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Old 06-10-2007, 05:57 PM
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Location: Lake Channelston
Name: Michael Westen

An eighteen year old boy was sitting on a rock closely to the lake. Next to him was his trusty Charizard. He didn’t have to worry about his Poke-hyrbid appearance since no one was nearby. He sat up and walked closer to the lake. He said,

“I haven’t let Floatzel out in a while so I’ll let her have a swim.”

Michael threw the Pokeball high above the lake and Floatzel came out of the Pokeball and dived into the lake. She swam around happily. She then spat water at Michael. Michael laughed as the water hit him. He said,

“I’m gonna get you now.”

Michael threw off his shirt to reveal two wings that were a little smaller than average. He spread them and as he jumped he glided through the air but then landed in the water. He tackled his Floatzel and they started playing around as his Charizard flew in circles over the two. Michael got out and he breathed a cool fire to dry him off a little faster. He put on a leather restrainer that made sure his wings wouldn’t break his shirt. Then he put on his shirt and yawned. Okay I’m getting tired. I think it’s time to go home.

The Charizard flew down towards Michael and stood next to him. You’re so boring sometimes. I wanted to stay longer. Michael looked at him and sighed. We can’t stay here forever. There’s a lot more people that come to the lake and I don’t think they’ve seen a guy that looks like me before. I’m different from everyone else.

It was true. Michael had such a strong bond with his Charizard he absorbed some of his DNA and became a half-human/half-Charizard. It was a curse and a gift to Michael. And with sharing the same DNA Michael could talk to his only friend: his Charizard. The Charizard looked at him with a peculiar look. You never looked different to me. If anything it’s everyone else that looks different. Michael laughed at what Charizard said. Of course he would say that. Michael looked a lot like a Charizard.That’s because I’m a hybrid of you. Now come on let’s go. Michael called after his Floatzel. He said,

“Come on, time to go Floatzel.”

Michael took out the Pokeball and the red beam shot after the Floatzel and it engulfed the Water pokemon and took it back into the red and white Pokeball. He put it in his belt and he got onto his Charizard’s back. He said,

“Let’s go home buddy.”

The Charizard took off and he landed on an apartment building. Michael said,

”I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Michael had Charizard return as well. Michael climbed into the apartment building through a hatch and went into his building. He went into his building. It wasn’t much of a place. It had a fridge a couch that Michael could sleep on a TV a bathroom and a sink along with all the other normal necessities for a human to live in.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University Campus, Dorm
Nautas felt waves of heat come through his window, it was a warm day. Nautas was laying in his bed looking up, his pokeballs at his side. Nautas picked his two up, his best freinds were with him and so was his power, he could control air. Nautas got out of bed and left the room with his backpack hanging down his shoulder. The hall ways had red carpets that sparkled with the sun. The walls were a light white and looked yellow with the bright sun shining brightly on them. All the dors as the hall went down were brown with inscriptions of Pokemon on them, the doors were a little smaller then what he was used to though. Nautas' long hair blew back as he walked fast towards the edge towards the courtyard. As he approached the door he picked out a Pokeball from his belt and he threw it.

A huge green dinosaur came from the ball, its head had a green covering and bananas were hanging from its neck its body was brown and green and had wings that were dark green. It had a long neck that bent over holding its neck in place. It had long sharp claws with brown shadowings at the end of them. Nautas got on top of the large beast as they both flew off.

OOC: Sorry if its short I have to get off the comp.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

(Okay, real class schedule now... Pokemon Genetics, Pokemon Myths and Legends, and Pokemon Grooming.)

Marc University, Campus

Tamaki and Reeah Kurokawa

With a sigh, Tamaki closed her book. She had begun to feel the familiar tugging sensation in her chest. It meant, quite simply, that she and Reeah's time apart was swiftly coming to an end. As it was, her clone was probably almost there. Tamaki lifted her head, glancing around to see if there was anyone about. Though it was true that many of the students at Marc University possessed powers like hers, she didn't like letting others know about her second personality- or the extent of that personalities awareness. That the two could split into two different people... It was strange, even by the terms of Vittoria. That, and she didn't want people to ask her about it.

Looking around, it wasn't long before she spotted a man, reading on one of the benches as she was. He was... A little strangely dressed, to say the least. When had snake skin gone in style? In any case, she couldn't stay here. Quickly taking out Niera's Pokeball, she returned the dragon type, opting to let Ashitaka follow on his own. The black and blue cat had raised his head as his trainer stood, realizing quickly what time it must be, and climbed to his feet as well. However, Tamaki was too late- there was Reeah, already returning.

