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Default River's Light

This one's probably going to get very violent. Watch yourselves out there. Oh, and kiddies, walk away NOW. The themes here are very strong and are not for developing minds.

Discussion thread

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Default Re: River's Light

1 Demon Hunting

“Just watch yourself,” James said. “You never know what the heck is going on in the swamps. Especially with the current situations down there. You never know.”

“I'll be fine,” Jack replied. “You're talking with the original Jack here. I'm not going to let some stupid murderer get to me. Besides, it's not completely true either, right? That's all that matters.”

“Whatever, just watch yourself.”


He hung up the phone. This was the only phone in Fuchsia Swamp that all people could potentially use, and was at the intersection between the two major streets in the swamp, near his house. However, due to yearly negligence, and the general the lack of coins required to use this phone, it was often ignored. It was a good thing for Jack that this phone was ignored rather than destroyed, like most things in their world.

Jack was a simple man. To him, there were very few things to deal with. Potentially he had two, maybe three, jobs at any given point in time. And all other things basically dealt with survival. His brother, James, always called him to get back into the city, but that kind of a life just wasn't for him. He couldn't bare to deal with politics and such. If there was a problem, brute force would be his answer.

“Strange killings huh,” he spoke out loud. Like that was going to happen, he thought.

Jack took the opportunity to take advantage of this information he had obtained. It would be a rather fun thing to scare his buddies in a more refined fashion. So, he decided to just walk out right through into the broken houses, past the missing guy's house. What was his name? he had though, but then he simply decided not to bother.

He ended up at Gerrard's house. He was determined to tell his friend about this strange phenomenon, if by the very minimum this would lead Gerrard to have a nightmare or two. He knocked on the wooden door of Gerrard's half-torn building. They did pretty much live in the ghettos, after all. A bulky man answered. “Hey-lo?” the man exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Gerrard!” Jack exclaimed. “Perfect timing!”

“No, you have perfect timing. Kelly just came over. Said that she's about to move out or something.”

“Oh really? This I have to see.”

Jack entered the house, closing the door behind him. The phone call didn't cross his mind at that point, but rather this interesting new revelation. Kelly was a rather young blond woman who liked to talk with people, but also was the type to care a little too much. Then again, the two men did welcome her presence because she was female. They sat down around a small round table before continuing their discussion.

“So Gerrard over there told me about your proposition,” Jack told Kelly.

“Oh, it's nothing really. I've decided to leave the swamps and head to Celadon forest,” she replied. “I've found a job that I can take. And you know what? That's infinitely better than staying in the swamps.”

“Oh yeah. Especially when the murder rate down here is on the rise,” Gerrard explained.

Jack took that initiative like fearow to a rattata. “Speaking of which. Have you heard?” Jack slyly spoke.

“Heard what?” the other two logically asked.

“There's a serial killer on the loose. It's crazy stuff. Apparently the killer assumes the identity of someone you know, or someone close to you. And then they murder you when you least expect it. Seriously, it is the weirdest serial murder I've seen in a long time,” Jack explained.

It took maybe another second or two before the other two disregarded the explanation. Of course, he didn't care about it either. There was no way something like this would be true, let alone be happening at the exact same time. Everybody resumed their normal activity anyway. Nothing happened.

Jack headed off to his usual work. He was a worker that did mainly miscellaneous jobs in and around town, and potentially had the most access to any place in the swamps itself. His job for the day was simply to fix the pump systems that ran under the swamps when it was still formerly a city. Strangely enough, he felt as though the story could potentially be true in places such as the underground. However, a job was a job, and he literally had to erase his unfounded fears to concentrate on this.

The entrance to the winding tunnels were in the northern ends of the city, where Safari Zone used to be before the war turned the once beautiful place into a marsh, and potentially toxic a swamp. This would be the reason why he had to work on the pumps, as the pumps themselves were essential in shunting the toxic waters from the swamps out into the ocean, and instead of pouring into the city. To make way from Gerrard's house to the swamp entrance, he would have to move north a short while, then east along the streets until he hit the main street and move north, past his house. He would inevitably move past the makeshift house that wasn't really well built. It was the rule, not the exception. It was just that Gerrard was lucky enough that the cluster there were mostly in tact. They also had to pay premium for it. Apparently Gerrard worked at some blacksmith shop or something like that. He never really cared to ask either.

