Pokemon League.”
“When’s it for?”
“Ahhh …. This afternoon. If it’s alright with you I might go there now. I need to pick up a few things.”
“Yeah sure, after you finish your breakfast.”
“Thanks.” Mikkael took another spoonful before getting up, grabbing his cap, and walking out the door.
“I said after … hmmm. There he goes again.” Kathren smiled as she sat on the barstool and began opening her mail.


As the automatic doors opened at the Professor's Lab, Mikkael was greeted with a refreshing blast of cool air. Taking a deep sigh, he entered.
"Hello? Can I help you?" A boy in a white lab coat asked.
"Me?" Mikkael turned shocked. This was the first time someone other than Professor Oak had talked to him inside the lab. The Assistants were usually far to busy to worry about who came and went. "Uhh ... I'm looking for Professor Oak. Is he in?"
"Do you have an appointment?" The boy asks.
"I didn't know I needed one."
"Ha! If you don't have an appointment, you can't see the Professor." The boy said smugly.
Mikkael clenched his fists and glared at the boy.
"Ahh Mikkael. So nice of you to swing by."
Mikkael turned around to see Professor Oak standing behind him with a girl. She seemed to be roughly the same age as him.
"Hello Professor. Your assistant was just ..."
"Telling him you'd just ducked out for a second and should wait here till you return." The boy cut in.
"Ahh that was very thoughtful of you James ... Oh Mikkael this is my Granddaughter Alyssa."
"Hi." the girl smiled before turning away from Mikkael's gaze.
"Hihowareyou?" he spluttered out, now fairly embarrassed.
Alyssa giggled a little.
"So! Mikkael, you wanted to see me?" The Professor asked.
"Oh. Yeah. I came down to get my first pokemon." He replied.
"Ahh yes ... Well follow me then. Alyssa? Would you mind waiting out here with James?"
Alyssa nodded and sat down in one of the waiting chairs nearby.

"So Mikkael, have you thought about which Pokemon you would like to train?" The professor asks him, as they entered a small room with a machine in the center of it.
"Yes." Mikkael grinned excitedly as he pictured the pokemon he'd shortly receive.
"Alright then, here we are." Professor Oak flicked on a switch behind the machine. Three slots opened up and 3 Pokeballs rose on silver claws. The pictures of 3 starting Pokemon were in front of the slots.
"I choose ...."

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Old 03-17-2004, 12:10 PM
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Default Re: Mikkael's Story

Well whaddya think?
Don't forget to post Idea''s.

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Old 03-17-2004, 06:41 PM
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Default Re: Mikkael's Story

Well first off its great to have a new fic here at the fanfic section. This seems like it will develop into a nice fic so keep up the good work. Although i dislike that cliffhanger at the end because i want to hurry and find out which pokemon he will choose. Great job!

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Old 03-17-2004, 08:25 PM
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Default Re: Mikkael's Story

I agree with you KCash, word for word. The annoying thing about cliffhangers is that I hate them when I'm reading other peoples stories, but when I'm writing my own I love writing them to build up suspense. Cruel yes, but fun!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Old 06-06-2004, 08:37 PM
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Default Re: On the Wings of Change-Mikkael's Story (part1)

Hey all. Sorry i haven't posted an update for soo long. I kinda .... forgot i had this one on here. I'll try to make it up to you all and post frequently, but i can't promise anything. OK well here's the first installment of CHapter 2 and when i can think of more i'll post it. This one's pretty lame but ... yeah. I kinda didn't have much to go on as it's been sitting here for a while and all my good idea's if i had any rusted with it lol. So yeah. Here goes.

Chapter 1 Cont ...