"Hey, Tamaki, where ya goin'?" Her clone asked, louder than necessary. Coming together, you could see the major differences in the two, in spite of their identical appearances. Tamaki had a quiet, almost shy look to her, where Reeah was full of herself, usually wearing something along the lines of a sneer on her face. Reeah raised a hand in welcome, smiling devilishly. Takeru, that dratted obsidian bird, had already arrived several minutes ago without Tamaki noticing. He had alighted in the tree above the bench she had sat at. "Don't you want to say hi to me?" Reeah continued as she drew closer.

"Not here, Reeah..." Tamaki hissed desperately, glancing at the oddly dressed student in panic. Reeah followed her gaze, her grin widening.

"What's wrong, Tamaki? Don't want him to see what a freak you are?" She laughed harshly, the difference in the two clones' tones evident, and touched Tamaki's shoulder. Reeah's hand was instantly sucked into it, the rest of her body pulled in soon after, until only one girl remained. A little woozy from the sudden use of her powers, Tamaki sat down on the grass, rather hard. Looking worried, Ashitaka approached and nuzzled her cheek.

"I-it's okay," Tamaki managed to stutter, her composure gradually coming back. "I'm fine, Ashitaka." She patted the feline's head to reassure him.

Dangit, Reeah, why can't you just do what I ask for once? She projected angrily to her other half.

That would be far too easy, Reeah replied with a laugh. And besides, it's so much more fun to embarass you.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

San Diesel Church: Trainer HQ (A7)
Channelston Territory

With the help of Michelle's pokemon she was able to make quick work of the cleaning on the church building wall. It was easy with Gyarados's Hydro Pump and then the painting was done faster with the help of Bronzor's Psychic attack to help spread the paint. Michelle scrubbed and painted too but with the help from her pokemon she was able to finish the work pretty fast.

Michelle then walked down to the basement of the church and was going top sit down when somebody called on her. She looked up and saw it was a guy who worked with Trainer with her. The guy then said, "Hey MIkey. Here is a mission that they want you to do. Something they said is up your alley." He then handed Michelle the paper.

Michelle looked at the paper and read it:

Mikey, We have just recieve a report saying that Ms. Dell has had her valuable glass vase stolen. Attach is a photo of the vase. It is something of a priceless artifact and believe that it could be found in one of the many artifacts shops located in one of the neighborhoods in the south of the city. We want to locate and retrieve the glass vase so it can be returned to Ms. Dell. We believe that will then lead to be better for Team Trainer in the long run.

Michelle read the paper and understood what the background of this mission means. She has been into Ms Dell's large house many times as herself and knew that she has many rare items in her house. Michelle heard from her sister that there was a robbery near her house but didn't guess that guess it was Ms. Dell's house. Michelle then connected this to Team Trainer thinking that if we retrieve the vase for Ms Dell then this could place Trainer in better favor with the people in that neighborhood which is even better for Michelle because that is the same neighborhood that Michelle's family lives in.

"Ok. I do it." said Michelle as she left the basement.

ANother person then patted her on the back and said, "Good luck Mikey."

Michelle nodded and began to walk towards the lake.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University Library
Andromeda Tellerson

Andromeda was curled in a chair, surrounded by books to the point where it was difficult to see her. Beside her, an elegant Ninetales lounged, occasionally eying the books her trainer was reading but for the most part seeming uninterested in anything going on around her. She looked the picture of relaxation, looked as if she hadn't a care in the world.

That wasn't to say that she wasn't fully aware of everything around her, however. Trained ears swiveled, looking almost casual, but in reality the fox was watching for danger. How much danger could possibly be in a library was debatable, but as far as Faye was concerned, remaining perfectly alert was to remain safe. She detected movement, but an instant later recognized the soft footsteps as those of Evi. The Espeon was putting books Andromeda had set aside back on their shelves, occasionally stopping to read one that looked interesting.

