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Old 12-03-2004, 07:09 AM
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Default The Apprentice

Hello. This is the very first Apprentice RPG. This is a lot like the Television show, I, Spencer, being Donald Trump. I need 12 more people, 6 people a team! If you want to quit, just do a poor job on the requirement. I'll fire you sooner or later. Now, I'll start with the rules.


1. You may NOT just flat out quit. If you want, just do bad at the requirement. But you can't say, I Quit.
2.No profanity, or anything in dat category.
3. You may do anything to win, as long as it is buisness ethic.
4. When you are fired, you get one last post in this thread. Then you must go.
5. No making deals with the other team, but you can with your own team. If you are plotting, do it through PM.
6. The actual boardroom will be in another two threads. Each team gets its own. This also doubles as your meeting and talking room. One for each team, the honor system is used to not go in each others room.
7. When you are fired, no bashing.
8. When all 12 people are picked, Team 1 and Team 2 will get names and the boardrooms will be made.


Team 1:

Team 2:


Name in RPG:
Age in RPG(make it between 18 and 40):
Description in RPG:
Personality in RPG:

Any questions?

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