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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-13-2007, 04:26 PM
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Default Komo Island Journeys


Komo Island is to the east of the orre region and home to some of the strongest trainers in the world. All come from across the world to compete in Komo Island but most fail due to the strength of the Komo Masters which are like gym leaders but theres only 5 but they are very powerful. If a trainer defeats a komo master they would get a symbol showing that they have won against the corresponding Komo Master. Once a trainer has all 5 symbols they are able to battle the Komo Champion. Whoever defeats the champion wins the golden winners cup showing that they have beaten the Komo Champion.

Echoruin City- This city is bustling with trainers and citizens. Many trainers train in the magrock cave which is near the city. Theres a day care here too and also the 1st Komo Master known as Roru, the ground type master. Winning against Roru will give you a mountain symbol.

Kindu Town- Kindu town is a small town with nice people and wild pokemon. Many come here to relax from their battles and stay a night at Kindu's very own hotel. Theres not much to do here but many trainers like this town.

Volkin City- A busy city with a department store, an arcade, and many more. Near this city is an volcano where this city's Komo master trains. This city's Komo master is known as Sarah, the fire type master. Winning against Sarah will give you a magma symbol. Trainers may also catch or train pokemon near the volcano's summit.

Aquas City- This city is close to the ocean's sea and home to some of the strongest water-type trainers. Theres a battle dojo there where you can train you pokemon in a series of battles with many trainers. Theres a TM and item store where you can buy items equal to the number of battle you won in the dojo. The komo master here is known as Oceania, the water-type master.

Yoruk Town- This town has a safari zone and a tower which has the pokemon who passed away. The trainers go to the lost tower if one of their pokemon passed away or another's has passed away. The safari zone here holds many rare and common pokemon. Trainers love coming to Yoruk town.

Rodin City- Rodin city is home to the Komo master Chris, the electric komo master. This city has a huge electrical system that powers all of Komo Island. There is a factory in which trainers go to train, battle, and catch pokemon. Theres also a cycling road near Rodin city.Winning against Chris will give you a thunder symbol.

Fortun Town- Fortun town is a town of psychic type trainers. There are Baltoys around the town that protect the town from danger. The 5th and final Komo master is known as Soman, the psychic komo master. In the Pokemon center there is an abra that will teleport you to any location on komo island. Winning against Soman will give you the intelligence symbol.

Ultima Dome- This huge dome is the huge arena for the komo tournaments. The best of the best compete here to face Bibu, the komo island champion for the golden winners cup. Whoever loses must start over with having to face all of the komo masters all over again. If a trainer wins the tournament they get to face Bibu for the winner's cup.


Jake Ordon is a pokemon trainer from the sinnoh region. Jake has traveled almost everywhere and won. He is known for his strength and good attitude. When Jake got home one day he noticed a letter on his front porch. He walked towards it and opened it:

Dear Jake Ordon,

Hello, I'am Bibu a fellow trainer like you. I have heard all about you and I hear that your pretty strong. I'm impressed. I was wondering, would you like to compete in Komo Island? Its to the right of the orre region so I'll be waiting....


He looked in the envelope and saw a sheet of paper. It had 2 boxes, one said yes, the other said no. Jake has to check mark the one that he was going to choose. Which one will he choose? Find out on the 1st chapter on "Komo Island Journeys" !

The 1st chapter will be posted later.
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