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Old 11-30-2004, 10:05 PM
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Default XL rp

this is my rp
2 start post with this info on it

dragon name:XLDragon hp:50,000
king name:XL warlord
gernal:Death hp:40,000
commando:Demonn hp:40,000
warlord:Scream hp:50,000
warmaster:Godzilla hp:60,000
animal pet:XL Black Panther
dragon pet:Cyber Dragoon
Home planet:XLDoom Star
attack1:midnight doom 9000
attack2:doom cannon 7000
attack3:earthquake 8000
Specal1:XL Cannon 10000
specal2:XL Shocker Blast 30000
main sea:Quicksilversea
main land:Flame mountain
weapon 1:Midnight blade
weapon 2:XL sword
weapon 3:speed orb

your hp is always 50000
your attacks r always 1000-9000
your specals r always 10000-30000
you can make battle with other members
battles start when 3 people come
Doom and Death is apon you all
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