They were all books on mythology. Andromeda loved mythology. That was why she was taking the class. She had just received her schedule, and was pleased that all the classes she had wanted were open:

Class One: Pokemon Family Structure/Training
Class Two: Myths of the Legendaries
Class Three: Pokemon Gyms

They were all practical classes. The first class had been the hardest to decide on--all of the options looked interesting. It was the promise of receiving a Pokemon that caused her to choose the class she had. Her second class was the obvious choice for her--she had never been terribly interested in drawing, and mythology was one of her favorite subjects. Pokemon Gyms was selected not only because she enjoyed battle, it was also because her parents ran a grooming parlor--she knew how to groom Pokemon.

Beside Andromeda, practically beneath her feet, was a Marowak. And it was in this Pokemon that one might have guessed what her ability was. The bone weapon he carried was far larger than normal, not to mention black, and were one to try to heft it, one would find it was far heavier than it looked. The skull helmet had a similar sheen and weight. Bone manipulation was Andromeda's skill, and her Marowak was the obvious recipient of such abilities--the helmet and bone club were custom-made by Andromeda for Thane, whom she had raised from a Cubone.

The only thing that might have clued someone in more to her ability were her teeth--all sharp and carnivorous, with her canine teeth meeting the requirement for actual fangs. It usually put people off. That was why she liked it.

Her fourth Pokemon remained in his Pokeball; he would only cause trouble in the library. She checked the time idly; she still had some time to read, so she continued to do so.

These are all things we've read before, Evi said, using her telepathy to speak only to Andromeda. And you'll get the same from the class.

"You never know," Andromeda said, not bothering to look up from her book. "There's more to these myths than meets the eye; someone must know more about them."
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Hank Blackstone
Mitehill Independent Law Firm Outside

Almost about now, the watch was almost done. Like usual, nothing much had happened. The heat was dying down after the shift, but it still wasn’t anything even close to comfortable. I was still wondering whether I should have had something delivered tonight to my apartment, or maybe pick something up instead. I’d figure that out later.

It almost bothered me how long those guys could stay down there. One of them came out mumbling how the test subject shouldn’t have died so easily, but I didn’t even look at him and just shrugged it off. I managed to get to the sports section of the newspaper, only to find out that we weren’t even making the playoffs this year. Good thing I never really paid attention to these games. I’d be a sorely disappointed man if I did.

It was about this time of year that all the plants in the windows and in the park were dying out. Brown, dry, the heat and humidity was terrible but I was used to it… just not being this bad though. The sun was setting now, but the heat was still there. And yeah, I doubt it was going to get any better by tomorrow.

When the shift was finally over and Casey took my place for the second shift, I headed down to the gym, which was about four blocks down. The sidewalk tiles were in pretty bad shape, many of them crooked, sticking up, or cracked in various places. Around here, there was no real reason to replace them, at least not a worthwhile one. Visitors never saw this side of town, so the city’s public image here wasn’t accounted for. I just shrugged it off and kept walking. I needed this gym exercise. Heck, it was the one reason I was never targeted for a mugging. Those teens would get a fast five in their thirty-two, provided they still had thirty-two still left in their mouth. I never did forget the day that one punk hit me in the shin with a baseball bat, and I yanked it out of his hand, and broke three of his ribs after I swung it back at him, breaking the entire bat as well. Getting attitude around here was normal. But I wasn’t putting up with it, and I’m sure someone found that kid laying there eventually. At least he wasn’t still laying there by the time I got back the same day.

The cell phone I kept was only because I had to. Business. I wouldn’t find out about an assignment unless I was called. And if I didn’t carry the phone, I wouldn’t find out until I got to the answering machine at home, and by then, the assignment would likely be given to someone else. But it was only for that reason. I’d hate to look like a yuppie, and again, if someone did say it to my face, I had a fast five ready for any thirty-two I came across. Teeth are easy to break, and the memory lasts a while. Last time I checked, Mitehill didn’t have a single family dentist in town. Some kids around here, I can testify that I made their face look like that. Some mugs would call that being an artist. I see it as a way of getting even, and making sure crap like that isn’t pulled on me again. It annoys me.

DJ’s Total Fitness was a pretty tough place to find if you didn’t know it was there already. Second door of the Bist Building, and then take the stairs down to the first sub level. The stairs were a mess, with gum on the ground, graffiti on the walls, and the single overhead hanging light had been in need of a bulb replacement for the last week. But after heading downstairs, I managed to find Terry, a regular at this gym, like myself. He was using the beaten down step machine, but I never asked to use that thing. The profile settings didn’t work, along with the entire digital readout. I was much bigger on the bench pressing. I was much more of a weight trainer than working on cardiac. It just bored me to tears after many hours.

