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Old 07-31-2007, 09:40 PM
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Default The Guess my Favorite 'Mon Game!

Hello, peeps!

Welcome to the new Guess my Favorite 'Mon Game!

Rules are simple!
1. Register via PM with me to participate!
2. Look for a trainer in the list that will be posted
3. Guess that trainer's favorite pokémon through extensive research (aka stalking) in the trainer's profile/posts!
4. You can't talk to the trainer while his or her name's on the list!

Alrighty then!
There's a total of 5 trainers per round!
5 guessers and 5 guessed!
You have three opportunities to guess that person's favorite pokémon. If you have the answer, post it in this thread and if true, you go to the next round!

Guessers: Send a pm saying you want to participate. First five make it to the list!

To-be-Guessed: Send a pm to me stating yur favorite pokémon and the first five pms will make it to the list! :D

The people who guess correctly go to the next round!
Those in the To-be-guessed are replaced when their favorite pokémon is found out!

These games...

Will Begin Shortly!!

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