The end claw opened up and Mikkael snatched the Pokeball. He grinned as he rotated the ball on his hand.
"Go … Squirtle!" He yelled pointing his Pokeball towards a clear part of the ground. A red beam shot out from the center of the ball and began to form a small turtle Pokemon.
"Squirtle!" it yelled.
Mikkael, still grinning, jumped up and punched the air with his fist. "I've got a Squirtle!" he yelled.
"Well Mikkael, here are your starting items." Oak said, holding a pokedex and 5 pokeballs. "I do hope you can come to the welcome back party this afternoon. Alyssa will be there." Professor Oak managed a chuckle as he saw Mikkael blush a little.
Mikkael nodded.
After a while of silence Professor Oak suddenly livened up. “Well I best be off. I have a few things to do before this afternoon, so if you’ll excuse me.” Professor Oak said abruptly.
Mikkael nodded again and was about to speak when Oak brushed past him and said his goodbyes.
“Wha … See ya Professor Oak.” Mikkael stumbled as he watched the Professor leave the room. “Squirtle return.” Mikkael returned his pokemon and began to leave. He placed his hands on the door to push it open and found out to his surprise, that it wouldn’t budge. He tried again. Still nothing.
“What is wrong with this door?!” Mikkael exclaimed.
“Oh are you trying to get out?” came a voice from the other side.
“Yeah … Alyssa?”
“OH … yes. Sorry I was trying to come in.”
Mikkael took his hands away from the door and it swung open. Alyssa was standing there looking slightly embarrassed. Mikkael, too, was embarrassed, but he managed not to show it so well.
“Sorry about that. I’ll just leave.” Alyssa said before turning away.
“Wait!” Mikkael yelled out a little too loud. “Err I mean don’t go… please.” He yelled out. Realizing what he had just said he began to blush and look away. Why was it so difficult to look at this girl without turning a deep shade of pink?
“Ah … yeah. See you at the Welcome back party then?” Mikkael quickly said trying to change the subject and leave as fast as possible.
“Huh? Oh yeah.” Alyssa replied.
“OK then. Bye?” Mikkael began to leave.
“Bye …” Alyssa stood still and watched him leave.


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Default Re: On the Wings of Change-Mikkael's Story (part1)

Sorry it's so short. I'll try to get a longer one up later.
Chapter 1 Cont ...

“STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!” Mikkael cursed himself as he walked back home from Professor Oak’s lab. “She’s just a girl. All you had to say was ‘Hi how are you today? Oh that’s good. I’m pretty good myself. So what brings you down here. Oh you’r getting your first pokemon? Me too-“
“Who are you talking to?”
“-AH!” Mikkael jumped at the sudden voice. He had though he was alone when he realized he was already at the front door of his house. His little brother was sitting in one of the outdoor chairs on the veranda.
“COULD YOU TWO STOP YOUR YELLING!” their mother screamed at then from inside the house. Randy feeling he had won, poked his tongue at Mikkael, who suddenly clipped Randy in the back of the head.
“Ehehe.” Mikkael smirked then entered the house, leaving Randy outside rubbing his sore head.
“Ahh ... Thank you.” Kathren said placing a tray steaming with freshly cooked cookies down on a cooling rack on the bench.
“Ohh Cookies!” Mikkael called as he reached for one. “OWWW!” He yelped, “They’re hot!”
“Well what did you expect?” Replied his mother stifling back a giggle.
“You don’t need to rub it in mum. And anyway what are all these cookies for?” he asked
“These … are for the welcome back party for Ash and Gary this afternoon.” Kathren replied moving the cookies from the tray and arranging them on a platter. Mikkael quickly grabbed one while his mum’s back was turned and shoved it in his mouth.
“HEY ... Oh. No more ‘till later.”
“Oorite!” Mikkael replied through a mouthful of cookie. He began to leave the kitchen when suddenly his mum spoke.
“What did you need to see Professor Oak for this morning?”
“Oh. I wanted to know if I could get a starter Pokemon. Seen as I begin my journey in two days time. Thought I’d get in early.” He replied.
“Oh ok. Can I have a look?”
“The pokemon you chose silly.”
“Oh. Squirtle I choose you!”
Squirtle appeared in a beam of light.
“Squirtle!” He called.
Randy came racing in from outside.
“Why’d you get a pokemon?” he asked a little hurt.
“’Cos I’m old enough to have one and your not!” Mikkael replied fully rubbing that fact in.
Randy stormed out of the kitchen and Mikkael recalled his pokemon before walking upstairs to his room.
“Mikkael hunny, don’t forget we’re leaving here at 3:00 p.m sharp.” Kathren called from downstairs.
"Uhh uh!” Mikkael called back as he closed his door and layed down on his bed to stare up at the ceiling. For how long, he didn't know but he suddenly felt himself being shaken awake by his little brother.
"Nuuu ..." Came Mikkael's reply.
"Mum said to get up now otherwise we're gonna be late." replied Randy as he carefully began to poke Mikkael.
"Wha .. what's the time?"
"Time for you to get your big fat self out of that bed." Randy quickly jumped back as Mikkael reached for his clock. 2:45pm was what the digits read. Mikkale moaned and sat up.
"Be downstairs in 5 minutes. Or you'll be in trouble." Randy called out as he exited the room. Mikkael threw his pillow at the door as it closed.
He rubbed the sleep form his eye's, yawned, stratched and stood up. he walked over to his drawers and pulled out a black t-shirt. He quickly changed shirts, grabbed his hat, his pokeball and ran down stairs where his Mum and Randy were waiting.
"Took you long enough." Randy teased.
"Shut up!" Mikkael snapped back.
"Oh someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning."
Mikkael was about to speak when his mum interupted him.
"Now now that is enough. While we are down there-"
"-We are to be on our best behaviour." Mikkael interupted, "Mum you say that to us every time we go out."
"Well i'm just making sure it sinks in."
Mikkael smiled and walked outside with the rest of the family.