After getting through the warm ups, I got to my usual bench, the one with the fewest amount of holes and duct tape over the cushion. I wasn’t particular most of the time, but the last thing I wanted was to feel something painful pricking me while I was holding a 250 lb barbell. Now that’s annoying.

I would practice on the weights for a while, at least an hour before heading out. I’d work on upper body and lower on the same day, even though they recommended I train just certain parts on certain days. I didn’t like getting out of the routine, and if I did, I knew I would forget something later on.

“Hank, you doing anything this weekend?” Terry asked me, finding me the only person to talk to.

“Nope.” I told him, doing another three reps.

“Well, a couple of my friends are having a party about five blocks down from here.” Terry told me, “If you’re not doing anything, why not come over?”

These weren’t my kinds of things. Knowing Terry, and knowing the crew he’d probably hang out with, they introduce each other, watch something dumb on television, binge drink, laugh at how drunk they were, stumble their way home, and fall asleep only to wake up with a hangover the next morning, and then spend the rest of the following afternoon laughing about how drunk they were last night all over again.

“Got things to catch up on.” I told him, my usual excuse for not wanting to do what other people had in mind, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

And something about those words muted him for the rest of the evening, just doing his reps and never saying anything again to me that afternoon. Too many times, friends made me do things I really didn’t care for. Usual, stupid things.

He left before I did, never doing cool downs. Honestly, I liked being here alone. Either alone, or with more than two people. If there was one other person, it was almost guaranteed they would try talking to me. If there were more than that, the first of them would look silly talking to someone else while other people are watching. I only wished there was someone else here that could have given Terry a funny look while he popped that typical question. Of course he never would have asked it in the first place, and that’s how things usually go around here.

After the session, I figured I would head to the market after all, since I knew it wouldn’t be long before they closed and I didn’t want to head to my apartment and get reminded of how little I had to eat up there.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

En Route to Valeth's Artifact Shop
Surfing on Channelston Lake

Michelle was surfing on surfing on her Gyarados on Channelston Lake. She saw the water rushing around them as her water pokemon swam on the water heading towards the land on the other side of the lake. She knew that there were lots of Antique shops there and other things that had old things there. If somebody was going to steal something from a rich person then the only reason they would do that is to gain some money quick. People there would always pay big for old things like a rare glass vase so they can make a bigger buck by selling it to the people there. Hopefully Michelle can make it there before Ms Dell lose her patience and just search the the shops herself. It was kind of common for the rich of Channelston to go into the shops in the area in the south for the shops. The old rich love to go down there since the antique collecting becomes a hobby for them and the shops down there are a bit nicer. The young rich like herself love to go to the mall and department store in Channelston and if they can to the store call Honeybee.

Michelle was now changing into her regular clothes on her Gyarados. She had a plan to go into the store as a regular person and search the invertory there and see if she can find the crystal vase. Then if it is there she would go in and see if she can get the vase or something. Then at night go in and steal the vase using her powers. It be quick and fast. Nothing too hard for her. As they said things like this is up her alley.

Michelle was now in her regular clothes and was almost on the other side of the lake. She knew that if she could do this then they would be able to be one step closer to gaining a new neighborhood. Still that was a maybe.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Loki 'Draconifer' Galeon [Syndicate/Both]
Marc University Main Building

Entering the building itself, Loki could not help but look around a bit at the spacious hallways. Hailing from a small town (and with that, a small school), the teenager was awed by the wide spaces and grand visages that lay before her. And to think all this because of the freakin’ scholarship…

Growing up without ever knowing the love of a father, Loki’s mother was blessed when the girl was gifted with natural intelligence, one of the highest levels. Acing through elementary school in the course of three years instead of the usual six or so (she could never remember), she helped her mother, the sole breadwinner of the family of three. Life was like that until Loki lost her mother in a car crash. Unable to contact her father (who she hated to the end of the world anyway) and a worthless brother who was due to the army soon, Loki was thus transferred to an orphanage at Lavender town under Mr. Fuji. She lived there nicely until a bunch of people in black suits came to adopt her under a person named… well, she couldn’t remember.

“Thinking about your past again, Madame?” asked an accented voice. The emerald-haired and eyed teenager turned in surprise to see a Sneasel now standing beside Lucied. The feline was strangely wearing a dirt-brown burlap cloak, hiding his form from public view. A ruffled crop of fur nestled on his head as equally intelligent green eyes twinkled as they gazed upon the human. “You always like to think back, oui?” the ice-type said again, in his French-accented, but otherwise nearly flawless English in human language.

