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Old 03-29-2008, 10:37 PM
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Default Re: Aggression of the Dragon (Naruto fan-fic)

Okay! We're back! And with renewed inspiration too ^ ^ (I thank video games SOOOO much xDDD) *ahem* Anyways... I'm terribly sorry, but writers block did indeed get the best of me -_- Luckily~~ I over came it, and thought up a brilliant new plot twist >x] tee hee. Well, without further adu, I give you chapter 11 =P ... even though it's merely a preperation chapter.... ^ ^'''


Amegakure part 7

(Kuroi’s POV)

“Alright, Takeshi, you have to carry both me and Satoshi, got it?” Saretori barked. He nodded, blood streaming from his mouth. “Pachi… can you fly still?” He exercised his wing, and awkward as it was, it could still move. I frowned, and bounded over to him.

“Pachi, this should help,” I blew over the places where arrows pierced his wings. It took a little bit, but the wounds sealed up. I did the same to Takeshi’s snout. Saretori nodded.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” I said.

“Okay, Pachi, you’ll have to fly with Hyato and Megumi,” she continued.

“Understood,” he raised his neck and looked out to the dark sky. I looked at him, with some pity for the guy. He loved her, that Kaiumi, more than anything else I learned. But quickly I turned to the “Battle group.”

“Are you all ready to face death, blood, and carnage? No matter what?” They all somberly nodded. I turned to my little sister, giving her an especially stern look. “If you need to look away, or cover up the bodies, do so. We don’t need you freaking out on the battlefield, do you get that Fubuki?”

Her tail twitched, and she stood straight and proud. “Yes.”

I turned my head back the rest, and narrowed my eyes. It’d been a long time since I had fought a battle so harsh as this… of course it may not be too hard for me and Fubuki, but the others, I wasn’t sure…. We had to keep as many of them alive as possible… but only two, the natives, would actually stand a chance. The other two would most likely be killed straight off. And even then, I wasn’t sure about them. But Fubuki did fight one…. Then again, nothing could be adequately judged, since she had been training with the Takeshi boy almost non-stop all that time, and most of her strength was expended. Not to mention the fact that he tried a quick summon. Why in the world she taught him that so early, or even why he dared to risk such a move was beyond me.

“Saretori, we’ll catch up once the massacre is over,” my snarl grew tighter, fangs glistening with water. For me, this would be an easy battle, lighting was already flashing in the sky, and even easier for Fubuki, since the water element was weaker against earth. Perfect.

Saretori looked at all of us somberly. “Right… listen. If you need to retreat. We can’t have you, of all of the group, be defeated, you hear?”

The snarl turned back into a frown. I honestly wasn’t one to retreat… and of course I wasn’t too used to, or even for, being ordered around by a child. Then again, this was no ordinary child. She bore in her the ancestor of all wolves, so I honestly shouldn’t complain to the Jinchuuriki of our God.

“Got it.”

“If that’s it, we need to move…. Is everybody ready?”

Nobody moved.

“Good… well… Kuroi, Fubuki, everyone, farewell. We all ache to see all of you again. Takeshi! Pachi! Let’s go!” and on her command, they opened their wings and were about to burst into the sky. But then something crossed my mind.


They all looked back at us.

“Is there anybody we should be wary of? Flee on sight? Anything?”

Saretori grit her teeth in hatred. “Uchiha Yuki.” Then she gave them a signal, and they took to the black, crying clouds. A huge surge of lightning illuminated the sky as she said that however, almost foreboding something big… something ominous.

I rolled my eyes. “And then she just takes off, eh? Taku….” I said to myself. Then I shifted my feet, pursed to spring at any moment and rip somebody’s head off. Or any limb for that matter. One of the Amegakure boys turned to me.

“So what do we do now, wait?”


“That plan’s going to lead to failure,” he retorted. I growled at him.

“Oi, Hoshi, don’t provoke her, she knows more than us,” the other Amegakure one glowered at him.

“Don’t call me that, seriously. And I’m not provoking her, I’m just saying… waiting will get all of us killed.”

I snarled and stepped towards him, he didn’t waver. Smart boy. Running from an animal of legend only attracts their attention. “Oh? How so?”

“If we stand still, they can easily seal us off, preventing escape. And if they form a complete circle, we might be caught from behind!”

I laughed, and they all looked at me with a confused and rather creeped out look.

“Do you honestly think that proved anything? Fubuki and I can smell and hear over 30 times as you humans can. We are neither animal, deity, nor demon. But we still have heightened abilities of the first. Besides which, there will be a weaker side, and it is always the one that fights the hardest, trying to preserve their ranks and block our passage. Trust me, in every battle I have fought that involves this tactic, it is always the same.

Also, my sister and I have a very versatile array of techniques. Most of them are to be used in situations such as this, when going against platoons, or flat out masses of soldiers like this.”

“I’m doubtful of that….” he crossed his arms, and instantly my hair bristled. I jumped forward and snapped at him.

“Listen you! We are the ones in charge here, not you!” I referenced to Fubuki, “And our word is law. You heard the demon girl herself! Besides which, do you have any idea what real war is like, do you have any idea how much death and blood in the span of my very long life?! No, you don’t! Now I suggest that you actually open up that rock you call a skull and listen to me, else, I’ll bite your head off before this battle even starts,” I looked over the rest of the boys. “Let this serve as a warning to all of you….” Then I returned to my former position.

Fubuki gave me a concerned look. “Y… You didn’t have to do that….”

“Yes I did! If they can’t learn respect, then they will never last more than a few minutes!”

“No… that’s not what I meant….”

