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Old 07-21-2007, 02:06 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition

Name: Team Evolution
Team: The Alpha Guild


A pure Fusion with Snorlax x Swalot, the green comes from my own palette.

Not the best fusion, and not a scratch, but I wanted to enter for my team =), spriting is not my thing but its worth a try.


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Old 07-21-2007, 11:53 AM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition



I was off the computer for a while, so I could only make a fusion.
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Old 07-21-2007, 09:32 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition

THANK YOU LADIES/GENTLEMENS/PRONOUNS! Here's the final judging! *dun dun dun*

Draconic Espeon (Rocket)

Form (8/10): ...It's a chao. There's not much to go wrong in in form, but you have copy-flipped wings and the horn thing looks wrong.
Color (8/15): Chaos have pre-prepared shading, but what you did put on is messed up. The copy-flipped wings and an impossible lightsource. I'll give you that you pulled off thw white well, and I guess it doesn't look horrible, but it's big shading error nonetheless.
Design (7/10): The fakemon is nice, but it's a chao, so I'm knocking off points for that. A bad copy-flipped one, no less.
Overall (10/10): It looks great, but it has shading errors all around. Chaos generally are easy to make look good.
Special (3/10): Chaos are pretty much lazy recoloring and then adding a copy-flip. Maybe if you had reshaded the wings, tweaked the body, not flipped parts, or done actual shading, it would be better, but for now it just shows all signs of no effort.
Total: (36/55)

Shadow Eevee (Swarm)

Form (2/10): Um, what? The lineart is reeeally choppy, uneven and generally sketchy; I can't tell if that pink thing is a tongue or something else, and I don't know if the red things are eyes.
Color (5/15): Shading exists, but it's crap. The mid lightsource apparently does not apply to anything but the tentacle-like mass, the body being like a reverse frontal lightsource... like some frontal darksource, or all-around lights... ew. There are so many lightsources it proves you have ZERO understanding of shading, thankyou. It's painful to look at. The only thing that could make it worse is paint colors.
Design (6/10): I can't tell what on earth it is, but a Tentacool preevo would be okay... they made one for Chimecho, so I can envision a Tentalcool pre.
Overall (3/10): The impression is "What the heck is that?". If you wanted to score, stick with what you know, please.
Special (7/10): Scratch! Nice! Thing is, it's really poorly executed, showing that you were aiming for points here rather than in actual quality in any other area.
Total: (23/55)

RocketMeowth (Swarm)

Form (9/10): Wow, nice. It kind of has a more plesiosaur look as opposed to the velociraptor drawing, and the black outlines on the dorsal fin make it look choppy, but other than that, great lineart!
Color (11/15): Meh, there's the outline colors, but also you seem to have a lightsource that shines on the chest, and that really doesn't go with the lightsource on the head. Lots off for multiple lightsources, and also the spots have zero shading. The yellow shades are nearly invisible. You still managed to make it look okay, but that's for Overall...
Design (10/10): Yeah! Liking the plesio-raptor thingy-ness. Nice job here.
Overall (7/10): Fin's a big turnoff, and the shading errors are still noticeable if you look longer than a glance.
Special (9/10): Ahhh, a well-done scratch. A point off from the slightly low quality, but still full marks here.
Total: (46/55)

Team Evolution (The Alpha Guild)

Form (8/10): Bottom's looking choppy... and it seems to be falling over.
Color (7/15): *FAIL* Look, you left zero shading on the green, except on big highlights, and absolutely no shadow. Biiiig no-no. Where'd the green come from anyway? O.o The belly highlight stops too abruptly.
Design (8/10): Lol, I like it... but what's with Green?
Overall (7/10): The no-shadows thing is very bad, and it's going to make a mess when it hits the ground. It's falling over.
Special (8/10): Fusion. Somewhat badly done, but nothing too bad here.
Total: (38/55)

Wario (Swarm)

Form (9/10): Form's okay... the facial hair stuff seems to be cut off near the back.
Color (12/15): Hippowdon's big nose is badly shaded, contrasting with the good shading everywhere else.
Design (10/10): Lol, I like it. Big-nosed midget Camerupt.
Overall (8/10): The hair is kind of weird, and the nose garners lots of attention (and is the worst part), so you lose a couple here.
Special (9/10): Nothing wrong with a good fusion.
Total: (48/55)

It's over! Nobody from the Syndicate participated! That means Swarm's getting two points. This concludes the WAR Spriting competition! Thanks for all the... um... not not participating... and thanks for the, um, workload. Um, yeah.

IT'S OVER! Ding-aling-a-linglingling! Ding ding-ding!

2 points to Team Swarm!

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Old 07-21-2007, 10:23 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition

Damn too late >.< congrats to the final winners :]
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Old 07-23-2007, 04:24 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition

lol... I was gonna enter but I didn't want to shame my team *cough*

Originally Posted by Random1 View Post
If this is spam, pleez dont ban me for it. When does the new war start? I reely wanna join.
Next summer... and it's more than just spriting, you should really look for this stuff before you post.

Join Aqua. All your base are belong to us anyways...

<3 Callum!!!
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Old 07-24-2007, 03:00 PM
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Default Re: [WAR VI] Spriting Competition

D: I missed this...

Stupid moving + summer camp combination that made me not have enough internet access to participate. >_>
If you want to challenge my gym, please send me a PM on PE2K or message me on AIM (gun6gun6) ! I'm sorry if I can't respond immediately sometimes. :x

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