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Old 07-22-2007, 09:56 AM
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Default Re: The Island of The Amulets *Sign Ups Closed**

Well, I got permission to join, and here's my SU! X3

Name: Uchiha, Arumi

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Click! Arumi, as thans to her personality, always has a tomboyish look. She always has her hair in a slight mess, and her clothes make her seem more like a boy. Her goggles are a lucky charm from her mother, who passed away when she was little.

Personality: Arumi is very tomboyish. She'll always rush into things without thinking, which is what has led her to lots of trouble. She tends to say what's in her mind, even if it gets her in trouble, too. Sometimes, she might show a more lady-like side of herself, but, that is one of the least thing she does. Even so, she is still very friendly and easy to be friends with, as long as you don't light her temper. Then, I'd suggest running far, far away from her.

History: Arumi was born into a very poor family, which is why she dedicated herself to thievery. She would always use her skills of deception to trick people, and the instant they'd turn their back, she'd be gone. One day, she got caught in the act, and after that, it's all just a blur to her. All she remembers is collpasing to the ground, her goggles infront of her as she slowly reached to grab them.

Anything Else: Her goggles bring her good luck, as they were her mother's gift. She has a tendency of using her deception skills on her teammates, usually for fun.

RP Sample: Check The Merines/Merines 2
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