I understood then. “Oh… right… I’m sorry sis… I never really meant to…. I’m sorry, ‘kay?” She nodded sadly. What she was so depressed about was the countless battles we fought. The countless comrades we saw fall before us. That was what she meant… and I felt just as bad as she did. But that’s exactly why I was so intent on saving Kaiumi… but not just her; Arashi-niisan.

I sighed. All we had to do now was wait…. Just wait until the scent of them filled our noses. Until the first footsteps filled our ears. Which wasn’t long. I raised my head, and a deep snarl rose in my throat. I turned abruptly to Fubuki.

“Alright. Are they within range yet?” she padded the ground, carefully detecting vibrations, then put her paw firmly on one spot.

“Now they are….” Then, suddenly, she lifted her paw, then slammed it down, sending a tremor along the ground, cracking the ground, like an earthquake. She kept her head down, ears flat to her face. Then she lifted her head, face set and serious.

“Okay, I took at least twenty of them down. Probably more,” she said.

“Good….” I tensed up a bit, backing up a few steps. My hair stood on end, and I burst my eyes open. Murmuring a few words, I thrust my head back and let out a long, eerie howl. A war howl.

“Fubuki let’s go!” I barked, and then bounded onto a roof-like structure, trying to get closer to the lighting. In turn, she ran over the street where the bulk of the army was about to burst through. Me? I was targeting a section not too strong, but not the weak link I was talking about earlier. If anything, we needed to keep that section as was.

Once another bolt of lightning pierced the sky, I howled again, and directed it to the ground. Of course, it wasn’t as slow as it took my sister. No, with lightning it was completely instantaneous. It crashed down and made contact with those in the area. Even just feeling the heat would kill them… which meant I just took out a huge portion of the oncoming forces.

Only problem, there was a limit to how much I could do…. And if they were any organized army, they’d have throw-aways at the front, and save the best fighters for last.

“How many’d you get?” Fubuki shouted.

“Dunno. Probably about another twenty so. Something like that. You?”

“I think twelve.”

“That’s pretty decent. So, at the least, we got 52 gone. And if that’s correct, that’s all we’re gonna take down. The rest has to be manual.”

“… Yeah….”

Then I leaped down, and touched the ground silently. I eyed the group left to us.

“Okay… I, hmm…. Let’s see what to do with you…. Four of you, two of us, three streets…. Okay, you,” I gestured to the one who spoke up to me a bit earlier. “You’re with me. You two, Konoha guys, you get that street over there. And as for the last one, you’re with Fubuki. Got it?”

“Um… okay…?” One of them looked at me, confused.

“You fight as a pair, each positioned at a street opening. Simple enough?”

He opened his mouth to say something, but waved it off and turned to his position with his ‘partner.’ But truth be told… I didn’t think any of them would survive… they just didn’t have the experience. Long range assassination techniques weren’t any good anymore, so it all had to me mid to short range. That’s all. Now in position, we waited just a bit longer.

“Okay, brief me on your abilities real quick,” I said, not moving my head at all.

“Um… well, I’m good with Suiton and Raiton jutsu. And I—“

“Alright, that should be good enough.”


“Oh just wait,” and now my fur was more like needles than anything else. Lips pursed into an expression of hunger. It’s true, I wanted more than anything to rip off human flesh. I mean, after all, I was a wolf.

Nothing happened for at least 3 agonizingly long seconds. I paused, not taking my eyes off the entrance to our section. “Fubuki! What’s going on!?”

I could hear her stomping on the ground, moving her paws around, everything to sense anything.

“They’ve… stopped! What does th-- …. Oh no….”

This time I swung my head around, barking. “What’s wrong?!”

“… I… do you remember the… the feeling when… you look into…. THAT!!”

I instantly understood, mouthed a curse, and flattened my ears against my head, tail curling under my body, and backed up. I knew all too well what she meant.

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“…. Unless it’s his successor, that Yuki girl, then no. Either way, we were told to flee on sight if we saw her and… and they’re moving again!!” her voice rose with fear at the end.

This is bad! This is very, very bad!

“Okay everyone!! Change of plans!” instantly everybody looked at me in astonishment. “This isn’t going to be such a walk in the park anymore. I already know that the ones dead now were throw-away soldiers; they were placed in that position to be killed on purpose. This isn’t the case now, since one hit mass killings are impossible, and they take a bit out of our chakra reserves.

Now, we’re going to use another tactic, don’t ask questions, just follow orders!! Fubuki, get over here. Everybody else form a circle around us! Oi, oi! Don’t face us idiot, outwards so you can see them!”

Silence then followed once again… aside from the rain and lighting over head. Suddenly it was sharply broken by the pounding of feet. A sharp chill ran down every strand of fur in my coat. If it really was whom I thought it was, this battle was lost already…. If it was that Yuki girl, maybe… just maybe there was a chance we could escape. However… if she had such a way to frighten my very soul without even being there, escape was near impossible.

One more person with that power in this world would spell certain destruction. But so long as she hadn’t completed it yet… she could still be stopped. Still, I’d gladly flee if I ever had to face a nightmare as such ever again.

~~END Yeah, I know, not very exciting =\ bear with me please, I just broke through writer's block (as mentioned before). Well... I guess that's it I'm not even gonna bother with the preview, because you should know now that, why hey, there's gonna be a fight, omg! =o

I'm gonna try to get the next chapter in ASAP kay ^ ^
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Smile Re: Aggression of the Dragon (Naruto fan-fic)

Originally Posted by Eaglemaster23 View Post
Yeah, that's kinda because I need Japanese in Microsoft Word for my Japanese lessons this summer. the fact that it won't turn off though, really bugs me though. Anyways... if I'm not mistaken, you were on pretty early when you posted that? I guess it doesn't matter, 4:26 AM probably means 7 for you. And chapter 5 should be coming soon everyone!
how soon?u story inttrigues me!(like i know what tha mean!)cant wait!
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