Loki glared at the new arrival. “I thought you were supposed to stay in your Pokeball, Javas,” the girl half-hissed, half-smirking at the Sneasel. The feline named Javas gave a few ‘tsks’ under his breath before raising his left hand, picking his teeth with his claws as the quick-witted feline spoke, “Those contraptions are annoying, Madame Galeon. I could always break out of it always when I’m bored.”

The girl sighed when she heard that, know that would tantamount to the need of buying another Pokeball sooner or later. “Anyway, you’re not supposed to be here, even more so for speaking human speech,” the teenager cautioned. “You know how much trouble I would be in…”

“…and always get away with it,” the Sneasel finished with a smirk, knowing that statement would always win over the girl. And so it did, as Loki gave a loud sigh as she opened her locker and got out her needed books. “Alright, I guess a Sneasel on my arm wouldn’t be so strange…”

Javas grinned. “Why thank you, Madame.”

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Location: Valeth's Artifact Shop.
Character: Rhauk Valeth.

After Mrs. Dawson left the shop, Valeth returned to his workshop in the basement. There was no illumation available; a clever yet simple trap for anyone who would dare try and copy his inventions. By simple wishing it, Valeth iluminated the area with light photons emanating from his body.

All of his artifacts were kept there, all of them creations of his creative mind.
None of them lacked a handy function; Valeth despised art collectionists such as paintings, sculptures and such. For his eyes they had no purpose but to stand there and be admired.
Adjusting the light so it would focus certain part of his table, he began to work in Mrs. Dawson request: An automatic inventary counter, designed to recollect info about what the people needed for they health needs. Each time a customer swept his credit card through the machine, it would record the name of the person buying the medicine.

It was a handy tool since the Dawson's wouldn't need to use a notebook again, instead they would log into the machine to see what they need to stock up on. Of course, it would have an extra feature added: the information would be secretly sent to Rhauk's own artifact.

It would actually take a few hours to finish crafting it, but Valeth liked to make it sound as if it took him a great deal of effort to make the artifacts.
He was about to finish the request when the door bell rang. After cleaning his oily hands with a special gel (of his invention, of course), he went to the shop counter again, and found himself face-to-face with a man with a long, ragged black coat with a ragged shirt. He was carrying something under his arm, but Valeth couldn't see it for the way he was carrying it.

"If it's good, I'll buy it." Valeth said, thinking about using the situation to himself.
The man flinched at the statement, he would have expected Valeth to be less direct. He took out a small, ornated vase that shined intensly in comparison to his ragged clothes. His hand trembled as he gave it to Valeth to examine, who inmediatly recognized it's value. He returned it again; it had to belong to one of the rich who lived on the other side of the town. Rich people who would be very glad to see their valuable vase returned.
In the delicate political web that tangled around the city, it mattered not how much money you owned, but how much influences around the town you had. The vase could become a bargain chip in the favor-trade business.

"You are obviously a man in need of money; you are trembling with fear since you know you shouldn't have stolen that vase. I don't know who you are, nor care about that, but I'll give you two options here. Option one: You give me the vase, I'll do what I see fit with it, but in exchange The Union will give you shelter to you and your family.
Option two: You can try and escape from here, but you'll lose the vase, the shelter and the opportunity to save your family."

The man began sobbing heavily this time... gave him the vase and mumbled...
"It's... not that I don't have a house, or food to eat. I own a small bookstore business near the plaza... but my daughter Lisa got sick and the incomes...aren't... just enough for the medicines we need to buy"

Valeth's heart was touched. Keeping the interest of his superiors in mind, he changed the offer... in exchange of the man's vase, he would get the required medicine's for his daughter. Also, the man would have to become part of the Union to... prevent further incidents like that.

He would gain not only another business to the Union's already long list; he would also get a good favor in exchange of the vase. Valeth inquired about from where he had managed to steal it from.

"Ms. Dell... the rich in the north part of the city..." He added. "I accept the offer, Mr. Valeth"
"Call me Rhauk. Let me make phone calls first... " Added Valeth, dialing up the second number in his quick-call list from his cellphone.
"Anna? This is Valeth... yes, I'm fine, but I've got a pair of requests for you. First, call some Ms. Dell about a stolen vase she has. Tell her we obtained it and we will give it back to her tomorrow. Do not give details about who the criminal is. Oh, I also have a new member for the Union... he owns this bookstore in the plaza and..."
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Name: Jack Arzon
Team: Team Trainer
OOC: Here’s my class schedule: Genetics, Legendaries, and Gyms.

