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Sprite Art For both Pokemon and non-Pokemon related sprite art.

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Old 07-06-2007, 02:03 AM
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Exclamation Forum Rules - Read these before you make a thread!


Sprite request threads must be approved just like art contests. Just PM an art moderator with a few examples of your sprites (about five) stating what you will be doing in your thread, and a basic format of your first post. (I.E Rules, forms, whatever you plan to include). If you are denied permission to make a shop, you may still feel free to do requests in the Sprite Requests thread.

PM the moderator BEFORE you make the thread. If it is made before being approved, it will be locked. You will then have to wait a week before having a chance for approval.

Note that if you are not accepted, that does not mean that you are not talented. It just means that you are not considered organized/experienced enough to run a shop.

If you are not accepted, please do not try again for a full week, and that doesn't mean ask again if you have one new sprite. Please only ask if you have made decent progress.

If you start a shop without PMing a moderator, it will be locked. You may PM a moderator for approval to have it reopened.

Please put that your shop is approved if it is. In the first post, putting something like "Approved by ____" will do. Galleries, and projects don't have to be approved. Just request threads/shops.

These people will approve you:

Well here are some helpful guidelines that hopefully will encourages more people to make art contests.

Art Contest Rules

Welcome to the Art Contest section.
In here we hold art contests for Banners, Fan art (Drawings made by hand), or a Photography Contest or Sprites.
If you decide to make a contest in here, which I encourages you too, then you, and you alone, are responsible for keeping it active, it's your job as the host, too make sure people deliver for the deadline given, and that the judges you hire for the contest deliver their judgment in time.

If your gonna make a contest of any sort then you must fill out the form below, send it to a Staff member of this section or a G-Mod that is posted on the list and hope you meet the requirements needed to make a contest.


Banner Contests
Name for contest:
Size of Banners:
Other (Any specific images to be used?)

Sprite Contest
Name for Contest:

Fan Art Contest

Theme (What do you want drawn?)

Photography Contest
Theme (What theme do you want, dog's animal's, tree's, nature, water, basically anything that can be taken a picture off "Still nothing sexual or scary or disgusting, if you don't take thing serious your contest wont be accepted ")

Moderators that can approve contests:

Anastasia-R- Active
Azumao - Inactive
Kumori Gem -Active
Matt - Inactive
Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Active
RocketMeowth- Inactive
Surly Professor- Inactive

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Old 07-14-2008, 01:36 AM
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Default Re: Sprite Request Threads - Read Before You Make One!


A comic thread is simply where you post your comic on PE2K for feedback, criticism, and viewing. If you'd like to start one, there are a few guidelines that must be followed.

1. It must have a title (self-explanatory)

2. There must already be 3-5 issues complete before posting (so that we know you're not going to make one issue and give up)

3. Plot line MUST be developed and presented to a moderator. (please put it in the form of a summarizing paragraph. Just telling what your comic is about. No "Paul is a Pokemon trainer on his Pokemon journey!"s.)

Just a note: Sprite request and comic threads are the only threads that need to be approved. Other threads, like galleries, can just be posted.


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