He just thought again about the job. He was, of course, a resident of the northern parts of the swamp, meaning that he was relatively safe with his equipment. As well, the job came directly from Kuga, who never seemed to ever exist in the swamp either, and the job was from the phone. Then again, the job was a job from THE Kuga, one would never decline the honour.

He finally arrived at the tunnel entrance. The job was simple, or should be simple, and the pumping system should be working within a day or two. He opened the lid on the manhole. In a sense, the manhole lid was the lid to the horrors of the swamp, or maybe the lid was a lid to keep the poisons away. Either way, the tunnels below were dark, scary, and definitely not suited for human life. He would have to work quickly in this job.

He took the nearby ladder down, and turned on his magneton for lighting. The tunnels, given this light, were suddenly less scary, but it was winding, twisting, and forking. None of it mattered in this case, since the pump, while in the swamps, had absolutely nothing to do with the tunnels, so he went off to fix the pump, further north instead of south.

It took him a good portion of the day to fix this pump, and with his equipment, he left, moving more quickly than a dodrio in a race. He closed the lid, but was careless enough to forget to tighten the lid to keep one from being able to simply move the manhole lid with his bare hands. It didn't really matter, considering the fact that nobody would go into that part of town anyway.

At that point, Jack took the liberty to head back for the night. It was a tiresome day of work, and all he would want to do was sleep in that half of the bed he had in his house, or half a house. It would seem rather strange, but he did somewhat feel that eyes were watching him, but he thought nothing of it.

Several days later, Jack got up in the usual hours, but it was rather strange to hear a murkow in the distance. Just then, he heard Gerrard banging on his door. He got up as quickly as possible to meet up with his best friend. “Yo you heard?” his friend asked, excited.

“Heard what?” Jack, still relatively dreary, asked.

“This girl. Hanna Bears. Dead.”

“So? People die all the time in the swamps.”

“It's the murder you talked about several days ago!”


“No no. Get this. Apparently Hanna was killed by an apparition of some sort. It's like what you said!”

“No really? Wait. Have you ever noticed that sometimes somebody is watching you? Like...”

“No. Why?”

“Then nevermind.”

The two best friends did their usual thing and left for their day. After the day had ended, however, Jack decided to head on over to Gerrard's house to check up on him. He then saw Kelly leave Gerrard's house, or more like running. He couldn't really make out her expressions, however. Worried, he banged on Gerrard's door. No answer. To him, that was too strange to not do anything. He opened the door. It was unlocked? He inched toward the back of the house weary. A weapon! He needed a weapon! He looked toward the kitchen to see Gerrard.

Gerrard was a bloody mess. Jack tried to wake him up. Gerrard was a strong man after all. There was no way that this man could be dead. No way. He shook him several times. “Wake up,” he exclaimed. “Wake up, damn it!”


One thing became clear to Jack. Kelly was the apparition that was talked about. He was sure of it. There was no way that this wasn't the truth. But how could he expose Kelly? He took one of Gerrard's knives and hid it. It was clear to him that he would have to test the apparition after all. He ran toward his house. To the apparition, this would clearly be the place to go, as Jack had become the next target, after all. Lo and behold, Kelly. She ran toward him as soon as she saw him. “Thank goodness you're alive!” the beast exclaimed.

“Yes, I know,” he replied.

“Did you see? Gerrard is...”

“Yes, I know.”

“Who could have done such a thing? Oh wait, what if it's that apparition thing? We're going to have to hid somewhere. It's not safe here in the swamp anymore. How about Celadon? What if we go there?”

“It's okay. We should be fine here.”

“Are you sure?”


He had to keep an eye on her. That conversation was clearly too natural for Kelly. This apparition knew everything, it seemed. No, he would have to dig further into its psyche, and pry out everything he needed. He sent her home. After all, he was the one in danger if he let the apparition stay. And he figured that the beast probably didn't think too much of the blood, considering that it was also covered in blood as well. Vile beast, it took the form of Kelly!