Location: En Route to Marc University

I zoomed out of the department store. I had to get to class or else Professor Vazero was gonna kill me if I didn’t get there by 9 am. Wait a second. 9 am. That wasn’t when I had Legendaries. I had genetics. I slowed down and started to walk Professor Hager was a nice teacher who didn’t care if you were late. I was in luck. Yet I had no idea on how I had forgotten my class order. At least I wouldn’t get a detention or even suspended.

As I started strolling to the academy I saw the Saint Diesel Church. I figured since Hager wouldn’t mark me late I might as well drop in and leave a message for Michelle since it was Trainer’s home base. When I walked in Minister Duncan walked up to me.

“Ah Jack. So good to see you back in the home of the lord.”

“Felt like dropping by to see how things are going.”

“Well coming to the visit is something that the lord likes to see also.”

He then paused as he looked around.

“What brings you here young lad.”

“Huh. Oh yeah. I need to leave a message here for Michelle.”

“Oh. She has been here already, but I think she said she’ll be back later this afternoon. Anyways just write the message on paper and I’ll make sure she gets it.”

I grabbed the pen and paper and started writing furiously.

I might not be able to come to the meeting to night.
Tryin to get some people to trust us more.
Hope that’s alright.

“Thanks Duncan.”

“No Problem Jack. May the lord be with you.”

I started running. Hager wouldn’t mind if I was late to class unless I was 20 minutes late. I was running faster than I ever was in my life. I had to have time on my side. I looked at a nearby clock and it said it was 8:55. I would need a miracle in order to get to class on time. Suddenly I tripped and fell flat on my face. I had apparently tripped on oil and a man was coming out to help me.
“Are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m okay.”

“Let me make it up to you. Anything I can help you with?”

I looked at where I was. I was at Speedy Sam’s Bike Shop.

“Yeah. Can I borrow a bike. I’ll bring it back I swear. I’m gonna be really to class if I don’t.”

“Of course. In fact here are the keys to this one right here. Fastest one we got.”

“Thank you so much.”

I hopped on the bike and put the key in the keyhole. I started it up and the engine roared to life. I quickly zoomed out of there with the wind hitting my face with gale force winds. I looked at the clock and I had three minutes to get to class. I made the bike go even faster and didn’t even look back knowing that I would get even more panicky by looking at the clock.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University Campus
Anita Yvette Lyn Hales
Class Schedule: Pokemon Genetics, Myths of the Legendary’s, and Pokemon Grooming
Path: Both

It was a rather balmy morning, or at least, I thought so anyway. Here, sitting under the trees on the campus, it was only somewhat cool until a breeze came by. Aiko sat with her head in my lap, snoozing away the day and kicking her hind legs every so often as she dreamt of chasing something, her soft fur waving in the gentle breezes as they blew past us and her dark navy blue rings glowing every so often. She was extremely cute when she was sleeping like this, like she was a child again, and I couldn’t help but run my hand through the fur near her head, feeling the silken strands glide through my pale fingers. Aiko barely even twitched, one ear flicking around to listen to the sounds around us before she fell back into a deeper sleep, her chest moving up and down in an even rhythm. She was at peace, even though it was something I could not achieve at this time.

A deep sigh escaped from my lips, colored just slightly with lip-gloss to make me seem less different. It was hard, though, when your hair was stark white, not gray, not silver, pure white. My skin, too, was different, not ivory as I would have liked, but rather a colorless white to match my hair. The only thing that wasn’t white was my eyes, and those still were an extremely pale pastel pink color. It was useless to try and hide it though; make-up could only go so far. So, it was something I lived with, and something I could use. There was hardly anything that escaped my grasp when I reached for it, and I had an arsenal of methods I could use to get it. Appearing weak and in need of help was one of them, something my fragile appearance lead to often in fight. But I’m not fragile, not in the least bit, I can hold my own against others.

‘Anita, you’re worrying again.’

“No I’m not, Riori. Just thinking.”