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Old 06-11-2004, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: On the Wings of Change-Mikkael's Story (part1)

Chapter 1 cont ...

“Ahh Kathren! Glad you could join us.” Professor Oak said as Kathren, Mikkael and Randy entered through the side gate to the back of Professor Oaks’ house which, conveniently for him, was backed on to the Pokemon Lab. “Hello Randy, Mikkael so nice of you to join us.”
Mikkael nodded and scanned the backyard for Alyssa, finding her standing alone propped up against a Pine tree. Professor Oak noticed this and leant near Mikkael. “Well don’t just stand there go and talk to her.”
Mikkael blushed and Professor Oak chuckled. For some reason or another, Mikkael got the impression that Oak was semi-forcing him and Alyssa to “talk”. Mikkael walked over to the buffet table to place down the chocolate cake his mum had baked. After he had done that, he looked for Alyssa again. This time she was standing around with a couple of her girlfriends, all laughing and gossiping. He stared a little while longer watching her beautiful brown hair flow gently in the slight breeze until he realized someone was calling his name. Snapping out of his daydream, he turned his head to see his best friend Matthew calling him over to where a small group of guys were hanging out. Mikkael recognized some of the guys. There was Seth with his Dratini, Sean with his Bulbasaur and Seraph with his Pikachu. Matthew of course had been given a Charmander later that day while Mikkael had been sleeping.
“Hey guys. What’s up?” Mikkael asked as he reached the group. Seth was patting his Dratini.
“Mmm not much you know. Me ‘n’ Dratini here have been training up in the fields a bit but other than that not a lot.”
“Yeah. It’s been pretty boring around here. What with us not being able to begin our journeys for another few days. All we’ve got left to do is train.” Sean added.
Seraph nodded, his Bulbasaur growled in agreement.
A sudden silence washed over the group as the boys found nothing to say to each other. Suddenly Seth spoke.
“So … Mikkael, I hear you got your pokemon this morning.”
“Oh yeah! Right.” Mikkael grabbed his pokeball on his belt and pressed this small white button in the center. A few seconds later, Squirtle appeared standing next to him.
“Squirtle!” Squirtle yelled in excitement.
“Charmander!” “Bubbasaur!” “Pika!” “Dratini!” The other pokemon replied in unison.
Squirtle looked up at Mikkael. Mikkael nodded and Squirtle walked over to mingle with the other pokemon.
“Wow! He makes friends really fast.” Seraph stated.
“Mikkael smiled, “Yup, Sure does.”
The boys carried on like this for a little while longer until Professor Oak suddenly shouted.
“Can I have everyone’s attention please? Good. Firstly I’d like to thank you all for coming here today and for bringing your wonderful delicacies.” He looks towards the buffet table, “And secondly, I would like to announce that very shortly our guests of honor shall be arriving.”
No sooner had the Professor finished his sentence, than music was heard blaring out of a car radio as it pulled up into the driveway.
“What! They’re here already!” Professor Oak choked as he moved from his makeshift chair stand to the side gate. “Oh they’re early.”
“GRANDPA I’M HO…!” Gary yelled as he opened the side gate.
“SURPRISE!” everyone yelled.
“…ME.” Gary looked around at the decorated backyard before realizing he was being poked in the side.
“Gary. Do you wanna kinda move. You’re blocking the entrance.” Ash said snapping Gary back into reality.
“Oh ... What? OH!” Gary moved forwards more into the backyard and Ash pushed past, followed by Brock and Misty.
“Mom!” Ash yelled as he dropped his stuff and raced to give his mom a big ‘I’m back’ hug.
“Finally! We can eat now.” Matthew exclaimed as he raced towards the table, his Charmander following closely behind. The rest of the group burst into laughter and went over to greet Ash and Gary and hear about their amazing Journey in the land of Johto.