Jack followed this beast around. Just as he expected, it was spreading the news of the deaths around to create mass havoc. He had to move. “Jack!”

It was behind him? He looked back. He saw the beast, the vile eyes of the beast that took Kelly's body. No, those eyes. “Jack!”

Jack! He was trapped. There was no escape from here. He would have to act. But how? If he moved, the beast would be able to legitimately attack and kill him. If he didn't move out of harm's way.

“Are you okay? You seem to be out of it,” she asked.

“No, I'm fine.” he dodged the spearow for now.

“Well just so you know. You're getting out of here, whether you like it or not. Meet me at the northern swamps tonight.”

There it was. The challenge! He would be leaving this world? No, he knew already what this vile beast had done. It was simply a matter of time before this deed would be done. He took the rest of the day to prepare for this battle. The murkow were still crowing. He would avenge his best friend. Murkow. Murkow.

That night, he took his time. He waited for a short while as he saw the beast waiting. Then, using his might, he jumped the beast, holding Gerrard's knife. He slashed several times. It screamed as though it was in pain. No, it was clearly just weakening. It was running from him, as if a pikachu was in its last straw against the earth. He continued, smiling. One. Two. One. Two. Slashing the beast, destroying it bit by bit. The monster continued to holler out using its high pitched noise. He opened his eyes. It was bloody; it was Kelly. It was the monster; it was Kelly. He had done it; it was Kelly. He had slain the beast; it was Kelly. He was a hero; it was Kelly. He saved the world; it was Kelly.

It was Kelly.

It was Kelly.

It was Kelly.

He opened his eyes.

Gerrard's knife had killed two that night.
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Default Re: River's Light

2 With

Hanna. Hanna. Today was a wonderful day, is it not? I can see that you're doing fine this morning again. Is Harry treating you well? No, that bastard can't possibly be treating you well at all, is he? You seem to be worried about something. What can it possibly be? Are you worried about Rob again? What is it in Rob that you can see that isn't within me? Oh Hanna, can you not see how I love you so. That this is simply a masquerade for our destined fate? Oh, you've trimmed your hair a little. I can see that it doesn't reach your shoulders anymore, whereas it did before. I like your hair like that, you know. It's absolutely gorgeous. But then again, my little Hanna is absolutely gorgeous in every situation.


Hanna, its a wonderful day today again. I can't bare to see this day pass by without you here. Hurry up and see the light Hanna. I'm right here in this closet, waiting for you. Not even Ellen knows of this closet. It's the only sealed area of the house, after all. I kept it all hidden away for you, Hanna. It's true, isn't it? You don't love me anymore than I want it to be. But that's okay. You'll find out soon enough.


Hanna. Hanna. Today, you came over to our house. Isn't this place nice? Ellen and I have touched this place up, you know. "I like it," you said to us. Oh, you don't know how happy I am to hear that from your mouth. What that Roselia thinks is nothing compared to you. "Oh that flower should be there." "Oh, that petal's leeching off the wood." None of that mattered. Ellen could do whatever she wants, but in the end, listening to her only means that I can see you longer. Look, I can even remember everything you said!

You said, "Hey Max, Ellen," to me as we greeted you. You then turned to that bastard and took his jacket off, like you did to me many eons ago. Do you remember those times? I sure did, and savoured every second of it. But I have to look forward. That was in the past. Forward means that I will have you, and you will have me. Our love will blossom like spring in Celadon forest. It will be more brilliant than anything Ellen can plant. That's it.

But you said to me that "I'm going to get married with Harry," you said to us. We congratulated you. But deep inside, you and I both know that this isn't true. Harry is a good-for-nothing lecher that will never bring you happiness. That is why you left him for Rob. but you can't have Rob, right? Because of his wife, Katherine, right? You can't stand how a human can be married to a newgen, so you took it upon yourself to marry this man who is clearly inferior to me, and passed it on for true love, right? I know that is what you're thinking, my dear Hanna. Don't worry, everything will be alright sooner or later.