Riori didn’t seem convinced as she settled herself next to me, her dark coal colored eyes holding my own as she attempted to figure out what I was thinking. After a few minutes though she let out a frustrated yip, something akin to a ‘hmph’. I may not be psychic, but I certainly understand my Pokemon. It would be rather hard to battle with them if I didn’t know what they were saying or what they were feeling.

“Riori, I’m not worried. I was just thinking about why I’m different, and sometimes it makes me upset. But, if I wasn’t the way I was several of my pals wouldn’t be feasible, so I’m okay,” I explained, gently patting her head with my left hand. She let out a soft growl, not an angry one though, something akin to a fox’s version of a purr, and nuzzled her head into my hand. Her long, and extremely bushy tails swung back and forth behind her, the soft tawny fur sliding through my fingers as well. I made sure to take good care of these two, my only Pokemon. They were my family, so I wanted them to feel as happy as they could with my job.

‘Alright, Anita, I’ll take your word for it this time.’

“Thank you, Riori. At least you won’t pester me until I’m ready to scream.”

‘And what is that suppose to mean, Ani?’

I laughed, looking down to where Aiko lay. Her dark navy blue eyes, the same shade as her rings, looked up at me with a playful glare, but she yawned widely, ruining the whole effect.

“It means exactly as I said,” I teased, pushing her over and rubbing her side.

‘Yeah yeah, what ever you say Ani.’

“Of course, because what I say is rule,” I stated cheekily, gently sitting her next to me so I could push my self into a standing position,” We should probably go see if my schedule is ready. Riori, do you want to go back into the Pokeball until we get back home?”

The somewhat frightened look at the prospect of going into the building gave me all the answer I needed. Pulling out one of my black and red Pokeballs, painted by me to match my favorite colors, returned her, minimizing it and clipping it to the key chain that hung off my bracelet.

“Alright, let’s go Aiko, I’d like to get home soon so I can start lunch, I’m famished.”

Aiko let out a bark of a laugh, prancing along beside me with her usual air of superiority as we made our way back to the main building.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Valeth's Artifact Shop (A3)

Michelle was walking towards a building where she thought the glass vase would be. It was the closest to the place where it was stolen and was the place most likely it would be. She just has to hope that she was right. Michelle was dressed in her regular clothes that she wore to the university which was a red top and her short black hair without her extentions. She had her Trainer clothes in her bag under all her books.

Michelle walked into the store and saw that this shop was kind of different compare to the others she has been to. As she walked into the shop a bell rang. There was nothing on display on the tables and looked kind of deserted of anything instead there were only pictures of strange looking things that she wouldn't have consider antiques or anything that an old rich person would like. Still Michelle knew that these things here must cost some sort of price. She looked at the price for an item and saw that it was quiet expensive and saw that she could afford it with the money her parents make. Still she was working for Trainer so she needed to come back later.

Michelle then saw that there were two people there. One was an dirty looking man while the other one was somebody that looked much cleaner and younger then the person talking to him. He looked kind of around Michelle's age and knew that he must be working with that person on a deal of some sort. She then looked on the table and saw that Ms. Dell's glass vase was on the table. SHe had some sort of idea on what to do but still she made herself look dazed and looked around the table. There were some more pictures of items that Michelle had little idea what they would do.. Some where nice looking while others were ugly. She then made her neck and eyes look around the shop and saw some more pictures of items that Michelle had little idea about them. She then kept her eyes on the other items there were on display including a counting device. She then looked on the table and was going to speak to the man who was on the phone. Michelle then said, "Umm can you help me with that-" Michelle then stopped at mid-sentance to be polite since the man was on the phone. She then looked down to the glass vase and eyed it like she any body who thought it was beautiful which wasn't hard for her since she already thought that it was beautiful.

Michelle then said outloud, "What a nice and beautiful vase. I would pay a fortune just for that vase!"
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

OOC: Thanks for correcting your post. I appreciate your attention. I took your description from your sign-up post, if it's wrong, do tell me.

Location: Valeth's Artifact Shop.

As Valeth was instructing Anna, the Union's secretary, to recieve the bookstore shop owner, Mr. Shookspear, a young lady entered the artifact shop.
She looked young, no older than 20. Her black hair fell gracefully over her shoulders, matching her jacket's color. Rhauk didn't spot traces of overall wealthiness, and was a bit surprised when she said she'd pay a lot for Ms. Dell's vase.

