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Old 07-03-2007, 01:10 PM
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Default RUMBLE!-Double Trouble

This tourment is one for people who enjoy double battles. It will be 6 0n 6, level 100. Each battle with each person shall be best 2 out of 3. Haked pokemon, are absolutly not allowed. 1 Uber pokemon is allowed, but NO legendarys. I will be entering myself. Also, if you lose, you dont get elimated. you can progress throut the tournment (aka, swiss elemation)
you lose rd 1.
you win rd. 2
you win rd. 3
you could still win a prize. a 3 out of 3 wins thou would have a much higher chance thou.

You also must enter a pokemon for prizes and its requirements are
not hacked
over lv 30 (unless breed, with good moves, lv. 1)
not from the sinnoh region.

Prizes so far-
lv. 52 japanese syther

---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------
---------- vs --------------

My mysterious message.

Fc. 3308-1641-5806
Come to trade. You know you want to
~Paired with rebelde33 ^ ^~

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