Then you talked with us about your work with Harry. I remember that clearly. You told us about how you're selling parts salvaged from different looting sites, and taking those parts to sell them to either side of the war, depending on highest bidder. That's how everything works, right? I do that too. See, we're perfect for each other! We even have the same job and field for survival.

When you came into my room this night, I had wished that you would open the closet. You'll see what I've done for you, my love. It is untouched by Ellen. I did it all by myself, this shrine for you. I wonder how you would react to it. Would you be surprised? Disgusted? Pained? Knowing you, you'd probably never want to see me again, right? But I'd take that risk, if it is the only way that I can profess it all to you, my dear Hanna. Come back to me. Return to where you belong, with me. I'm the right one for you, Hanna.

But no, you never did any of that. You simply just talked with me, like old times. I didn't want old times. I just wanted you to be with me, forever. Forever. Remember the times when I washed your back and told you never to look backwards? I could never let you see how much lusted for you. But I wanted you to see, and accept my lust back then. But now, I understand that it's wrong. Lust is but a mere fantasy. No, I know now that I love you, Hanna. Return to where you belong. Here. With me.


Today, Hanna, I got around to talking with Stacy. You know, it's the same things over again, but I tried to steer the conversation towards you at every chance I can get. Just knowing you from those previous years is not enough, I have to know every detail, to please you, and to understand you better. People say that this Stacy woman is a beautiful specimen by her own right, with her golden locks that seem to glimmer under the moonlight. To me, she is just another newgen, like Ellen. Those two do not matter, for it is you that matter to me most. Be joyous, Hanna, for I was able to understand you more and more. You see, Stacy knows things about you that I didn't. But my ability to pry information out of her gave me value in my skill. She told me many things, things that I want to know. I wanted to know about your relationship with Rob. She told me. Oh yes, your affair with Rob is safe with me. He won't be an obstacle to our love, Hanna. It's true, we can have Harry and Rob destroy each other, and then we can make ourselves a home together. I keep thinking about you. I dream about you. I want to feel your everything. But no, that's not all. Stacy knows about your big plans to head back to the city. You know for sure that you're going to go to a plant to help out with the war effort, right? that's alright. You can do that, and I'll defend that city you're in to deal with it all. She even advised us to go quickly before she herself goes into hiding That's it, Hanna. You and I will go to Saffron city, and create our little love nest from there on. That's what we'll do.

Claire came by today too, Hanna. She has grown into a fine young woman. I'm rather surprised at how she turned out. Strangely enough, she came here only on business. I offered her a place to stay, but apparently she already had one before her visit. How thoughtful of her. She came prepared. I asked her what she was doing, and apparently she was doing something about the military wanting to secure this area or something like that. Strange talks, I must say. Told her you were around too, and she said that she'll visit you some time soon as well. Let's do our best, Hanna.


Hanna, did you hear? It's a strange time for everybody, isn't it? What is with this news of a serial killer, or some strange ghost of possession in the swamps? Ellen just told me a little while ago. What are we going to do? We need to get out of here as soon as possible then. But how? It must be true, right? I mean, Ellen can't possibly get this information wrong, right? So we should leave this swamp. But how? But where? The papers to Saffron city aren't done yet, and it's dangerous to go to Celadon forest or Lavender Tower. What are we to do?

Oh, I heard about you were worried about my safety after this. I'm very happy that this is the case, Hanna. I knew that you'd come back to me after all this time. Yes. I understand what we should do, Hanna, my love. If anything, I'll have to take you away from this swamp immediately. My plans are messed up, it has to be accelerated, right? That's okay. I can deal with it. Leave it all to me. I'll meet you tonight, okay? It'll just be the two of us. We can even build a family while we're leaving. No, we should create our family while we're leaving. Yeah. That's how things are going to be, Hanna. There is no time to spare. I've got the toxins from the ekans already. You only need to inhale this, and I'll take you away. Don't worry, Hanna. Everything will be alright.


Who? Who? Who? No, not my Hanna. It's impossible. My plan was perfect. Who did this? I'll get to the bottom of this, Hanna. Then I'll join you. Yes. We'll end it all together. Who's a good first target, Hanna? That girl. The blond Gardevoir, Stacy. Yes, she will be questioned first. Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this for you, my dear Hanna. I'll take you back from the authorities later. It's okay. You don't have to fear. I'll get my equipment first. That Stacy might be that ghost, after all. Yeah, that's why I'm carrying the equipment. Hey Hanna, I'm coming.


