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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-26-2007, 12:17 AM
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Default [War VI] Twilight Tear

Twilight Tear

Team Swarm

Chapter 1
Fatal Blow

"Let's just go up there man. We can show these clowns up easily. Their pokemon wouldn't be able to appeal to the judges if their lifes depended on it.We've made it to the Master Ranked part of the contest. If we beat them we can go even higher. Come on Jordan, what do you say?"

We had come this far into the competition. There was no possible way that we were going to back out now. Our contest team was the best Team in Sinnoh. Jordan, Chris, Marcus, and Jeffrey were the hottest pokemon coordinators in HeartHome City. They weren't giving up now.

"Alright then Chris. Let's go show them up. I'll be using my Medicham. How about you Chris?"

"I'll use my Tyrouge. Let's go already. They're getting tired of waiting."

Jordan's whole team walked up onto the stage. The two teams looked at each other with such anger. The judge looked at both team leaders.

"Both of you teams shake hands with each other. DJ, play the music for me will ya'!"

DJ Crazy Kid blasted out the best music in HeartHome City. The crowd was clapping and dancing to the music, which made both teams confident. The opponent's leader was using his Pikachu. He made the Pikachu dance with a little Agility within it.

"Oh alright. Is that all you got?! Let's go! Medicham, do a backflip and add a split within it. Finish up with a meditate!"

Medicham did exactly as he was commanded. The other team was simply shocked. They were hesitating to make a move.

"End it here Chris! After all, you're our best coordinator."

"Alright then bro! I'll end it here. Tyrouge, use Rapid Spin! End it with a Hi Jump Kick! And once that is over, finish it up with our secret move...the Twilight Tear."

Tyrouge spun faster than Spinda with excitement. Right after that, he jumped real high and his feet touched the ceiling. Then he ran, slid, and spun at the same time towards the opponent. The crowd and other team got quiet. As he was sliding and spinning, he formed a tear with twilight inside that engulfed him. He went in slow motion and broke out of it right at the opponent's feet. The tear busted, causing many different little Twilight Tears to wet the opponents. The crowed roared greatly. The match was over. Jordan's team had won. They got there prize money and headed out of Contest Hall.

"Chris, where the hell did you learn that move?"

"I can't tell yall'. I've been working on that move for a very long time."

As they finished talking the opponent team came out of nowhere and hit Chris, Jordan, and the rest of the team. They were in a huge brawl. They wanted their money back and they also wanted to know where Chris learned that move. Jordan ran up and punched the dude that was hitting his brother Chris. The guy tripped Chris, unleashed his Absol and Hyper Beamed Chris to his death. The opponent team ran away, scared that they can possibly get caught. Jordan ran to his brother hoping that he wasn't dead. It was too late. Chris had died. Jordan and the rest of his friends all got arrested for being part of the brawl, but they all got bailed out. Jordan was now the only son left that his mother had. His mother was to sad and sent Jordan on a boat to Hoenn, becaue she was scared that he could possibly die also. Jordan was on his way to Hoenn depressed and angry and thought his whole life was over.

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