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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Naruto Akatsuki - A Bumpy Ride

Disclaimer: Yes, my name is Kishimoto. *headesk* No, I do not own Naruto. Authors note will be at the end, thank you for clicking here and I hope you enjoy it. :D

Bumpy Ride

The wind whistled softly through the bows of trees, steadily chilling her as she slowly came too. She grimaced, wincing at her throbbing head before a rocking motion sent her tumbling into something hard, startling her awake. What the hell? She opened her eyes slightly. A wall of a grey brown ragged material confronted her, and emerald flashed as she remembered the situation. Careful with her movements so she wouldn’t alert her captor that she was awake, she tried to find her bearings, slowly twitching one finger slightly to find it crushed somewhere behind her back. A twitch of a few others, and she quickly found out that her hands were bound, though not with any rope as far as she could tell. Some type of chakra bon- She halted her thoughts abruptly as she noticed the rocking had stopped, and with a thump she was dropped. Keeping still, she listened hard.

He stopped abruptly, dumping his cargo at his feet unceremoniously. Withdrawing Samehade from the strap on his back with a sweep, he lowered it slowly over the motionless bundle, setting it to rest at the head. A slight whistling sound whispered through the clearing and he smirked as with a curse the bundle moved, rolling away from the weapon, the being within it thrashing wildly. Swinging the heavy sword back onto his back he melted silently back into the trees as the ties of the sack came open, revealing a head of pink hair. Jade eyes flashed as they surveyed the surrounding area, hands wriggling furiously beneath their bonds. Shaking the rest of the sack off of her, she tensed, freezing, as she heard a rustle behind her.

“Good morning Kunoichi” A sarcastic voice drawled in her ear as the Samehade was once again lowered, and she flinched at the proximity. Feeling the numbing tug of chakra being absorbed by the blade, she used her anger as strength, flipping backwards, causing him to fall back as well to avoid being hit. Following through with the momentum she carried on rolling, eventually landing on her feet at the far side of the clearing, leaning forward slightly to keep her balance. Blinking as a few stray strands of hair fell into her eyes, she narrowly dodged a punch as he came swinging after her, eyes searching as he disappeared into the trees once more. Pausing a second at a slight whistle, she quickly crouched, just avoiding a kunai as it thunked into the wood of a tree behind where she had been standing. Wait, a Kunai? Focusing on the weapon, her eyes widened slightly.


An explosion rocked the clearing, smoke billowing up and out in a suffocating cloud. Ignoring the flecks of ash lightly settling in his hair, he stalked forward, stopping in front of the female ninja. He smirked. Her jade eyes were unfocused, a slight burn standing out in contrast to her pale white skin of her cheek. She wouldn’t cause him any more trouble for a while. Crouching down, he threw her over one shoulder; being careful she didn’t rub into Samehade too much, and leapt back into the trees.


Darkness had pervaded the forest when Kisame finally arrived at his destination, stopping at the foot of an ordinary looking oak. Forming a seal he concentrated, genjetsu wavering for a second, to reveal an indent that you wouldn’t spot unless you were looking for it. Adjusting the weight on his shoulder, he slipped a hand in to the opening, callused fingers closing around a handle, and with a yank there was a rumble, and a section of the grass a little over five feet away fell through, revealing a set of stairs. Smiling a little, he headed down, the opening closing automatically behind him. This was his favorite of the Akatsuki safe houses, it didn’t depend entirely on chakra so couldn’t be discovered by just any wandering shinobi, and the location was conveniently close to their Jinchuriki.

Sensing increased chakra activity in his hostage again, he increased the strength of the chakra bonds, making sure the ones around her mouth and eyes were secure. There was nothing Itachi hated more than a screamer, and why he didn’t care what happened to the girl, he had to put up with Itachi afterwards, and to tell the truth, screamers annoyed him too. He smirked as she realized, leaning Samehade towards her in warning as she started to struggle. She froze instantly, obviously contemplating her options before slumping in submission. He grinned, continuing through the dark.

Stopping in front of an old wooden door, he nudged it open roughly with his foot, letting it slam shut behind him as he clumped down the stairs. After several more corridors and another set of stairs he finally stopped, reaching the room. Stooping silently before yet another set of doors he set her down on the rock floor, securing the bond around her feet to an iron ring set deep underground before knocking. Not waiting for an answer he entered, grimacing slightly as he rubbed his shoulder.

“She’s outside Itachi.” There was a clink as he dumped various weapons and her head protector on the table before landing on the couch with a thump. “She’s all yours.”

Itachi nodded, standing and walking to the door, expression impassive as he gazed down at the kunoichi. Kisame felt him take possession of the chakra bonds and severed his connection, eyes closing wearily as the door shut quietly behind him.

Authors Note: XD Just your good old Sakura captured by the Akatsuki for some reason or another fic. Tried to cut down on detail unlike my last attempt at naruto fanfiction, make it nicer to read. Reviews appreciated and wanted, constructive critism would make my day. Will probably be continuing this, sorry this is a kinda short chapter. Tell me if you like it? 8D;;
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