I didn't do it. She just stopped talking. Then I applied more pressure. No, I didn't mean to do it. She's alright, right? Yeah, that's it. It's nothing more than a lie. Why doesn't she talk? Why doesn't she talk? No, she wasn't a valuable target, after all, right? No, to get to the ghost, the only way to do it is to ask the source, right? Yeah, that's where I went wrong. Don't worry, Ellen will be questioned soon then.


Why won't they tell me what I want? Who's the one who started all of this? Ellen? No, that's impossible! She can't. She's right here. Her thorns are still stuck in my arms, you see. She didn't tell me what I want to know. She kept screaming at me, “Ghost!” “Ghost!” What is she talking about? It's obvious that I'm not the ghost, right? Yeah, that's why. I can't avenge you, Hanna. Will you forgive me? I'll be following you now. It looks like my time here is done. No, I've killed the ghosts that haunted you, right?


What in damnation is this? The swamp is glowing! Why can't I enter to my death? This glow is blinding. I can't see well. It's my vision blurring, right. No, it's like as if I'm seeing the light and the warmth of your smile, Hanna. I must return to the swamp at once. It's calling for me. You're calling for me. You're on the other side of the swamp! That's it! There's no other explanation!

Wait for me, Hanna.


“Harry?” Max exclaimed, bewildered by the supposition that Harry should not find this place, this strange northern land by the swamp.

“Oh? So you're one of them too huh. I knew it all along,” Harry, seemingly possessed, spoke.

“Hahaha. I see. I see. You're the one doing all of this huh. Why didn't I think of you before?”

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Default Re: River's Light

3 Utterance

“Arthas?” Rob exclaimed as he was still in the outskirts of the swamps, doing some manual labour for the eventual harvesting of medicinal herbs. “What are you doing here? I thought you went to the big leagues and left our little swamp residence.”

“Yeah I still am,” a man, no taller than Rob, but with a hint of the shadows, replied. “I usually come here every now and then. You know, this is one of the only places left in this world that actually has wild pokemon left.”

“Well all we get around here are the occasional ekans or grimer, really. You wonder why they don't evolve much either.”

“Well the vegetation here aren't exactly optimal for their growth, I guess. Arbok need hiding places, after all, and these hiding places that can accommodate their larger sizes are probably rare. And let's not talk about food.”

“Seems to me you're helping them out,” Rob said as he pointed toward Arthas' handful of pokeblocks.

“Yeah well, they don't seem to come out or anything either. Guess they're not really into this stuff or something.”

“So what are you planning?” Rob knew this man. This man would never do anything for anything other than himself. Personal profit was always on his mind. Of course, he would never be there without a good reason. Rob needed to know what Arthas was planning. His plans would potentially be problematic to the swamps, after all.


“Don't play dumb with me, Arthas.”

“Can't say. It's confidential. That's all I can say.” He started to head off towards Celadon Forest. Rob stopped him. “I believe our conversation was done.” His glare was threatening, more threatening than normal. It was clear to Rob that he should just give up at this point, otherwise his life may be in danger. He backed away from Arthas, giving the man plenty of space to leave.

Rob had to figure out what Arthas was planning. It was definitely strange. He followed the man, but the man did nothing but moving around and feeding ekans and grimer. Strangely enough, Arthas' back was always facing him. It seemed more like Arthas knew he was tailing him. It was too easy for Rob to follow him after all. “How long are you going to hide there?” Arthas asked.

It was clear that the statement was directed at Rob, there was no other person in the woods, that surrounded the clearing that Arthas was in, after all. But it was then that a gold haired Gardevoir that showed up from Arthas' right. She got out, stretched a bit, ad then leisurely glided across to where Arthas was standing. By the time she made it there, the wild pokemon that once were there had scattered.

“State your business,” Arthas calmly stated, but with a sense of authority.

“I have no business with the likes of you, Arthas Yurza,” she returned.

“Oh? Then it would seem to me that you being here would simply be...coincidence.”