Around 5:00pm, Ash and Gary showed off their pokemon they had caught while visiting the Johto Region before entertaining their audience with a magnificent Pokemon Battle. (It ending in a draw.)
“Wow! Now there are two of the greatest Pokemon Trainer’s I’ve ever seen.” Seth exclaimed. The other boys nodded in agreement.
“Just goes to show you haven’t seen many trainers then.” Came a voice from behind them.
“What!?” All the boys yelled out at once turning around to face the voice.
Johnus stood behind the 5 boys smirking, “I said, It Just go-“
“We know what you said!” Snapped Matthew, “But what do you mean by it?”
“I mean that Ash and Gary may be hot stuff, but there are better and stronger trainers out there.” Johnus replied.
“Well duh genius!” replied Seth.
“But then again, looking at you 5 I hardly think so.” Johnus chuckled and began to walk away.
“Oh I don’t think so buddy!” Seth said side stepping in front of Johnus.
“Get out of my way before I make you move!” growled Johnus reaching for his pokeball.
“Ohh is that a threat? Dratini and I could wipe the floor with you in a matter of seconds.” Seth growled back.
“Oh is that so ey? Then I challenge you to a pokemon battle right now!” Johnus exclaimed.
“You got yourself a battle!” Seth snapped.
“Wait!” Mikkael yelled stepping in between Johnus and Seth.
“What?” Both boys said at once.
“Seth I couldn’t let you fall down to his level …” Johnus snorted, “That’s why I’LL battle him!”
“WHAT!” both boys yelled again in unison.
“You got a problem with that Johnus?” Mikkael asked.
“Oh no.” replied Johnus, “I just thought I’d actually have a proper battle is all.”
Mikkael went red in the face. “Just because I’m not as experienced in Pokemon Battling as you are, doesn’t mean I couldn’t beat your backside! Squirtle battle position!” Mikkael yelled. Squirtle jumped in front of Mikkael and growled at Johnus as he waited for his command.
“Piece of cake.” Replied Johnus before throwing his pokeball onto the designated battle arena. “Go Larvitar!”
The pokeball burst open and a small horned pokemon emerged.
“Larvitar!” It called out.
“Whoa he’s got a Larvitar!” “How’d he get a pokemon like that?” voices called out in shock as Larvitar appeared on the field. Mikkael became a little uneasy as he heard someone say that Larvitar might just be stronger than his Squirtle. He looked down at his tiny turtle pokemon. Squirtle looked determined and so should he. Wiping away any uncertainties, Mikkael issued his first command.
“Squirtle TACKLE!” Squirtle charged towards Larvitar, his head bend just slightly.
“Larvitar dodge to your left and use LEER!” Johnus commanded.
Larvitar followed orders and jumped out of the way of Squirtle just before it hit. Larvitar then prepared his next move. His eye’s glowed a hazy white and Squirtle froze up.
“Larvitar use this time to BITE Squirtle!”
Larvitar sprang from his place and bit down hard on Squirtles’ shell.
“SQUIRRRRRTLE!” Squirtle yelled.
“Oh no … Umm Squirtle use a TAIL WHIP attack to get Larvitar off you.”
Squirtle stopped screaming and began to wiggle its small tail. Larvitar began to laugh releasing Squirtle from it’s clutches as it burst into tears as it was tickled.
“That’s it Squirtle. Now TACKLE!” Mikkael ordered.
Squirtle stopped the TAIL WHIP attack and gutted Larvitar. Aiming a direct hit right to the stomach. Larvitar stopped laughing and fell to the ground.
“Larvitar! Don’t take this lying down. Get up and use BITE!” Johnus yelled.
Larvitar righted itself and leaped into the air to bite Squirtle once again.
“Oh no you don’t! Squirtle roll to the side and TACKLE again!” Mikkael yelled thoroughly enjoying this experience. Squirtle rolled to the side as he was told and sent Larvitar flying as he used another TACKLE attack catching the tiny pokemon in mid fall.

