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Old 08-09-2007, 01:59 AM
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Default Great IVed Elekid with Egg Moves! + Some Shinies

While breeding a bunch of Elekids for a few days(!) I got a couple of good ones in the same day.

I'm certainly using one, but since I have another good one and it was just stuck in the PC for a while, I might as well trade it to someone.


12 HP
31 Atk
29 Def
31 Sp. Atk (lol)
31 Sp. Def
27 Spd.

The IVs were checked at lvl. 100 so it is accurate. It hasn't been cloned so it is unique. It's level 1, of course. Carries, Cross Chop, Ice Punch and Fire Punch

What I want is another great IVed, untouched Pokemons or rare events.

Please post the natures, IVs, OT and stats please. I will not accept hacked Pokemons!

I also have some shinies up for trade
- Jolly Gible (OT: Axel)
- Rash Charmander (OT: Sadiq)
- Naive Bagon (OT: ELI)
- Bunch of Magnemite I caught using Pokeradar (hasty, serious, naughty)

Art Ribbon given by anastasiar!

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