“That would seem so.” She dared to move away at that point in time. Rob knew that it was a bad idea, as Arthas overtook her, staring right into her face. He whispered things to her, it was certain, but to Rob, it would simply be the same hollow threats that Arthas would have thought up. However hollow those threats were, his were still quite realistic. At least realistic enough for him to back away.

The Gardevoir ran off afterwards; she probably was told off just like that. Arthas then proceeded to look in his direction as well. “Well, I've gotten rid of one annoyance,” he purposely directed his speech at Rob. “How about you come out, Rob?”

He got out. “how did you know?”

“I'm not stupid, Rob. You're not to type to be satisfied with a brushing off, like the other one there. Of course, this is potentially your downfall. After all, curiosity killed the skitty.”

“Yes, but curiosity also brings the truth, at whatever the cost.”


“You know why I'm here.”

“Well, if it's to get you to leave, I think we can work something out. I'm here on a mission of sorts. That, however, is all you will know.”

“I see. Then I'll take my leave now.”

He made his way back out of the woods, looking back every now and then to see if Arthas was following him or not. That man was not to be trusted, but his words there would at least have a hint of truth. He needed to figure out what mission Arthas was sent to do. He didn't have the means to do it either. He left a mental note, simply because this man's presence might be important.

He returned to his shop, where his wife Katherine was already finished setting up. He was a married man, one of the few to be so in the swamps. He was also one of the lucky ones, considering that he was under Kuga's protection and he was able to open up a small shop instead of having to deal with the smuggling, stealing, and kidnapping that most had to endure. The shop, being located in the northern area of the swamps, meant that it was protected from robbery and the likes of it as well. He kissed his wife. “Another day starting, Katherine. Let's do this,” he said softly.

To him, she was his saviour. They lived in Viridian City before that night. They were neighbours, and quite frankly they didn't know much about each other even at that. Phatic exchanges were the best that they were able to say to each other most of the time. However, she did manage to save him that night by pulling him out of harm's way during his moment of daze. He was grateful, and very much because of that, he married her even though he never really did love her. It was guilt that struck him. He clearly was having an affair with another woman, one whom he loved, but he would not be able to break up with the one before him, as she would literally die in front of him before that would happen.

He waited for Gerrard to make his way to the store and settle down before making his “errands”. In this case, his “errands” consisted of seeing his lover. He made his way to Hanna's house about fifteen minutes earlier than he normally did. He knew that she also had to get herself away from her fiancée as well. It was a lot of sneaking around and what not, but it was the best they could do. His wait was long. Every minute tasted more like months of bitterness on end. Finally she had arrived.

The moment he saw her, everything was alright again. Their eyes met yet again, in the same fashion as always, and they embraced with a sense of longing that penetrated deep within their souls. It as mutual, it was what they wanted. It was, to them, how they defined love. But this was a love that remained an affair, but nothing more. “I missed you,” he whispered softly into her ear, careful to move strands of her hair behind it.

“Me too,” she returned with a kiss.

These brief moments were all they had for each other, but it was enough for them to last through their day. This meeting always had to be in secret. But it was their secret, and nobody else's. As their meeting ended, they parted with a farewell kiss one last time. He watched her leave. She never turned back to see him again, as if fearing that this secret would be destroyed by the fragility of movement. He, on the other hand, went back to his rightful place at the store as well.

The rest of the day was uneventful enough. Business was slow as usual, but aside from that, nothing really happened. Gerrard did mention something about some serial killer to him. He did not really pay attention like Katherine. He was not interested in any of that, considering that he would be more interested in what Arthas' plans were. That same night, he told Katherine about Arthas' return.

“Do you think that these rumours...could the person be Arthas?” Katherine asked.

“Don't be absurd. There is nothing in this world that can just become something else just like that. Besides that point, Arthas is someone we can recognize,” he answered. He doubted Arthas' presence had anything to do with at least this rumour. It would be too much of a coincidence, after all.

“That's true.” She was worried nonetheless. He didn't blame her. It was her right to be worried about her husband, and it was his right to comfort her in any way possible, but he couldn't help but think that this method was unsuccessful at best.