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Default Re: On the Wings of Change-Mikkael's Story (part1)

“Larvitar! Get up, you can do this!” Johnus yelled.
Larvitar slowly got up now fully determined to take this pokemon down.
“That’s it! Use another BITE attack!”
Squirtle began to do a little dance not realizing Larvitar had gotten back up. Suddenly Squirtle stopped his dance and winced as Larvitar bit down hard on his tail.
“Squirtle NO!” Mikkael yelled as he tried to think of an attack that would save his pokemon.
Squirtle called out his name one final time before bubbles began to foam from its mouth.
“Squir!?” “What!?” Squirtle and Mikkael said at once.
“Mikkael that’s Squirtles BUBBLE attack. Seraph called out to Mikkael.
“Oh … Right. Got ya!” Mikkael nodded. “Squirtle use BUBBLE!” Mikkael yelled.
Squirtle didn’t need to be told a second time. He turned his head to face Larvitar and then shot an array of bubbles at it. Larvitar let go of Squirtles tail instantly and stumbled backwards.
“Now Squirtle TACKLE!” Mikkael yelled issuing the final attack.
Squirtle ran full throttle towards Larvitar. There was no escaping now. Squirtle hit his opponent head on and sent him flying. Larvitar hit the ground fairly hard a few feet away knocking him out instantly.
“Larvitar NO!” Johnus cried as he raced towards his fainted pokemon. “That was a great battle. Rest now. RETURN!” Larvitar vanished inside the pokeball in Johnus’ outstretched arm in a beam of red light.
“Grrr. You may have beaten me this round Mikkael Sanders! But mark my word. We WILL be seeing each other in the near future. I can guarantee that.” With this, Johnus ran away into the dimming sunset. Mikkael walked over to Squirtle, tired and exhausted form the fight.
“Wow. That was … unbelievable. Squirtle you’re one tough guy.” Mikkael smiled and rubbed Squirtles head before unclipping his pokeball. “RETURN buddy. You deserve a break.” Squirtle nodded as he disappeared into the pokeball in a read beam.

“Oh my GOD Mikkael! That was so awesome” Sean yelled in excitement.
“I couldn’t have done it without Squirtle.” Mikkael replied holding his pokeball in his hands. Mikkael and Sean regrouped with the rest of the gang to say their goodnights and to congratulate Mikkael on a brilliant first battle. The one appraisal that made Mikkael turn a scarlet red, was the one from Alyssa as she kissed him softly on the cheek before running to catch up with Gary and Professor Oak. The boy’s picked on Mikkael for a little bit longer about this before they all went home for the night. Mikkael slowly walked home in the dark, finally reaching his house, climbing the stairs and jumping into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a whole new adventure.


Well what do ya's think so far?? Comments and other stuff welcome:P

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Default Re: On the Wings of Change-Mikkael's Story (part1)

Argh. I'm going through a title crisis. I don't like the title i have and i want to change it, but i don't knwo what to change it to. lol. So if everybody could just bare with the changes in the title as i find a good one for my fic that would be appreciated. thanks

EDIT: Oh now it's a chapter crisis:P *remembers why he doesn't post his stories:P*. Lol sorry bout this. I keep looking at it and then wanting to change.
So far, i've changed the name 3 times altough they were all at the same time:P and now i've deleted th Chapter titles and made the above 1 big chapter. hmmm i think i mihgt name my chapters now:P lol