"Yes... he'll be there in a pair of minutes. Allright, thank you Anna, but do the other thing right now... good bye." He said, putting his cellphone in the usual pocket.
"Go to the Union's hall, Mr. Shookspear, they are waiting for you. Have a nice day." He told the man, who still had his eyes red from the tears. He left the building slowly, and closed the door so slowly that the bell didn't rang.

Rhauk turned his attention to the young girl, whose eyes were still fixed on the vase. He thought about inquiring furtherly about the girl's background, but he would rather allow her to introduce herself.
"I'm sorry, I can not sell this vase myself. However, if you want it so much, you could ask Ms. Dell, the owner of the vase. If I have gained your attention through one of my genuine inventions, do tell me and we'll reach an agreement. Otherwise, may I ask you to leave? I will close the shop for a few hours." He said, hoping that the girl would reveal her rich parents indentity. If that was the case, then he would even gain another favor by connecting her with Ms. Dell.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

OOC: Damn! Got sidetracked.


Middle of Desert, Strange Hut
Cress Albane
Team Swarm

I glanced around the hut to see that it had none of the modern technology. In fact, it had no electronic devices at all. All there was: was a bed, a small bathroom, a simple kitchen, and a door. "This is kinda old-fashioned," I thought, glancing at Scizor. It was staring around the hut the same way I was. "I guess that means we can trust him," I thought happily as I sat down on the old man's bed. It was very hard and the blanket was very coarse, but I at least got to sit down.

The old man came out of the kitchen with three galsses of water and a strange bread. He placed them on the floor and said, "Help yourselves. I'd imagine after staying out there so long, you must be parched." With that, he walked back into the kitchen and began to hum. It sounded enchanting, as if it was from an old tribe. I listened to it for a long time and began to feel as though he was sad about something.

I glanced at Scizor, who was gulping down his water like it was going out of style and I looked at the water. It was clean and pure. I looked back up and asked, "How are you able to get water? I mean, you're in the middle of a desert. It just doesn't seem possible."

The old man laughed and said, "I know it does seem odd that I have water out here, but I have my own private oasis that I go to every week. It has never gone dry in the 20 years I've lived here."

My mouth dropped at the end of that sentence. "20 years! That almost seems like a lie. Sure he might have water, but how the heck does he get food?" I decided to forget about it and asked instead, "Do you know where the closest city is? You see, I'm on a mission of sorts and I need to be among normal civilization in orde to do it."

He turned back to me and pointed at a map. "There is your answer. Please take it if you wish. I have no use for it anymore." he said with a frown.

I walked over and took the map off the wall. It was highly detailed and even included a mineral and rock guide. I looked at the old man and said, "I think we have troubled you enough sir. We'll be taking our leave. Thank you for your hospitality."

The old man gave a nod and I gave a motion to Scizor to follow. Once we were outside, I gave an evil grin. "Well, now that he has given us what we want, we can put him out of his misery." I looked at the hut to see that it was made of Pokemon hide. I lit my hand on fire using the suns rays and shot it right inside the hut. In a matter of seconds, the whole hut was on fire.

I turned to Scizor and said, "Let's go. We need to get to civilization." Scizor gave a nod and we walked off into the deep desert once again.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Valeth's Artifact Shop (A3)

The raggy man from before had then left with red eyes. If Michelle had to take a guess then it looked like the man was crying. THe man was so happy that he left the building without making the bell ring. Michelle then looked at the man who was talking on the phone. He was still talking on the phone which was giving Michelle some time to come up with some more of her story.

Soon the man was done talking on the phone and aknownledge Michelle by saying to her, "I'm sorry, I can not sell this vase myself. However, if you want it so much, you could ask Ms. Dell, the owner of the vase. If I have gained your attention through one of my genuine inventions, do tell me and we'll reach an agreement. Otherwise, may I ask you to leave? I will close the shop for a few hours."

Michelle looked at the vase and had a frown. She then said, "OH! That is Ms. Dell's vase? Very strange. I wonder how it got here? I heard that she really cherish that vase Mind telling me how it got here?"

Michelle's mind was wondering how does this man has this vase and knew who it belonged to. Maybe she can catch this person who stole this vase and if there was anything else she could find out.

Michelle then remembered that this man had asked for her name and knew she had to come up with a fake name so she couldn't be tracked down. Michelle then said, "Well my name is Adriana Ann. I work for my mistress who likes to collect lots of items." She then looked at some of the pictures. "Maybe she be intrested in one of these here."
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