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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-27-2007, 10:31 AM
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Default Bleach:rondo The New Squad Captain

Well Before You Read This I Am Not Good At Writing And If You Have Any Way That I Can Inprove This Story It Would Help.
Thank You And Enjoy

Rondo Kealohaloni

“i Don’t Remember How I Got There. It’s The Place Where People Go When They Die The Soul Society.after People’s Death, Some Get Theresouls Eaten By The Hollows.some-lucky Ones-are Brought To This Place By Soul Reapers.i Entered This World When I Was No Older Than 15, I Grew Up With A Few Friends, And Called Some One Father.he Taught Me Many Things.but Whenever I Would Mention The Soul Reaper, He Would Never Tell Me How They Are Like.
One Day I Saw A Young Man No Older Than I, Sitting In A Splendid Horse Cariage Gaurded By Many Men-in-black.everyone Looked In Envy.that Was The First Time I Saw A Soul Reaper, Which I Waould Later Find Out Is The Captain Of Squad 12.they Are The Most Respected And Powerful Peole In All Soul Society. That’s Why I Vowde To Become A Soul Reaper.not Only Have I Fulfilled That Dream But I A Captain Ofsquad 9.since Then I Have Gone To Mister Urahara’s Shop,and Have Been Studying Under Him For Quite Some Time Now.i Have Become His Equal In Battle.
He Now Leaves The Hollows To Me, So He Can Focus On His Business. Well We Think There Is A Problem.”i Thought As I Was Racing To A Sight Where A Hollow Appeared.i Spotted The Hollow And Started Chanting The Incentation “ye Lord Mask Of Blood And Flesh All Creation Flutter Of Wings Ye Who Bears The Name Of Man Inferno And Pandemonium Sea Barrier Surges March On To The South Destructive Spell #31!”then Out Of Nowhere I See A Soul Reeper Charging Head I Got Thrown Off Balance, And Launched The Spell At The Soul Reaper.he Then Disappeared.
I Then Turn My Attention To The Hollow That Was Just About To Devour A Young Man That Appeared To Be In His 20’s.he Runs And Twists His Chubby Ancle. I Use Flash Step To Reach The Rather Large Man Before The Hollow.i Rush The Man To The Nearest Alley But When I Come Back I See The Man I Saw Earlier.he Kills The Hollow With His Zanpakuto. “thanks For Saving My Ass Back There, And To Show You My Thanks Iwill Take You To Mister Urahara’s Shop Intell Your Spiritual Energy Goes To Normal”

“well That Is The Whole Reason I Came To The Human World To Bring Back The Squad Captain We Have Been Waiting On For Years!”he Snapped.
“well I Have No Idea Who That Is But I Along With 2 Other People Are There Not Including Mr.urahara, But I Am Sure We Can Straiten All Of This Out When We Get There It Is Problebly Less Then 10 Miles From Here.i Usually Use The Flash Step Technique And It Only Will Take Me 2 Minutes, But Sense I Can So Clearly Tell You Are Completely Drained I Should Just Carrie You.”
I Pick Him Up. “you Are Kind Of Heavy So I Think It Will Take 5 Minutes. “well Just Hurry Up.” He Says In What I Prasume To Think Is An Angry Voice.
Then A Few Minutes Later We Arrive. “mr.urahara We Have A Visitor He Is From The Soul Society He Says You Promised Him A Captain.”i Scream At The Top Of My Lungs. “ Well, Hi There I Guess You Are The Person They Sent Ion To Pick Up The New Squad Captain Of Division 9.well Here He Is Mr.rondo Kealohaloni He Is The One You Will Be Taking Wiyh You Back To The Soul Society.”
Then The Soul Reapers Jaw Drops “this Amature Almost Killed Me With A Kido Spell He Isn’t Even Close At Captain Level.”he Yells.
“well Then Why Don’t You Fight Him If He Doesn’t Turn Out To Be Captain Material I Will Go Back With You To Become A Captain Once More.”he Snaps. “well I Don’t Know That Is A Risky Bet Mr.urahara If I Lose You Will Lose The Thing You Love Most In The World, The Shop.”
“i Believe In You Rondo And Don’t Forget You Guys Can’t Use Any Releases.”he Says. “well I Guess I Can Still Test His Skill Without Using My Initail Release.”he Replys.
He Then Says “well I Just Battld A Menos Yesterday So I Will Need Time To Recooperate It Will Take 2 Days Tops.”as Time Goes By I Wonder What Was Mr.urahara Thinking When He Made That Bet.all I Can Think About Is If I Lose What Will Happen To The Shop And I Might Never See Him Again.then The Day Comes I Must Battle Captain Ion.
Mr.urahara Then Takes Us To A Battle Field That He Built For Training. Before I Know It I Am In A Battle With Ion And His Sword Is Crash Down Like Lightning.when I Dodged The Blow The Ground Beneath Shatered And My Chest Was Cut Left To Right Diagonaly. I Instently Do Kido Destructive Spell #4 White Lightning. It Doesn’t Hit The Mark. I Was Just Testing His Speed To See What Iam Up Against.he Pops In Front Of Me And Our Swords Meet.we Use The Flash Step Technique And H Seems To Be Better Then Me At Swordsmanship So I Diside If I Should Have Any Chance I Should Use Mainly Kido.
I Raise My Spiritual Energy To A Well Level When I Deside To Use Kido Binding Spell #9.then While He Is Paralyzed I Go Up To Him And Draw My Zanpakuto And Cancel Out The Kido Spell. “i Am Captain Material At That Time In Our Battle I Could’ve Defeated You With What Little Spiritual Energy I Have Left Which Is Not Much, But I Could Have Done It.”i Said While Swaying Back And Forth Which Led Me To Calapse.than When I Woke Up I Was In The Soul Society.awaking To A Little Pink Haired Little Girl I Get Up As Fast As I Can And Ponk My Head On The Frame Of The Bed I Was On She Giggles And Says “yay!!! Captain This Person You Brought Back To Soulsociety Is Funny.”i Scream “soul Society!!!” “yah Kid You Got The Part As Captain, We Better Make You Lokk Decent Because You Are Going To Go See The General Of All Soulreapers Shgekuni Yamamoto-genryyusaiin 5 Hours.”ion Says With A Smirk On His Face
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