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Old 11-17-2012, 11:04 PM
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Default Wrath of the ice titian

Hello welcome to my new ou/suspect team mainly for a future metagame with out genesect and asa team to test sussspect but not fot voying right, i play for the curiosity, I don't feel i am fit to vote on genesect.

But anyways here we go.


252hp 252speed 6defence
Stealth rock
Night shade

Why is he here? Well you know kyruem-b? He's on this team and he gets many 2ko' and oh ko's by himself, now what if, here me out here, what if we potentially reduce the opponents by 25-50%? Suddenly those 2kos become oh ko's and 3 ko's become 2ko's and this icey drgaon becomes extremely threatening. Thats right he is here mainly for deoyxs-d, but every other pokemon on the team sure would love the residual as well and he is dam good at getting them up.

Kyruem-B@life orb

252attack 252speed 6special attack.
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Fusion Bolt
- Hidden Power Fire
- Dragon Claw

Monsterous, this is what rampados wishes it was, powerful enough to mage a huge dent in ou, flawed enough that it was ou. Kyruem-b is my main man and he is here to drill massive holes through the enemy team with power never seen before in ou, since deoyxs-A's psychoboost but this time only;y one type resists it's move dragon claw and a normally weak dragon attack become extremely scary, when it's comming off a base 170 attack and will not be stuck on that move for any length of time. Teh sub set allows him to take advantage of the fact he will force a lot of pokemon out thus take advantage of deoyxs-d's spikes and Sr and to take on the pokemon sent in. hidden power fire is here for ferrothron mainly, scizor too, both pokemon ready to cause kyruem grief and both ready to die instead.

Terrakion@choice band

252attack special defence 252speed
Stone edge
Close combat
sacred sword

this thing is my choice banded mauler, flawless coverage makes terrakion able to take on a wide variety of threats such as, tyranitar. This speed and power allows him to simple brush aside many threats to kyruem and gengar my main sweeper and this also allows him to take out pokemon that will be weakened by SR/spikes.

Gengar@life orb

252special attack 252speed 6hp
shadow ball
thunder bolt
Focus blast

My special sweeper gengar is going to kill anything the physical kyruem can't kill as they are all weak to shadow ball or have special defence that leaves much to be desired so gengar can pick them off. This set is the same as kyruems but on a gngar sub + 3 attacks, the reason is the same as kyruem for the most part, but I wnated additional coverage. Gengar can potentialy check keldeo if it's locked into a fighting move or hasn't calm minded yet with thunderbolt which is the main reason why thats here over hp fire.


252 HP / 236 Def / 20 Speed
toxic spikes
rappid spin

I was thinking starmie here, but her pursuit weakness made her an unapealing chocie with gengar and tentacruel is good rain counter and more importantly keldeo counter and user of rappid spin. Keldeo likes to make fun of this team, it's faster than kyruem, genegar can't ko it at times and terrakion dosn't have the power to force it die. However with toxic tentacruel laughs at keldeo with a passion, keldeo will be on a rain team obviously for the most part so tenta will benefit from the rain as well and will out stall keldeo. Due to how big of threat he is I am not sure weather to use toxic or protect, toxic means he dies a slow painful death, protect means he can surive longer against any rain teams and toxic spikes means he dies if he switches into them.

Latios@ choice scarf

252speed 252special attack 6hp
draco meteor
hp fire

needed a check to rape dragons and latios is just the man or should i say mon for that job, he raped enemy kyruem and moxie mence with a passion he can pick off dragonite and maul lslower lati

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