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Default Re: Mikkael's Pokemon Adventure-Part 1 of the Mikkael Quintet

CHAPTER 2 - The Adventure Begins

Mikkael woke up a bit before mid-day and sleepily walked downstairs to the kitchen. He got a major surprise when he entered and found his friends sitting around the dinner table eating his mum’s freshly baked cookies.
“It moves!” Seth remarked jokingly.
“Mmm. Shut up” Mikkael replied rubbing sleep from his eyes. “What’s the time?”
“Round 10:30.” Sean replied. “We’ve been here since 10 waiting for you to get up.”
“Oh sorry. I must’ve needed sleep.” Mikkael replied yawning and then stretching his arms towards the ceiling.
“Oh ... Well hurry up ‘n’ get dressed. Your mom said you could come with us to the lake today and we’ve gotta leave soon or there’s no point in going.”
“Alright already. Geez I just get up and now everyone’s barking orders at me.” Mikkael joked as he got up and walked out of the kitchen, returning a little while later wearing a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of black boarding shirts with a white stripe down each leg.
“OK. You guys ready?” Mikkael asked as he clipped his pokeball onto his belt and grabbed his hat, slipping it on his head.
The other boys nodded and stood up, pushed their chairs in, thanks Kathren for the cookies and walked out the kitchen door. Mikkael kissed his mom on the cheek and closed the door behind him as he exited. He jogged a little to catch up to his friends when suddenly the kitchen door flew open and Kathren was calling his name holding a backpack. Mikkael turned around and ran back to his mom.
“I thought you boys might get hungry so I’ve packed a small lunch for each of you.”
“Thanks mom.” Mikkael took the backpack and slipped it over his shoulders. He then kissed his mom for the second time that day and ran back to his friends.
“She got us some lunch.” Mikkael slowed to a walk as he caught up with the group.
“Oh ok” they all said in unison.
They all broke out into laughter and then proceeded into general chitchat about pokemon. The conversation steered towards tomorrow and the beginning of their journey.
“God it’ll be a relief not having to see your ugly mugs for a while.” Seth joked just before he was tackled to the ground by the others. Finally they reached the lake.
“WOAH!” was their response.
“Why does it always seem to look better every time we come here?” Mikkael asked as he stared at the crystal clear water.
“Dunno but … Last one in’s a slowpoke.” Sean yelled as he tore off his shirt and threw down his items and raced towards the water.
“Hey! No fair.” Matthew called out after him as he too tore off his shirt and threw down his items and raced towards the water.
“Ahh. Those two are so stupid.” Seraph smirked as he layed down his towel and released his Pikachu.
“Squirtle! Come out.” Mikkael called as he threw his pokeball into the air. Squirtle form appeared next to Pikachu.
“Squirtle!” Squirtle replied before he and Pikachu ran towards the water to play.
“Oh yeah!” Seth suddenly said as he too threw his pokeball. Dratini appeared and nudged Seth’s leg.
“Dratini, do ya wanna go play with the other pokemon?” He asked.
“Drat … TINI!” Dratini cried out as he nodded his head.
“Alright then.” Seth said as he took his pokemon to the water where Squirtle and Pikachu were playing. Seth returned and spread out his towel. Sean and Matthew returned from the water and did the same as the others had done. Sean’s Bulbasaur had curled up next to Sean as he lay down on his towel to dry off. Matt’s Charmander walked uneasily to the waters edge and placed a toe in before racing back to hide behind Matt. The boys laughed.
“Ahh this day couldn’t get any better.” Mikkael sighed as he stretched out on his towel. The others agreed as they too relaxed in the warmth of the sun on a cloud free day.

Around lunch time, the boys ate the packed lunches Kathren had packed for them.
“Mikkael your mum makes the best food.” Sean said through a mouthful of cheesecake.
“Mmm tell me about it.” Mikkael replied as he went to take a bit out of his ham, cheese and tomato with mayo sandwich. As Mikkael bit into it, however, the mayo ran out the other side of the sandwich and landed with a splat on Mikkael’s shorts.
“Ohh damn!” He cried as he wiped the sauce off. Seth, Sean, Matt and Seraph burst into laughter.
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