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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-15-2007, 04:06 PM
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Default [War VI] Wish: A Corrupt Destiny

A Corrupt Destiny
Representing Team Swarm


Ever since childhood I've been wondering what would happen if I were to disappear out of thin air. Everytime I saw a shooting start, I'd make a wish. A wish that could change my life forever. There are so many events in my life that I would love to do over. A simple change in my history can change my destiny. Is that what I truly want? But what will happen if my destiny wasn't supposed to go in the manner I want it to go in? Would I be punished? Cause history to remake itself? Or even cause every living creature and human-being to have a corrupt destiny? Ha ha....I just don't know.

I am Jordan Turner. I am fifteen-years old. I don't have many hobbies. I'm a pokemon trainer. I don't give up on any obstacle that comes in my destined path. Why should I be afraid to give up. I have an elite team of pokemon on my side. That includes Flygon, Absol, Charizard, Tyranitar, Empolean, and my newly acquired: Celebi. If I do something wrong, I can change it literally. I can go back in time and change history forever. My life right now has been difficult. My friends Adam, Kenneth, Marquel all hang out with me. Why? Was it their destiny for them to meet me? We all hate immaturity. That's one thing we have in common. There's this really pretty girl that I love deep down inside my soul. Her name is Melissa. Melissa Horseman. She's my age. There are a lot of prett girls at my school. But I choose her. It's something about her that makes her the perfect one. What? Is it destiny for me to choose this teenage girl? Ha ha....I just don't know.

Chapter 1: High-School

It had been 3 whole months since I graduated from the eighth-grade. I had missed my friends so much. Why? I especially missed Melissa. Today was the day. I was going to get to see my friends agains. As I got out of bed, I could feel the morning sun shining down upon me as my feet touched the wooden soft carpet. I was hoping that everyone got stronger as well their pokemon also. I went and to a nice hot shower. After that was done I put on the new clothes that I bought from Japan. That were modeled after Uchiha Sasuke's new clothes. I also had my pokeballs tightly attached to my waste. I was now a freshman.

I could still remember on the last day of my eighth-grade at middle school, when I was going to finally tell Melissa that I loved her. Her cousin, who was highly popular at our school, was also named Melissa. But everybody called her Bea. Bea told me that if anybody were to go out with her cousin, she would want it to be me. She said I can understand what most guys don't and she knows that I'll do anything to protect her, especially after I told her that I would never let Melissa get hurt. As I was rearing the corner after the graduation ceremony, I could see her in her beautiful white dress. I was nervous, but I had to say something. As I walked up to her, one of my friends named Roman walked up and kissed her. I stopped dead in my tracks. This is the guy that I had a pokemon battle with to end all of the harassment and he goes and does this. I went straight home. Feeling really depressed, I went straight to my room and locked the door. After about an hour someone had come knocking at my door. I unlocked it and saw that it was Bea. She told me how wrong it was what Roman did and that I should still confess to Melissa and tell her how I feel. I told her that it was over. Melissa liked Roman and it was done. Bea told me if that was how I truly felt than I really should just let her go.

At about 7:30, I arrived at the front gates of high-school. All freshman were to report to the basketball gym immediately. After a few minutes, the basketball gym was packed. All of my friends were there. I was so happy inside to be able to see them again. I also happened to see Melissa and Roman sitting together along with Bea nad her boyfriend next to them. I wasn't sitting on the bleachers like everybody else. I was instead sitting on one of the big poles at the ceiling of the gym where no one happened to see me. The councelors then announced themselves and told us that we would have to be in groups of five. Because, not only were we ninja, but we had pokemon too. The councelor announced the groups.

Melissa, Gilbert, Roman, Bea, and Maritza are all in one group." Crap! Roman and Melissa in one group! She then announced,"Kenneth, Adam, Marquel, Ronnie, and Jordan are in one group." They all got into there group wondering were Jordan was. Melissa kind of wanted to see Jordan to see how much he's grown. So did Bea and Roman. No one could find Jordan. Then all of a sudden a guy looking like the Shippuuden Sasuke flew down silently on a Flygon. The gym was quiet. The councelor then said, " Name...?" The mysterious guy that looked like an elite trainer and ninja replied,"Jordan. Jordan Turner." Bea held Melissa in her arms as she was crying. Roman was mad to see him. Everybody else was happy too see their old friend. Jordan's group shook hands with him and the girls hugged him. But Jordan paid them no mind. He eyed Melissa wondering why she was crying. " Flygon...return." The school year had begun.

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Old 06-15-2007, 05:27 PM
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Default Re: [War VI] Wish: A Corrupt Destiny

Chapter 2: Day of Reckoning

It was now lunch. So far through the first four periods, Melissa had been ignoring Roman. Why? Jordan had all four periods with Melissa so far. Jordan went to the lunch counter and paid the currency for the the lunch. He went and sat down at a table. He wanted to be isolated from everyone else. Bea and Maritza came and sat down at the table with Jordan. Jordan looked up. He could tell a conversation was about to begin.

"Someone has been training to impress a special someone..." Maritza already knew that Jordan liked Melissa, more like loved her, and for that reason made that statement.

"I sure did train. But not for her. Over the Summer, I went to Japan. Do you remember our favorite teacher form last year Mr. Greenwell?"

Bea and Maritza both remembered him, simply because he was the most funniest and greatet teacher that anyone in the world could have. " Yes. Why?"

"I saw him in Japan with his son. He was training his son to become an elite ninja and trainer. Therefore I asked him if he could do the same for me. He agreed and trained me for the Summer."

"Oh really? Well why don't you fight Roman for Melissa? That will settle things real quickly."

"Very mature ladies. Fighting doesn't solve anything. Neither does a pokemon battle."

"We know. We're just playing with you Jordan." Jordan saw Melissa put her lunch at the lunch table where he, Maritza, and Bea were sitting at. She then sat down, not realizing that Jordan was sitting their too. Roman recognized what was happening and therefore went and sat at the table too. Then all of the popular teens, along with sophomores, juniors, and seniors headed to the table as well. The whole table was quiet. Jordan looked around and then finally got up. Everyone stared at him. "I guess I'll be going." He threw his lunch away and headed to his dorm. Yes this was a strange school Having dorms in high-school, but oh well. He then lay there silently on his bed.

As night time came, then moonlight shone upon Jordan's shirt. A shooting star passed by in the moonlit sky. Jordan the said, " A shooting star huh....wishes don't come true. I just wish..." It suddenly got quiet. " I just wish...Melissa could be happy. What she desires. What she wants. I just wish that she could have it." Jordan was now teary eyed. As he went to sleep, his pillow got wet from the tears he shed.

It was midnight and everybody was sleep. The shooting star earlier, wasn't a shooting a shooting star, but none other than Jirachi the Wishmaker! Jirachi flew into the bright moonlit sky and recited Jordan's wish over and over. "Jirachi!!!" Jirachi yelled real loud. All of a sudden the Earth trembled. The whole whole school woke up. Everybody ran outside to see what was going on. Roman ran through the crowd of high-schoolers as quickly as he can. Melissa and Bea ran to the front also. Jordan went outside and he was right next to Melissa and Roman. They were holding hands. All of a sudden, a being came out of the sky and landed in front of Jordan, Bea, Melissa, Roman, and the rest of Jordan's friends.

"Who are you?!" Jordan yelled.

" I am Romdan. And this is my partner...Mewthree."

Jirachi had completed the wish.
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