He waited until Katherine fell asleep before making his move. He did this once every week or so. It was a good thing that Katherine was a deep sleeper as well, considering that this kind of sneaking around would have been impossible otherwise. This also did beg the question of why she would ever be able to get up during the time when she was to save him, but he never considered this much.

That night, he met up with Hanna in the usual place. She was waiting for him this time around,but she was slightly fidgeting, as if something was weighting her mind. “What's wrong?” he asked his lover.

She explained the situation to him. She feared that the next target would be her brother. But why would there be such a ludicrous thought passing her mind? She explained further to him as he pondered this question. It seemed that her brother was a rather excellent tracker. He was a very powerful weapon years ago before he was in the swamps, simply to spy on the new gens' activities. It would make sense then that after his presumed “death” that he would eventually be found by a new gen from a non-neutral side. The end result would be tracking him down. Worse yet, she feared that this entire rumour plot was just a method to smoke her brother out into the open before killing him.

“Do you have an leads then?” he asked.

“Well the best lead I have is Stacy,” she answered.


“Yeah, she's a gardevoir that came not too long ago. We were acquainted with each other for the most part But I can't say that I can trust her at all.”

This reminded him of Arthas. Perhaps his showing up was not coincidental after all. Arthas was a dog to Saffron City, and served the humans for the most part. His position here to protect Maximillion would be perfectly reasonable, and good enough to be classified information. As well, he also met with a gardevoir that same day. Everything seemed to piece together for him. It was clear now. “I think that would be a good idea. She might be a spy or an assassin from the new gens. It makes sense from this point of view, anyway,” he answered her, figuring that Arthas would protect her should the time comes. She was his target's sister, and it would only make sense that she would also be in the same danger.

“Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do.”

“Just...Just be careful.”

That same night, he heard the murkow. He made no effort to understand its significance, but he did feel that there may be some eyes on him after all. Could it be Harry? No, that would simply be too convenient.

Several days after that night, news of her death arrived. To Rob, this was the single most destructive news he ever had in his life. She was his love, his everything. “Rob.” She had everything he wanted in life. “I knew.” She was something that he could not ever bare to lose. “I knew about it.” She gave him his first and only love affair. “I know about you.” Her smile was everything to him. “You and that woman.” She gave him pleasure, pain, lust, anger, bitterness, sweetness, every emotion he could think of. “That...” She was supposed to be protected! “That woman stole you from me.” He must have revenge “Served her right!”

He left the house, the same half-torn house that was equal to his feelings. It was his marriage. It was his business. He had lost everything in life. Nothing mattered now. Revenge. He would bring swift justice. But who? Arthas. He was supposed to protect her. He was supposed to be the one to save her. He was at fault.

He stood in front of Gerrard's house and knocked. He needed back up to ambush Arthas. It was set in stone now. He would have Gerrard's aid to destroy the man responsible. A man opened the door. Arthas? The man seemed to be inviting him into the house. He had to wait for his chance to do this, then. He waited for the perfect moment, when the man's back was onto him. He then did what his mission was to do. He killed the man. He stabbed him several times using his pocket knife. The man struggled, but he was overpowering after the wound. Even a dog of Saffron would not be able to stand against him!

He made a run for it out of the house. Arthas was dead. He had done it All he needed to do now was simply to erase the evidence. He wiped his feet and hands clean and placed it under the dead man, whom he never looked in the face. He didn't need to. It was certain he took the life of whom he had wished to die. He then ran, closing the door behind him. The perfect camouflage.

He then searched for the gardevoir, but he could not find her. Where could the gardevoir be? He needed to think, and quickly. The most obvious place was Maximillion's house. If she was a spy, he would be the first target. He went to Max's house. A roselia new gen greeted him. He tried to act as normal as possible, but his panic was certain. It was an infection. She became worried. She panicked. She was of no aid to him at all! Max was not there! He needed a lead. A lead. Any lead. His wife.

Katherine was again spewing out nonsense. He did not pay any attention. He never needed to pay attention. He need to go. He needed to find the spy. He needed to kill the spy. He felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. He looked. She knew, after all.

“I'm coming.”
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