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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Post +The Scalta Chronicles: Volume I+

+The Scalta Chronicles+
+Volume I+
+The Beginnings+

Genre: Yu-Gi-Oh - Action/Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Pousinitia, Robleschy
Volumes: Volume I {The Beginnings}, Volume II {Scarlet Rubies}, Volume III {Ultimate Revolution}, Volume IV {The Gate Pathway}, Volume V {The Silenced Scaltas}

~The Scalta Dragons~

The Scalta Dragons lived long ago, when Duel Monsters existed in real life forms. Each dragon was mystical, beautiful, astounding and fantastic all raveled into one word; brilliant. Together, these dragons were unstoppable, having such strong powers whenever a Duel Monster would somehow upset them. Separated, the dragons were still invincible; their magical abilities and special traits kept them relentlessly powerful. Once they were born, the abilities were somehow inherited from their parents before the older dragons had passed away into the afterlife of beasts. As Duel Monsters watched the dragons grow with awesome strengths year after year, they feared to anger them. If that would happen, the Scalta Dragons come combine their power to such an obliterating force, a force so powerful that could wipe out the entire race of Duel Monsters.

There were only three Scalta Dragons; the first Scalta to be born was known as Kriatus. Kriatus, the Beautiful Black Dragon, had the power to fuse with monsters, gain their attack, and gain their effects. Doing this, the mighty Kriatus could take the weakest of monsters, fuse with them, gain their weak attack points, and annihilate them with the weak effect that was touched up. That meant that for every effect added, the almighty Kriatus could touch up the effects to make the weakest the strongest. Also, Kriatus had another dangerous effect; the black dragon could fuse with more than monster. And, with every monster fused with it, it automatically gained three thousand attack points. Kriatus may have been mystical, but monsters dared not to test its true power.

Then there was the sinister, poisonous Ralakus. Ralakus was the second Scalta to be born of the trio, and was definitely the most unique of the three. Ralakus, the Auburn Terror Dragon, had the power to fuse with traps; it didn’t make sense at first, but traps that could destroy monsters could be fused with this monster. Although many years ago, it had seemed pretty useless, with the Duel Monsters games now, this effect was certainly beautiful and glowed with straight fury and power. Ralakus used its ability to fuse with weapons in the past; weapons such as knives, rope, and sometimes swords. That would completely change the dragon into a new and improved form, and its attack blown out consisted of the weapon it fused with. That instantly killed its pray, or Duel Monsters from our perspective.

Finally, there was the last dragon, the most dangerous of them all; the ever-forgotten Taminyu. Taminyu, the Emerald Claw Dragon, was the last to be born, and for a particular reason. Taminyu had the ability to gain attack for every time a monster dared to attack it. If a monster was even tempted to, Taminyu gained so much attack power; the dragon scared its way down Death Valley. Taminyu also had the power to fuse with monsters, traps, and spells. Spells that could raise attack power destroy monsters, those kinds of spells. Taminyu used its ability to its advantage; it protected every single dragon alive with its fused power and untouchable forces. Taminyu was also more majestic than the trio, that certain trait giving off its uniqueness.

As the times grew older, the dragons stayed their same age. This was because they were special; no matter the age, they couldn’t die. A spell was cast in the dragons, allowing them a destined life of eternity. However, things changed when one day, a strong being blasted an energy that couldn’t be stopped. The Scalta Dragons tried to fight back, fusing with whatever they could to make their attacks invincible; their attacks weren’t invincible, but beatable. The attack struck the dragons and all of Duel Monsters, killing them instantly. But, the strong being looked back as it flew away, seeing that it didn’t fulfill its goal; the Scalta Dragons were still alive, but in rock forms. The being magically flew away, placing a curse on the monsters.

Now, the dragons’ rock forms are hidden in a Volcanic Sanctuary, where three chosen ones shall be chosen to control the monsters in the form of a Duel Monsters card. In order to life live forever, the dragons must be released; the curse was destined to poison them through the rock. As it flows through slowly, the dragons are scared each passing day. Now, once the chosen ones get the Scalta Dragons, they will keep the card for their entire life…or will they?

However, there is a single catch to this matter; the Scalta Dragons have their rivals. These dragons are known as the Atlantis Dragons, which exist in ice forms in the Lost City of Atlantis. It came to a sudden surprise when people had found out these dragons were bad, when they were once good. But, a terrible, magical person broke inside of the safe haven, casting such a powerful spell upon the ice forms that dissolved into the structures, poisoning the dragons inside. Suddenly, a dark force took over their bodies, making these dragons the slaves of the person. Unable to avoid this, they will be calling out to the worst of the enemies, calling for their awakening.

The Scalta Dragons tried their best to stop this man, but the powerful force inside of him couldn’t be stopped at all. The only thing that could do is just patiently wait for the right duelists to come and awake them…otherwise, a great terror shall be coming to the world, for the Atlantis Dragons have already chosen their three. Great battles were emerge when one of the Scalta Dragons and Atlantis Dragons meet; once a happy, safe tournament known as Extermination City will and has become deadly. Only the chosen duelists can possess the Scalta Dragons, and can silence the Atlantis Dragons. Only the chosen duelists can cure the dragons by a pure dragon sacrifice; though, they must unlock that force because the Scalta Dragons cannot be offered in such a dangerous ritual.

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